A Response to the Courier Mail Editor: In a Society…

by Golnaz Shariatzadeh, UK

To the Editor – Courier Mail: A response to a recent article

Re: “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families”

In a society…

  • Where the rate of illness and disease is forever increasing;
  • Where I am forever hearing people say they are exhausted;
  • Where it is accepted to drink alcohol although your body throws it up;
  • Where it is accepted to smoke, although the initial response of the body before it became numb was to violently cough;
  • Where it is accepted to eat anything, although we feel bloated, lethargic or wired-up afterwards;
  • Where it is accepted to act in a way that damages our body, and we are proud to ‘defeat’ the body’s limitations, although we would never be as disregarding to our car or another prize item;
  • Where people are so numb to their feelings that they are happy to win at the expense of another, and not feel the bad taste in their mouths;
  • Where people are so used to drowning their heart with the voice in their head, that they will harm and even kill others as long as some convenient ‘justified reason’ is provided for the fight;
  • Where pornography has become a norm, to an extent that it is easily accessed by anyone, and even school kids are experiencing peer pressure to get involved;
  • Where people have given up on the innocent joy and the immense love of everyone they might have had when young – to the extent that it is deemed stupid to even try;

…I am astounded that instead of following up any of the headings above – to bring more light and clarity to the predicament our world is in – your article sets about to discredit a group of people who are trying to explore and experiment in their own lives to find another way.

Even if your negative comments and innuendos were true, which they are not, the endeavours of anyone to bring a welcome change to the ridiculous life we have created on our planet merits your support, not your undermining.

I feel personally undermined in my endeavours: I am someone who has always, even before I encountered Universal Medicine, looked for ways of helping the world, and finding ways of having a more harmonious life for myself and for everyone around me. I feel betrayed that you have taken it upon yourself to portray Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in any light other than the integrity, caring and honouring nature unfailingly demonstrated by them, and with which your own interview was undoubtably treated. And I feel your portrayal of women in your article akin to that of mindless simpletons that blindly follow what someone tells them; and your mocking their choice to honour themselves, and discourage dishonouring behaviour, is shocking and distasteful.

Finally let me reflect the beliefs I witness demonstrated by your article:


  • Acceptable to fish for stories by looking at other stories and have a pre-conceived agenda for the story before doing any interviews.
  • Commendable to write in a way that knowingly misleads and causes emotional response.
  • Deemed enough to interview both sides as a show of impartiality, but not represent both sides fairly.
  • Does not matter if innocent people are harmed and vilified as long as copies/hits targets are achieved.
  • Responses to the article will not all get printed, & those printed do not need to get printed in their entirety, so it is acceptable to not be accountable for the article one writes.
  • It is ok to drown out the bad taste in one’s mouth from this way of living by numbing oneself with overwork, or drinking it all away under the guise of relaxing. 

51 thoughts on “A Response to the Courier Mail Editor: In a Society…

  1. With Universal Medicine I am beginning to understand what true care is, and how self-serving all those gestures of good and positive the media tries to portray, and the dramas and sensationalisms they keep delivering in the face of what’s going on in the world today actually are, and how little in fact they care about anything/anyone but themselves.

  2. Thank you Golnaz for writing this article, it really highlighted to me how often the media jump on the ‘band wagon’ and add their own slant to a story, rather than putting themselves out there to seek and write the truth for society to come to their own conclusions.

  3. Great article Gonlaz, there is very little true journalism to day in our society where sensationalism and profits become the main goal, truth has little bearing in this regard.

  4. The portrayal of women in the article is quite revealing of where society is at in regards to how women are viewed and treated. But it may be so normal and widespread that for many it is not a disturbance as that is simply the way it is. Why should a man need a woman’s permission to touch her breasts or any other part of her body? If that question even needs to be asked or answered then we have a problem.

  5. I read a lot of responses to this article that I am seeing all have their own angle and yet are saying the same thing. I don’t say “saying the same thing” in a negative context but more that their are people sharing a similar view, that the current media have actively lost their way and that there are people in this world who are not only willing to support what they see is needed but are ready to live that way no matter what headline is thrown at them. People voice shouldn’t be dismissed and here we are faced with systems that are actively set up to do just that. I am wondering if all these articles should form a book or similar so they are all in one place and then people would see in times to come what was truly happening. From what I read and see this story is a point in our history that may well be significant down the track. It’s a case of us not seeing what the significance is until some considerable time has passed. History as they say has a way of repeating itself it’s just the headings may change and while you can look at things like all these responses individually, the moment you put them together you see something clearer and stronger.

