Letter to the Courier Mail submitted to the online editorial section

by Katherine Jones, Brisbane, Australia

8 September, 2012

Dear Josh Robertson, Liam Walsh and the editors of the Courier Mail,

I am writing in regards to the article published in today’s Courier Mail about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, titled “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families”.

As a sometimes resident of Brisbane, and as someone who up until two years ago lived in Brisbane and read the Courier Mail almost daily, I am well aware of the style and journalistic approach you take in publishing your paper. Sometimes it’s newsworthy, sometimes it’s beat up rubbish. Most of the time I give the public the benefit of the doubt, and the truth comes to light. Most of the time your paper presents the story in an honest and open way, and is enjoyable to read. I hope you realise you’re not giving Brisbane the whole story in this article and have sold Brisbane short, which is a shame as your paper has a long and lovely history as a part of my hometown city’s lifeblood and day to day way of operation.

Serge Benhayon has always presented to me as only holding the highest integrity in his way of being and in the way he presents his workshops. My personal experience with the Universal Medicine clinic and its practitioners, has been one of integrity and of the highest practical application of massage and the other modalities that I have experienced there. By this I mean that I have had massages in other clinics, and from my own observations I found that Universal Medicine’s methods and practices are second to none in method, hygiene, openness and simple application. I feel that you have skewed the truth and misrepresented key facts in this article that colour the reader against the supporters of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. I don’t know who this advantages, but it isn’t an honest and open representation of the individual or the group you are presenting.

Also, as to what you have presented in your article – ‘and to not allow their partners to touch them without permission’. Hey guys, last time I checked, if you touch a woman and she hasn’t given you permission, it amounts to sexual assault. Since when is the woman not allowed to decide who touches her body and when – ESPECIALLY in our society? And going to bed at 9pm is a pretty accepted means of bettering one’s health. Massage is an accepted form of healing as a complementary healing modality in terms of its benefits in lowering stress and therefore at times heart rate / blood pressure and other knock on effects, not to mention that lymphatic drainage as a result of massage is also accepted as generally beneficial to health in a number of different medically therapeutic scenarios.

And you know what? When marriages break up, it’s sometimes not a bad occurrence but just part of life. Not that I personally know what was going on in the marriages involved but I do know that whether people are married or not, sometimes a relationship runs its course for both parties or one party moves forward and the other one chooses to stay where they are. It is upsetting for many. But we actually live in a society that allows marriages to break down and does not force a man or a woman to stay in a relationship against their will, and we hold this as a very valuable reflection of free will and personal choice here in Australia. Personally, I would rather not be living in a lie or a marriage of convenience, but in a relationship that could stand the change of lifestyle that espouses drinking less, smoking less, going to bed early and eating more responsibly for my body, and choosing to be more honest in how I live on a day to day basis (which to my understanding is what I have personally got from my interactions with Universal Medicine – that these lifestyle changes can lead to a feeling of wellbeing and allow more room for the fun parts of being in modern society).

Anyway, my personal history with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon began about four years ago, and during the period since then, through my own motivation and choice I have chosen to stop smoking marijuana, stop other drugs and alcohol, stop smoking cigarettes and stop going out ‘partying’ until the wee hours of the morning. I am in my 20s and still lead a perfectly normal life, having ‘normal’ relationships with my peers and family. Universal Medicine has been a support and a presentation of what can work for people based on how people ACTUALLY LIVE – with all the choices I have made coming from my own experience and observations and not because ‘Serge Said’. To allow a 40 year old man to tell me what to do as a grown woman is absurd, and classing me in your article as a ‘devotee’ is demeaning and personally insulting, as is the insinuation that the only people who follow Universal Medicine are women. Are you somehow telling women they are naturally fools? What era are we living in that you can honestly feel that it’s ok to print that?

