Taking responsibility for our bodies and our health

by Ariana Ray, Dip. Applied Social Studies, CQSW, P.T.A. Safeguarding Professional, Wales, UK

The recent articles on Serge Benhayon in the press are entirely missing the point. The point being – the way we live gives us our illness and disease. I worked as a professional trainer for the NHS when they promoted the ‘Don’t bottle it up campaign’. There is a known correlation between ‘bottling it up’, heart disease and cancer. The NHS promote healthy eating and exercise, giving up smoking, being ‘drink-aware’, even basic safety in the home. Why? Because the way you live gives you the disease you get. 

Serge Benhayon is presenting the need to be responsible for the way you live, in the same way the NHS Health Promotion campaigns have been telling us for years. But people want someone to blame, they do not want to say – ‘I did this’ when the diagnosis of cancer or heart disease arrives. Why can’t we take responsibility for our bodies and our health? If we choose differently we will get different results. As it is, the NHS in the UK understands that it is facing bankruptcy unless people make changes as the care bill is set to exceed anything they have the resources to deal with.

All the sensationalism the media is imposing is just a smoke screen for what truly matters here, in front of our noses, and that is – we can change. In my own life I have proved that, as have so many others. They may mis-quote and confuse, but all the stories they make up just don’t matter.

What matters is taking responsibility for where we are right now, understanding we make our life, our health and our ill-health by the very choices we make in our day. It’s always our choice.

455 thoughts on “Taking responsibility for our bodies and our health

  1. In this case, the media is missing the point on purpose – because if they were to actually report the truth, that Universal Medicine students are turning their lives around, by being responsible for how they eat and how they live, then it would expose that the current way of living is not working.

  2. Until we realise that whatever we choose will be reflected though our bodies, we will continue to reject and avoid the responsibility for our health and well-being that each and every one of us holds. As such the degree of honesty in which we live will be what truly allows us to return to live in a way that is honouring of the vitally we all can naturally live. Through the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine there are many that now already are living in this way, consistently and with a joy that is very inspiring.

  3. Because the way you live gives you the disease you get.
    Such a simple and clear sentence about how it is.
    We like to talk around things in life and make it complex to avoid to feel the truth we all know.

  4. And it’s this simple concept that we make our own choices that really sets us free. Since appreciating that every single choice I make has a consequence, either good or bad (for lack of better words), I’ve in turn been able to appreciate my role in self responsibility. I no longer can blame anyone for my misfortune (try as I might initially), because all I have to do is trace back a few steps and realise that the end result was a culmination of choices only I made. And the more aware of this I am the more I choose to live with energetic responsibility, and dare I say it, my life is far less dramatic and far more consistent, steady and enjoyable.

  5. We can’t expect the health systems to pick up the slack of our lifestyle choices, especially with limited financial resources. If we can make a difference to our own health then I feel that should be the primary education from the medical world to the public globally. We really need to take more responsibility for ourselves.

  6. Clear and simple and to the point – and true – I have a responsibility to make the very clear choices I feel and know everyday – and not go into a will I / won’t I debate in my head – this is being irresponsible. Imagine a world where everyone knew where they stood – and things were very clear with no emotional attachments, needs or abuse. Life would be very simple, super joyful and we would be far more vital and less ill than we are. Relationships would be so different too. In fact everything would be very very different to the current way we choose to live.

  7. I love blogs like these as they bring you back / remind you of the very clear and simple choices you are responsibly to make and know.

  8. Yes Ariana and there is now more and more evidence for how we can lower the risk for getting many diseases simply by making better lifestyle choices. The NHS in England is trying very hard to educate the public, especially as they are struggling to cope with the rising demands on their services.

  9. “– the way we live gives us our illness and disease.” And this is actually no news. But as you go on to say we do not want to take the responsibility for our own lives and rather prefer blaming anyone and anything for it. Life becomes so much better and joyful when we take the steps that are necessary to break out from the ill behaviours we are so inclined to. But how are we to find out when everybody holds onto what they are familiar with? So thank God that we have people who walk their talk and live a life dedicated to a truly loving way with themselves and everybody else.

  10. Realising it is always our choice is very liberating yet there may be a period where we have to feel all of our past choices and knowing there were always choices, even when we pretended they weren’t, can be a little uncomfortable for a while.

  11. Much of what Serge Benhayon presents about our lifestyle choices also gets coverage elsewhere – the difference is that The Ageless Wisdom presents a responsible way to live whereas the other material can be more easily shrugged off and put off. And because we know that it is about taking responsibility for our health and wellbeing, people react and want to shoot the messenger, in this case Serge Benhayon.

  12. It is so great that you bring this subject to discussion Ariana. The problem is clear. The health services, and here in the Netherlands, the hospitals are getting bankrupt. It is so much time to take our own responsibility to live in a different way and not just demand from the health industry and doctors to make us better or reduce the symptoms of our ill behaviors.

  13. The NHS is really coming apart at the seams now, it is totally overwhelmed with the amount of patients who come through their doors, many of whom need not have been there in the first place if there had been the responsible step of making different lifestyle choices to support their true wellbeing and health.

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