A student’s response to A Current Affair, Mr Byron Kaye and the Medical Observer

by Amina Tumi, London, UK

I am writing in response to the recent media coverage on Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I am shocked and deeply upset that such lies have been printed and shown on television – there has been no truth represented here at all. How can this be allowed to happen when the truth is this man, Serge Benhayon, has and is helping so many people to live a life they deserve? A life that is one in which you can choose to deeply care for and cherish yourself, even if your mum and dad did not do this for you or themselves; one in which it is not selfish to act in a way that says ‘no’ to accepting an abusive relationship, whether it be at home or at work; one in which you can say ‘no’ to alcohol if you don’t like what it is doing to your body or to you when you are under the influence. It is quite incredible that none of this was mentioned and that awful lies have been written instead. How can a family man, who is just living this way himself and then just sharing this with us, be attacked in this way? What is happening here? What is going on?

I run a very busy hair salon in West London and have done so for eight years. I have been a student of Universal Medicine for three years, and I have to say had I continued working the way I did before Universal Medicine, I would be running myself into an early grave and would not be looking so pretty on the way (which in my profession is very important). I was going through the day (before UniMed) not even giving myself enough time to drink water let alone eat food; I would then of course totally over-eat after work, fall straight to sleep,  then do the same the next day.

I would consider my life to have been one that was just about surviving and getting through the day. I thought that this was my only option because when I talked to people/clients about it, they would tell me their life was either the same – or worse, in the sense of them getting ill all the time. I did not get ill much, and I remember thinking how lucky I was that I did not get the colds or other viruses that always go around. But the one thing I could not escape was exhaustion, and this got me quite often. When I started with UniMed, it took me a while to really let myself feel how exhausted I in fact was, because I was used to running my body on so much sugar to get me through the day. I am telling you this because this is so far from how I live my life now… so much so, that I now can’t believe how I could have ever lived that way.

Now, I regularly take care of myself, and I now know what true rest is for my body. I now think about what is right for my body (not just what I think is right) and this has and is having a profound effect on my life in every single way. For example, my focus at work has improved like never before, so my work has also improved like never before – and in a way that is fun and playful. My relationships with staff are now amazing and in many ways easy (I would have never said this before); and my relationships with clients are even more special. So many clients regularly tell me how amazing the atmosphere is in the salon now, and how much they love coming to the salon because they feel they can completely relax. This is very profound, to feel that my clients are having these kinds of experiences now, after I chose to change the way I live life – thanks to the inspiration and teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

So I ask the question again: “How can allegations like these be allowed to be printed when clearly there has been no research done to back them up with any truth?” Instead, what we have are just lies that are incredibly harming, as they could stop other people who are living the way I was before UniMed (i.e. running themselves into an early grave) from being open to UniMed if it is labelled a ‘cult’ – which could not be any further from the truth. A retraction of these articles/stories is needed.

38 thoughts on “A student’s response to A Current Affair, Mr Byron Kaye and the Medical Observer

  1. Yes Amina, those questions are mind boggling and I too am baffled by this irony and a complete controversy – on one hand everywhere in the press we address countless problems of individuals and those of a group (society) – we are searching for solutions to decrease the rate of illness and disease, exploring ways of increasing productivity at work (less sick leave), whilst national health systems throughout the ‘western world’ are at the end of their tethers, yet when a man (Serge Benhayon) and an organisation (Universal Medicine) come along and simply present possible solutions to all those problems we so desperately seek to find and a number of people (esoteric students) carefully start to implement those, they get to feel remarkable improvements in most areas of their lives – the press and society at large find fit to mock it all. Crazy – I concur! As somebody recently wrote – if it was not very serious it would be laughable.

    1. To seek for solutions obviously doesn´t mean we want to find true answers, otherwise the world would be all ears with Universal Medicine as the improvements in those applying some of the recommendations are remarkable. True answers mean true change and the results are desired – but who likes to put in the effort to change, i.e. truly taking responsibility whatever it takes?

