Letter to the Media: I am one of hundreds, is our story not worth telling?

by Vanessa Hawthorne, Child Psychotherapist, UK

The real story is one of ordinary people making extraordinary changes to their physical and emotional lives. I for one no longer suffer from asthma (a lifelong condition with an attack seeing me taken to hospital only 8 years ago), or hay fever or exhaustion and am three stone lighter. My personal life is good, I remain married to the man I was with when I met Serge 9 years ago, I have a great job, a beautiful daughter, and I share my home with my sister. So just from that snippet, my story is the antithesis of the ‘wrong doing’ these anonymous men accuse Serge Benhayon of. I am one of hundreds, is our story not worth telling?

I have taken some time before I wrote about A Current Affair’s segment ‘Healing Community dubbed cult‘. I took this time because I was shocked by the presentation of the women, Serge Benhayon, and Universal Medicine. The obvious editing to support the ‘cult claim’. I have been searching for a word but all I come back to is, ‘embarrassing’. For a national broadcaster to behave in such a shoddy way, I am left saddened. The use of spiritual music, the tone of the presenter was laughably one sided, the cuts of Serge not actually being able to answer questions asked. But mostly how women were portrayed with their obvious stage fright at the beginning of the interview being used against them so they looked like brainwashed devotees was quite shocking and very unkind. Clearly this has been a very difficult time for the women involved, as they expressed a private matter. Of course I have faith in the general public’s ability to discern fact from fiction, so I trust that the truth will come out.

I read also with disbelief “The Da Vinci Mode” published August 25 in the SMH, Good Weekend. The title for the piece sets the tone of the journalist’s angle perfectly. Why am I again in disbelief? Firstly because it is an easy road to take – it doesn’t take much investigation to write in a way that infers such things as inappropriate relationships, odd practices etc without presenting the whole other side of the story. Secondly, there is a real story to be told here if you had just scratched below the surface.

So what is the truth? In the 9 years of attending presentations of Serge Benhayon at Universal Medicine courses I have never once been contacted by them, until I asked to be put on their mailing lists for notification of when practitioners come to the UK. Not once in the beginning did Serge or anyone from Universal Medicine call me and let me know what courses were happening. I have paid for everything I have attended. I did not change any of my lifestyle choices for a good four years before I felt in my body that I could no longer ignore how I felt after consuming ‘x, y, z’. Not once did Serge judge me for drinking, eating dairy, gluten etc. I was welcomed with the same love as everyone else. The rest of the story is that I now weigh 3 stone less, have a great life balance, and remain married. I am discovering more wonderful ways of expressing myself as a woman. Universal Medicine practitioners have presented consistently that there is another way to live your life; one that is harmonious, loving, and joyful. I have watched, learnt and discovered things for myself that work. It is an unfolding into being ‘all of me’ and it is awesome.

In my experience of Universal Medicine there IS a story to be told. I have a passport photo that was taken 10 years ago, and in my current one that I had taken for the renewal I look 10 years younger – well maybe not 10 years but certainly A LOT younger and a whole lot prettier and healthier. The bloating around my face has gone due to the loss of 3 stone, but as a friend said the other day ‘it’s in the eyes’. I look like a terrified little girl in the 2001 picture, in 2012 my eyes reflect something else back – love, confidence, a twinkle. My life is so different from where I was in 2002 and that is a consequence to listening to Serge present and over time trying out some of those things that made sense.

200 thoughts on “Letter to the Media: I am one of hundreds, is our story not worth telling?

  1. Embarrassing indeed. What does it say about us the general public if the media thinks that they can get away with the lies they keep presenting?

  2. ‘The real story is one of ordinary people making extraordinary changes to their physical and emotional lives.’ Absolutely there are many people who have changed there lifestyles, made more loving choices and now their lives are extraordinarily different to how they were.

  3. It is not worth telling because it wouldn’t sell as it wouldn’t confirm the reader that what the reader is doing is the one true correct way.

  4. It would be interesting to weight the percentage of reporting on wrong doings vs. right living. If we go there, we would be able to discern clearly that you cannot report a case of right living as wrong doing and will inspire many to change the way they live. Journalism is not being a right living promoter.

  5. We are the walking, loving results of living “The way of the Livingness’. We shine, we emanate, we love, we make mistakes, we are willing to see life and it’s many layers. We are students of life walking back to the love we are all from. Now that’s a story worth looking into.

    1. ”We are the walking, loving results of living’ I love it Kim. The proof of the truth we live is in the reflection of our life, and the benefits we freely live are unquestionable..

  6. This story keeps expanding as well as there is even more lived experience of people’s own choice. It is truly a story or people choosing a return to well-being, vitality and energetic responsibility for their lives. A contrast to how the majority of humanity are living their day to day life – as becoming well documented in the media.

