A truth-full, vital journey worth pursuing

by Eduardo Feldman, Ph.D, Barcelona, Spain

I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine (UniMed) three years ago. Since 2009, I have regularly attended workshops offered in the UK twice a year. From everything I have seen, heard and experienced, it is clear that what has recently been published in the Australian media is factually wrong, misleading, unnecessary, unfortunate and harming. To put it bluntly, the press depiction of UniMed is certainly surreal, as the gap between the reality and truth of what is presented by UniMed, and what the press has published, cannot be wider or deeper.

I came across UniMed without really having a clue of what was in store for me, without any expectation of what I could gather from it, and without any need. I had not read anything from Serge (well, actually I tried to, but it was way too hard for me, and I never passed beyond the second page of the introduction to ‘The Way It Is’.). I remember vividly asking myself, “what is this guy talking about?” I had not heard any audio either. On top of that, I only got vague answers to my question of “what is this all about?” In spite of all this, at the last minute I made up my mind and decided to check it out.

I have a PhD in Political Science. Political science for me was not just work that helped me to pay the rent – it was my main source of personal identification, and my privileged way of getting recognition from the university students I taught for almost nine years.

I attended my first UniMed workshop with a scholarly sort of attitude. It did not last long however, as it blew up in the air when we paired up to ‘feel another person energetically’. I did feel energy clearly. Yet this was so far away from my daily life that I was not sure what to make of what I felt. Was my mind playing games with me? Was it for real?

The day after, I attended my second UniMed workshop. The whole day was a ‘hands on’ kind of activity. Although I had not ever taken any healing course (so thought I had no clue of the body in terms of energy), what I felt during this workshop both as a ‘client’ and a ‘practitioner’ was just amazing!  Not only could I feel the effects on my body of what took place during that ‘day of healing’, I also could feel clearly the value and potential of my hands as a ‘tool’ of love (in the pure and deep sense of the word), of expression, and healing. Something about this feeling ‘got me’. Even if I could not make too much sense of what happened there, I felt deep inside that what was presented by UniMed was something worth pursuing.

These two days proved to be as odd as they were powerful. Here I was, someone who was highly trained to relate to the world with and through the mind, starting to discover the power of the hands and of energy. What I discovered there (and later confirmed), made me stop and realise the ill-quality of choices I had made in the past, and the extent to which I was really lost, oddly enough, without knowing I was in total separation from myself.

Disorienting as it first was, the whole experience felt to me to contain plenty of beauty and love. I experienced a strange feeling of coming home. I could feel it all over my body (particularly in my eyes and my facial expression). What I felt was huge, yet very simple. This was the beginning of a beautiful journey back to a different version of me; back to love and back to God. I do not say this lightly, for I considered myself an atheist up until very recently when I started noticing how it felt untrue in my body to call myself this. Although the journey has not been an easy ride at all, mainly thanks to the momentum of previous choices and the hurts associated with them which I carry, in these three years I have experienced many things in my body that feel so absolutely true that I know that there is only one way forward for me. This is to continue to return and expand on the ‘markers’ I have already established when I was able to connect deeply with myself, and could feel the simplicity, depth and beauty of it.

From my first two workshops in England I realised that the mind and body do not necessarily agree on what and who to trust, what to open up to, etc. I have already made up my mind about this, and as a result I have started listening to my body, and trusting it increasingly. This increasing awareness of the world of energy and its impact on the physical world is not always easy, as sometimes you get contradictory messages from your mind and body that may affect you because you wish things were different. Yet, for good or bad, what is clear to me is that what is true is what the body registers. My body is really clear about Serge and UniMed. They are as truth-full as it gets. They have my full trust.

Opening up to the possibility of what Serge presents, in full command of my mental abilities, and always discerning through my body, I started making fundamental changes in my life. Although it would be way too long to write in detail about this, let me share with you some of them. My way of being in the world has started to change tremendously, for the better. Overall, in complete opposition to what was published in the press (e.g., being brainwashed), thanks to my affiliation with UniMed and Serge, I feel discerningly empowered. My livingness has improved dramatically. I sleep much better now. My body feels much better thanks to important changes in my diet that I have introduced discerningly. I feel more vital. Although I am in what is going to be a long journey, my relationship with life has become already way more loving.

In these three years, thanks to my choices, I came to appreciate my body as never before. Now I care much more deeply for it. I also have started learning to ‘read’ my body. Now I am much more aware when something I do harms me – so I have the possibility to stop doing it. Although I still have a way to go in fully embracing a true quality of life that I know is possible for me, I have felt true moments of love and joy, and can recognise me as the loving and joy-full human being I truly am.

My gratitude goes to Serge and UniMed for helping me to discover that there is a grander version of me that I can aspire to become on a permanent basis, as a result of me making more consistent loving choices. My love to him is beyond this life.

The world we live in is tremendously void of love and of people that work hard to really bring truth to it. Serge and all of the Benhayons are among the few people that really stand out big time. What they present is extraordinary on all counts. It is a gift for humanity.

138 thoughts on “A truth-full, vital journey worth pursuing

  1. ‘I feel discerningly empowered’. This is what I feel as well.
    Knowing how life energetically works and feeling it through my own body, allows me to understand so much about me and what surrounds me. This is really freeing and empowering. Nothing to do with brainwashing, but with really confirming what I already know.

  2. From childhood we’re schooled in rote learning, to memorise and recall data – mental intelligence is valued and given singular priority. Imagine the folly of this: focusing on one part of the body to the exclusion of all else. Connected to the “whole intelligence’ of the body, we’re given access to a grand and universal knowing.

