Comment made on Journalist’s blog: The true story unfolds every day

by Victoria Carter, Pottsville, NSW, Australia

I share the sentiments of other comments here – in that I cannot see how your recent GW article is not a deliberately biased account of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine (UniMed). From the outset of your piece, you ignore the plethora of testimonials and true stories of lives lived – lives that have only ever been enriched by their choice to participate in UniMed events, and receive complementary healing sessions from practitioners who adhere to the highest code of ethics.

From the outset, you deliberately bring ‘to the reading public’, topics that would appear to be most ‘challenging’ to a discerning mind – a version of Serge’s awakening, the subject of reincarnation… For readers not conversant in such subjects, this may well all sound quite ‘out there’ – and that’s the point.

The bias in your piece begins by presenting what will no doubt bring a sensationalist-style reaction from many, and thus lead many to discredit the rest of the true story – before they even have a chance to get to that (and they will have to look for that – because you have not provided it). Many actually attend UniMed presentations with such ‘questions’ – but something has led them to come, to question, to investigate further… Could it be that they’ve felt changes in people around them that have actually inspired them to ‘see for themselves’?

Also in this context, I have to say I find it somewhat perplexing – well, actually highly biased – that you question whether Serge had a ‘psychotic episode’, when in another piece you have authored, you wax lyrical about the awakening and virtues of Eckhart Tolle (a man who, from your account, had his own ‘unusual awakening’), and in no way are any of his claims so questioned or made to look ridiculous… To journalistically associate the word ‘psychotic’ with a man carries a great weight of responsibility, does it not?

The true story here, is one that includes many highly qualified medical professionals, psychologists, allied and complementary medical professionals, and indeed people from so many walks of life – builders, labourers, solicitors, teachers, policemen, business consultants, social workers… (and yes, it does include a vast number of people whose relationships have benefitted enormously!). It is a story of why so many have found the quality of their professional and personal lives, and the way they are able to truly care for themselves and others, deeply enriched via involvement with UniMed. Serge may not himself have medical qualifications, but surely ‘something is going on’ that these people actually attend UniMed events to learn and deepen their awareness of humanity, and the energetic root causes of the ills we face – all from a deep love for humanity, and a questioning as to how we ourselves, from wherever we are, and through whatever we ‘do’, might ‘make a difference’.

I realise it can be difficult to comprehend that with UniMed, there is no ‘escape’, no ‘quick fix’ offered from the ills of the world – when so much of what’s ‘out there’ promises us ‘a better life’, or even ways to ‘master’ life in order to get what ‘you’ want out of it (as so much of the new age and personal development industries are about). What if there is no other ‘reference’ for the public regarding an organisation such as Universal Medicine, that offers so much in the way of awareness and truly supportive complementary healing modalities, and yet does not in any way ‘take away your ills for you’? I, for one, via my involvement with UniMed, continue to deepen my awareness of just how deeply we are all fully responsible for our own healing. It thus seems to me, a ‘convenient response’ to portray Serge Benhayon and UniMed in the light that you have – to make it all look like ‘mumbo jumbo’, founded by a guy with a ‘God complex’ – i.e., dismiss and stereotype what you may not have a true reference for.

Investigate further, and you may just find that there is something different here. There is much more to this story and, despite the bias of articles such as you have penned, the true story continues to unfold every day. I highly recommend looking at the student-initiated blog sites referred to in others’ comments above – these are real stories, of real people. And, they are truly amazing.

61 thoughts on “Comment made on Journalist’s blog: The true story unfolds every day

  1. Beautifully expressed Victoria. Maybe we need to start asking why so many journalists seem to be avoiding investigating further and/or not writing more of the truth in the first place? How confronting can it be to talk with more Unimed students or read the student initiated blogs? The stories are amazing. All of these articles are very inspiring to me and I truly appreciate the love you have written this article in.

    1. Investigating the truth of Universal Medicine means to expose the lies one lives themselves, Ouch ! It is easier to defame what questions you.

