The medicine of a life lived well – apparently cause for alarm

This just posted on the Universal Medicine Website:

It is safe to say that millions of relationships and families have been destroyed as a result of alcohol consumption, drug addiction and emotional abuse. We can write that without even having to look up the stats. This state of affairs is so entrenched in our society that it goes largely unexamined, and sadly, it has become an accepted fact of life.

But present that perhaps we can live a lifestyle free of these kinds of things and a fascinating study of human behaviour ensues.

  • Present that alcohol is harming to you and your loved ones, that you can eat healthy foods and go to bed early, and actually feel more vital as a result, and expect to be painted as a dangerous profiteering cult leader by the Press, so it seems.
  • Present that you can bring a greater love and responsibility to relationships, (and be relatively successful doing it, as a result of the high demand for it) and expect that the irresponsible are going to want to throw some mud.

When around two thousand people choose to live a lifestyle that challenges the norms you can bet that there will be those who are going to react.Indeed, come home from a weekend workshop, as one Brisbane woman has experienced, after enjoying great company, great food and some rejuvenating treatments and you may feel so good that your husband accuses you of  ‘acting like you are on drugs’. What does that say about the state of general wellness in the community if feeling great is seen as cause for alarm?

The latest in the press is that allegedly 42 families have broken down as a result of Universal Medicine’s activities. Incredibly, accompanying this highly charged accusation is very little supporting evidence. Apart from the above inference to drugs the paper also saw fit to print the alarming piece of news that women who receive Esoteric Breast Massages also ask that their partners only touch their breasts with their permission! When last we heard consensual advances, whether in a relationship or not, are a pretty standard ask, or did we just revert back to the 50’s and beyond, where a woman was expected to lie back and ‘think of the queen’ whether she was feeling up to her husband’s advances or not? This is the second time this comment has been made in the mainstream print media. What can we surmise from this? That it points to an alarming infringement of a man’s right to sexually advance without consent? Last we checked there were laws against this. That a comment like this can appear in print, and in the mainstream news no less, not once but twice, defies belief. What is going on in the press that this kind of treatment of women can be so casually reported on?

And what’s the real story here? Why wasn’t anyone properly interviewed who has experienced an apparent UniMed instigated family break-down? Well actually, they were.

Two women were interviewed at the UniMed clinic yesterday. One of these women is recently separated from her husband and the other has a father who has accused UniMed of ruining his marriage. In both cases the men involved have a lot to answer for in regards to their own behaviour in their relationships, but this of course goes unexamined when you form a hate group and cry ‘cult’ loud enough. Indeed, crying ‘cult’ is a great way to shift responsibility — it means your ex-wife gets painted as weak and pathetic and any right she has to speak the facts of what happened in the relationship can easily be debased as the silly ramblings of a woman who is unfit to make her own decisions. The fact that the press has rallied in support of this backward treatment of the fairer sex is an affront and an outrage to women everywhere.

We spoke with one of the women interviewed who had this to say about the process of speaking with the press:

“I shared how my father and mother had marriage issues well before my mother attended a UniMed course and I told him how my father has had problems with alcoholism that have affected my family for many years. This fact went unreported, instead the interviewer seemed a lot more interested in how good looking I was and the fact that I was a woman! His first question was:

‘Now, what I have noticed is … how many beautiful young women are around here, like yourselves – now what’s up with that?’ (I am in my early 30s and the woman I was being interviewed with is in her early 40s).

And that was the opening question(?) – was this an interview or a speed dating session? Considering the length of the interview (5 mins) and his opening question, I could have easily been mistaken. As far as dates go this wasn’t to be the greatest. It soon became apparent that the Interviewer was definitely not interested in hearing what we had to say, he did not engage in any way with our responses to his questions– it was a case of “yep, right” – and on to the next question. Asking for our side of the story was obviously a mere formality, a pretence/feeble attempt to appear objective – as it was very obvious that his mind was already made up.

His focus on the number of women versus men who attend UniMed events was couched like an accusation, as if there is something obviously wrong with an organisation with a higher proportion of women to men. What is actually being implied here? That women are easily lead, not capable of making intelligent decisions? I find this pretty insulting. Why is gender an issue? I work in an office where the ratio of women to men is probably 8 to 3. If anyone raised this as cause for concern in my workplace, I am pretty sure they would be referred to our discrimination and sexism policy.

While we were chatting after our ‘speed date’, and after being told that we both seemed so young, good looking, happy and healthy (again I am in my early 30’s and the woman I was being interviewed with is in her 40’s) the interviewer asked if we wanted to hear his view. Suddenly his eyes went narrow and his voice conspiratorial, which may have been comical if it wasn’t so offensive:

“I want to say to you, that if you choose to leave here and not have anything to do with these people, just remember that you are not alone … I just want you guys to know that you are not alone.”

At which point I laughed and replied that whether I went to the occasional weekend course or not I would not live any differently with or without UniMed, because the great lifestyle I lead as a result is something that works well for me. So it begs the question what exactly was the reporter’s concern? That I live a drug and alcohol free lifestyle or that I appear happy, healthy and younger than my years … Hmmm, I can only suppose, that like my father, here is a man that might be a bit threatened by people choosing to live a bit differently.”

