Where are the men?

by RMM, Australia

I saw the latest media mention of Serge Benhayon on A Current Affair and I was wondering: Where are the men? The TV show mentioned Serge and his 1,000 female followers, but there are about 40 men for every 100 women that are there as well. Didn’t the journalists see the men? If this is a cult where the women abandon their men to be with their ‘one idealised male’, then what are the men doing there? Are they doormats who will do anything to hang on to their women, or are they hyena-like, feeding on the leftovers that Serge makes available?

This entire narrative, wherein professional and highly scientifically trained women abandon themselves to a charismatic man en-masse, and where the men who are there can’t even be mentioned, is so beautifully absurd it defies description.

What Serge offers – and for various reasons about 5 women incorporate it into their lives for every 2 men that do – is a reliable truth detector, and he shows how to apply this truth detector for ourselves.

Serge could have shown this truth detector in other areas like the arts or philosophy, but those who are very sick simply have the greatest readiness for truth, so Serge started out as a healer.

I am a healthy male businessman who is now working as a professional, and I have been doing Serge’s courses in Australia for the last eight years, together with my wife of 20 years.

The reason?

Serge is all about the truth. When I first found out about Serge, I could not believe that somebody would know so much truth and could do it so easily, as if the truth was just there for him, without any effort. I had a lot of doubts and I asked a LOT of questions. I looked at my questions and those of others, and I looked at Serge’s answers to these questions mathematically, and Serge’s answers stood up.

As well as that, I thoroughly investigated the possibility that this was the most sophisticated scam that I have ever encountered, and I found no evidence whatsoever.

My life also improved out of sight. I enjoy that.

216 thoughts on “Where are the men?

  1. And since this was written there are a huge number of men in the Universal Medicine student body. I don’t know the proportion, but there is no question that men choose the path of truth too, to the great benefit of us all.

  2. It is sophistically twisted to say ‘his 1,000 female followers’ purposely said to hook the reader into believing something that is not true. There are no followers. Fact. There are however many people, men and women who feel the truth in what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present and not only that can feel the transparency and integrity not only in Serge’s words but how he lives. The spotlight should instead be put on those who are spreading lies and false rumours so these can be exposed in turn having no hold over another.

  3. Thank you RMM for telling it how it is. And I have noticed more and more men at the presentations, there are still more women than men but I remember going to New Age talks and courses and the ratio was far smaller than it is here now attending Serge Benhayon’s presentations. I see so many people’s lives change for the better and I enjoy that too.

  4. The tenderness of men in the student body will not be allowed to be presented in the media for some time – far too exposing of the way in which we have all lived, and some continue to live with.

  5. This shows that journalists who have written about Serge Benhayon have images in their minds of experiences with gurus where strange things may have happened. They have to understand, though, that many of the people attending Universal medicine events were sick and tired of running into groups that at the end of the day were about abuse and have no toleration whatsoever for anything that even resemble it. A lot of other people too who are highly educated and skeptics, would have simply not accepted to receive teachings from someone that even hint at deception. So, Universal Medicine students are not abused and deceived, but radars of abuse and deception.

  6. Its so easy for a journalist to make up stories rather than write the truth through experience. If only they would attend the courses and speak to the men themselves they would know that the men attend the courses as openly as women and mainly because of the truth that is shared by Serge. it is the truth that Serge shares that brings more people to the workshops and courses.

  7. I love the matter-of-factness of your contribution about Serge Benhayon and the media treatment of him and Universal Medicine. It is called confirmation bias: you make up your mind about what exactly you are going to write, which angle you are going to come from and anything that doesn’t fit (like the truth) gets filtered out, bingo.

  8. “When I first found out about Serge, I could not believe that somebody would know so much truth and could do it so easily, as if the truth was just there for him, without any effort.” Serge lives in a way he can consistently and constantly access this truth or intelligence. The truth or this intelligence is just there. It is all around us the all-knowings of the universe. When I hear this fact, and accept it, it brings a confidence I can align too. An awareness “Am I allowing it?” A presence I can be with. A truth-full choice in every moment.

  9. Thank you RMM for your story, I have found in the student body that the men are making their presence felt, with more men attending. At a recent presentation nine beautiful tender sensitive men got up on stage to read the sermon, it was a delight and joy to hear from the men in our community.

  10. Yes there are many gorgeous men who attend Universal Medicine events one of whom I am lucky enough to be married to. Also many relationships thrive at Universal Medicine and mine has certainly gone from good, to great to super awesome!

  11. Thank you RMM. I have been a student of Universal Medicine for over 10 years and have met many beautiful, tender, powerful men who are also students as we rediscover the truth of the all with the inspiration and teachings of Serge Benhayon.

  12. This blog makes a great point. It is not the case that there is no need to bring truth to every human activity. Yet, those that are sick are those that are more open to it. That is why servicing them is a great way to start changing the world from below.

  13. Interesting how the media only see and prints what they want too. If they understood the truth of what Serge Benhayon brings and offers humanity as a whole, maybe they would not be so quick to judge, and they would defend him, rather than print what they do, there are plenty of men who are inspired by the loving way Serge Benhayon lives.

