A letter to A Current Affair: ‘Give humanity a chance to feel for themselves’

by Jane, UK

I watched your 5 minute slot on ‘Healing Community dubbed cult‘. I realised while watching it why the media gets such a bad name, and why many of us do not trust the media. This 5 minutes seemed to want to dig a certain angle for a story about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and with a ‘dog to a bone’ approach, even with what was presented, they manufactured a ‘bone’ – in this case the bone being ‘cult’. Equally what I felt was misrepresented was that it seemed to focus on women ‘followers’.

It is a shame that your news journalists did not choose to be open to the truth of what is really offered by Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine Practitioners. In time, there will be a journalistic team who will be open to the full truth and ready to then present that to humanity. This would offer humanity a great service. Illness and disease globally is sky rocketing on all counts. Society feels this, and knows there is something amiss. Give humanity a chance to see there is another way. This is all about practical simple truths, opening us to the fact that we as a humanity have not been taking care of ourselves even on the most simple day to day level. New technology or rockets to the moon will never support this, nor reduce the ‘sky rocketing’ illness and disease figures.

What will support humanity is more people like Serge Benhayon willing to offer simple practical truths.

In the UK you may know that we have had a number of investigations and now court cases into the scurrilous and unscrupulous ways the media and journalists have either misrepresented the truth, or in digging for dirt, have skewed what they find. This is all for sensationalism, to sell their newspapers or TV companies, and to compete with other journalists and so on. I can honestly say that for me, A Current Affair and their news/media team now join my ever increasing list of scurrilous and unscrupulous reporters.

I have known Serge Benhayon, his family, Universal Medicine and the practitioners in Australia for over 8 years. I have travelled over there for treatments and to attend workshops. I am 50 years old, work in two universities and a number of hospitals, where I offer leadership, management, and team building support, as well as implementing national government policy, and undertake research studies. I know too well that it is important to get the facts, and it is important to investigate when things need investigation, or when things don’t feel all that they seem to be. I am all for a fair investigation and a fair representation of the facts found, and sound fact finding. What I feel in the case of this program is that whilst the journalist did go to visit Universal Medicine, he went with a fixed agenda, and then funneled everything he found into his own funnel (a sensationalist funnel of ‘cult’).

Here I offer what I have discerned through my own experience in regards the real and true story of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine:

1. There is no cult. Each of us attend anything we feel to and when we feel to of our own volition, paying a fee (just as I do when I attend any of my professional development activities for my work). Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine Practitioners have never once told me what to do, or told me to be a certain way, or even tried to make me see things in a certain way. In fact whenever I have asked Serge Benhayon for a solution or guidance he has always said something along the lines of  ‘you will know’ or  ‘it is for you to choose, and for you to feel what your own solution is’. I have never been asked to give any money to Universal Medicine or any of my income either. I just pay for any workshops I attend, like anyone else in society who goes along to a workshop of any sort.

2. Both men and women attend: In UK and in Europe, Canada, USA and Australia I have met both men and women who attend the presentations and workshops. These people are from all walks of life: carpenters, photographers, managers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, catering assistants, shop assistants, internal decorators, mums, dads, students, as well as many children of all ages. They are of mixed ages, some single, some married, some widowed, some with children, some without – what you might call a balanced representation of any society.

3.  Professional code of ethics: In my Phd I studied codes of professional practice and ethics. I have yet to find a code of professional conduct and ethics as thorough, and of such integrity as the EPA which is the code of professional conduct/ethics that the Universal Medicine/Serge Benhayon practice from. I have never in 8 years ever met a higher standard of personal and professional ethics anywhere. I am continuously amazed at the lack of ethics in other places where I work, e.g. some of the corporate board teams I work with. I have never had even the faintest sniff of a lack of ethical practice or mal practice with Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine Practitioners.