  3. “This increasing awareness of the world of energy and its impact on the physical world is not always easy, as sometimes you get contradictory messages from your mind and body that may affect you because you wish things were different.” I also have experienced this, wanting things to be different and therefore blocking the energetic truth, which is quite frankly disastrous for the body.

  4. Once we feel something in the body as a real and tangible lived experience we cannot deny and cannot be denied this truth.

  5. There is no harm in being inspired to honour and take care of one’s body, quite the contrary it is beneficial to all.

  6. Eduardo your story, new awareness and healing is shared by many. To be supported to discover to the ‘grander version of ourselves’ and live it is a blessing and runs counter to the insecurities, abuse and issues most people live with. It’s crazy that Serge Benhayon, who has brought these truths to humanity in the most loving way is the one vilified and attacked.

  7. “From my first two workshops in England I realised that the mind and body do not necessarily agree on what and who to trust, what to open up to, etc. I have already made up my mind about this, and as a result I have started listening to my body, and trusting it increasingly.” This is so correct, I’ve recently had a very clear conflict between what my mind and what my body says – my experience is that my mind and my thoughts can lead me completely astray, whereas my body leads me to exactly where I need to be.

  8. Meeting Serge Benhayon, has definitely being life changing in every aspect of life, so that the way we move and walk reflects the Love and Divinity we all feel and it is up to each of us to allow that to deepen our life if we so choice as Serge is always sharing as presenting it is our free Will.

  9. Undoing of mind’s domination is not so easy as it is pretty skilled at swapping ideals to pursue to suit its agenda, and we can so easily convince ourselves that we have changed when in fact that is not quite the case.

    1. Spot on Fumiyo, when our mind has dominated for so long, it’s easy to think we have changed it when in fact we have simply swapped one agenda for another that will equally take us off track.

  10. Having been a student of Universal Medicine for the last 13 years I know the organisation so very well, so when I began to read the distorted stories that were being published it wasn’t hard to tell that “the gap between the reality and truth of what is presented by UniMed, and what the press has published, cannot be wider or deeper”. I struggled to understand why someone would want to take down Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, after all they were presenting the wisdom and common sense that has been missing in the world and with it, the answers to many global issues. This type of irresponsible and scurrilous reporting is actually keeping the truth from a world which is clamouring for it.

  11. I love what you have captured here Eduardo of the surprise it is initially for those of us who have spent all our life building and resting our mental ability, to find that our body offers us a great deal of awareness and at times our thinking mind may not agree with the body! The fact that our body is much more reliable than our mind took me a while to get used to, but once the seed of thought was there, it was simply a matter of noticing the ongoing confirmation in life that shows this to be a absolutely true..

  12. Eduardo I totally agree with all you share… having Serge Benhayon and his family walking amongst us and lovingly supporting us on our return journey to soul, is a blessing beyond words.

  13. This blog was written five years ago. I have not read this for a long while. What is beautiful is how much it captured the moment and how much it captured what is this all about. Lots of water flowed under the bridge since then. If anything, everything went to a deeper level of living and understanding and a beautiful rising feeling of solidness and awareness that there is much more to go for. Five years of confirming that the Benhayons are indeed a gift for humanity. An incredible one.

    1. It was beautiful to read your blog and this comment too. Having met you briefly in person in 2015 I would never have guessed your background. You are a testament to how much we can renounce things that we take on that are simply not us.

  14. Our body is amazing and as a society we do not listen and give the love towards it that it deserves. It is incredible how much we abuse and how far we go to disconnect from our body when in truth it has all the answers to living a joyful life.

  15. As a humanity we can ignore our part in the woes of humanity, the violence, the illness, the disdain and disregard. Or we can acknowledge that we too live these not so loving behaviours and begin to halt them in their tracks. Our lives and how we live are a clear picture of how we choose to make our life.

  16. Yes, what Serge Benhayon brings is absolutely beautiful. And no brain-washing or pressure here, we are left free to do whatever we want to with his teachings. The only thing he shares is that we should discern for ourselves, if what he presents, feels truthful for us before applying it.

  17. There are so many great people we are surrounded by and yet we are being driven busier and busier and more conveniently away from even speaking to them let alone seeing them. Why is this so and how is it supporting us? I remember a time when work and life were closer together and so were neighbours. It wasn’t that long ago and I am not saying everything was great back then either but I am saying staying connected to people for me is super important and without it where are we?

  18. Well I have to agree, the Benhayons are definitely a gift to humanity! We have an opportunity to see a family live in a way that is incredibly supportive of each other as well as holding others equal to that.

  19. It’s so true Eduardo, ‘the gap between the reality and truth of what is presented by UniMed, and what the press has published, cannot be wider or deeper’.

  20. When I was first introduced to Serge Benhayon in 2005 I couldn’t get any of what he was saying either and thought it was just me. I didn’t have a degree but I could feel energy and that was enough for me to sense from the very beginning that what Serge Benhayon was presenting was the truth. Twelve years later and my yearning for truth keeps on expanding. I still attend workshops and presentations and I know from previous experience that if Universal Medicine was not the absolute truth I would have packed my bags and left long ago.

  21. The responsibility we hold to live our life from our grandness is for each of us to discern, understand and claim. For it is this absolute fact, that we are grand, that we have spent a life time in denial of. Yet acceptance of it is the one thing we know to be true, responsibly living it is now a choice we have, with deepest thanks to Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom he has reminded us of.

  22. As much as the physical world tries to tell us that we are all separate beings, we are all inter-connected and when we allow ourselves to feel energy, we can easily feel this fact of life.

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