  6. Well Said Gonlaz – this article was clearly not about shedding light on a situation or exposing any wrongs, but about a hidden agenda, otherwise it would have been written in a very different way.

  7. Thank you Golnaz for saying it as it is and for covering so much.This is exactly what is missing in the general journalese of the day. There is too much changing of facts to create a story and sell more papers to an audience we assume want sensationalism over truth.

  8. Serge Benhayon presents and lives integrity and responsibility and these qualities appear to be totally lacking in this type of junk journalism.

  9. Any one of the beliefs you list that came from reading the article, are a dark reflection of the messages that journalists are willing to put out regardless of the irresponsibility of doing so… for the knock on affect is deeply harmful to many and in truth needs to be tightly regulated to minimise if not eradicate this.

  10. A great article Golnaz thank you for sharing, there are so many lies reported by the media as truths in their effort for sensationalism and profits that the general public will eventually get sick of and wake up to, then truth will have its day, when true unbiased journalism will come to the fore.

  11. It is obvious that the Courier Mail cares not for balanced reporting or informing their readers with the truth but prefers to deceive the public with trashy sensationalism. Universal medicine is all about honest and true relationships, as it is in wider societies both people are not always are ready to go there to the same extent. It is misleading to say the least to highlight partnerships that were on the rocks long before and completely aside from universal medicine while ignoring the many couples that have truly deepened their love and commitment to each other.

  12. I guess when a ‘so called journalist’ is smelling ‘a story’, all integrity does fall from the table. Ah no, wait a minute – that would assume that there was some integrity before…not sure about that.

  13. Great points Golnaz, and thank you for your points on today’s society. I agree that this article was clearly shocking, dishonouring and disrespectful to everyone who has chosen to explore this as another way. What strikes me is how hard these journalists have worked to bring such a twisted article, when actually there is a great deal of good honest easy evidence out there that there may be some real benefits being identified by a growing number of intelligent, discerning people. To me the true story is a no-brainer, why don’t they want to tell it?

  14. How hard and disconnected from people do you have to be to write about them with no regard for the truth, for how they might feel, or for how it might affect their lives? To treat people this way is akin to seeing them as nothing more than objects – and objects one can exploit for self-gain. If this is the kind of energetic foundation we have in our world, we are in deep deep trouble.

  15. Very well said and unfortunately this remains current even 4 years on. While sections of the media continue to approach any issue or person in such a way we are not moving forward as a humanity.

  16. My question and pondering is that will the newspapers ever write about something that will expose their own lack of love for humanity? Probably not so as long as love will not be allowed through their front door I feel we will not be seeing that in our newspapers either.

  17. Thank you for this powerful piece of writing Golnaz. It’s incredulous what the print media have stooped to here, total lies and zero worth. I appreciate reading this honest account.

  18. Absolutely Golnaz… the endeavours of anyone to bring a welcome change to the ridiculous life we have created on our planet merits the media’s support rather than their undermining… sadly the media is not about support only furthering their agenda in achieving targets at any cost, regardless of the messages they send or the harm they can cause.

    1. Absolutely Samantha, and nearly 4 years after this has taken place not much has changed in the media. Thank you Golnaz for a simple overview of the current dilemma we face as a society from a media establishment that is not showing an once of integrity. Returning to the truth, the energetic truth, and the truth in words is foundational in an approach to heal all our ills. The presentations by Serge Benhayon have reestablished a platform of such integrity around the true meaning of words amongst an avalanche of other revelations. Our evolution is tied to bringing back the true understanding of wisdom and how the body can live without causing harm to itself first and then to all others. The media seemingly are hell bent on causing as much harm as possible. There is no greater place to find wisdom than unimedliving web sites so go to:

  19. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog today. This line stood out for me: “Where people have given up on the innocent joy and the immense love of everyone they might have had when young – to the extent that it is deemed stupid to even try;” I agree, I can recall being made to feel dumb for being so innocent and loving, and the message being “it’s not smart to be like this” because you’re wide open to attack or other vulnerabilities, when love is actually our strength.

  20. Surely journalists will wake up that this biased, outrageously sensationalised way of reporting is simply just wrong. Or is it because their way of living is so far from being love, that they can not bear the reflection of those who are to the best of their ability choosing to live more caring responsible and loving lives?

