Being amazing is normal

by Sara Harris, Melbourne, Australia

I am so incredibly grateful, every day, for discovering the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. My experience of Serge over these past few years is of someone who is willing to tell the truth, who does not hold back from the truth, who is prepared to open his heart to the world and love without judgment, and who has the utmost integrity in his work and in how he lives every day. For me, this is someone to be inspired by. If someone is here, showing me how it is possible to live in this world, not just being happy and ok with life, but is consistently able to share joy, openness and love, then I want to know what I can do to help me discover that for myself.

So that’s what I have done. Over these past few years I have made some changes. It all comes down to common sense, really. When I can feel that something I am eating or something that I am doing is not helping me to feel more amazing in my body, then I choose not to do it anymore. And there may be some things that I eat or do that help me to feel more amazing, so I incorporate it more into my life… simple really… and incredibly empowering… to discover that all I have to do is feel and listen to my body and then make the choice. My body loves me for this! As I begin to feel more and more amazing, I realise that I am just feeling more and more myself… and this just feels natural and normal and incredibly freeing. Being more loving with myself feels so lovely… how is it that anyone could interpret that as being wrong??? A lot of what I was doing before was just numbing me, keeping me and others in comfort and not allowing me to feel the potential that life can be so much more than we are led to believe.

Without Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I may not have had a reflection of truth and one of love; not the emotional kind of love, but the love that is consistent and uncompromising in its presence and is encompassing of all equally. This living example has supported me to feel and hold this love that I feel in my body today.

What a blessing for us all, if a person is willing to stand up and be that reflection… in the face of how we think and believe life ‘should’ be and everything we have thought as being ‘normal’. Being amazing is normal… being loving is normal. That’s how it feels to me now anyway… and I will continue to allow myself to be inspired by Serge Benhayon, by myself and anyone else who reflects something true and loving in a world that shows us quite the opposite.

134 thoughts on “Being amazing is normal

  1. Serge Benhayon is more than just reflecting and showing us truth, he delivers healing courses, sermons, workshops, presentations.. that are all out of this world literally – the future.

  2. The fact that we are amazing and have the birth right to feel amazing is a beautiful truth that Serge Benhayon teaches. When we develop this as a marker in our body, we have a great inner guidance of what is supporting this quality and what is not and can bring ourselves more and more back to a truly amazing way of life.

  3. And it feels completely normal when we realise that we actually have an innate wisdom that reminds us we are everything and have nothing to prove. Once we acknowledge this, everything we thought was normal ends up feeling the opposite.

  4. It’s very true what this article is presenting to us, “Being amazing is normal… being loving is normal.” We may look at this and dismiss it or read over it but why can’t be truly consider this as at least a possibility. I mean it appears we happily accept what is deemed ‘normal’ in our life and some of these things aren’t that pleasant or even great to see but here we have many people saying that there is another way. Not only another way but a way to live that doesn’t lead you to have a distain for the world and most of the people in it. Why doesn’t our mind even go there to consider this? Why do we so quickly dismiss it. I say for me there is a way to live that supports us to see the amazingness and love that we hold and share and yes this isn’t the outward norm but well and truly could be. It won’t be handed to any of us on a plate while at the same time you could say it is, meaning that there are already people living this way and you only need to truly see it for it then to be a part of yours.

  5. Gosh, yeah, imagine if ‘Being Amazing is Normal’ was a slogan you grew up with, rather than ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’. Thank god there are people out there willing to go against the grain and actually deal with their hurts so that they can begin to appreciate that they are so much more.

  6. The everyday possibility of feeling how amazing I am is a constant reminder of the woman that is within, and was always within, but never known until attending the presentations of Universal Medicine.

  7. “Being amazing is normal.” Such a simple truth, yet one I sense many would not believe. But no amount of believing or not in this statement can change its reality. Surrendering and accepting how amazing we are, will, infact allow us to live our true reality.

  8. “As I begin to feel more and more amazing, I realise that I am just feeling more and more myself” – this is just so gorgeous. We are amazing by default.

  9. So simple.. doing more of what helps us feel more amazing, and dropping things that don’t – and the more we stick to this, the more we get to feel what our body is communicating to us, and through that, to know ourselves more deeply.

  10. In my experience – both in myself and in observing it on others, it can be quite challenging to accept we are amazing. We always want to focus on our faults and weaknesses to justify that we are in fact not fully awesome and to lessen our amazingness. But here we have the Benhayon family who live the fact that they are amazing and that they are also imperfect. If being amazing was our normal, and we embraced and celebrated it, I’m sure the world would be quite different.

  11. Serge is a man who has been prepared to stand up and stand out for reflecting a normal we are all from. A normal that is kind, sensitive, honouring of the conversations from the body, tender, committed to life and to humanity, in short it is inspiring. I can see that it would push a lot of buttons in those who do not feel safe living that level of openness and allowing themselves to take off the many layers of protection we have come to take as normal and indeed vital for our survival.

  12. I adore the simplicity ‘When I can feel that something I am eating or something that I am doing is not helping me to feel more amazing in my body, then I choose not to do it anymore’ and what I am finding is that the saying no to something that is not supporting me can be much easier to do in some areas of my life than others eg. the other night I noticed I held back from presenting all of me to a man that I knew but have only spoken to a couple of times. I could feel in the nomination that my movements were changing so that when I would approach this gentleman again my response would be completely different. On the other hand the cycle of some of the food choices I make is not so easy to overcome. Why is this? Much to ponder here as I am willing to accept a greater responsibility in one area and at this moment not in another!

  13. How would it be if we were taught from an early age that we are amazing, so that the way we were parented would build on this fact, how different our lives would be if being amazing was our normal. It would completely change our world.

  14. Through our connection to our body we are able to learn what supports us and what doesn’t, I can honestly say up until the point that I met Serge Benhayon I used to totally ignore what my body was saying and override it, and when I started truly listening to it, I experienced many changes, and now I know what it feels like to feel amazing.

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