Letter to a Journalist at the Courier Mail: You Missed a Great Opportunity

by Dr Rachel Hall B.Ch.D (Uni Leeds), LDSRCS(Eng), MACNEM, Member IAOMT, Dental Surgeon, Brisbane, Australia

Re: “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families”

Josh, I find it incredulous that after having spent an hour in my company where I was very honest, open and candid, that you and your paper still chose to run with the cult angle and daub me as a follower of Serge Benhayon. That implies that I am brainwashed and incapable of making decisions for myself based on my own free will. As you know, I talked to you at length about health, science, research and statistics which show that certain foods impact detrimentally on health and wellbeing and that, based on my knowledge, background, education and understanding I had already before meeting Serge Benhayon, I had started to implement many lifestyle changes so as to ensure my own health and vitality and to be able to better care for my patients from all walks of life whom I care about deeply.

You missed a great opportunity to present facts and the truth because instead, which I knew was always a possibility, you chose to go for a story so as to be able to sensationalise what was presented and sell newspapers. Very very disappointing.

I made a decision to put my neck and my reputation on the line as I know that medicine does not have all the answers to illness or disease as neither do alternative therapies. What if what Universal Medicine has to offer can provide people with a way of living that can support them to be more self responsible, caring and gentle with themselves? Why is it that reputable doctors, specialists and GP’s refer their patients to UniMed? Is it because they too sense that there is more to health than meets the eye and that indeed what UniMed offers makes a difference? Now, that would have been an interesting angle for you to follow.

As for relationship breakdowns, let’s look at the statistics – according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics one in three marriages ends in divorce. Thus, for a group containing 2000 plus people, the separation rate, if it were reflecting society, would end in more relationships that failed than on average – if UniMed were responsible for splitting up families. So why then are there only allegedly 42 relationship breakdowns, if according to the statistics it should be 46 based on 2.3% divorce rate per 1000 head of population – with more women filing for divorce than men. Is it accurate to say then that UniMed is causing relationship breakdown when the figures simply do not stack up?

After reading your ‘so called’ article, which was simply a rehash of other reports, it’s disappointing that you are not allowed to think for yourself but have to “follow” what your editor wants. I also feel it is important to ask you, do you actually believe it is ok for anyone to touch another person sexually without their permission, as this is what you imply when you state “after breast massage clients told ….. not to allow their partners to touch them without permission”? This is suggesting that a woman should just give in to a partner’s advances even if she doesn’t want them and it also takes us back to the age when women were seen as their husband’s property to do with as he wished. This statement is very harmful and denigrating to women and condones abuse within relationships.

Would I be open to further interviews with the media? My answer without hesitation is of course “yes”, as there is a story to be told – but it is not the one you were angling for and hence, why you were unable to portray me in a poor light and your paper had to resort to labelling me as something I most certainly am not. As you would have realised, I am a independent, strong, intellectual woman who definitely knows her own mind.

And as my mother said without even seeing the article “you can’t believe what you read in the papers, we all know it is twisted to sell a story and should be taken with a massive pinch of salt”.

And I definitely did not misquote her or try and make it look like she said something she hadn’t or have it taken out of context, which seems to be the predominant ‘skill’ that was chosen in this article – one which many modern day journalists choose to use – at the tremendous expense of, and with disrespect to the public.

42 thoughts on “Letter to a Journalist at the Courier Mail: You Missed a Great Opportunity

  1. A great opportunity missed, as you say there is a great story there to be reported, yet as too often happens with journalists they have a preconceived angle they are after, and as a result they miss what is right in front of them.

  2. Usually, when there is an interview, it is very clear from the outset whether the interview is about a subject matter, or whether it is around the person who is being interviewed. Usually, these types of interview do not mix. So, in the first case, the person only matters as a deliverer. In the second, it matters as a person. Universal Medicine challenges this division. It is about what is being delivered but it is equally about the quality of the person that is delivering. If this is difficult, not only the journalist misses an opportunity, it misses the interviewed and overall, it misses the whole point; the latter being: it is about people always.

  3. It is interesting indeed that participants of Universal Medicine courses are called followers, whilst the journalists clearly are not free to choose what to report but have to follow certain people in power that dictate to them what they are allowed to say and where it becomes all about selling papers over reporting the truth and informing people what is really going on. Now, who is the follower here and who is the person free to walk according to their own truth?

  4. As your mother has expressed and you clearly point out Rachel as directly experiencing the sensationalism and lost way of media why waste energy in reading and polluting yourself with this non-sense. And what a great opportunity as a journalist to write the truth and facts like what is being presented on http://www.unimedliving.com

  5. This deliberate misinformation to cause a stir of sensationalism supports the saying that ‘in most newspapers you can’t trust the newsprint it is written on.’