83 thoughts on “The medicine of a life lived well – apparently cause for alarm

  1. It’s sometimes very comical the responses people offer when they feel the truth of a life lived well. It is like opening a can of worms that they know the truth they have to be willing to face if they also want to choose to depart the cycle of activities that harm and dull down the natural vitality and spark – which some definitely feel as a youthfulness that doesn’t relate to age. Like the coming home feeling and being amazing and asked with suspicion “are you on something”!

  2. Great article, yes “So it begs the question what exactly was the reporter’s concern? That I live a drug and alcohol free lifestyle or that I appear happy, healthy and younger than my years …” Ha! Well he would be concerned by me too then by all accounts, I would be a 50 year old example of the same only living the other side of the world. And I have news for him, I have never felt “less alone” either. Thank you for exposing the type of lip service interview you experienced with him in spite of all the really pertinent facts you presented. I can feel his energy from here in the way he commented on you, and I know Serge Benhayon never looks at or speaks of any woman in that tone. People who buy that newspaper are far more “in a cult” than any student of Universal Medicine.

  3. It really is deeply concerning when a healthy, vital lifestyle is looked upon as being out of the normal. Does this expose just how far away from true health and wellbeing is the so called normal way of living?
    Can it be that those that see what can be achieved by making these choices are jealous of the vitality they see in front of them, so like true jealousy, if chosen they are driven to try and diminish this way of living. Imagine if true responsibility was claimed and the door to jealousy closed, what may be chosen instead? Honesty and a review of life and maybe similar life choices that engender the health and wellbeing that is standing before them.

  4. What’s the point in withstanding a relationship that doesn’t offer true love or evolution? And, who’s business is it anyway if the choice is made to move out of that stagnation and claim more for yourself? The real news story here is that UniMed students are actually feeling their worth within, their essence and the vast and endless amount of love that is on offer and living that to the best of their ability. The results… Totally life changing.

  5. Yes it is crazy, people making such a fuss and shooting arrows over choices to be as healthy, vital and happy as possible… I have grown up surrounded by people who did this, from my health and fitness conscious friendship group through high school, to my Naturopathic college mates during my studies, to my friends and colleagues ever since. They, and I, did many more crazy things in the name of health that WERE deserving of question, but nobody raised an eyebrow.

  6. Seems like here is a man that is very challenged by observing another man who is actually able to truly support women to know their worth and support them to know themselves and thus be stronger within themselves and raise the standards of how they are in relationships and also what they accept in relationships. A man who likes to control or who sees woman as lesser or as mere sex objects will be very threatened by a man who does not operate in this way.

  7. I have found it fascinating over the years to observe how when you go against the grain of what is considered normal in society and start to live something that is more true for you- the amount of backlash this creates is really interesting. Its okay to be part of the ‘norm’ but if you break out of this and do something that actually truly supports you- you get attacked. If you break out of the norm and do something that is equally unsupportive- you are left alone. Why? because if you live something more true you offer a reflection of another way and it exposes where things have not been loving.

  8. I have noticed myself at work and social events how uncomfortable and challenged people feel when I say no to alcohol and that I don’t drink, they try to justify it on medical grounds or something, and I say that I choose not to drink, and I feel so much better for not adding alcohol to my body, as it has enough to deal with on a daily basis without me adding poison to the mix too.

  9. It really does question how far we as women have strayed when the press as though so normal reports that it is an outrage that a woman has a say over her own body. The answer lies in claiming ourselves as women, in treating ourselves with the love we naturally and rightfully deserve and in doing so what we now regard as being the ‘norm’ naturally changes. It is our responsibility to undo and re-imprint the ill-choices and ill-behaviours that we have made in our past to correct the way in which men behave towards us. There is no blame… it is down to us to choose love.

  10. Oh wow. I know I shouldn’t be (given how corrupt I know the media industry to be) but I’m shocked at how blatantly biased, unprofessional and delusional the interviewer described here was. Good on you for making sure your side of the story is told.

  11. A shocking exposure of the reality and harm caused when journalists report based on a pre conceived perception of what’s going on and then funnel their story to fit it. If it wasn’t so appalling it would be funny.

  12. Beautifully summed up “I can only suppose, that like my father, here is a man that might be a bit threatened by people choosing to live a bit differently.” And that differently is felt to be true hence the large reaction that is around us. From my understanding it is the beginning of truth because unfortunately living in a large momentum of not truth it takes an awareness to take responsibility for living a lie.

  13. I wonder why no interviews have been sought by the media from those whose relationships have actually been improved by Universal Medicine’s presentations and workshops?

  14. Recently I found myself justifying the choices I make. I felt uncomfortable bringing emotions such as guilt and sadness and instead of truly feeling them I went into justifying and not expressing truth in full that I choose to not drink alcohol because I simply don’t want to. There is nothing to feel guilty about when we choose love for ourselves and if it brings sadness in another exposing their lack of love for themselves then so be it.

  15. Our lifestyles are killing us and no one gets alarmed. The amount of lifestyle related illness and disease is paramount yet people continue exercising their right to killing themselves slowly. It is only when a lifestyle stands out for the level of wellbeing it produces (a trend that goes against the general trend) that this becomes an issue and people who do not have the same level of wellbeing in their bodies lectures us on the dangers of becoming too well off. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

  16. Isn’t it interesting what we tolerate in society especially around alcohol and any attempt to live differently is considered somewhat odd or at times downright dangerous. The lies we choose to believe are really something.

  17. It is impossible to get a balanced view on anything if the author has already decided the story beforehand, something the media all too often do, and the reader is left not knowing the facts.

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