Letter to the Courier Mail: I am Left with a Number of Questions

by P.F., Australia

After reading your article “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families”, I am left with a number of questions.

Firstly: Why weren’t some of the doctors and specialists mentioned asked why they might refer people to Universal Medicine? There could possibly be a story in that. Not a sensational ‘brainwashed devotees’ type story but a story that might actually provide people with some useful information that could make a difference in their lives.

After all, we have a crisis in our healthcare system. Obesity and diabetes are on the rise, breast cancer is occurring in women in their 20’s and cancer rates in general are one person in three. Serge Benhayon does not claim that he can cure anything, what he does do is present a way of living responsibly that could definitely impact positively on people’s lives including their health.

Secondly: What is the relevance of the comment that Serge has “mainly female followers”? Branding people who attend Universal Medicine practitioners and courses as ‘followers’ is demeaning in itself; however, the reporter goes further and implies that women are easily led and manipulated. Sadly, he assumes that the public at large accepts this view, otherwise why not also mention the hundreds of men who also attend Universal Medicine courses and the hundreds more who attend practitioners? When I was studying law at university I studied with many more women than men. More women than men are also studying medicine and psychology. The point being, there is no relevance to your reporter’s comments. As a woman with two degrees, working as a lawyer in an busy law practice, I am offended by the implication that I follow someone else rather than discern for myself how to live my life and that I am gullible and easily led based on my gender.

Thirdly: Why weren’t the stories of some of the women/men who have apparently left their partners told? A serious claim is made by a group of people that their relationships have failed because of the influence of one man. A responsible journalist would have sought out and presented the other side of the story. As a lawyer I see people who are settling their affairs after relationship breakdowns. In my experience, relationships break down for a variety of reasons and that it is rarely the fault of one party. I do find it to be quite common however for people to find it difficult to see their part in the relationship breakdown, and in their hurt they look elsewhere to lay blame. One marriage in three ends in divorce, and the rates for the break-down of de-facto relationships is likely to be higher. Around 2,000 people attend Universal Medicine events and many hundreds more attend Universal Medicine practitioners. Many of these people are in relationships. The figure of ‘42’ relationships breaking down over the 13 years that Serge has been a practitioner would therefore appear to be well below the national average. Quoting someone as saying the figures are ‘devastating’ and ‘catastrophic’ does not make it true.

Fourthly: What century are we living in? In the last sentence of the article the reporter makes the comment that women who attend a Universal Medicine practitioner for esoteric breast massage are told “to not allow their partners to touch them (their breasts) without permission”. I have not needed Serge Benhayon to tell me that a man should not touch me without my permission. Fortunately ,I have a mother who gave me this valuable piece of information at a young age. Does the reporter consider that it is acceptable for a man to touch a woman without her permission? Under the Crimes Acts in the various states such sexual touch without consent is called ‘sexual assault’. It is concerning that the (male) reporter and (male) editor considered that this statement was acceptable to go to print.

53 thoughts on “Letter to the Courier Mail: I am Left with a Number of Questions

  1. Thank you for highlighting just how absurd the media can be. There is so much to report and document here and instead, it’s just the usual sensationalist stuff.

  2. Indeed – a point of insight this blog gives. That the most concern from this publication by the journalist is that this was being accepted by male journalists.. Claiming such lies to be truth. Not only that, but accepting falsities, highly inappropriate approach towards women – drawing a picture that women are less than men and drawing the picture ‘as accepted norm’ that women should tolerate touching by their partners at any time without saying ‘no’ and that women should not stand in their own right, power and consent – is very very concerning, so if any paper should be published, it should be about the fact that journalists publish articles with indiscriminative lies about women and how absolutely wrong that is.

  3. Four great points that I am sure would make sense anyone ready to read them. For me I don’t think the current media are ready to listen and in that would just dismiss anything like this and move on to the next victim, I mean story. We have come so far we will say and yet this looks like a step backwards into a dark age. We need to not get caught in the bright lights because this keeps us blind to the details. This media article and others like it are not to be taken lightly or brushed aside. This is a serious breach of a basic right will all have, to live how we feel to live. I know from the tone of this letter and others I have read that there are people seeing the seriousness of this and they will need to continue to live what they see until such a point that others are able to expose also what they are already feeling.

  4. This article shows that there is little concern about people’s health, women’s dignity and the well-being of society at large, but that there is an entirely different agenda at play.

  5. “Serge Benhayon does not claim that he can cure anything, what he does do is present a way of living responsibly that could definitely impact positively on people’s lives including their health.” The truth is that many who have chosen to take responsibility for the way they live have discovered that they feel amazing – that IS sensational.

  6. The world, especially the health care systems, are in absolute crisis…and it is fundamentally a massive disservice to humanity to bastardise information to suit an agenda and distract like they have… whilst ignoring the deeply important and pertinent truth of what Serge actually presents for the benefit of all.

  7. ‘A responsible journalist would have sought out and presented the other side of the story’. The fact that this did not occur in the slaughter of Universal Medicine by the media clearly illustrates the lack of integrity and commitment to truth that those particular journalists had in relation to the stories they created.