  6. The deception of those with an agenda is a journalistic tactic that nobody should be subjected to. It is not only wrong but it is sad that once again the truth is not being told about Universal Medicine or those who have benefited significantly from what Serge has presented on health and well being.

  7. They can and will do what ever they choose to as long as we allow it. I buy no newspapers anymore as the way of reporting and information-flow is disrespectful – as you said Rachel – and manipulative. It is affecting me and I do not want this any longer. If we all would not buy the trash they offer – they would have to change…

  8. The real story is in this letter. No sensation, just the facts. The more responsible our choices, the more loving our lives and the more there is to share with the community. Otherwise we live a life just for ourselves, which is leading us down the path that we are currently living. When we don’t want to see this we will make any excuse not to see it and not to see our part in this.

  9. Yes Rachael, I would rather read you accurate quote from your mother any day “you can’t believe what you read in the papers, we all know it is twisted to sell a story and should be taken with a massive pinch of salt” That I do agree with.

  10. Well said Rachel, you have experienced first hand the corruption and manipulation that many journalists use to fulfil their own agendas. Another opportunity missed to present the facts and truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon to a public that is desperately needing the answers the Ancient Wisdom offers and can support everyone equally to bring the true changes they are seeking.

  11. There is ‘more to health than meets the eye’ – and we have to remain open – or we will simply condemn ourselves to going around in circles on that basis of what we have already discovered. How arrogant would we be as a race, if we close down our willingness to explore ever further what is true, in favour of what we have found to date. Have we explored every angle, understood every opening? Of course not, and our reliance of what we already know rather than what we can discover is potentially very harmful.

  12. Get this – the lack of being “…more self responsible, caring and gentle with themselves?” is exactly what these reporters are displaying when they choose to run with whatever story they seemed fit. It just shows the extreme levels of irresponsibility that runs through their veins and with that irresponsibility comes their total lack of humility and care for other people. It goes to show that they are most certainly not working for the public or the people but with the sole intent to have things go their own way which is a way that divides, conquer and makes everyone lose trust in humanity.

  13. When the media go so far to present lies, this shows me how powerful the truth is because if they keep up the lying they can stay in their own comfort zones! If the truth is reported Josh and all the other journalists will have to take responsibility for their own life.

  14. Thank you Rachel for your commitment to the Truth. The Journalist sure did miss a great opportunity to write some meaningful facts and instead chose to conjure up a real misuse of his role in the media. It’s inspiring to know that you will stay open to further interviews even though this one was a farce.

  15. People putting their neck out like you did to stand up for what they know to be true is what will change the world. Thank you for not letting your experience of poor journalism stop you from speaking up.

  16. It appears that this journalist Josh, had already decided what he was going to write even before his interview with you Rachel. Does the media expect people to take them seriously anymore when honest reporting of the facts seems to no longer be part of their agenda or even a consideration?

  17. They indeed missed a great opportunity. Why bother to spend an hour interviewing you and then writing lies and falsehoods? However we only hear what we want to hear – I know this one for myself. If someone presents facts that are so far removed from ones way of living, one’s ‘livingness’, then the numbing out and the bastardisation of the truth presented will ensure the truth doesn’t emerge into the light of day. As more people reflect and live and express truth this will slowly turn around.

  18. The journalist lost two opportunities not just one. It lost “a great opportunity to present facts and the truth”. The other was to connect to himself deeply while you were talking to him and to feel what was his body saying to him regarding how he is living. To make it graphic, suppose that the journalists game to the interview with an armour he hides behind. But he is not aware of it. Suddenly, the conversation starts and I am presented with facts and arguments that are way too reasonable but I realise that I do not let anything in. This could be a great opportunity to ask myself why is this so and to realise that I had been carrying an invisible armour which is very much related to how we are living protected. So, in a talk where I am presented with truth about how we are living and its terrible consequences, I have the chance to connect to what I am being presented with and go from there or simply make a good use of my armour and simply ignore anything said and felt and rush to the office to complete my mission. Two opportunities missed here.

  19. You definitely can’t believe anything you read in the papers especially when it comes to the false accusations made against Universal Medicine.

  20. Reading this article shows the sorry state of much of today’s media where any information is misinterpreted to fit the ‘story’ that has already been decided on. Thank you Rachel for speaking up for truth.

  21. Well said Rachel, thank you for presenting the facts about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon; their teachings have certainly brought more health and vitality into mine and many of my friend’s lives. It is a shame that the Media didn’t report this.

  22. That is a woman with true intelligence who definitely has a mind of her own. How could they miss or ignore that? You know who you are.

  23. Thank you for revealing a little ‘behind the scenes’ of this sensationalised story. It appears that the journalists ‘did their duty’ & interviewed some of the people involved, but then still chose to re-hash lies. Thank you for standing up after being unfairly portrayed in the media & saying ‘this is not okay’.

