A Response to the Courier Mail Editor: Researching the Facts – Writing the Truth

by Sarah Cloutier, Melbourne, Australia

To the Editor – Courier Mail/News.com.au/Perth Now/News Corporation

Re: “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families”

As General Manager of a film and television company in Melbourne, I expect a level of commitment from my team to research and investigate new technology to ensure we have all our facts straight before proceeding with any commitment that could impact on the success of the business.

As the Editor/s, and manager/s of a team of journalists, and a member of a national news network, I am surprised that neither yourself, Josh Robertson or Liam Walsh, did any real investigation or research into Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon; and as such you call into question the true intelligence of women such as myself – and in fact, all women.

Why are you not putting on the front page the skyrocketing increases in diabetes, cancer of all types, heart disease, lung conditions, mental illness, alcohol abuse – and the most affected by this ‘story’ – domestic violence towards women??

Isn’t it time we started to arrest these alarming statistics? 

According to Diabetes Australia:

  • “Up to 60% of cases of type 2 diabetes can be prevented. The total number of Australians with diabetes and pre-diabetes is estimated at 3.2 million”.1

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare:

  • “The risk of being diagnosed with cancer before the age of 75 years is 1 in 3 for males, and 1 in 4 for females.
  • “The risk before age 85 years is higher, at 1 in 2 for males and 1 in 3 for females”.2

According to the Parliament of Australia:

  • “Alcohol is a significant risk factor for domestic violence, particularly in indigenous communities. A longitudinal analysis of alcohol outlet density found a relationship between alcohol availability and domestic violence. Packaged liquor outlets that sell alcohol for off-premise consumption were particularly implicated”.3

And, from the Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse

  • “Children are exposed to domestic violence by witnessing violence and abuse, intervening to protect their mother, being present in a household filled with violence and terrorising behaviours as well as being directly abused themselves”.4

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

  • In 2007, 47,963 divorces were granted in Australia, which is one in three, and most divorce applications are submitted by women.5

The costs on our public funds are immense:

  • According to the Department of FaHCSIA, the cost of domestic violence on the Australian Economy is $13bn a year.6
  • According to Diabetes Australia, the cost to the Economy is $10.3bn.1
  • According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the cost of cancer diagnosis and treatment is $2bn a year.2
  • It is very revealing that domestic violence costs the economy more than cancer and diabetes put together.
  • Divorce is costing $18bn a year – $11bn of that goes to legal costs.6

Your ‘expert’, Cult Counselling Australia director Raphael Aron said of the alleged 42 marriage breakdowns, “That’s an absolutely devastating figure, catastrophic”.

The facts I found readily online easily show that this is a very small percentage compared to the national average – and as I’m sure you well know, marriage/relationship breakdowns are complicated and never attributed to one situation, but a build up of issues over time.

Most concerning for me, was your last comment – for women “to not allow their partners to touch [their breasts] without permission”.

Editor/s, may I remind you that it is 2012 – and women have the right to choose when and how their breasts are touched. Isn’t that what you want for your daughter, sister, niece, grand-daughter, mother – wife? Since when did women give up the right to choose who they want to spend time with, what courses they attend, who they marry or divorce, and by whom and when they allow their breasts to be touched?

I’m 44 years old and have worked all over the world in my profession, and have been listening to Serge Benhayon and attending Universal Medicine courses since 2001. He is a man of the highest integrity and has never once told me what to do – ever. I consider everything he presents and make up my own mind….. yes, I have one of my own. It reveals your lack of intelligence that you, without any investigation, slander women who choose to live a life of gentleness and care for themselves as ‘followers’ – I have certainly not given up my career, education, intelligence, hopes or ambitions. I have had more true success in my work and private life since choosing to live with more tenderness towards myself.

I live an amazing life, full of wonderful friendships with women – without jealousy or comparison. My commitment to care and nurture myself now is greater than I ever imagined, changes that my mother (in Toowoomba) calls miraculous. The miracle is that, through the Universal Medicine courses, I have connected to a deeper sense of love for myself and cherish myself deeply. I have wonderful friendships with men, too; they are tender, truthful and loving – and I will only be intimate with a man when I feel that there is harmony, openness and true care.

A responsible life of getting to bed early, eating well, exercising and not drinking alcohol is pretty simple and can support a healthy life – and a healthy society. My choices have a positive impact on my team at work and my family, as they are seeing that there’s another way – to live a vital life with energy, clarity and consistency.