  2. Well called Amina. The lies and mis-representation of the truth about Serge Benhayon are shocking. I also ran my life as you have described before finding Universal Medicine and now, four years on, allowing and trusting myself to feel some even deeper exhaustion well buried in childhood – life is good and more joy-full now.

  3. Thank you Amina for reminding us that we don’t need to have the more dramatic signs of illness and disease to know that the way we are living is not supporting us and is definitely not ‘normal’!

  4. Yes it is quite astounding to review one’s way of life pre UniMed and like you write here, the marked and significant changes that can be experienced are the exact accounts/stories that ought to be printed in the media – for if they were then they will show and demonstrate that there is another way to live and to work – as your account shows. May this way of love continue to be. Thank you Amina.

  5. Thank you Amina for sharing your experiences. As you say there is so much true good that has been experienced by students of Universal Medicine, it is an astounding level of deceit required in reporting to not be willing to acknowledge any of this.

  6. Thank you Amina for your blog. In response to your question “How can allegations like these be allowed to be printed when clearly there has been no research done to back them up with any truth?”, I feel the answer is that the press do not care. The bottom line always comes down to money and they will print whatever will sell the most copies. Ironically this behaviour of ‘I’m alright Jack, pull up the ladder’, is completely the opposite to what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon presents and, if only they spent the time truthfully investigating the full story, they would see the amazing true story of Universal medicine before them.

  7. I came to Universal Medicine & the teachings of Serge Benhayon as an exhausted, over-weight mother. I didn’t consider myself exhausted because I topped myself up with coffee, chocolate, sugar & starchy carbohydrates every day. I described myself as ‘a mother’ rather than ‘a woman’ because I had given up on myself. As you describe, Amina, I was in survival mode, just making sure I could get through the day, look after my 3 children & provide them with everything they required. Today I am healthy & vital & do not require caffeine & sugar. I see myself firstly as a woman, worth taking care of and nurturing, along with some of my roles as a mother, wife, daughter & health-care professional. What Universal Medicine presents is what the world is begging to know. How irresponsible of the Journalists to present a few out-of-context, sensationalised bits & deprive others from knowing that there is another way & that they do have a choice if they so choose.

  8. Awesome blog Amina. I love how you share that ‘I would consider my life to have been one that was just about surviving and getting through the day. I thought that this was my only option because when I talked to people/clients about it, they would tell me their life was either the same – or worse, in the sense of them getting ill all the time’. I feel this indeed describes what most individuals feel in society certainly most days if not everyday . That constant low grade anxiety and overwhelm that there is so much to do with not enough time with no end in sight. Universal Medicine presents that their is another way to be and to live. How and why journalists continue to ignore this fact and to portray Universal Medicine in the media the way they are is appalling, it’s doing a great disservice to its readers and needs to be corrected.

  9. Amina, thank you for sharing this. It’s so important that lies told like this are disputed and shown up. As you note you’ve changed your life because of Universal Medicine and because of that, you and your clients benefit, there’s a whole ripple effect coming out from this. And if anyone is somehow put off because of the lies told in these articles printed by Bryon Kaye, it highlights the media culpability, and how media have a huge responsibility in what they write. They are influencers and shapers within our societies and as such drive discourse and trends for many, and here we see the ugly side of this, where that influence is abused and used to fuel personal agenda’s – it’s all about a story, true or not, and the accolades which might come from a scope, never mind that it’s lies. This is shameful and sad – media could be such a light in our society, raising our discourse and asking us pertinent questions about how we live and if it’s working. That’s what Universal Medicine has done, and a media story presenting would really stop many to ask what is going on? It’s yet to happen, but it will.

