Taking responsibility for our bodies and our health

by Ariana Ray, Dip. Applied Social Studies, CQSW, P.T.A. Safeguarding Professional, Wales, UK

The recent articles on Serge Benhayon in the press are entirely missing the point. The point being – the way we live gives us our illness and disease. I worked as a professional trainer for the NHS when they promoted the ‘Don’t bottle it up campaign’. There is a known correlation between ‘bottling it up’, heart disease and cancer. The NHS promote healthy eating and exercise, giving up smoking, being ‘drink-aware’, even basic safety in the home. Why? Because the way you live gives you the disease you get. 

Serge Benhayon is presenting the need to be responsible for the way you live, in the same way the NHS Health Promotion campaigns have been telling us for years. But people want someone to blame, they do not want to say – ‘I did this’ when the diagnosis of cancer or heart disease arrives. Why can’t we take responsibility for our bodies and our health? If we choose differently we will get different results. As it is, the NHS in the UK understands that it is facing bankruptcy unless people make changes as the care bill is set to exceed anything they have the resources to deal with.

All the sensationalism the media is imposing is just a smoke screen for what truly matters here, in front of our noses, and that is – we can change. In my own life I have proved that, as have so many others. They may mis-quote and confuse, but all the stories they make up just don’t matter.

What matters is taking responsibility for where we are right now, understanding we make our life, our health and our ill-health by the very choices we make in our day. It’s always our choice.

492 thoughts on “Taking responsibility for our bodies and our health

  1. We are so good at whinging and pitying ourselves that there is no choice and staying in a gutter, but there actually is a choice.

  2. As you have said it is so very simple. To take responsibility for our choices we have made and make and the way that we live. This is a joy not a burden. We all hold our own health within our hands which is empowering. To look to or blame others is completely ridiculous.

  3. The world is crying out for people to be responsible for the way we live, even the media prances around this topic, and here is a man – Serge Benhayon, not only presenting on the need to be responsible for the way you live, but also presenting a way to do it and inspiring thousands of people to do it – and the world is shunning him and the media crucifying him. This exposes the corruption of the system and how people are not being super honest about the level of responsibility in their own lives.

  4. This world is full of corruption, lies and deceit. It abounds everywhere in more ways than most care to look because unfortunately most of us do not want to know about the truth of what is really going on in life. The only way the media can get away with printing lies is because the majority swallow them like they are the truth. And this is so only because the majority do not want to take true responsibility for the quality of how they are choosing to live their lives. The day will come where the media will be held accountable for the lies they have sold to the many.

    1. Joshua, you are right in saying ‘This world is full of corruption, lies and deceit.’ Yes it is and exposing this and standing up for truth is revelatory, it expands your heart and the whole of your life.

  5. I have a friend who is slowly dying, why is she dying you might ask? She has given up on herself and is refusing to eat or drink. This is her choice, she knows it is her choice, she knows she is being stubborn as we have had small conversations about her choices. The desire in her is so strong it over rides everything else. When I was with her recently she looked at the lunch that had been made for her she knew she could eat it but wouldn’t. When we give our power away it leaves a space for another energy to come into our bodies this is the consequence of checking out it is a very sobering lesson for me and all those who know her.

  6. Our body is amazing, it works from multiple interaction and communication between each component all working individually and as part of the whole, when one part is compromised the whole body is affected, by taking responsibility for the way we live we are able to support our body and naturally know when we need to change our choices in order to support it.

  7. “The way you live gives you the disease give you get.” This should be the next slogan for the NHS. It would certainly offer a wake up call that humanity needs to see that illness is not just bad luck, but due to our irresponsible way we choose to live.

  8. We can make the choice to change if we want to, which often comes after we have a stop moment in our lives, providing an opportunity to be honest about the way we are living and our lifestyle choices. Rates of illness and disease are increasing every year and a lot of these are labelled preventable diseases, is this not showing us that the way we are currently living is greatly harming for our body and to overall health and well-being.

  9. It is amazing how the press have completely and apparently deliberately missed the point about the truth of Serge Benhayon, who is promoting by reflection, a healthy living way (as the NHS and other organisations present) plus bringing in the understanding of energetic integrity and responsibility to the way we live, think and move creates illness and disease.
    “The NHS promote healthy eating and exercise, giving up smoking, being ‘drink-aware’, even basic safety in the home. Why? Because the way you live gives you the disease you get”.

  10. “What matters is taking responsibility for where we are right now, understanding we make our life, our health and our ill-health by the very choices we make in our day. It’s always our choice.” Some great words there, it is our choices and movements that we reflect through our body, good or bad.