Educate yourselves, please – you are abusing your journalistic power when we very clearly need more truth in this world. I refer you to the following blogs:

Truth about Universal Medicine
Truth about Serge Benhayon
Medicine and Serge Benhayon
Women in Livingness
Words on Serge Benhayon


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  2. http://www.aihw.gov.au/cancer/
  3. http://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/Parliamentary_Departments/Parliamentary_Library/pubs/BN/2011-2012/DVAustralia#_Toc309798377
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49 thoughts on “A Response to the Courier Mail Editor: Researching the Facts – Writing the Truth

  1. Sarah, your piece of writing is absolutely exquisite and beautifully crafted; it is discerning, it is educated, it is impeccable. Aren’t these meant to be qualities of true journalism and those of descent journalists? You have done a tremendous service to so many and on so many levels and you have served as a magnificent, true reflection to All women (and men) as well as to the journalists in question and any other journalists whether they chose to read your writing or not. Read they should! Thank you Sarah.

    1. I agree – a brilliant letter exposing the rot that can be found in journalism, and in this case exposing a lack of responsibility in Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh in how their article adds to humanity’s ills – and does not on any level support humanity through the atrocities that surround us.

    2. Absolutely brilliant Dragana, and so for you. This writing is what our journalism needs. We need to write for all. And make sure we follow our deeply divine origin – our hearts.

  2. Awesome, and the domestic violence figures appear to be much higher than what is reported. I have two teenage children and they tell me many stories about what is happening in their friends homes and let me tell you, it is incomprehensible and very alarming to say the least.

  3. Sarah, I love this whole piece. It covers so much and yet reads with ease and absolute clarity. I will pay particular ‘homage’ to one line, though, where you name just one of the most heinous things these so-called journalists have done (in addition to alleging Universal Medicine is a ‘cult’), which is their slandering & demeaning of women “who chose to live a life of gentleness and care for themselves as ‘followers’”.

    Reading your words today, has helped me honour myself and my own choices in life (in the treasuring and looking after of myself) all the more deeply, and not harden towards such total misrepresentation and insult. Those of us taking our own loving steps towards truly cherishing the women and men we are – are to be celebrated!

    1. great point Sarah, and Victoria – labelling women who they have never even met as followers. Its bizarre given the women I know who have been inspired by Serge Benhayon – they are women who know who they are, and what is acceptable (or not) in their daily lives – no longer bystanders in life but playing a full part in life, and speaking up where needed. I would hardly describe that as ‘following’.

      1. Hear, hear Jane. The whole notion is absolutely ridiculous. Are our words here those of mindless minions? Au contraire… Time for some folk to open their eyes to the level of responsibility Sarah has rightly called for, and realise that such displays are most certainly not what true journalism that serves the interests of the people, is all about.

  4. A great point you make here Sarah “to ensure we have all our facts straight before proceeding with any commitment that could impact on the success of the business” – how different would business, or more specifically the media be if this was an operating principle that they upheld in everything they did?

  5. Superb blog Sarah, and thank you for highlighting these shocking statistics. Its a shame that the editor of the Courier Mail and its journalists, Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh, didn’t do their due diligence when reporting this story. All they have shown is a lazy attitude and a distinct lack of integrity and as your last paragraph says, journalists have a lot of power and the world needs to hear the Truth.

    1. Tim if the journalists truly cared about people they would be publishing all of those statistics and also the truth about Universal Medicine – especially considering it’s student body is bucking world health trends. This is a case of taking care of the self (and at any cost to others) as in the case of said journalists, or taking care of the all to contribute true value. Taking care of the all (humanity) is what Universal Medicine does, and with full integrity and responsibility, and never compromising the truth. Universal Medicine is an inspiring and incredible role model for both our business and personal lives.

  6. Indeed it is not okay to be so blatantly abusing journalistic power when the world very clearly needs inspiration and truthful information to turn around the alarming facts and statistics so diligently listed in this article.

    1. I wonder what the world press would look like if we asked for one day where only truth was expressed. Perhaps far less would be reported as truth is not waffly or fabricated, and, perhaps it would allow all of us in the world to sit up and realise that the atrocities in our lives today are on ‘our watch’ and, together we can start to make change by saying no to what is not true – starting with demanding that the media is about truth and nothing less.

  7. Thank you Sarah very powerful and truthful reporting, the integrity that you bring to this article is a point of reflection for all journalists.
    RMRC also bring a journalistic integrity

  8. Excellent blog Sarah, incisive, well structured and flows off the page. These journalists are simply abusing their extremely privileged position, being lazy and using ‘below the belt’ techniques and to use a cliche, not ‘letting the truth get in the way of a good story’. These gutter-press antics have far outlived their sell-by date and need replacing by Truth, Honesty and integrity.