  10. Amina, I fully support what you are saying here. My family and I are amazed at the way we now live and connect with each other and those around us on a daily basis. We are not perfect but have tools and heaps of support to help bring us back to where we need to be if we are having a “bad” day.
    This is all due to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and the openness in what he shares with us all. Amazing! So lets all stand up and support Serge Benhayon and his family in the face of these baseless allegations.

    1. Well said Amina and Anne. I too enjoy a deeper understanding and purpose of what life is all about from the inspiration and presentations of Serge Benhayon. I now know the truth and nothing any sensation-seeking twisted story any journalist chooses to run with will change my knowing and standing up for truth.

  11. Amina you have made some excellent points. When you think of the statistics for domestic violence and other abuse, obesity, alcohol and drug use, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, overwork….and the list goes on, the media should be writing about Serge Benhayon, an amazing man who is helping people turned their lives around to avoid these same statistics.

  12. Being in misery there are only two options when getting a reflection of true well-being, one inspires and chooses to give change a chance or one needs to dismiss and negate the reflection to avoid an honest stock-taking and to carry on as before. For some or many it seems to be easier to ignore the reflection or even turn against it, so deep is the hurt that one is not ready to face, address and heal it. Defamation is an effective tool to serve that agenda especially when used by the media.

  13. Yes, so interesting that the media are avoiding the real story at all costs, makes no sense to me as exhaustion and illness and disease are skyrocketing. Serge Benhayon simply presents another way based on love and truth, nothing more, nothing less.

  14. Amina, this post feels like a genuine heartfelt plea to those who have chosen to run with the lies. It does concern me that real, genuine people who are seeking a healthier, truer life and Way might be delayed simply because the word cult has been (falsely) associated with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon! These ‘journalists’ have a lot to answer for, and, when that time inevitably comes, the mess they have created is great.

  15. A retraction and apology is the least Universal Medicine is owed in regard to the totally false reporting by members of the media.

  16. The piece of ‘news’ on Universal Medicine published in the Courier Mail had only one goal: to create disbelief and mistrust in the public. Yet, given that what was written contradicts the truth in such dramatic way, it has also created disbelief and mistrust in the press by people who know the truth and, hence, can see clearly how the press manipulates reality to sell stories that are not true and also acts as gatekeeper of stories that deserve to be told.

  17. “…..the truth is this man, Serge Benhayon, has and is helping so many people to live a life they deserve? A life that is one in which you can choose to deeply care for and cherish yourself, even if your mum and dad did not do this for you or themselves; one in which it is not selfish to act in a way that says ‘no’ to accepting an abusive relationship, whether it be at home or at work; one in which you can say ‘no’ to alcohol if you don’t like what it is doing to your body or to you when you are under the influence.” Good news doesn’t sell – but make up vicious lies and salacious gossip and that sells plenty. It is beautiful to witness how you now live your life Amina – and how you reflect back to your clients how you honour yourself and your staff. Thank you.

  18. Your voice is one of many appalled by the media’s representation of Universal Medicine. A retraction is needed, but sadly unlikely to undo the damage done when false accusations and allegations are thrown around like they have been for a ‘good story’. The rot that lies at the foundation of the media’s agenda needs to be addressed en mass if we every want this kind of reporting to stop. In the meantime… the media may ignore the truth and attempt to tarnish the name but they cannot take away the incredible transformations we have all experienced through Universal Medicine and all they stand for…. for the inspiration is incorruptible.

  19. How is it that some journalists and the media can get away with writing lies without being held accountable? This is what really needs to be exposed. And how, even though they haven’t been willing to go and investigate both sides of the story before putting it to print for themselves, that even when it is revealed to them by so many they continue to disregard the truth?

    1. Thank you Amina and Deidre, to me they have been so far away from the truth for so long the energy they align to only lets them see the lies. “Ill is the physician who has first not consider possession”? Possession just being an energy; “If everything is energy as indeed it is, we need to learn to know what energy is behind the words, the letters written, the music one hears, the vision you see etc etc etc.” SB
      For more information on energy of possession go to;

  20. A retraction is definitely in order for the misleading lies and deceit by the media. Thank you for sharing how you have changed your life around from living in exhaustion to living more vitally and how this has had positive effects in your working environment also – this is what needs to be reported so that others can see there is another way.