  11. ” understanding we make our life, our health and our ill-health by the very choices we make in our day. ”
    This is very true Ariana, as a wise man said one time ” the way you live makes you ill or makes you joyful your choice “

  12. Taking care of our body and being willing to take responsibility for our health is a very loving thing to do. We tend to forget how intelligent and delicate our bodies are. It is worth looking after every inch of our body and cherish it like a new born baby.

  13. There is no secret that medicine is relating more and more lifestyle choices with conditions. So, if we work on the lifestyle choices side, we should be increasing our wellbeing. This is a mainstream conclusion now. What is not mainstream is what does truly means to live a healthy lifestyle. This is where Serge Benhayon enters and makes a huge difference as the wellbeing indicators of the students of Universal Medicine attest.

  14. I love the simplicity you bring Arianna which makes it that we can not deny the truth you bring. We can have resistance towards truth but we also know that it is our only way back to heaven.

  15. “What matters is taking responsibility for where we are right now, understanding we make our life, our health and our ill-health by the very choices we make in our day.” This truth not many are willing to hear thus the blaming, hate and war we keep having on this planet.

  16. Mainstream medicine and research now fully endorses the understanding that lifestyle and everyday choices are a significant factor in health and wellbeing. Serge Benhayon takes that understanding to a new level, offering an in depth look at the root cause of illness and disease.

  17. Taking responsibility for my health and well-being has seen an amazing turn around from exhaustion and depletion to living and fully participating in life in all sorts of ways. What Serge Benhayon presents shares and lives is tried, tested and proven by thousands of people. This should be making the media, this is what supports us all to live a quality of life that supports not only ourselves but communities and humanity as a whole. This is not a weird way to live it is a true way to live, it’s what we start out with from our essence when born, why wouldn’t we want to appreciate, nurture and expand this rather than dull and dismiss?

  18. “The way you live gives the disease you get.” This should be the next slogan for the NHS Ariana, maybe it will get people thinking about what this means and the responsibility they have towards their health.

  19. When we hear that the healthcare system is going bankrupt – what do we do? We blame the government for doing a shoddy job, don’t we? And when we go to a doctor, we behave as if it is the doctor’s job to fix the ailment. It is amazing the kind of front we put up in order to avoid our responsibilities.

  20. “Because the way you live gives you the disease you get”. The more we come to have a loving understanding of this process the better off we all will be as a society. It is not about blaming ourselves but it is about being willing to take responsibility for our choices.

  21. If we go into blaming genes for our ill health, then we are not wanting to look at the real reason, our living way, or lack thereof for being the cause. In other words, our choices are loveless.

  22. I love the simplicity of what you share here Ariana – we can change!!! “Why can’t we take responsibility for our bodies and our health? If we choose differently we will get different results.” It is really very simple, lifestyle illnesses are as a result of our lifestyle which we can choose to change. The point is we don’t want to so we don’t ask for a media that supports that change rather than feeds the comfort and therefore the potential for illness and disease.

  23. We can start to be more self-loving now and taking greater responsibility and care for ourselves…or we can wait until the health and social care situation is so dire that we are forced to do so. And when we do so, it is my sense that we will all wish we had done this long ago.

  24. In taking responsibility for our body and our choices, it makes sense that this will have a direct result on our health and allow the wisdom of our body to restore our natural balance and harmony.

  25. I agree Ariana, what truly matters is that we are able to initiate true and lasting change when we choose to take responsibility for our own health, by caring for our body and honouring what we are feeling.

  26. Knowing that how you live and the choices you make each day contribute to your health (or ill health) is actually very empowering. Now you know you can help yourself and are not just at the mercy of an illness.

  27. What I am starting to understand is that the media is our supplier, but we are demanding. In our homes, lives we prefer most of the time to not see, to not feel or hear where the reality is at – simply because it is painful and we prefer to not always wanna step out of the comfort, creation we have ordered in the first place. Hence we have been happy with that ‘unclear view; given by the media’. So, if we look more deeply into it – we need to take the view broader .. understanding that what we see is a reflection. A reflection of choices made my us, humanity. The wiser would be: observe that which is happening in your life and beyond, and be willing to see no matter what you yourself have created as part of it and what your responsibility that you have taken so far.
    At the same time, whilst seeing, appreciate your opening up and willingness to see truth and accept where things are at in your life, appreciate that which serves you truly and change that which is not truly working.