As a young woman who lives in a world where the Kardashians are the norm and there is so much pressure to conform to look and act in ways that aren’t natural or gentle on my body, I have found that what Universal Medicine teaches in its workshops is simple and honest and very straightforward when it comes to modern living. You as journalists and as editors of a major news source have access now to a real story, that is the hundreds of people who are making changes simply and honestly in their life in ways that so many more wish they knew how – that is, being able to cope with the pressures of modern life, to have the strength to give up the vices that the media are already telling us are giving us ill health later down the track, and to live in a more harmonious way with the modern world. You guys already have a great ‘mind body soul’ section in your weekend paper, what a great vehicle to share the stories of those who are actually living better for having had contact with Universal Medicine in a variety of ways. It would be great to see this published and not just the stories of a few who have an agenda and are full of emotional backlash against those who they see as having responsibility for the parts of their lives they’re choosing as competent adults not to take responsibility for. Maybe you’d find that the reason Universal Medicine is actually so popular is that what Serge Benhayon is teaching actually works. Not to mention the modalities are lovely to receive and the workshops are very enjoyable.

I look forward to seeing the other (more true and more interesting) side of the story published in the near future.

35 thoughts on “Letter to the Courier Mail submitted to the online editorial section

  1. Thank you Katherine for sharing your letter, at a young age there is a great deal of ‘pressure to conform’ to what is considered normal, from my own experience through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine even though I spent years conforming to what society classed as normal, I have started to take responsibility for myself and look after myself, making different choices, and yes going to bed at 9pm may not be the norm for many, but it supports my body, which in turn supports me throughout the next day.

  2. We have images of broken families in our head and identify them with marital separation. Yet, have we ever considered that that image is the last step of a family that it is already broken in the inside? This is important. You do not get to the last step without a steady movement in the same quality. So, even we love to get melodramatic regarding break ups, choose sides and allocate blaming, the truth is not always what it appears to be.

  3. Serge Benhayon holds by far the highest of integrity I know. He has taught me how to have this myself and what I have always wanted and known but have not experienced or felt. This paper should be ashamed of how they have presented this man and will be known for it for years to come. You have skewed the truth and on purpose too – not good.
    “I don’t know who this advantages, but it isn’t an honest and open representation of the individual or the group you are presenting.”

  4. When people choose to misinterpret a story and embellish it for selling to the lowest common denominator of the sensation seeking masses they are not journalists but fiction writers. Universal Medicine is founded on truth, integrity and equality to all – wake up true journalists and report the truth.

  5. It’s such a shame that we live in a society where this kind of rubbish can be reported as if true and people ignorantly swallow it because they still believe that the papers sell them truth. The world is in quite a dark place and people such as Serge who expose it should not be subject to a public assassination, especially when the truth of what he speaks of would deeply support so many.

  6. Absolutely Katherine “Hey guys, last time I checked, if you touch a woman and she hasn’t given you permission, it amounts to sexual assault.” Same here – the other side of the world Katherine so I recon that is pretty usual nowadays. Sad to hear about journalists reporting on this subject with cave men mentality. My body is my own.

  7. Thank you Katherine for writing this brilliant letter to the editor of the Courier Mail, unfortunately it probably feel on deaf ears, but we keep telling the truth and one day a journalist with integrity will come along and write an article on Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon that is balanced, factual and true.

  8. Great point Katherine about the ‘pressure to conform’ in our society. This is of real concern in my view. Are we in a world that points fingers at those who dare to be ‘different’ and to actually be self-loving and to take real care of themselves – whilst allowing our young people be shaped by this ‘pressure to conform’? We might be well advised to look deeply into what is behind this pressure – to me it makes society more like a cult than those who honour their innate power to choose to go to bed early and treat their bodies lovingly.

  9. I’m just picturing myself someone receiving your letter reading it with a cup of coffee in their hand thinking what is she talking about! And yes it might seem strange for some that you can actually live in a way where you don’t need to be hooked up to a coffee machine to have the energy to complete the days at work.

  10. Thank you Katherine, an amazing account of how the media beats up a story. Could it be that at one extreme the media give us the “Kardashions” and at the other end they feed the lies about Universal Medicine, so all those in-between feel that they are somehow safe, either striving to be better or made to feel ‘better than’? Neither of these feelings are truly who we are and both keep us in the illusion.
    For more on Universal Medicine go to;

  11. Thank you for your expression Katherine. Zero integrity in the article in the Courier Mail but it abounds in Serge Benhayon – come on journalists do some true investigating and find out how thousands of people are living healthier and with more vitality based on certain lifestyle choices as presented by Serge Benhayon.