  9. Wow Sarah, the clarity and truth that you have shared is awesome. In the media article ‘expert’, Cult Counselling Australia director Raphael Aron said of the alleged 42 marriage breakdowns, “That’s an absolutely devastating figure, catastrophic”. But when this is put into the perspective that ‘according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, In 2007, 47,963 divorces were granted in Australia, which is one in three…’ and you consider there are 2000 or so people attending Universal Medicine presentations, then 42 out of 2000 is no where near as bad as 1 in 3. Further, there is always 2 sides to the breakdown of a relationship and this article only gave the perception of one side. The bias and blatant mistruths printed and shared by the media about Universal Medicine up until today is appalling. This is sad because journalists potentially can be an wonderful source for with which the truth can be shared to all, but when they blatantly disregard the truth they are unfortunately a wasted resource and are actually letting humanity down.

  10. You are the one – true female power expressed in all its clarity, strength and beauty. By claiming yourself in full in your blog the misogynic taste in the Courier Mail´s article is simply wiped away.

  11. Reading this powerful article I wondered how a report on Universal Medicine in a newspaper would read if you, Sarah, were the journalist. I know I would be able to trust what I was reading was a true and balanced description of the way an increasing number of people are choosing to live.

  12. Awesome letter Sarah! I love all the points that you have brought to the fore and how you have expressed them, speaking on behalf of many of us really! It is such a shame when the media abuse their position of power and do not do the needed research and present both sides. They assume that people are dumb and will swallow what they say – but in reality the people do know that this is not true, even if they are not speaking up immediately. We need more truth printed in the papers, not more invented lies and conspiracies.

  13. Well said Sarah, your letter is clear and straight to the point, and expressed with love and truth. Journalists would do well to take a leaf from your book.

  14. Uninformed journalists who are unaware of the reality they write on? If so, this should be a professional problem that will transpire the fact that someone is occupying a position that does not is qualified for. Journalists that have made clear decision to be blind to the facts and the hard realities that stats present? Again, as Chief Editor, I would be very concerned that someone writing about reality prefers to ignore what reality is showing us. Or journalists writing with an agreed upon hidden agenda of men who are deeply hurt and may not even fathom the possibility that their women would say no to no loving way of relationships? Could it be that their agenda is to prevent ‘normal’ women to becoming empowered and claimed as saying do not dare to imitate them? I am not saying that the first two questions do not apply in this case, but certainly the third one explains it. They wrote to draw a line in the sand with a clear message for women: do not dare, it would expose our hurts and our life style bubble in a way that we would not know what to do.

    1. I second your words calling such an editor and journalists to account Eduardo. And the clear bias and derogatory depiction of women. This is not ‘journalism’, it’s an absolute offence to people’s rights and dignity.

  15. Thank you Sarah for doing the research about these urgent topics. If only journalists had the integrity and dedication like you have we would be presented with relevant and true facts every day instead of absolute lies and misleading innuendos.

  16. The only following I have being doing is following Serge Benhayon’s lead. I feel nothing but inspiration from all he presents and what his family and other students also deliver. We can all be amazing and live a life full of vitality. This way of being doesn’t just belong to one but to all.

  17. I agree with all you have said Sarah and l hope the journalists will consider your last paragraph “Educate yourselves please – you are abusing your journalistic power when we very clearly need more truth in this world”. And this is what Serge Benhayon is, a man of truth, a man of the highest integrity, with an amazing love and understanding of people and what he presents on comes from this/his way of living, never from preaching or condemning of another’s choices, in fact quite the contrary always respectful of other people choices and the way they choose to live.

  18. “Why are you not putting on the front page the skyrocketing increases in diabetes, cancer of all types, heart disease, lung conditions, mental illness, alcohol abuse – and the most affected by this ‘story’ – domestic violence towards women?? Good question Sarah. Three years on these topics are now front page news as the statistics are sky-rocketing even more. It is now widely ( due to epigenetics) accepted that life-style choices contribute hugely to disease rates – not just ‘bad luck’. Serge Benhayon was just presenting this information many years beforehand – that was unpalatable to some as it rocked their cosy nest of comfort. Certain journalists – and people have their own agenda and it seems that such a little thing as truth will not cause them to waver from their desire to sell papers by publishing rumours and lies as fact.

