Letter to Editor of the SMH: Responsibility makes for ‘obvious economics’

by Zofia Sharman, UK

I work in the Recruitment industry covering the banking and finance sector. Each day in London’s City A.M. newspaper is a stream of news reporting the euro zone crisis, bank rate fixing, countries defaulting on debt, corruption in businesses and big industry chiefs’ theft and greed. This heavily impacts the field of employment and hiring opportunities, so I am naturally interested in how our world economy can be in such disarray, and moreover the knock-on effect, impact and pressures this has upon a worker’s physical frame, their health, mental state, well-being and overall ability to perform in their job and develop relationships at work (and at home).

Having attended Universal Medicine courses for the past six years now, I have found in Serge Benhayon someone who is able to talk intelligently, shedding invaluable light on this ‘illness’ we have in society, at work and in our physical bodies. All I know and can feel is someone who communicates and lives with the utmost integrity and professionalism, which for me is the key in ensuring the credibility of voice that is not evident in your article.

Through listening to Serge speak via audios and courses,  it is clear that he seeks only to serve in raising the awareness and reality (truth) of what is really going on in regards to the above worldly dilemmas which impact us on a daily basis. By simply presenting that the micro (ie., personal or human level) must first be examined before then being able to respond on the macro/world scale is obvious economics, and it makes responsible sense to me to consider myself first before another.

239 thoughts on “Letter to Editor of the SMH: Responsibility makes for ‘obvious economics’

  1. Integrity is something that needs greater attention in our writing, more so in our way of living. A point that has been forgotten and no longer lived. What is being put into our area of attention is : how much integrity is there in our daily interactivity and how much integrity and respect do we hold ourselves?

  2. Well said Zofia. How on earth can the world change if we ourselves are not willing to be and live the change that is needed first. To realise and embrace this responsibility is empowering for us and all and this is the message that is lived and reflected by Serge Benhayon. We are love in essence and living love is what we are here for. The power of reflection is the true power of change we are all bestowed with, and when we are willing to be honest and take responsibility for the choices we are making with how we are living, we then will see the great impact that living love will bring.

  3. I have never seen/heard/met anyone that loves and cares for the entire humanity as much as Serge Benhayon does. What he lives and presents may not agree with or pander to our choices but he understands so much so that he does not give up on the love that we are even though we may not be living that.

  4. Lies abound in this world today, lies we swallow hook line and sinker and sometimes we need a wise unattached and heart-full person such as Serge to expose it all so we can all choose to live truth once again

  5. Makes perfect sense to me Zofia. I totally agree with this. “Through listening to Serge speak via audios and courses, it is clear that he seeks only to serve in raising the awareness and reality (truth) of what is really going on in regards to the above worldly dilemmas which impact us on a daily basis.”, with absolutely no investment in anyone getting anything or him getting any recognition whatsoever! This is very rare in this world.

  6. .” By simply presenting that the micro (ie., personal or human level) must first be examined before then being able to respond on the macro/world scale”
    This is an important understanding for the Macro always starts at the micro and what is macro is only a magnification of the micro. So if there is disharmony at the Macro level its source will always be from micro level.

  7. It always starts with each individual and how they choose to live and what they choose to reflect. For some reason we often prefer to look at and point fingers at others and not take responsibility for our lives.

  8. How we live has a direct correlation to what goes on in the world, if we live in disharmony by reflection the world will be disharmonious and likewise if we live a lie then the world in turn will not speak the truth, we have a great responsibility to live our own truth, to change the way of the world.

  9. What you share makes so much sense. If, in our personal lives, we live in disarray, low sense of wellbeing, greed, stress and such like, then this can only play out in larger situations such as within corporations, and our institutional systems.

  10. What you and Serge Benhayon say makes so much sense and in many ways the truth is always so obvious so if we choose not to listen we have to wonder if people have an investment in not knowing or living the truth?

  11. The macrosism of society in every sector is a reflection of how we live the microsism of our daily lives. I know how I spend my money, what I invest in, what I don’t is going to have a knock on effect around me. We have way more clout and can’t play little and say ‘I’m only one person, what I do doesn’t matter.’ That’s how I’ve lied to myself that I can be irresponsible and it does not matter.

  12. In the end there should be no need to “defend’ Serge Benhayon: anyone who knows him knows that he presents what should be normal in this society, a society that thinks on many levels they present the normal (corruption, abuse, wars, slavery, illness etc) what is obviously not so normal.

  13. What is written in this letter today, succinct and very clear, is still relevant today. The macro is an extension of the micro, and the teachings of Serge Benhayon reveal this so simply, because we all do in fact know this.

  14. Everything has an effect on everything. Why should we be out of this equation? Why not reflect about the quality our contribution to the whole as well as its effects on it and our life?

  15. We can so easily jump to criticise and share our viewpoint on the state of our government systems and the ways in which they are led but how often do we stop to consider our responsibility in the way we live and the quality in which we express to one another.

  16. There is a whole debate whether the causation goes from macro to micro or from micro to macro. The truth is that although micro and macro are absolutely intertwined in their working, it is only at the micro level that we can work on to eventually turn the macro around.