  12. It’s such a shame that the journalists are willing to discard their integrity and the true facts for the sake of making more newspapers sell. When will journalists consider that it is possible, that the general public may be more interested in reading the truth, instead of a one sided misrepresentation of the facts. Serge Benhayon is a man of the highest integrity and walks his talk in everything he does and with everyone he meets. Of course a journalist may not know this, but they could at least write an unbiased article, or none at all, on a subject that they haven’t chosen to research to the max, instead of accepting one or two peoples personal vendettas as true.

  13. In a world where few truly cope with the pressures of life without some kind of unhealthy crutch it is ridiculous that those that have found a way that truly works are silenced by ridicule due to the media falsifying reality and pitching this to the public for their own agenda. I look forward to the day that a true story on the health benefits of Universal Medicine are given the credibility they deserve and end up in the Mind Body and Soul section instead.

  14. “Serge Benhayon has always presented to me as only holding the highest integrity in his way of being and in the way he presents his workshops.” Along with many others I have found this to be true too. So very different from many other ‘spiritual’ presenters, who didn’t walk their talk – thus I became disillusioned and walked away from a very many new age modalities. Incidentally, there were always more women than men, and often philandering by the male teachers with students, but I never heard detrimental news reports of this fact. In stark contrast Serge Benhayon is the very epitome of love, truth and wisdom. Encouraged to feel for ourselves what is true – and if we don’t like what we hear we are free to walk away at any time.

  15. Let’s dip a bit into the ‘broken families’ waters here. Leaving aside numbers (the chosen figure is totally unreal and utterly exaggerated), the word broken has clear connotation, someone broke them or someone helped to break them and that someone has a clear name. Since Serge Benhayon does not venture into the breaking family business at all, perhaps we have to find another word which does not fit the easy story that the journalists want to sell. Something that breaks is something that was solid. If it is not solid the word break does not apply. The question is the families that could not hold together, were really solid? What if they were not? What if what helped them to hold together (besides obvious affection and love) was a common alignment to how life is and has to be (ideals and beliefs)? What if someone discovered that aligning to those ideals as a basis for a relationship did not suit him/her any longer because he/she realised that they are not true? Wouldn’t this change something? This is when reality meets the journalists’ made up story. Since these women are followers allegedly, Serge Benhayon had to be instrumental to what women did with what they discovered. But, what if there are no followers and they did what they did on their own accord? So, what if Serge Benhayon has nothing to do with how each woman proceeded in her own family? The truth is that no one can accuse Serge Benhayon for something he is not at all responsible for. Only the people who were part of it bear responsibility for their own actions.

  16. It seems we’re still waiting for that true story to be published in the mainstream media. Thank God for all the true accounts available here and on other blog sites such as ‘The Truth about Universal Medicine’, ‘The Truth about Serge Benhayon’, ‘The facts about Universal Medicine’, ‘Everyday Livingness’, ‘Women in Livingness’ and ‘Medicine and Serge Benhayon’…and of course the website: ‘UniMed Living’

  17. Katherine, it was such a joy and absolutely refreshing to read your article again today – you express how you live and how you’ve taken responsibility in your life in such a matter of fact way, and the truth is it’s normal to take care, to honour ourselves. But many in society have forgotten and would rather disparage it than stop and consider that there might be something of real value, and that’s their right. But journalists have a greater responsibility as they present to a wider public and can influence in that, to ensure they’re presenting the true facts (not the case in the article printed in this instance), and something for us all to remember and remind those with that power of their responsibility as you’ve beautifully done here.

  18. Katherine, what a great story on your experience with Universal Medicine. As you say and I can attest from my own experience, Universal Medicine offer simple practical support on looking at how you live and can live in a way that is more supportive – it actually works and there’s a whole body of people worldwide who are living proof. And this is a story to be told, not some story generated based on lies and insults – since when is it fine to mock those who make healthy loving choices for themselves, it’s lazy and irresponsible journalism, why not instead ask why so many are making these decisions? Perhaps we all might learn something from that.

