Letter to the Courier Mail: The World Awaits…

by Greg Hall, Brisbane, Australia

Dear David, Michael, Steve and Steele,

Gentlemen, I refer you to an article in the Courier Mail (and subsidiaries in SA & WA) on 8 September 2012 entitled: “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families” by Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh.

I posted a response through your web site on Saturday but thankfully have obtained your direct email addresses and therefore feel to address you directly; men are best with face-to-face communication (happy to meet up with you guys, any time).

Being a fellow, of male standing in this Australian society you gentlemen represent, I submit in all honesty, that this article appalls not only the female gender that has been so senselessly stripped of all its worth, but equally so and along with them, the true gentle-men of the 21st Century.

I am a 40 year old man, father to three sons and manager of a construction company. I know a bit about men – but I simply do not fathom the depths to which you have sunk to fish out such drivel (no offense, it simply is what it is) in a largely lemming-like ‘following’ of your (male) counterparts of other news media outfits before you.

C’mon guys, what on Earth is going on here?

My father, at age 66 is still twice my size and physical strength, his body as solid as a rock (apart from the vodka and coke waist band), but there are clear, fleeting moments in my life where I remember him to be truly loving, cuddly, tender and playful.

His father (died when my dad was in his twenties) is remembered by a portrait that hung in my Grandmother’s dining room. As a young boy I was terrified by the look of that man – a bank manager in his day and I sincerely doubt my dad has recollections of any true moments of love from him.

His father, in turn, well I don’t profess to have studied the family tree, but no doubt he was raised by a man who had been raised by a man who ‘had the balls’ to pack in his life at home and sail to unknown distant shores to start a new life over for himself; not an easy task and boy, I bet you needed a bit of metal in your ‘armour’ to make it through those times.

My point here is that men are bred by society to be tough, impenetrable, solid, reliable etc etc; yet, I dare you to challenge this within yourselves; the greatest tragedy is that we are, from birth, already so much more than we are beaten into submission to strive and to become.

So too, had the first 38 years of my life been built around the recognition of that which I do, but the euphoria of obtaining a newer car, bigger house, better paying job never lasted that long and a feeling of worthlessness or emptiness would return – even the elation of a nation, when their sporting heroes take down the opposition only lasts till the next game is lost. Why is this so in men (particularly) that we may never ‘fill our cup’ – what’s that hole in the bottom where life leaks from?

Well, two and half years ago I met Serge Benhayon; a man whose love for all of mankind exactly equals his love for himself. A man now of unquestionable integrity (though up to a point in his life he lived exactly as the rest of us – no doubt ‘skeletons in the closet’ and all – I have them, and haven’t we all!). A man who now holds unwavering his example, for all men and women to feel for themselves, that there is an immeasurable quantum of love in each of us that, when felt for the first time, instantly fits a tap to the hole at the bottom of the cup and gives us each the freedom to hold it open or closed. Choose to close the tap (plug the hole) and life takes on a whole new expression, we fill our cup instead with self-love and it soon overflows unto those around us. There is nothing more to be, than to be who you truly are in everything that you feel to do.

Since I began attending Universal Medicine presentations, lectures and courses, I enjoy more and more moments of connecting to my inner-self to be truly loving, cuddly, tender and playful with myself and my sons (how joy-full would humanity be if we could have enjoyed that constantly from our role-models growing up?) and I openly admit that to feel open, fragile, tender, honest and love-filled for my-self beats all the societal expectations of how a man ought to be, hands down!

The male relationships I enjoy with friends, colleagues, employees and fellow students of the Way of the Livingness over these past two odd years stand out for me as being ‘worlds apart’ to those relationships previously defined through actions and role-play of pretending to be something in order to fit in or make out that ‘the castle I built was better than theirs’.

I am a free-thinking man, I constantly challenge prescribed practices in both life and business arenas that do not feel right for me or for the betterment of those around me and I call on you to take a careful look at the prescribed guidelines of your trade that drove you all into following, so ‘religiously’, a certain path which resulted in you not offering your readership the TRUTH.