  17. Universal Medicine is the only organisation that I have encountered so far that presents that everything starts with us, not in a selfish way but in a truly caring and thus responsible way. We still need to understand how immensely powerful true self-love and self-care are, for all.

  18. Looking at the micro does explain the macro except if we do that we have to take responsibility on a deeply personal level – it may be more comfortable to focus on the macro.

  19. Everything about our industries, our banking, government and society is showing that the current way we are living doesn’t add up. One step within a leading organisation reveals major inconsistencies with the ‘brand message’ and appearance they put out. It’s accepted as normal that there is some discrepancy with what people say and the way they are in real life. But where has that got us? I know in my life, I may make mistakes and take wrong turns but if I am honest about where I am at I feel empowered and supported to move on. It’s the fudging of sums to make us ‘feel better’ that ultimately divides and subtracts us. Thank you Zofia for outlining this equation of commercial integrity and true love.

  20. It’s been five years since this blog was first written and for me I can verify absolutely that for the past five years Serge Benhayon is the most committed person who cares for humanity that anyone could ever meet. Liking the truth he shares is a personal choice, but when willing to listen it makes so much sense in revealing the reasons the world is approaching crisis points with health, the humanitarian travesty and economics.

  21. There is a huge economic reason to look after ourselves and our healthcare as currently every health care system in the world is in crisis in regards to funding as well as being able to staffing our hospital/,medical centres etc with people who are fit to work. Universal Medicine is an organisation with a long track record of supporting people to turn around their health and wellbeing which then ensures we have fit and able people to staff our hospitals, medical clinics etc as well as saving Governments a fortune on not having to support even more sick people.

  22. Feeling as I read this the giant chasm between ‘what the papers say’ and what is truly happening in life. If we rely on newspapers for our understanding of how life is, then we are really quite lost.

    1. And we all recognize this Richard but most of us do nothing about it. The saying ‘You can’t believe everything you hear’ is often said in relation to our news industries. By just accepting that this is the way this industry is, perpetuates more of the same and it just keeps getting more shocking.

  23. Looking after ourselves ought to be our everyday responsibility. If people took more responsibility for their health for example we would not have the health crisis that we have today with lifestyle diseases out of control.

  24. The world as it is can only be the result of how we all are living, so each and every one of us, and the choices we make each day, affects the all.

  25. I feel responsibility is the key ingredient to resolving our life issues and global issues. Responsibility is something our society actually does not encourage enough because I am seeing irresponsibility being rewarded and celebrated and the word responsibility is often distorted.

  26. Well said, the illness of corruption increases and does not stop at any area of workplace and company. It is sad and shocking to see people exploiting especially also the systems paid by people through taxes or public insurances, as such exploiting and corrupting peole and humanity no different like a virus exploiting the health of somebody in a severe way.
    Serge Benhayon is the founder of Universal Medicine and is leading his business in an honest and truthfull way supporting thousands of people and getting severely attacked? Not those corrupting but those being honest and truthful.

  27. Journalism currently is known by most as a cherry picker and looking to sell headlines and not really truly report the news. We still buy their papers so to speak and so we haven’t collectively had enough of this and instead just talk about the impact it has. Journalism itself isn’t the home for ‘bad’ people by any stretch but there again are people who see what’s going on and don’t take the consistent action to see it change. Where does this leave us? It leaves us with a society that becomes used to cherry picking people, only hearing or seeing part of what a person is or does and making a judgement on that. We don’t often go to the source and flesh out the truth, we leave part of the story there for others to cherry pick and once you have information 3rd or 4th hand it’s well and truly just a part of what is true. The next time you read, hear or are told something, qualify it. Don’t just take things that are said to you, do an investigation of type into what is really going on. Just like journalism conveniently reports parts of things we too are we a party to that and the only way to make a change is to bring it from ourselves first, change things from inside to out.

  28. I agree Zofia, in order to address the state of any organisation, corporation, country or economic zone we need to be willing to see what is going on at an individual level – how are we relating with one another, how are we at home as well as at work, how do we care for and nurture ourselves and do we truly express who we are in our daily lives…?

  29. Throughout history we have had those that are willing to speak from beyond the veil we have chosen to so shroud ourselves in, by virtue of their commitment to peer under and thus raise it. Naturally one would assume that such a voice would be welcomed in the darkened existence we have become so lost in, but this is not taking into consideration the fact that such blindness is chosen and chosen with good reason. Thus, there will always be those that choose to see all that is true and real in our world and those that choose to remain blind to it.

  30. Brilliantly said Zofia, what Serge Benhayon presents is that we all have been given a big gift with our natural senses. He asks us to consider what our life would be like if we listened to them on a regular basis. He truly offers another dimension to the label ‘common sense’. Given the debt our cities and companies are running at, I agree it’s just logical to consider we all already have what we need to make the sums of life add up.

  31. If we are going to report a story on an organisation or person , first we must check the information ourselves giving opportunity for these persons or organisations to speak their truth. Not blindly accepting what someone else has said.

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