      1. Well said Alex. This is an awful human trait that many including myself have at one stage or another resorted to in order to not feel uncomfortable in our lives. “It is easier to defame what questions you.” It is so much more supportive for both parties if there is complete honesty i.e. my own stuff is coming up for me because I don’t live like that. I love it when we can talk with each other like this.

      2. Perfectly agree Aimee, as uncomfortable as it can be to face truth but it always sets you free and opens space to expand and deepen one´s relationship with self and others.

      3. Beautifully said Alex and Aimee. How commonly we defame and attack that which questions us and may expose a lack of integrity, or ‘lie’, we have been living – as I would say is most certainly the case with the journalist David Leser, referred to in this blog (based upon his whole approach to writing on Serge Benhayon and the glaring omissions in his ‘reporting’).

  2. Beautifully said Victoria. The challenge is out there for the journalists to visit the student blogs and investigate the anecdotal evidence for themselves.

    1. Well said stillcurtin. We need to repeatedly make the call to journalism to uphold standards of fair and balanced reporting – and not accept anything less, for everyone’s sake.

  3. Well said and I love how you write and so clearly pose the balanced points for consideration – all of which make complete sense. There can be no denial. Thank you so much Victoria.

  4. When I read writing like yours Victoria, I get inspired to start my own newspaper and to ask you and others on these blogs to contribute, to report on anything and everything from all aspects of life but with the integrity that you hold. I feel truly honoured to read your writing and my gratitude runs deeper than imaginable by any human mind.

    1. Dearest Dragana, and you are today ‘in print’ yourself – but the very beginning, and yes please to being on your team!

      1. Wow yes please draganabrown and Victoria, humanity is craving a real and honest newspaper to read. A Newspaper that leaves us not feeling imposed upon to see things in a singular way.

      2. We deserve this across all of our media Aimee. A true representation of ‘what’s going on’. There are sectors of our media with great integrity, but far far too much trash that insults our intelligence and seeks to buy into our lower ‘urges’ for sensationalism, scandal and the ‘attention grabbing headline’ – regardless of the actual facts of the matter, and often in complete (apparent) incognisance of what is going on in our communities and globally that we really and truly need to look at.
        For example, WHY are our cancer rates so devastating, despite all the billions in research? WHY are we not looking at our own lifestyle choices, and the lack of love in our lives that contributes to the state we find ourselves in?

        You are correct, there is just so much to bring…

  5. This is a beautifully expressed piece Victoria, I particularly love how you have been able to put into such succinct words the lack of fairness in the lopsided and biased reporting on Universal Medicine. This has done such a disservice by clouding the judgement of anyone who might otherwise be interested in finding out more. To anyone reading about Universal Medicine, they are given a very inaccurate portrayal of what is actually presented for digestion at a Uni Med event.

    1. Spot on Stephen. And I have to say, it is very refreshing to re-visit this blog (which is a letter to the journalist David Leser that he did actually publish on his own website at the time, though somewhat obscurely…). Though the journalist never addressed the bias in his published ‘profile’ on Serge Benhayon, nor the neglection of contacting available key sources who would have presented a different story to the slant he chose to take.
      The same issues of complete and utter misrepresentation and bias in regards to Universal Medicine via elements of the media have not yet gone away, and journalists such as Leser still require a thorough calling to account.
      Regardless, the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine continues unhindered, and though it is but a mere two and a bit years since this blog was published, Universal Medicine, and its Student Body, have grown enormously – again, therein is the TRUE STORY TO BE TOLD…
      A great number of people are living with outstanding wellbeing and vitality, deepening and meaningful relationships, commitment in work and life, and basically a level of Joy that I simply do not see anywhere else. These people (self included) have formed a plethora of Student Body initiated projects that are about and for our communities and the true health and wellbeing of all.
      And we will continue to celebrate this, and deepen our commitment to living a life that honours the amazing beings we all, truly are.