  28. ‘The way you live gives you the disease you get’.. we know how it feels when we bottle stuff up because we either want to numb ourselves to what’s going on, or we allow ourselves to feel how horrible it feels to be carrying all this unexpressed stuff around with us. It can often feel as if we’d rather die than express something, and that is what we’re doing – killing ourselves by bottling it up and keeping the yuck inside. When and if we do finally release it, we usually find the other person can more than handle it- but it’s our own judgments and neediness – needing others to be okay so we can feel okay- and old patterns of holding back, not trusting that what we have to say is needed or valuable, that so often gets in the way of saying what we can feel. The more we appreciate about ourselves, the more we value what we feel and trust it, it starts to naturally come out.

  29. The NHS is really coming apart at the seams now, it is totally overwhelmed with the amount of patients who come through their doors, many of whom need not have been there in the first place if there had been the responsible step of making different lifestyle choices to support their true wellbeing and health.

  30. It is so great that you bring this subject to discussion Ariana. The problem is clear. The health services, and here in the Netherlands, the hospitals are getting bankrupt. It is so much time to take our own responsibility to live in a different way and not just demand from the health industry and doctors to make us better or reduce the symptoms of our ill behaviors.

  31. Much of what Serge Benhayon presents about our lifestyle choices also gets coverage elsewhere – the difference is that The Ageless Wisdom presents a responsible way to live whereas the other material can be more easily shrugged off and put off. And because we know that it is about taking responsibility for our health and wellbeing, people react and want to shoot the messenger, in this case Serge Benhayon.

  32. Realising it is always our choice is very liberating yet there may be a period where we have to feel all of our past choices and knowing there were always choices, even when we pretended they weren’t, can be a little uncomfortable for a while.

  33. “– the way we live gives us our illness and disease.” And this is actually no news. But as you go on to say we do not want to take the responsibility for our own lives and rather prefer blaming anyone and anything for it. Life becomes so much better and joyful when we take the steps that are necessary to break out from the ill behaviours we are so inclined to. But how are we to find out when everybody holds onto what they are familiar with? So thank God that we have people who walk their talk and live a life dedicated to a truly loving way with themselves and everybody else.

  34. Yes Ariana and there is now more and more evidence for how we can lower the risk for getting many diseases simply by making better lifestyle choices. The NHS in England is trying very hard to educate the public, especially as they are struggling to cope with the rising demands on their services.

  35. I love blogs like these as they bring you back / remind you of the very clear and simple choices you are responsibly to make and know.

  36. Clear and simple and to the point – and true – I have a responsibility to make the very clear choices I feel and know everyday – and not go into a will I / won’t I debate in my head – this is being irresponsible. Imagine a world where everyone knew where they stood – and things were very clear with no emotional attachments, needs or abuse. Life would be very simple, super joyful and we would be far more vital and less ill than we are. Relationships would be so different too. In fact everything would be very very different to the current way we choose to live.

  37. We can’t expect the health systems to pick up the slack of our lifestyle choices, especially with limited financial resources. If we can make a difference to our own health then I feel that should be the primary education from the medical world to the public globally. We really need to take more responsibility for ourselves.

  38. And it’s this simple concept that we make our own choices that really sets us free. Since appreciating that every single choice I make has a consequence, either good or bad (for lack of better words), I’ve in turn been able to appreciate my role in self responsibility. I no longer can blame anyone for my misfortune (try as I might initially), because all I have to do is trace back a few steps and realise that the end result was a culmination of choices only I made. And the more aware of this I am the more I choose to live with energetic responsibility, and dare I say it, my life is far less dramatic and far more consistent, steady and enjoyable.

  39. Because the way you live gives you the disease you get.
    Such a simple and clear sentence about how it is.
    We like to talk around things in life and make it complex to avoid to feel the truth we all know.

  40. Until we realise that whatever we choose will be reflected though our bodies, we will continue to reject and avoid the responsibility for our health and well-being that each and every one of us holds. As such the degree of honesty in which we live will be what truly allows us to return to live in a way that is honouring of the vitally we all can naturally live. Through the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine there are many that now already are living in this way, consistently and with a joy that is very inspiring.

  41. In this case, the media is missing the point on purpose – because if they were to actually report the truth, that Universal Medicine students are turning their lives around, by being responsible for how they eat and how they live, then it would expose that the current way of living is not working.

    1. Very true Rachael and there are too many people that are heavily invested in a way of living that is not working, and therefore don’t want to hear the amazing changes that the Universal Medicine students have made to their lives and how this is inspiring others to do the same. We only have to look at the health statistics in the UK to know something is very wrong, with obesity and diabetes alone set to bring our health service down over the next decade or so, at what point are we going to stop and say enough is enough, and start to take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing.

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