I am privy to many of the letters you have received in similar response and dare say, you have a responsibility to yourselves to feel your way forward from here – be a true gentleman, listen to your heart, the world awaits…

86 thoughts on “Letter to the Courier Mail: The World Awaits…

  1. When we write something we have three options: to write the absolute truth, which everybody can feel deep down as such even if someone does not particularly like it; to write something that is false and we know it; or to write something that talks to the images, beliefs, myths that mainstream people have (which are also the one’s that the writer holds as well). The latter is something people will accept without major questioning. Everyone can write on the same topic and go a different way with it. Thus, we may have three pieces of writing that say three very different things even if the facts are only what they are. In the case at hand, since there is not even factual truth in it, we are left with two options. They have a common element: manipulation of the public.

  2. Love the cup, hole and tap metaphor. Spot on. Freedom to be truly who we are rather than perpetuating the filling up of a continual emptiness with the achievement of all manner of beliefs and ideals – and for that matter all manner of distractions and substances of disregard. Individual choice and individual responsibility in each and every moment – it’s this approach that confirms ‘the true gentle-men of the 21st Century’.

  3. Thank you Greg for one writing this letter and sharing it , we need to be accountable for how we live and how it affects others , the media some how got lost in the striving to get an audience and lost the values of reporting the facts and standing for truth. Letters like this are a way back for us to express the truth and share it and for the media to feel where they have strayed, as in truth there is a great story to be reported here and they are not seeing it for what it is.

    1. “We need to be accountable for how we live” … So true Paulmoses39. Believe it not, it is possible to be completely transparent while being played. In the face of all corruption there is a way out of this mess we have created and Serge Benhayon is showing us the way for all.

  4. Thank-you Greg it’s wonderful to read a man being willing to claim and not hold back expressing his loving, gentle and tender self, instead of the false armor that most men accept and enjoin as the way they should be, which covers up their own beautiful sensitivity. I also appeal to these journalists, “be true gentlemen, listen to your heart, the world awaits” and let the honest truth be heard.

  5. “There is nothing more to be, than to be who you truly are in everything that you feel to do.” I agree Greg. Serge Benhayon is an amazing role model for all men – loving and treating everyone equally; full of wisdom and integrity personified. One day all men – and women – will ‘listen to their hearts’, and respond accordingly.

  6. ‘The greatest tragedy is that we are, from birth, already so much more than we are beaten into submission to strive to become’… a truth that makes reading your choice to challenge the norm and break out of the ‘tough’ mold bred into you by society, all the more inspiring. What a blessing for your boys to have a true reflection of how to be a man in the face of this.

  7. “The greatest tragedy is that we are, from birth, already so much more than we are beaten into submission to strive to become…” powerful words Greg – thank you for writing this and standing up for love and truth. The quality of our choices determine much.

  8. Indeed we guys need guys around us that can show us that we don’t have to be all defensive and carry this jargon we men often put on. Behind the walls we create we know there is a very sensitive character that is just dying to be released and why wait? If you see men around you carry on as men quite often do just know that this is not what they truly want. They want to be themselves and if they see and can feel that other men are willing to make the move then they can also feel safe to do the same and everyone will win out.

  9. What a beautifully expressed letter Greg Hall – thank you. The words of a man who has felt the connection with his heart and through this with his fellow men. It seems to me that in many cases it takes a crisis in life to shake us from our self-imposed shackles and ask, often in desperation, ‘is this all there is?’, or ‘why is this happening to me?’ Then perhaps the hardness of self-protection starts to crack and open up to the possibility that the way we have been living is not so true after all. Then the opportunity to start again presents with a heart full of love and with that hole plugged. If we choose to accept it our lives take on a whole new purpose and we can begin to see our fellow men as our brothers rather than our competition. God bless the crisis that takes us there for without it most of us would still be lost in the bubble of our own arrogance.

  10. Spoken like a true gentlemen Greg, thank you for writing to these men and calling out the mistruths and lies they have run with in their article. Men such as you and Serge Benhayon are true role models for men that have forgotten their true nature and instead have sold out and have added to the harm in society instead of taking responsibility and having the integrity to report the truth or at least a balanced story.