  7. There is definitely a story to be told. You only have to meet a group of Universal Medicine students to witness the verve, energy, love and care that emanates from them. And yes, it’s in the eyes.

  8. When the media becomes biased it is a total abuse of the general public as the role of the media is to present facts and not what they decide is true or false.

  9. Why disbelief? To me the disbelief is because in our hearts and in our essence we are innately loving beings and biased, inaccurate and ‘shoddy’ reporting does not honour this truth. Where does the desire to belittle, undermine and humiliate others arise from? Where does the belief come from that it is ok to create such one-sided ‘news’ stories? What would make people who are in truth part of the family that is humanity, treat each other with such disrespect? And where does the demand for such fabrications come from? Serge Benhayon is offering us all the gift of our true selves and it is a wonderful way to live. I suppose the only way to know the truth is to have the courage to try it for ourselves and see what all the ‘fuss’ is about.

  10. I love how you describe that a national broadcaster is behaving in a “shoddy way”. You really expect better from a television show that is broadcast daily to the entire country. But the sad fact is much (who really knows how much, it could be all) of what is broadcast is about ratings and generating advertising money. Australians are tuning in for sensationalism. Are they asking if its true or not? Possibly not… and hence the television station is able to continue on their path of sensationalism rather than truth.

    1. Yes it is sad but sensationalism is where it’s at. Rather than report truth the media want to sell stories. However without public demand these wouldn’t sell. So-called reality TV shows are popular in the U.K. The TV company chooses people who will clash in some way and provide sensationalist ‘entertainment’. And people watch. Like soaps, does this provide a distraction from the reality of their (our) own lives?

  11. It is very difficult to find true investigative reporting anymore. More than ever, media has consumed itself to the point of almost no return, where sensationalism is nearly always the news of the day.

  12. I am constantly amazed at how much anything can be twisted and portrayed in a different light simply by how it is expressed and presented.

  13. If we were able to collate all of the stories of the students of Universal Medicine, there will be an instant realization that lives of plenty of wrong-doing have turned since meeting Serge Benayon into lives of ‘right-doing’. If this is the case, and it is, what does this fact tell about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine?

  14. It’s great to see these real life accounts and it would seem we are too busy these days to take in the real facts of any given situation. We have been almost programmed to see life in headlines and from this perspective we all play a part. This isn’t to diminish the responsibility of someone writing and printing the stories but to also see how we all live within this is important. What I take from this is to continue to live the way I live, taking more and more care of myself and those around me. I have no need to explain who I am but simply keep living with a consistent deep level of true care and allow everyone to see this. I remember always, and still now, hearing stories and what I practise is always doing my ‘investigation’. It’s not interrogations but when something is mentioned to me I look at everything, the timing, the sharing, the feeling, the content, the responsibility for the person sharing and then I may go to the who. However, I won’t just go to the end without making sure I take the deep care I live with, to every part. Stories are written for us to jump to the end and to be honest they are only reflecting how we all live. If we don’t all start and continue to live present then we can never truly call something like this up. We expose things from how we are with them, not trying to get others to see them but by living them already and then we are what we are saying.

  15. There is a real story to be told about Universal Medicine, except it doesn’t seem to be one that sells quite as well. It seems saying something is a cult and making up things (or simply believing and not investigating people who do make things up) is the preference. Truth seems to have lost out to what will sell.

  16. “The real story is one of ordinary people making extraordinary changes to their physical and emotional lives.” It is a simple way of living that is so much needed in this world.

  17. The beauty in sharing our lives choices is here in the sparkle in ones eyes. Take time to look around, wherever you see that sparkle, watch, listen, learn and maybe live for self what is seen.

  18. Thanks for sharing your story Vanessa, I am one of the many who has also benefited greatly from the work of Serge Benhayon with significant health improvements and feeling so much better in myself on every level. My relationships are all actually much better than they were before I found Universal Medicine. I saw the story on A Current Affair news program, it was released just before I was due to fly up to meet Serge and study with him for the first time. The program’s story was very shoddy and had massive holes in it, even to someone like me who had not met Serge prior. I still flew up to meet Serge and attend his workshop and thank goodness I did because my life is 100 times better now than it was back then. Incredibly irresponsible for the media to lie the way they did – utter corruption.

  19. One day our story will be told and people will be ready to hear it. For now the head in the sand approach is prevailing with everyone thinking that their life is ok and mostly not caring about their brothers with cancer. The so long as I don’t have it life is fine syndrome. Life is far from fine. Almost everyone is carrying at least one illness and many multiple ones and cancer is affecting around 1 in 2 people directly and if you consider cancer in your family and friends, cancer must affect every single one of us. We are a very unhealthy species which is getting more and more unhealthy with every day that passes. Is the head in the sand an intelligent response to what is happening?

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