  6. Excellent article Victoria, and I agree, the press do have a great responsibility in reporting a fair and balanced story, which in this case is clearly unfair and unbalanced. The press have used a number of emotive words to present a biased picture of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon and have totally missed out the many hundreds of true life stories that have been improved with the presentations of Universal Medicine, therefore denying the opportunity for many more people to discover that there may be a different way to live.

    1. Exactly Tim. And that is the intent of the small few bent on marring the reputations of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine (& has occurred, basically anyone connected with the organisation) – to turn people away… All seemingly based on a vengeful misplaced blame that refuses to be let go…
      And yet, the amazing story of Universal Medicine continues to unfold, and countless people are truly living and experiencing another way – ‘The Way of the Livingness’ as per the many stories one can read on the Unimed Living website [link to: – the marked results in vitality, joy and engagement in life unable to be denied.

    2. Well said Tim. This article by Victoria exposes that the journalists have not taken the responsibility to report the truth of all that is presented by Serge Benhayon.

  7. Great article Victoria. It is awful how the media manipulates the reader by controlling how they want them to react based on what they twist and sensationalize, it is shameful really. And yes I totally agree that the true stories continue to unfold regardless of the distortions the media spreads. The students are the living proof of how supportive what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine presents has been to their lives and their stories are worth telling.

    1. Hear, hear Samantha. And through having our eyes so opened to such blatant distortions and mistruths that can be printed and broadcast in both mainstream and social media channels, we are called to look far more deeply at anything we are ‘told’, and question its validity.
      In the broader sense, the call for media reform has not gone away, and those of us who have experienced such unfathomably poor treatment need to remain at the forefront of saying what is not ok, and looking towards how true change can come about.
      It all begins with awareness – of the horrendous state we find our media in.

  8. Fantastic article, Victoria. When I first attended Universal Medicine events, I could feel the truth of what Serge Benhayon was presenting & I wanted to hear more, however there were a number of things that I battled with (not reincarnation – I knew about that from many other sources long before). I battled with Serge’s pro-medicine approach. I had spent years avoiding Doctors & pharmaceuticals & here was a man presenting a true healthy life-style which included taking responsibility for my own health, but also being encouraged to see my Doctor and have surgery or take medicine if so required. This might seem ridiculous to some, just as reincarnation seems to others. Thank goodness I didn’t discount all Serge had to say, just because it did not agree entirely with the ideals & beliefs I had formed. Most of what Serge presents is not the ‘mumbo-jumbo’ the journalists have written about, but rather just practical common sense.

    1. An awesome testimonial Carmin. And one with which I couldn’t agree more. Serge Benhayon presents a level of ‘practical common sense’ that as a society, we have tended to ignore if not completely negate.
      Interesting how some would rather not focus on this and the multitude of lives transformed, such as your own, but rather connive and misconstrue things to seek to create fear and mistrust around teachings and presentations that hold humanity’s deepest truths at their very core…

  9. This is a great expose of the bias that a journalist can seemingly choose at whim, depending on what kind of story they want to spin that day. I’m sure not all journalists are like this but there do seem to be many that are just in it for recognition regardless of who they harm in the process. Thanks Victoria.

    1. Well said Fiona. There are absolutely journalists who work with the highest integrity. And then there are those – such as David Leser here referenced – who have supposed ‘reputations of integrity and quality journalistic work’, whose blatant omissions and glaringly biased approach in such a piece on Serge Benhayon, leave us at the point of questioning just what are they ‘in the game’ for? And who?
      Do they truly seek to represent the truth in a fair and balanced way for all? In this case, most definitely not.

  10. Well said Victoria. I love how you so clearly illustrated the complete journalistic bias when you say ‘From the outset of your piece, you ignore the plethora of testimonials and true stories of lives lived – lives that have only ever been enriched by their choice to participate in UniMed events, and receive complementary healing sessions from practitioners who adhere to the highest code of ethics’. There is an amazing truth that awaits to be shared in the media about Universal Medicine but to date no journalist seems to be able to see that truth from the lies that have been initiated by a few individuals obsessed with staying in the victim mentality. A mentality that is only focused on blame and revenge to feed the total avoidance of responsibility for the lives they have created themselves.