    1. Well said sueq2012. Such a publication may today spark more public outrage than it did 3 years ago – yet in whatever time it stood, it is utterly inexcusable.

  19. Your powerful response not only exposes the poor, if any, investigation into the truth of Universal Medicine and those that attend sessions and courses, but the appalling misogynistic overtones that are quick to disrespect and insult the intelligence of women they know nothing about… not a message any paper should be proud to stand behind.

    1. Hear, hear Samantha. ‘Overtones’ that alarmingly demean the position of any women associated with Universal Medicine as being mindless ‘followers’ – a gutter level tactic intent on silencing the voice of women and rendering it valueless.
      Despite this publication’s utter irresponsibility, they sure received a correction to that from many strong women’s letters and voices. Their ploy was pitiful indeed and utterly inexcusable.

  20. I keep coming back to the mentioning of the marriage break ups by the reporters. They obviously see marriage break ups as something to write about and maybe men have a desperate need to blame someone when their partner chooses to leave instead of looking at their part of it. In my experience women are more open to make changes in their life and men are much more comfortable staying where they are. So when a woman wants to “move on” in the relationship with a man that doesn’t where do you go? Maybe this is something we should talk about more in our society, why are men less willing to make changes in their life and what is the real effect of this? And is this healthy? Are we as men trying to protect something by digging our heels in? So when there is a change in a relationship and you have someone to blame you might go for it but this is VERY VERY irresponsible. There is no one to blame. Yes we men need to be given some slack and room to cry every now and then without feeling like it’s the end of the world but then we need to get up from the couch (sorry the somewhat stereotypical image given here) and start to communicate with our partner! This is what is needed, we need to communicate, not blame. So when these two guys, Josh Robertson or Liam Walsh, gets a story by someone that’s been left by a partner and are sad about the fact but wants to blame someone they swallow the story hook line and sinker as is seen by the way the story is written. A shape up and discernment needed here!

  21. Thank you Sarah for such a brilliant blog, these statistics are really shocking to read. When you consider the real problems in the world that are increasing such as illness and disease and domestic violence, for the media to focus on Universal Medicine and falsely brand it a ‘cult’ without doing any true research shows how far some journalists are willing to go to write a sensationalist story. If any journalist had bothered to do their research without any bias or judgement then they may have chosen to write the truth about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and the true love and care he offers everyone that has supported thousands of people worldwide to change their lives enormously and improve their health and well-being.

  22. Here here Sarah. Calling media to account for the responsibility they hold to the community. There are some very alarming statistics in your research and they should be in our face constantly. Imagine if a newspaper everyday dedicated one full page spread to reporting these statistics every day. Now that would be a community service. Gosh it could be the new page 3!

  23. Thank you Sara for informing on just how easy it would have been for the journalists to have researched that the drama and sensationalism they presented around the alleged 42 relationships were, in relation to the group and in relation to the wider population, non sense as they actually compared favourably anyway.

  24. I sign this call: “Educate yourselves, please – you are abusing your journalistic power when we very clearly need more truth in this world.” And this call applies to all: educate yourself – we need more truth in this world!

  25. Thank you Sarah for speaking up with truth, that there is another way that humanity in the state that it is in so badly needs. “My choices have a positive impact on my team at work and my family, as they are seeing that there’s another way – to live a vital life with energy, clarity and consistency.” and this is what the Journalists would have found and been able to present to the public had they been open to the truth that Serge presents.

  26. I loved the authority you wrote this in… as a powerful woman respected in the industry and not some mindless follower as the papers would like to make you and many others out to be. It is gorgeous to read you stand up and speak out against this appalling article about Serge and all associated with Universal Medicine, people deserve to hear the truth like you have delivered here.

  27. Thank you Sarah. Telling it how it is. 5 years on and I wonder if these journalists have been inspired to acquaint themselves with the truth before revealing so clearly what they think

  28. We certainly need to see more truth in the media. It is a reflection of society and how much we have allowed the abuse of power to the extent we witness it in the media and nothing can seem to be done about it.

  29. Are we as a society so numb to such alarming statistics? Do we simply accept them and opt to turn a blind eye to how we are killing ourselves? Do we prefer sensationalism, gossip and entertainment instead as perhaps this offers a distraction away from the cold hard truths of where we are at as a species? Is this the case so much so that we no longer even discern lies from truth? Yes the journalists were hugely irresponsible in what they wrote, but why are they in a position where this is possible?

  30. Sarah great blog, you have shown us here what true journalism is about and produced a great piece of writing full of facts which left me waning to find out more for myself.

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