  21. I agree with what you say here and I feel how much we are free, or I thought that I was free, to choose a way of life that I felt was true. If I am not breaking the law why can I not choose to explore living a different way. To choose not to consume alcohol, drugs, watch pornography, caffeine, sugar and be inspired to go to the gym, do regular exercise, eat light/fresh and healthy, go to the doctor often, the dentist often, the physio often. How are these things not good things to be doing ? And how is it that the organisation that is inspiring this change being deemed unsupportive.

    1. It is completely nonsensical to champion drinking alcohol and the currently very harmful way of life, and accuse Universal Medicine of being harmful by supporting people to be free of harmful lifestyle practices!

      1. Absolutely, how can something so damaging be championed. How can something that is actually toxic and poisonous be looked upon as being that which disconnects us and seen as a positive thing? Somewhere along the line we have lost our truth and alcohol is the new marker of truth for people .. It’s very concerning.

  22. Thank you Golnaz for showing so clearly where the world is at and how there are so many topics to write about that are desperately needed in the world to bring more awareness to but how the media rather choose to go after a man and an organisation and spread lies about them. How low has journalism sunk when even the daily newspapers go only for sensationalism and lies?

  23. A great article Golnaz, showing the state that the world is in, and looking at why a small group of people wanting to change their lives and make a difference should be treated in such a dishonest way. A blight against the journalistic society.

  24. Where is the true evil here? It’s certainly not with a man who promotes love, brotherhood and true responsibility. The media really needs to take a good, honest look at themselves before they go spouting outright lies about others.

  25. When you write with an agenda, you always manage to say what that agenda wants society to hear. I know this first hand. I used to work for a local government. Because of my role, I was the one who had to write the Director’s presentation to all our documents. So, I had no choice other than write how wonderful local governments are and find appealing arguments connecting local government and any other topic. I knew that what I wrote was not true and that this was an exercise in corruption. Yet, at that time I was not prepared to call it for what it was. Now, I write from truth. The difference is just day and night. Coming back to the Courier, since I know what is to write with an agenda and I know the extent to which this is utterly different to write from truth or even objective facts (which I know them in full), I can say without any hesitation that the piece published in the Courier was without a doubt written from an agenda and its real value is zero.

  26. The general health and wellbeing of people involved with Universal Medicine seems to be going in the total opposite direction to the chaos that a lot of people are living in today, maybe this should be investigated further by journalists.

  27. Wow! You’ve really hit the nail on the head with this blog Golnaz, I especially love how you did not hold back in saying it how it is in the last point made, about people washing away the bad taste of living this way with alcohol and or overwork etc.

  28. Hah great great response Golnaz. This is a really great poignant point ‘ Where it is accepted to act in a way that damages our body, and we are proud to ‘defeat’ the body’s limitations, although we would never be as disregarding to our car or another prize item;’ interesting how we value things a lot more then we value ourselves sometimes. Reading the points you made about ‘in a society where’ is a bit confronting and sad but your honesty about how the world is is needed. Thank you for sharing it.

  29. Your account makes it very clear how ridiculous and irresponsible it is to portray Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and its student body in the defamatory and vile way it has been done. Whom and what do these lies serve?

  30. Thank you Golnaz for expressing so clearly the harm that can be inflicted when journalists lose touch with integrity and regurgitate misinformation instead of seeking and reporting truth.

  31. Thank you Golnaz for speaking up. A very powerful read, honest, accurate and clear. The journalists could take a leaf out of your book.

  32. Well said. The masses need to write letters to the editors like this and perhaps we could see the dishonest paradigm the media operates under shift and change. People all over the world need to stop needing the distraction from the lies the media feeds them and when we all start to ask for truth in reporting we will see great changes in the world. Until such time we will all continue to allow the lies and suffering of our fellow brothers and keep giant media corporations rich and powerful.

  33. It might be wise to question ones purpose before doing something. Does it actually serve for the good of all equally (truth) or does it only satisfy the needs of some (number of copies/hits)?