  14. There are so many beautiful men part of Universal Medicine!
    Just because Serge Benhayon honours women so deeply does not mean he does not care about men, he cares deeply about everyone and everything that is happening on this plane of life and men can feel it, that’s why there are more and more of them participating in the presentations on offer.

  15. With so many highly sophisticated scams and cons being played out in all areas of life it makes absolute sense that people investigate things as they feel to, but the greatest proof that something is of truth is the when you along with many other people, have their lives transformed not by beliefs but by living the principles presented. I am still in awe some 15 years later so it does not surprise me of the numerous men and women who choose to attend.

  16. It’s laughable how desperate the media are for an angle, so desperate they need to create them. Yes, there are more women than men that attend workshops and presentations, but so what? And, in saying that, the volume of men attending has only increased annually, because guess what….they can feel the equality and their worth in taking caring of themselves and that that’s not just reserved for women.

  17. There are lots and lots of men benefiting from the Universal Medicine courses and workshops. I know many of them and all the one’s that I know have changed hugely as a result and that change is profoundly for the better. More healthy, more vital, more tender, more loving than they were before when most like myself were trying to be something that they were not.

    1. Beautifully said Doug – there is a beautiful equality amongst the participants at Universal Medicine events, there is no ‘I’m a man and act like this and you’re a woman so you have to do this’ – it’s very much a place of understanding our essence first and both sexes are able to melt into the androgyny of the Soul and express who they are, no holds barred.

  18. Women can be more open to looking at themselves and the prospect of making more self-loving choices, so it makes sense that there could be more women attending courses and presentations by Universal Medicine. In my experience, there are many men at these events too and the men are just as expressive and prepared to surrender to who they are within as the women are, sometimes even more so!

  19. “Serge could have shown this truth detector in other areas like the arts or philosophy, but those who are very sick simply have the greatest readiness for truth, so Serge started out as a healer.” This is so true, the very sick are usually ready to hear the truth as they have nothing to lose, which is why at that point they are willing to give anything a go and if that means being open to accepting the truth.

  20. To me such statements by the media suggest that misogyny is alive and well thriving in not just the media but in the minds of men and women. To suggest women are mindless twits that slavishly follow one man, a supposed “cult leader”, is so bizarre and ridiculous that the media should have been laughed out of town. Unfortunately people must take this dribble seriously which exposes the fact that people still hold quite sexist beliefs including that women are unable to think for themselves and are easily influenced. What a harmful and disturbing story the media have created here. And as a woman who has patronised the business of Serge Benhayon now since 2012 I have the authority of personal experience to state such truths. The media with all its agenda, corruption and lies could be more realistically likened to a cult with its intentional manipulative influence over the publics way of thinking.

  21. Thank you for writing this. The truth is the men who have been attending Serge Benhayon’s presentations have gotten more and more open and tender and easy to be around and at the same time have become empowered and strengthened from the way they have chosen to live and align to this work and in turn these men inspire other men.A beautiful process.

  22. The men in the esoteric community are something to be celebrated and should be front page news. I used to have such issues with men, and treated them horribly. The men in the community have helped me restore my trust in men through the respect, decency and honouring they have shown me. With their support I can now see the loveliness in all men again and no longer keep them away with a bar pole.

  23. We only see what we want to see. It’s like watching a movie or reading a book for the second time and you see a part you didn’t see the first time. It’s not that it’s a different movie or book but it’s that your awareness has grown. Or you drive the same route to work everyday and then one day you see a tree that you have never noticed before and you swear it was never there before. The way we are or the way we live directly impacts our view. We don’t see things or images we receive them and so we colour our world the way we want it to look. What I am saying here is that no matter what is said or is being said people only look from how they want things to be. In this day and age the truth of it takes a back seat and it’s always about a perception, which is only a part. If someone can’t see me then jumping up and down in front of them isn’t going to change their view. The only thing I can do is keep doing my part, deeper and deeper in what I am truly feeling and allow everything else to be. Understanding that I still hold perceptions of things and in that we all hold things at different levels. I am not saying we allow things like someone’s perception to stand, but we live what we are seeing needs to change and live it ongoing deeper and deeper and in that the way we go about things is already clearing the way for others to see.

  24. It is so easy to listen to hear say, but one has to feel it, live it and see it for them selves before judging something. One can definitely not deny that their lives improve after they meet Serge and listen to his presentation.

  25. “Where are all the men?’ A Current affair asked. In my experience at all the Universal Medicine presentations, courses and workshops I have attended they are sitting next to the women and learning exactly the same thing that we are. At the time the journalist made claims of 1000 female followers and asked where the men are, and you RMM who actually attended the presentations said 40% were men -that’s a big discrepancy that deceives the general public with a very skewed and inaccurate story. It is such a shame when a journalist presents in a biased and misleading way for others believe what they say and then spread what they were told was true to others and so the circulation gossip goes on and on….

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