  24. Great article Rachel and a great point about the relationship breakdown percentages – looks like they should be coming to Universal Medicine for relationship advice! ☺ I genuinely admire your courage and willingness to tell your story to such an unscrupulous and dishonourable reporter. Hopefully you will be given another opportunity by someone with honest intentions to report the amazing truth there is to be told.

  25. Thank you Rachel for sharing your side. Even after all of what you presented to Josh Robertson, they went with a sensationalist story with only one reason…money. Its obvious there was only going to be one side portrayed in this article and that is the side that they wanted. I wonder why the press could possibly feel that the public doesn’t trust them!!

    1. I totally agree with you Andrew. With the escalating rates of disease and illness steamrolling on and skyrocketing upwards, a revolution of the health care system as we know it today is exactly what is needed to arrest the presently inevitable catastrophe of projected health statistics poised on our horizon that can only but bankrupt out health care systems. The potential to change this trajectory is within us all and is based on responsibility…. The likes of Dr Rachel Hall and other Unimed aligned Medical Practioners are challenging what is presently acceptable in the health arenas which is exactly what needs to happen to support the wisdom of Conventional Medicine and prevent the further crippling on our already overburdened healthcare system. What is totally unacceptable is that the media cannot see how important both the personal and collective responsibility of humanity as a whole has in this revolution and the absolute value the Universal Medicine way truly offers humanity. They could share this fact with the power that they wield but clearly do not have the integrity and commitment to truth that they should have to do this. This is sad for all.

  26. Thank you for sharing your experience of the media Rachel. What a golden opportunity they missed in not choosing to be open to seeing/hearing the actual truth that you were presented. My experience of your professional dentistry services is of the highest integrity I have experienced so far in my life – and long may you offer those much truly needed services. Your authenticity shines through.

  27. Well said Rachel, and thank you for speaking up even when you knew there was a possibility that the media could write such nonsense. Your commitment to expressing the real facts is inspiring.

  28. Rachel, a week or two before the slanderous article you refer to you published the following quote on your Facebook page:

    “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” — Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist.

    Well the sad part is that in this case Josh Robertson, Liam Walsh and the press have clearly once again “done evil” in knowingly publishing such a deceitful and disgraceful article and thereby contributing to the harm in the world.

    However, we can all decide to not accept these lies and to speak up as you so courageously and frequently do.

    Nobody could accuse you of looking on and doing nothing and nobody in their right mind or heart could ever accuse you of being a follower.

  29. Amazing article Rachel. Your commitment to truth has been well expressed – and your willingness to remain open and willing to share – despite what ended up in print, is inspiring. Thank you.

  30. Yes I would be keen to see if Josh does respond to your letter as that is just not on: to clearly blank everything/all the points that you have taken time to share with him including your reputation etc and it is totally disrespectful. Indeed a great opportunity was missed – this time. Thank you Rachel for presenting how it is.

  31. I have so much respect for your unwavering commitment to integrity Rachel. It was shocking but very revealing to hear that the reporter in question actually spent an hour with you and still published those demeaning untruths.

    It is beautiful to read that you have not closed the door to the media, even after this, as you know there is still a truly valuable story to tell. For your strength, honesty and amazing integrity, I thank you.

  32. It’s great to hear your side of the interview Rachel, that you offered him so much that he could have written, but all he wanted was sensationalism. Like you say, why would you put your whole career and life on the line unless you knew something was not right and that there was more to medicine than what we have at the moment?

    I used to hate going to the dentist which goes back to when I was a child, but after one visit to your practice and the support and care you gave me, I no longer have that dread and cold sweats that I used to get. I have sought the same care (in the UK) that you offered me and it took several dentists before I could find someone who really cared, but after knowing that it was possible I was not willing to accept less.

    All these posts are exposing the press for what they really are in the pretence that they are serving to ‘inform’ humanity.

  33. Thank you Rachel for confirming how completely ‘off track’ these journalists are in writing this total fabrication – all just to get a story out that they believe will be popular – with no truth whatsoever and no real care at all for the harm that they are doing to those they write about or those who read it. How and why is this able to happen!?

  34. I was also extremely upset to read the article you refer to, I know the integrity in which you live Rachel and it is very strong. I have no doubt Josh would have got to experience this in his time with you, so it is not comprehendible to me how he could have written and then then published this story. Thank you for highlighting all you have in your article Rachel, the truth is greatly appreciated and needed.

  35. Absolutely awesome response, Rachel. You not only clearly call those responsible for such irresponsible journalism to account, but you completely ‘hold the door open’ in your availability, as ever, to tell the true story. With the deepest admiration, love and support, I say thank-you.

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