  11. Thank you Greg for speaking from what you know about life as a man amongst men and about how far we are all living from our true nature, which is by filling our own cups and sharing the overflow with the world, in your lovely cup analogy. The “you fill my cup – no you fill my cup” approach is just so far from the truth of who we are, and it is poison. It is this emptiness that fuels the shocking lovelessness of the newspaper articles as you describe.

  12. “be a true gentleman, listen to your heart, the world awaits…” this words did catch me as I have to realize how much I am afraid of not being wanted as I am, when I am myself. This is what we all more or less experienced as children and so it is a deep old hurt in us, which we would like not to replay. Whereby we keep the hurt with us and so make it accessible to get re-activated whenever. To claim back who we truly are and express it can be a challenge as we are confronted with these old hurts and our old choices of giving up our own truth and nature…in fact we are confronted with the responsibility we carry, to be and express our natural, true way of being – for us and for all. Then and only then we are also embracing others who do so. Yes, the world is waiting. Waiting for me and you to express our true sweetness, tenderness, beauty and vulnerability again. It waits desperately on us. And so we should not shy away from it, even some will react and ridicule us. As they need maybe a bit more reflections of truth to trust again and make the choice on themselves to open up again.

  13. I love that having done this yourself, through your writing you challenge the role of men that is perpetuated by a society that has forgotten what it is to truly be a man… Expressing all you are free of ideals and beliefs that do nothing but hold us all back.

  14. Thank you Greg. Spoken as a true man inviting other men to choose to appreciate the loving tenderness that they are but have suppressed to conform to their perceived ‘norms’ of society.

  15. The world awaits true expression – I agree. Such a fantastic invitation for us all to express the truth, and for that truth to be as deeply loving, compassionate, understanding and equal as it possibly can be.

  16. Wow Greg Hall well expressed. Since my inception to UniMed I too have developed my essence again through my expression. Before that, my expression and communication was flat and non-existent. I was non-existent, withdrawn, held back, easy led to fit in, in an intense cycle of self-abuse. I now offer the true gentleman I am. Thank you to my ultimate role model Serge Benhayon the truest gentleman I know.

  17. A beautiful letter calling all men to connect with their truth inspite of everything they have been through. What an amazing call out coming from such a deeply honest willingness to show yourself Greg in all the gentleness and tenderness that you are, inspiring others to connect with you on that same level. This kind of love and transparency is what leads the way into the future for all men and women alike.

  18. I do often wonder when I read copies of letters sent to people like this if there was a reply and if there was a reply what it said. I mean there is a lot in this letter that few have seen written by a man with an openness and a care to see the truth presented. It’s not about perfection or quick wit but more about a personal sharing of what is possibly in life as a posed to what we are given or shown. Serge Benhayon is a simple man that loves what he does, with a work ethic and result that really needs to be documented. If you aren’t taken by the deliberate fan fare then you will see the true quality of work that is being done here, many many people that were literally down and out now standing up and supporting entire communities. They don’t look for recognition in this but are there day in and day out truly caring about people and what is going on. Why not take the time to truly see what is going on here, this at the very least.

  19. The euphoria of a successful goal lasts such a short time. That is because euphoria is not a patch on an inner connection that in itself is joyful regardless of apparent success or failure.

  20. The true story entitled: A Universal form of medicine of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken images about life that preclude us living the truth of ourselves, is still to be written. The difference is not just the title, but the truth delivered and the fact that this is a story of beauty; a story that is the product of inspiration and that is in turn very inspiring. That movement of inspiration makes uncomfortable those who are not up for business. And, hence, their writing only charges them with reasons to justify their stand. It is a dialogue between the writers and themselves that justifies not going where they have already decided they do not want to go.

  21. There have been breakups within the community but is that not the same as society? And has any looking into these breakups actually gone on to see the quality of them, have the friendships of the ex partners and their communication being considered? The reports may be quite different to the sensational “trail of broken families” if any real reporting was to happen.

  22. “I openly admit that to feel open, fragile, tender, honest and love-filled for my-self beats all the societal expectations of how a man ought to be, hands down!” spoken as a true man Greg, one who is not afraid to show his innate tenderness and love for himself and all others.

  23. Beautifully written Greg, I have been deeply touched by how you and other men involved with Universal Medicine have become more tender, caring, and surrendered and how there is a deep strength of love in which you honour yourselves and others.

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