  8. Great questions PF and ones I have no doubt were not answered by those who chose to endorse such attitudes, fabrications and ‘angles’ for the sake of a sensational story. Sold-out journalism has no place in our lives… and this stand is one we will have to make collectively before it is likely to become a reality.

  9. Thank you PF for your article and the questions you pose are worth considering, but are the Journalists willing to look at their actions and own up to the lies they have promoted ?

  10. I found it interesting that the ‘figure of ‘42’ relationships breaking down’ (after Serge Benhayon in 13 years) is counted. We all know that 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything (as told by Douglas Adams) – so here we are. The answer was given long ago and is reflected again here in this big group of people who are studying life. But again: if 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything – what is the question? To find out: come and study life. Why do relationships break down? Why do people blame others for the living conditions and qualities they have created? What way and how far are we willing to evolve/bring true change into our living? Why does the author from the Courier Mail not come back and count the numbers of relationships built since Serge Benhayon? (I would have to contribute a few, as I not just still engaged with my husband, I am also connecting again and deeper so with my family and neighbors…and I have more friends than ever before in my life).
    Words and Numbers – used to manipulate. How would life be if we would come back to an honest and innocent way of expressing AND flow of information?

  11. I find it interesting that with all the ‘healers’ and spiritual movements around the East Coast that are actually harmful (from personal experience) and often entail drug use as part of their rituals, that no newspaper or media attention report on this. How come? Why are they not interested in this movement and more interested in scalding an organisation and a man that is actually presenting true integrity, responsibility and tools for people to turn their lives around?

  12. Brilliant P.F. Evil exposed in 4 simple questions. Evil here being simply the absence of love – a sad indication on where we are at as a society when we hunger for fragments that we are sold at the expense of the whole truth. These lies could not be told if there were no ears willing to hear them. Thus, the next question is – why do we choose to live ‘the part’ at great expense to the Whole that it is a part of?

  13. A very well written account of the alarming departure from truth in the article referred to, and one solid in its common sense, command of the facts and willingness to bring perspective that really leaves the journalists involved exposed in their lack of professionalism and integrity.

  14. If only such a common sense approach was used by sections of the media in approaching the stories they publish. But it’s not just the stories it’s how they determine the story they will tell and how it supports the community they serve. We do need to question the current way that sections of the media tell their stories as you have done PF.

  15. Thank you P.F. these are great questions to be asking to the journalists who have sold out completely and write stories that completely lack any truth, and are intent on smearing Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon’s impeccable reputation.

  16. What can I say… If you write an article like that it says a million times more about the one writing it than it does about what is actually written. If you read it you can easily feel if there is a genuine interest by the writer/s to actually write a balanced article. In this case this interest is not present. It’s biased and littered with what I pick up as discontentment and this article should not been allowed through the system. It’s written by reporters at The Courier Mail and they should ask themselves whether they feel the article is written in a way that gives the one written about (Serge Benhayon) full credit.

  17. Great article P.F. It is deeply shocking in today’s society that an article such as the one in question can go through an Editor to even get printed, where is the accountability and responsibility of the Media. The article is a sham and offensive to women.

  18. Great questions P.F. that should absolutely be addressed, however this would not have suited the angle the Courier Mail was attempting to manipulate readers into believing hence why they were swept under the carpet, along with the truth apparently.

  19. Great questions PF. However, as we know, the journalists in question had their own agenda – and didn’t want to present a fair and balanced report. Three years on – different life-style choices are now being published in some of the press as research now shows that poor choices contribute to our current illness epidemic – in the form of rising rates of cancer, heart disease and diabetes etc. The possibility to make different choices was presented by Serge Benhayon many years ago. He is just well ahead of the game and current thinking is at last catching up.

  20. These are great questions and it would be amazing to see the journalists take full responsibility and answer them, but responsible reporting does not appear to be one of their strengths.

  21. This newspaper article by the Courier Mail definitely tries to label women as simpletons who blindly follow others – the only truth expressed here is the reflection of the attitudes of the journalists. The idea that it’s wrong for women to expect their own permission to be part of the consent for others to touch their body is preposterous. The Courier Mail article expresses attitudes that belong in the dark ages, these are attitudes towards women that are very harmful for the whole of society.

  22. The journalists that wrote that ‘piece of news’ are not interested in the health of the general population. They only want to make sure to stop spreading what they deem to be dangerous practices (women saying no to abuse and working to make love the foundation of a relationship). So simple. To that end, they are willing to say whatever it takes and to manipulate whatever it needs manipulation. This is a clear case of abuse of the public (women in particular) based on a tremendous fear of being called out and rejected (fear number one in men).

  23. Some very clear and logical questions you have put to The Courier Mail, I don’t suppose they have responded to any of them.

  24. You make some really great and important points here P.F. The article is based on heresy, gossip, lies and assumptions and is also incredibly denigrating to women. These gentlemen should be instructed to research their information before going to print, although one of them being the editor should have known better for himself. What a let down in journalism this story is.

  25. Awesome points that are brought up in this article – and such a shame to see how the media continues to abuse its power and manipulate numbers and quotes to make up a story – one that is there to sling mud at another. I shake my head at the low level that can be stooped to by the media.