    1. As Alex Braun wisely shared earlier in these comments Suse, “It is easier to defame what questions you.”

      I would tend to agree, that there are far too many journalists promulgating opinions and yes even fear-mongering, for their own interests, and having lost themselves to a game that has in many areas forgotten the foundation of integrity upon which it could stand – if people truly mattered.

  11. The real evidence is in the lives lived inspired by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon – evidence of the effects that the free choice to take responsibility, expressed and lived through loving and caring actions produces. Everyone is looking for role models and methods that reflect a real, positive difference to the ways of living we are used to but don´t work. We seek inspiration, the little spark that kindles the inner flame to become alive again, and not just hope raising promises that leave us with another disappointment eventually. How shall we know the difference? We can see and feel it in those who live a way of life that is nourished by the inner fires – then we just know as we recognize what we already know inside ourselves. And what do we do then? Your choice – react, reject and or dismiss or be curious, explore and find out for yourself.

    1. Beautifully written Alex. And in your words I am inspired to acknowledge that despite such ill-journalistic ‘forays’ displaying such a blatant disregard for the truth, each and every one of us has the ability to discern for ourselves.
      I have seen this with my own eyes in regards to Universal Medicine – people who have read some of these atrocious media ‘reports’, and yet seen through the falsity and personal agendas that fuel such activity. The power of the ‘real deal’ of love and care for humanity, if we choose to feel and connect to it in our own hearts, can’t be denied. And, it is most certainly always one’s own choice that guides this.

  12. So many people’s lives have changed for the better because of Universal Medicine, it’s so unfortunate the media have not delivered the truth on Uni Med.

  13. The true story on Universal Medicine, what it brings to the world and how it has changed and continue changing people’s lives is still to be told to the public. The real story is a truly an amazing one and one everybody will benefit from. What we have heard so far, it points to scare people away from it. The only problem is that thanks to the press, people may be running away from something that could bring so much to their lives. So, we read what the press is writing none at all from the point of view of Oh my god, they have discovered who we are and what we stand for (e.g., a cult) but from just the opposite angle: they have not discovered who we are (Universal Medicine has nothing to do with anything related to a cult) and what we stand for. Moreover, they have no clue and do not want to have a clue, even if having a clue could only serve them in a big way.

    1. Hear, hear Eduardo. The real story of Universal Medicine is absolutely amazing – so many people’s lives transformed (mine included), and continuing to discover deeper levels of love, richness and purpose in living life that truly is bucking current trends.
      And yes, there are those who choose to ‘not have a clue’ – who don’t want to know that this is possible, and will attempt to smear and shut it down in any way they can. This needs to be consistently called to account.

      And then also to celebrate, that the work of Universal Medicine (UM) and what’s going on here continues to flourish – despite any ‘bad press’ and even with some ‘good press’!
      As Alex Braun has commented earlier, it is up to each of us to choose for ourselves – we may embrace or react to what is presented here, but definitely, UM deserves a fair and balanced representation in our media. And on that note, we must never tire.

  14. A technique so often employed to create gossip and reaction “The bias in your piece begins by presenting what will no doubt bring a sensationalist-style reaction from many, and thus lead many to discredit the rest of the true story.” Great how you expose this and relate the ‘true story’ that is there for all to observe, if they wish. These stories are amazing, miracles in the making, a news story worth reading.

  15. Now this is the truth Victoria, very well said and exposed what is really going on here. One only needs to look at the before and after photos of many hundreds of people who have transformed their lives to see there is a very powerful story to be shared.

    1. Absolutely Aimee. And in knowing any student of Universal Medicine whose life has transformed in so many ways – as has mine and clearly your own – there are literally hundreds of ‘walking stories’ in the world. How we are living cannot be denied. It’s as though the media aches to present such a true story of real and sustainable change, of health issues transformed, relationships deepened, community involvement and engagement being embraced… The public zeitgeist of our times (of any time?) is not used to such miracles and the real love being lived – but we ain’t going to go away, and eventually, all of this will have to be celebrated in full in our media.