  19. Beside sensationalism it might be too confronting to realize that there is something that really works as it would ask everyone to face their irresponsibility and the effects of the choices made. Not so entertaining, even uncomfortable, but truly a sensation in the sense that finally there is a real answer to what goes so wrong in the world even against all the resistance as e.g. displayed by the article itself.

  20. Awesome article Katherine and I agree, the people of Brisbane were definitely sold short by the biased and misleading way Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh portrayed Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon in their totally sensationalised article.

  21. So well expressed, Katherine, you made some excellent points. Who does a sensationalised article like this advantage? Definitely the newspaper and maybe those few fueled with revenge, but it certainly hurts many more. The thousands labeled as ‘followers’ and not to forget Serge Benhayon and his family who have been totally misrepresented in the press. How can this even be considered responsible reporting?

  22. Well said Katherine. It does seem that they condone sexual assault with what they have printed and it screams of misogynous overtones. This kind of journalism has a lot to answer for. Sensationalism may sell papers but at what cost to their integrity?

  23. Beautifully articulated article Katherine. The one sidedness of Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh’s article is insulting to say the least. There is a great story to be told to the public about Universal Medicine and how what is presented by Serge Benhayon has helped so many to improve their health, well-being and vitality, but all the public get is innuendo, false claims and ridicule. Come on guys, where is the journalistic integrity, where is the truth?

  24. You are correct Katherine; the paper has sold Brisbane short – that fact in itself is as hugely damaging as the one that they have misrepresented, therefore deliberately caused harm to a person (Serge Benhayon) who has only ever offered nothing but love – how ludicrous is that?

  25. Wow! The Courier Mail should employ you as your ability to write it ‘how it is’ with integrity and truth is amazing and would be of extensive benefit to any journalistic organisation. Thank you for your clarity Katherine.

  26. You have laid out so clearly what so many of us have experienced but the media are choosing to ignore – the inspiration of freedom to choose, empowerment of techniques that work, the vitality of looking after yourself and the integrity of not expecting anyone else to do or be anything else. Maybe one day a journalist will look at the other side of the story.

    1. Beautifully said JL.There is a saying ‘Time will tell’ and Serge Benhayon continues to present and be an inspiration to many, men and women, as to a way of living that is in harmony with everyone and everything.

  27. I agree with Lee – this is an awesome article Katherine! Your comments reflect my own experience. How is that individuals who are making more loving choices in their lives, – including not drinking alcohol, going to bed early, not eating foods that make them feel racy and heavy, saying ‘no’ to unwanted touch – can be portrayed as being abnormal and part of a cult? And how is that a man (Serge Benhayon) and an organisation (Universal Medicine) who only present a different way of living that supports more loving choices by listening to the body, be shunned and discredited by the media? The Courier Mail article was a poor representation of journalism with integrity. I wonder if there is a journalist or paper out there who is willing to abide by the journalist code and report on the true story that is waiting to be told…

  28. Awesome Katherine, really love the simple adjustments that you have observed that can make such an amazing difference in our lives.
    Also very important to acknowledge that women have every right to be with their bodies and that they decide if a man can touch them – when did this change? And what sort of society have we become that does not question this at all? Your letter will certainly provide the male penman something to consider and ponder on deeply.

    1. I agree Katherine and Lee – I love the simple adjustments Katherine has observed that have made such a difference in our lives. The proof is in the pudding – if Josh Robertson, Liam Walsh and the other journalists here took the time to ‘track’ Serge Benhayon, and many who have been inspired by Serge and Universal Medicine they would only see something quite remarkable – remarkable because of the vitality and wellness that shines brightly from everyone of them. To goad taking responsibility for our own health is ridiculous – as health services are fit to burst – and the more we can do to encourage people to take care of themselves, the better.

      1. I agree Jane as you have vast experience of the Health Service and know that it is groaning under the ill health of a Nation. It’s interesting to note that it was men who wrote the article and they may well be the type of man who expects a women to be submissive to their wishes and sees this to be normal. So for anyone to rock their ideals and beliefs of how they see the world needs to be ridiculed in order to keep the status quo.

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