  21. Amina it is totally awesome that you now have customers coming in and saying what a wonderful atmosphere your salon now has. It must be very confirming for you to know that the steps you have taken and continue to take to constantly deepen the care and regard you hold for yourself has indeed had a ripple effect for so many others and the business you manage. Steps that we can all ourselves take in our own lives and workplaces.

  22. To know what is true you just have to look at how sought after this man Serge Benhayon is and how many travel long distances just to listen to a presentation or attend a workshop or course. I find what he presents very real, down to earth and relate-able on many various subjects.

  23. One of the issues we face is that there are so many ‘false prophets’ around today that when a real one comes along they are simply ‘tarred with the same brush’ and buried amongst the cynicism and fear of being misled and misinformed – if not worse. What we need is a way of discerning what is actually true – something which is possible once we learn to listen to the innate wisdom of our bodies. It seems to me, this is an essential tool for living life in a world where misinformation is abundant.

  24. Wow Amina, what you offer your customers now is a totally new and different experience; they are not just getting a haircut they are getting a healing session each time they walk in. The truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon needs to be reported accurately by all forms of media for the support and wisdom he shares that inspires another to make life changing choices that truly work.

  25. It is an interesting concept isn’t it that perhaps there are people in this world who are happy not just to say no to healthy choices, which is their choice, but that might wish to put other people off making healthy lifestyle choices as well, maybe so that they can feel more comfortable in a world where everyone around them is as unhealthy so they will not stand out as they would if everyone got word of another way and started to change.

  26. Well said Amina,
    Sharing how your clients now find your salon to be a place they can relax is integral to how we as humans operate and live. So often we are running on empty and we don’t even know it. To be able to provide your clients a place where they feel safe to stop and relax is providing them with a moment in their day to stop and feel. A moment that could offer them an understanding or insight into their life that could well be a trigger to a more healthy lifestyle for themselves. This is true healing in action.

  27. Thank you for sharing your experience Amina, and the changes that you have made in your life and work place with clients, since joining Universal Medicine, these changes are so obvious in our livingness that people cannot but help notice, and what a beautiful reflection they are given by the self loving ways we have adopted.

  28. There is no doubt over the life changing inspiration that Universal Medicine has provided to many people. The media needs to be asking how is it that we have a world wide group of people that are consistently making more healthy and loving choices and as a result, changing everything about their relationships, work, life, health?

  29. I love the countless people who’s lives have been transformed and as a result, touch the lives of others, like those that enter your salon. It is a crime that the truth is not seen or reported by the media but gorgeous that it continues to inspire lives regardless of what is said.

  30. Those who choose to attend UniMed events and presentations do not need to fill newspapers with the difference it makes to their lives, they just live it. Many others are then inspired to find out for themselves by attending UniMed events. It is interesting to question why the media chooses to misinterpret and demean when others choose to live their life with true purpose.

  31. There is so much allowed under the guise of freedom of speech which I feel should be pointed out and actually be acted on by law. Spreading these lies about a company that only presents a possibility of a self-loving lifestyle change in all ways, is potentially keeping other people from being open to this. Which is actually abusive because there is so much suffering in the world at the moment.

  32. What is at stake is not the story that was fabricated by journalists. What we are talking about here is whether we give credence to the body’s ability to feel what is true and what is not vs. giving credence to journalists that use their market power to mobilise our emotions to make sure we do not even want to bother to discern and check something out for whether it is true or not. With this article, they want to make sure we also say no to the possibility to learn to trust our body.

  33. When people start to realise the profound changes in vitality and health that individuals who have attended Universal Medicine presentations have experienced, they will wonder why no one wrote about it.

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