      1. I love your comment Victoria. Even whilst the media print false stories about Serge Benhayon, the Universal Medicine Student Body are writing prolifically about the truth of their experiences. This is not just to counter the lies, but because such joy of living this way cannot be held back, it’s natural to want to express it to the world, share the miracles and this way of life. The beautiful truth about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and The Way of the Livingness will grow and grow, and this body of truth will always be available for all of humanity.

      2. Beautifully said Melinda. It’s ‘natural’ to share and not hold back the greatness of love we have discovered within – for it is there for everyone. Not as some ‘sugar-coated ideal’, but a lived reality – a richness of life lived with purpose, vitality, a consistency of joy… This cannot be hidden and will continue to be shared, BIG TIME!

  16. “There is much more to this story and, despite the bias of articles such as you have penned, the true story continues to unfold every day. I highly recommend looking at the student-initiated blog sites referred to in others’ comments above – these are real stories, of real people. And, they are truly amazing.” Yes and three years on from when you penned this article, Universal Medicine – practitioners and students alike- are expanding and evolving – becoming more true to themselves – and to love. Truth always wins out.

  17. By showing only one side of the story filtered through a biased perspective, the media not only denies the public the opportunity to hear why credible professionals and other highly intelligent people choose to involve themselves with Universal Medicine and how their lives have been enriched….but they hide the truth from their readers because it doesn’t suit their agenda. An absolute disservice on both counts.

    1. Absolutely agree Samantha. Do journalists realise the disservice they are doing the public by writing what suits their agenda and not reporting the true facts. One wonders if they even consider this a possibility. Me thinks not.

  18. It is unfortunate that journalism does not hold the integrity one may think it does or should – and actually quite far from the actual truth. What is being penned by many journalists about Serge Benhayon are outright lies with no journalistic research, but mere copy/paste articles! Quite embarrassing really, but also blatant abuse to humanity.

  19. This is how it goes – truth is truth no matter what people say and eventually all those shouting whatever they shout will come back and ask for the answers from the one/ones they might have shouted at/about.

  20. I have often pondered the possibility that one of the main issues with journalism at present is the readership and their desire for sensationalism which inevitably leads to what is eventually printed. Supply meets demand. But what occurs to me here is whether the journalist too is ‘addicted’ to writing sensationalism. I am sure they get a buzz from it and no doubt are fairly well rewarded financially. Are we in fact dealing with conditioned beings here who are seeking their own ‘drug’ and any expectation we have that they print a fair and unbiased reflection is ‘pie in the sky’?

  21. Absolutely Victoria ‘the true story continues to unfold everyday’. One day journalists will be lining up to hear how Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon has supported them to make amazing changes in their lives that have been truly miraculous.

  22. Absolutely the true story unfolds everyday outside of what the papers say, in spite of whether the story is published there or not, and this story will not be tomorrows fish and chip paper because it will roll and roll, grow and grow, for it is an expanding truth that will be seen and heard by many. It is written where it can never be edited out, in the hearts of those who choose to know it and can be read by all they meet. I am proud that my everyday livingness can be seen and felt by everyone I meet, as I live a perfectly normal healthy life.

  23. I have practiced other modalities and seen many other teachers of various modalities present on various topic and no-one has ever received the media and the type of media that Serge Benhayon has. And what they present could be seen as quite similar in may ways. Why is this the case? I have seen modalities such a Yoga become more bizarre in some circumstances and there is no media attention. I have no doubt that the media attention that Serge has met with has been a targeted and planned response. This is of great concern but also of interest is how Serge Benhayon has dealt with his and how given the amount of poor quality of reporting none of this has affected him. He hasn’t taken any of that on himself at all. This is quite incredible to consider.