4. Simple tools for better health: I have used traditional medicine/pharmaceuticals for many years. When I met Serge Benhayon I’d had endometriosis for 30 years and was constantly exhausted with many other ailments and maladies. My physical body was not well, even with the medical and pharmaceutical support I had received. What Serge Benhayon presents are simple truths, and truths that we all know deep inside of our own physical bodies. He presents a simple reminder that our bodies hold the key to changing our own lives, for ourselves, and can be used as a guide. We know when we have over eaten, worked too hard etc, but we don’t pay attention or choose to take responsibility for this. What Serge Benhayon has presented for me is the simplicity of why my physical body felt so retched and why I always felt so tired. I simply did not take care of myself, and this self care and self-nurture is what I have been learning from the presentations and workshops. Simple practical tools and techniques that help me in my daily living to take better care of myself. And it works – I no longer have endometriosis, I no longer have painful periods (having had them for 30 years), my skin has cleared up, I no longer have asthma or sinusitis, and I no longer feel exhausted. In fact I feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life – and my body feels great.  All of these changes have been made by me – no one has ever told me to make changes.  I have made them because I realised that I wasn’t taking personal responsibility for the way I felt. Now that I do that, I feel very self empowered, particularly as all of the changes in my body have been made by me.

143 thoughts on “A letter to A Current Affair: ‘Give humanity a chance to feel for themselves’

  1. I agree – the real scoop is right here, and the media keeps missing it – that really is a shame. There is a story the entire humanity deserves to know.

  2. Many hundreds of people have turned their lives around, not because Serge told them that they needed to do anything specifically but because each individual has themselves made changes to their lives, and made a commitment to making tender loving choices, that have resulted in some spectacular changes.

  3. How do people completely turn their lives around from poor mental and physical health to being healthy and feeling vital, amazing, fulfilled, and committed – now that is something I would love to read about or watch on the news.

  4. Yes Jane, there is no doubt whatsoever that a time will come (in fact on some level it is already happening) when the truth will be told in the media. It may not be in a way that we expect but none the less truth will be exposed. In the mean time I will continue on my path of unfolding and not be affected by what I know to be lies.

  5. A ‘Healing Community’ should only by judged by its real capacity to heal themselves and what they bring to the community at large. Other than it is smokescreen aimed at reducing the truth that is on offer here.

  6. Giving humanity a chance to see there is another way is in response to what humanity is calling for. The reason this might seem like a problem is if there was an investment in the disharmonious way people are living and where this looks like heading.

    1. That’s the point Sandra. Only if there is an investment in a way of life where people are living a lesser version of themselves, can be seen as a problem what is in fact the solution.

  7. I take my hat off to you. Firstly, turning around endometriosis is quite something, to do it with self-care and focusing on supporting yourself and dealing with any underlying issues is something that should be studied because it would be far more cost effective and empowering than the relentless pain and helplessness experienced every month by women who have not been offered this awareness. The EPA code of ethics you mention has been one I have lived to as a practitioner and as a mother, professional worker, member of the community. It is a guide for a responsible way of life.

  8. The code of ethics for Universal Medicine practitioners is world class, and possibly the most stringent there is anywhere. This would have been a great story to tell.

  9. It is not hard to discern what the media presents. In this case, the lighting, the music, the questioning gave it away as a story with a set angle that was being portrayed. It was quite clear from the get go it was not investigative journalism.

  10. In our society today we are taught to disregard the body and give all the focus to the mind, we are even applauded if we achieve things at the cost of the body (like climbing Mt. Everest), nobody seems to really care about the body only when a serious disease gets us and even then we often shrug our shoulders, thinking it is just faith, and keep living in the same way as always. Serge Benhayon questions this behaviour and suggests to listen to the body and live from and in accordance with the body – this of course challenges everything we have learned, but it has nothing to do with a cult, in fact it makes total sense when looking deeper into it.

  11. It is difficult to trust a media that is largely sold out and willing to twist, invent story, knowingly publish lies all without a care for the consequences to innocent people. I feel sure that there will one day be a desire to clean up this rot and for the media to become a vehicle for truth. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for this.

  12. Thank you Jane for sharing the truth on the facts that have been misrepresented. This clearly shows the level at which journalism will go to sell a story to the general public. The lies are all used to avoid the truth of what Universal Medicine has bought so many over the years. Why haven’t Current Affair reported on the changes of hundreds of people that has supported their health, well being, relationships, work and have made pivotal changes to support the wider community in many ways?

  13. Thank you Jane for sharing that which is actually so clear and true.. only those who choose to have a blurry vision will not see. But it is very important to address the matter as there have been many scurrilous lies made about one absolute truth that is : Universal Medicine brings One and True healing business, its only purpose is to support our humanity. So everything else spoken about it are simple lies.

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