  34. Well said Golnaz! Your article is very powerful and true. It is utterly ridiculous with the world in the mess that it is that the media are crucifying Universal Medicine and all those that have benefited (myself definitely included) from its extremely supportive and practical modalities, presentations and workshops. It is clear that even though Conventional Medicine supports our human body in such an amazing way, it is struggling with the burden of escalating rates of disease and illness. Also the often poor level of responsibility individuals have for their own health is not only directly reflected in those escalating statistics but actively feeding them. The Universal Medicine way is truly complementary to Conventional Medicine and I feel is the missing piece that will make sense of the mess we currently have in the health and well being of our society. Journalists have a true power but if it is wielded without integrity and truth it is exceedingly damaging for humanity as a whole. This is what I feel is exactly happening with the way Universal Medicine is being portrayed in the media. There is a truth to be told about what true health and wellbeing is, the level of responsibility we all have for our own lives and for the way that we live, that is not being shared by the media when it could and should be.

  35. Amazing article Golnaz. Well said. It is truly shocking that people going about their lives experimenting with another way of living can be discredited and undermined like they have. Absolutely ridiculous actually when you look at the state of society so beautifully pointed out in your opening bullet points. Obviously they’d prefer us to stick our heads in the ground and pretend that everything is okay just the way it is.

  36. Some very powerful points Golnaz, one would think that given the state of ill health humanity is in at the moment and has been for a very long time now, the media would be reporting the fact that there are people reversing this trend and living more fulfilled lives. Is it not the responsibility of the media to report the news that would benefit everyone – surely improvements to health and wellbeing are things people would want to know about.

  37. A great post Golnaz. Why is it that journalists prefer to write about matters they know little about ( or care about?) When did truthful facts ever get in the way of a good story? It seems that many of us prefer gossip and vilification to good news. Without a public to read their articles they would not get printed or bought. Thank you for sharing how it is possible to take responsibility for one’s health and one’s actions and for demonstrating the beliefs held by the authors of the Courier Mail article. Accountability should be held foremost when writing for public consumption.

  38. Well said Golnaz, what you share about society in this article is still all relevant, in fact even more so. The transformations from individuals choosing to change their lives after being inspired by Universal Medicine is something that makes the real story – a story that people actually want to read. I wonder when the media will start writing articles that support their readers?

  39. Thanks Golnaz, for this powerful article. Its quite sad that some people feel it is OK to rip apart others just because they choose to do things differently from what society expects. In this age of spiralling illness and malaise, there is an organisation that is actually making vast inroads in transforming people’s lives for the better and instead of espousing this way of life it is attacked and pilloried.

  40. A group of people being willing to experiment in their lives to remove the illnesses and drama’s of life having experienced such ills, not liked them and thus sought to change them are being attacked. Despite the fact like as you have pointed out Golnaz, there are many many MANY more experiences in the world breaking families, relationships and people’s lives. It doesn’t make sense.

  41. Golnaz, a powerful piece of writing. I personally felt a healing when I read “Where people have given up on the innocent joy and the immense love of everyone they might have had when young – to the extent that it is deemed stupid to even try.” How saddening is it that so many of us had/has given up on that innocent joy, love and playfulness that is so natural and exists within each and every one of us?

  42. Golnaz, your writing is so very powerful – in its call to accountability, and in its expression of the ‘state of the world’. That a small group of people are endeavouring to live in a way that is not only about ‘bettering’ our own lives, but from a deeply felt response to the ‘state of things’ (and the part we all play within it), deserves no such dishonouring in the media. Yet in the current ‘state’ it happens.

    That clear, loving and powerful voices such as your own speak up about what is so very wrong in this, is so very heartening. Thank-you deeply.

  43. Yes why are a few people attacking others for living fuller and healthier lives? Is their way of living being called into question when there is a different way of living being reflected?

  44. Your initial points about the state of society are devastatingly true and as you say need to be faced and examined. Choosing instead to publish lies and fabrications only perpetuates the harmful and dishonest way of life we have accepted as normal.

    I do not feel personally undermined or betrayed by the irresponsible, fabricated ramblings of the journalists. However, I do find it immensely sad to see the state of humanity and to consider what state a person must be in to try and discredit those that are making loving choices and choosing a different way.

  45. I love your reflection on the beliefs of the Courier Mail journalists – that is so awesome. How are they competent in representing to the public the ‘beliefs’ of people they didn’t even bother to get to know and ask – or in the case of Dr Rachel Hall where they blatantly refused to print what she so eloquently offered – what audacity?! It seems therefore fair and correct, that they get to read about ‘their beliefs’ – with the evidence based on the direct experience of them and their writing, which is 100% true and accurate!

    They can definitely learn a thing or two about true journalism from ordinary folks like yourself. Thank you Golnaz.

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