  24. Thank you Victoria for sharing the true stories, they are there to be read and inspired by, should one be seeking the truth. Clearly this is not what the Journalist are used to hearing, true and honest stories by real people who by making loving choices have made a difference in their lives.

  25. Great article Victoria, one day journalists will be climbing over themselves to get the true story about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, it’s a shame they have such a biased view and were not prepared to look for the truth when it is evident in every student.

  26. One begins to wonder on how much the general public misses if relying on our media outlets for their information about the world we live in, for it is very biased and seems to miss very vital aspects of what is happening in our world. Maybe this is a time where one begins to explore our world for ourselves, getting a feel for what is true and what has been deliberately hidden.

  27. Thank you for disseminating and exposing the truth of this article for all to see. So many people blindly believe what they read without discerning the lies from the truth and suffer the consequences of swallowing what they have been spoon fed. It is a shame that bias and agenda can stop such an amazing story being told…. For it is not just about Serge but about the health and well being of hundreds who’s stories aren’t told even though they could help thousands.

  28. That’s true Victoria the media have no true story or facts when they reference some other point so cleverly arranged but it is just a repeat of creating drama. Why the drama anyhow? I don’t watch the news no more – and when I did it was the same old – I was watching the news for the same effect of checking out and drama at the end of my day. UniMed has a different effect, an effect I have not stopped pursuing since I discovered it and, it is out of this world!

  29. I agree Victoria, there are so many books, methods, trainings, treatments, etc. out there that are just bogus, focussed on self-gain and money, making the most outrageous claims and the people are still being praised and well portrayed in the media. But Serge Benhayon, who is highly successful with very down to earth and real teachings, which anyone can test for themselves, whether they work or not, is ridiculed. An interesting observation that really makes you wonder what is going on.

  30. It’s amazing that if what we write comes from a bias it presents to them a picture that equally influences and biases the reader.

  31. I wonder what the reply was if any to this comment. It’s great to see people actively question and put forward what they see needs to change. So often we walk past things like this out of ‘what can we do’ or ‘will it make any real difference’ or ‘I’m just too busy’ which then allows something like this to step further away at the next point. I have a memory of a time when things like this article wouldn’t have been allowed to print and it’s not that we need to remember these days but more live this respect and care now. When we see something that doesn’t make the cut for us on how things should be then it’s important for us to put our hand up and let the world know. For me that’s why it’s great to read comments like this even though it’s now a few years old. At least there are some saying no further.

  32. BC OH TBM
    There is no doubt that part of what Serge Benhayon presents may sound ‘out there’ for some. Some journalists have decided that this ‘out there-ness’ is enough to invalidate and ridicule the package he delivers (the seeming ‘out there’ is part of a bigger package). The truth is that all the time we are confronted with ‘buying’ into packages that do not necessarily speak to what sounds right for us given our beliefs, ideals, views of the world. We also buy into packages we cannot guarantee 100% or at least a huge percentage of what is claimed is true (the Catholic religions is just one example). There are many ways to relate to these packages: in some instances, you have to learn to live with what you may have felt is not true. Or you may simply choose to ignore it and make sure you are not challenged. Or simply override what you may feel. Or accept that no package is perfect and if you buy into a good percentage this is good enough. Or you can learn to leave what is true and what is not to your body’s capacity to register truth or false. When you go for the latter, you have a very powerful tool to discern whether the seemingly ‘out there’ is truly something that is ‘out there’ or whether it is true.

  33. The journalists may choose what to see, what to conveniently ignore, what to highlight, what to present and what way to present what they choose to present. All of that does change neither what remains true in spite of their choices nor the beauty of what remains true.

  34. Sensationalistic reporting, this makes me ponder deeply the way we all live that there is constant need for such heightened expressions. Can the simplicity of being still and present in the body we live in be so foreign that we will do anything for us not to feel our true presence, and such reporting is a direct result of what humanity as a whole live by?

  35. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have inspired many of us to make different choices in our lives and as a result in many cases the changes are simply extraordinary, now that is worth sharing with the rest of humanity.

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