  26. Some great questions here P.F. On a very biased report – it seems the Courier Mail has a lot to answer for…

  27. Reading this article I am saddened to feel how much harm, intentional harm, is caused when the media creates a ‘story’ by misinterpreting the facts just to stir up emotions and undermine the truth.

  28. No further questions, your honour.
    You nailed it, your questions expose the measly attitude and consciousness expressed in the article (by man); if it was not be so harming it just would be a laughing stock.

  29. Awesome article PF. I loved reading it and really appreciated the clarity and simplicity with which you questioned and totally exposed the bias and unbalanced reporting in the article “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families.” It has to be asked why weren’t the angles you highlighted not included in the article and more shamefully, why have they never been followed up on in subsequent articles by any other journalists??

  30. You make some great points, P.F. The media are revealing how irresponsible they are – demeaning women based purely on gender & ridiculing the fact that they choose not to be touched without permission. This is done purely for sensationalism, with the only aim, to sell newspapers. They appear to have no respect or care for those that they hurt with their lies – no wonder they can’t understand that there are others out their who may choose to live with love care & respect for all.

  31. The hate campaign against Universal Medicine has really opened my eyes to a whole world of abuse in the media and online that is running rampant on a global scale. No longer can we trust the media as a source of truth, nor depend on it to even foster respect at times. Too often I witness traumatic events that have been sensationalised through the media – some of the recent coverage on the Sydney media siege is a great example of this. I saw headlines that had no appreciation for the close friends and families of those involved. I know there are many journalists and employees who uphold their integrity and decency in this industry and this is brilliant. There are too many personal agendas interfering with the truth being delivered to the public through the media be it from the top down giving “direction” as to what angles are to be covered, or the bottom up where journalists will go to extreme measures to create and maintain a name for themselves. I have seen in this particular hate campaign a journalist Byron Kaye actually write an article about a complaints made about Universal Medicine – which he lodged. When you discover this man tried to make it writing in the film industry, with little success, you can begin to feel how the focus of his writing is about him, and not delivering the truth untainted to the public.

    1. ” Making a name” or moving up the career ladder or popularity for a day/ week/ month might be a drive for some journalists or people working in media. It must be much stronger force than willingness to work for The sake of whole humanity. Deep within everyone knows that we are re-turning back to love inevitably so-why delay and create unnecessary obstacles?

  32. An awesome article, thank you. I too am offended by the misogynist rubbish ‘that I follow someone else … and that I am gullible and easily led based on my gender’ and also baffled that we live in a world where living responsibly is something to berate and label? It’s just ridiculous.

  33. Your questions absolutely deserve to be answered by the Courier Mail. What JOSH ROBERTSON & LIAM WALSH have printed is completely unacceptable and irresponsible. Your letter very clearly shows how an article can be written with research, facts and true experiences, something that we should all expect from journalists in everything they do.

    1. Absolutely Leigh and Laura, the courier mail article was indecent, disrespectful, and deceitful. The truth must be told so that it can be corrected.

  34. These questions pose what could be assumed as being ‘standard practice’ if one were interested in reporting a balanced view on the subject. However the fact that such an article and those that followed the same thread just show where the media stand – profit by any means be it shock stories, gossip or sensation regardless of truth or reality. Thank you P.F for bringing these what should be obvious points to light, if no one says it we remain unaware.

  35. Great blog P.F. and great questions. I would feel that the questions you pose would be standard and common sense in trying to ascertain the full picture, in other words the facts. Clearly this reporter and newspaper have done neither and it is obvious there is another agenda here. Whatever the reason, even it is just one of sensationalism to sell more papers, it is unacceptable to print stories like this and shows how much disregard they hold the general public in.

  36. Thank you P.F for asking such common sense questions.
    I wonder if the editors and reporters ever stop to think that we the general public, can actually see through their lies or do they have an opinion that their readers are dimwitted in some way.

  37. I have a court case with my ex and both my lawyer and my barrister are saying that in all their many years of practice they have not met anyone like me that I am a very ‘unusual case’ – who does not blame the other side for this that and the other. People in general cannot get over the fact that we still live together and have had a few years of dealing with legal teams! This is thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine teachings which have inspired me to take responsibility for all that is happening in my life and not to point fingers at anyone.

  38. I love your question… “Why weren’t some of the doctors and specialists mentioned asked why they might refer people to Universal Medicine?” – there is a great piece of research here that UniMed, the media or someone independent could do – as a blog article or otherwise…

  39. Thank you P.F. – “hear, hear”! Absolutely spot on, and so clearly expressed. I am led to wonder about the place of journalists on a poll of ‘least trusted profession’.. especially amongst those of us who have seen such blatant lies, omissions and archaic, misogynistic views.

  40. Great questions! I was thinking the same, why were the doctors and men/women not interviewed? That would have made sense in order to have a balanced report.

    1. But they did interview a medical professional – however they didn’t want a medical opinion or to write a balanced report. What they wanted were words that they could insert into their article that would suit the angle that was premediated to discredit Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and everyone associated with them

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