We Need to Honor a New ‘Normal’

by Susannah Williams, Somerset, UK

Even though I’m only 12 years old, there is so much going on at school. Quite a lot of the girls in my year are already smoking, some are coming to school with hangovers and bragging about how much they drunk last night and how their mum bought them as much alcohol as they wanted for their birthday party. I wouldn’t have been calling any of this stuff ‘abnormal’ if it hadn’t been for me attending Universal Medicine presentations – I would probably be doing it too!

I’m called ‘weird’ at school but what I see are kids not knowing what they are doing and not being bothered to stop for a second and say “hey, maybe I don’t need to swear in this sentence, maybe I should see what that feels like.” Or “before I agree to date this guy, what does he feel like to me, has he ever shown any interest in me before, or does he just want to go out with me because I’m single and he just wants a girlfriend whoever she is?”

There is so much need to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend at school, something to identify yourself with. Some relationships only last a couple of days, sometimes even a few hours! If a boy asks me out and I say no, everyone is so shocked by it, usually girls go out with whoever they can.

It’s great having all the other teens connected to UniMed to share with. I love keeping in contact with my friends from Australia as well, they are a great support and it’s very interesting to hear what they are experiencing in their schools as well.

Meeting Serge has made an enormous impact on my life. If I hadn’t met him I would be lost in all of this and would probably be fitting in to the so called ‘normal’ crowd in society.

We need to start replacing that ‘normal’ with a true, joy-full and glorious way of living.

356 thoughts on “We Need to Honor a New ‘Normal’

  1. Susannah it is so beautiful and inspiring to read your blog, how you have chosen to stand up for yourself and not get caught in what others are doing. You have connected to what feels true and not let your friends persuade you otherwise. The support you have from Universal Medicines is priceless, I wish I had this when I was growing up, as like you I knew and felt a lot during my teen times, but because I had no one to connect with and share what I was feeling, I was not able to stand up for myself, so had to join the groups otherwise I was bullied and pushed out of the group. In those days this felt horrible and so I eventually just went along with the crowd. Now I am working on healing my life for all the choices I made many years back and since, to return to my truth.

  2. Normal could be seen as an acronym Never Open Rarely Met Always Lonely. And yet we all align and aspire to that. Look at the world; if that is normal, then we are in deep, deep trouble and I for one don’t want anything to do with that version of normal.

  3. It is quite true Susannah, this ‘right of passage’ is accepted as normal but it is so abusive to still developing organs that can have an impact on our health for the rest of our lives. Relationships in those early years can lay foundations for interactions and relationships that lead all the way through our adult life. The conversations you can have just offer a pause to ask is this really what I want or not, which is a very good thing!!!

  4. I totally agree with you Susannah – to me it seems like the outside world is not really up to date knowing what is really going on at school and me included. What you share sounds pretty shocking and I wonder if all the children’s parents are aware of the environment the children have to be in while at school.

  5. And aren’t we all totally blessed that you haven’t gone done the road of fitting in, with the support of Universal Medicine! You are an amazing woman Susannah, from meeting you I can totally understand how you were writing this at the tender age of 12. What an awesome reflection you were for your classmates then and have continued to be throughout your schooling… powerfully showing another true way to live.

  6. So true Susannah, we have to claim back our true ‘normal’. Because it can not be that drunken 12-years old are ‘normal’. Or to be sexual molested is ‘normal’. Or having eating disorders is ‘normal’. Just because many people live like that, does not make it normal!
    The dictionary says, normal is what is standard or the common. I disagree. This way of seeing it has brought us into trouble…immense trouble! Time to get another view. Therefore we have to give up our comfortable stable position, have to move. Are we willing to do so, or do we want to stay were we are and so accept the ongoing downfall of our society? Do we accept the so called ‘normal’?

  7. Susannah, this is so refreshing and inspiring to read. That at 12 years old, you can be wise enough to not get sucked in to the world of ‘normal’ that surrounds you. That you have the awareness and the inner-strength to know that there is a way of being in the world that is far more normal than what is presented to you. That you have willingness to stand up for what is true. I agree with you in full – ‘We need to start replacing that ‘normal’ with a true, joy-full and glorious way of living’

  8. Awesome Suzie – it is great to hear that in the face of the many pressures young people are experiencing today that you have the foundation within yourself to hold true to what you want and what feels right for you.

  9. What an inspiration you are Susannah! I wish I had met Serge when I was your age. It would have saved me a lot of angst, pain and suffering. Fortunately though I have met him now and have replaced what is crazily considered normal for a much more loving and sustainable way of living that is full of joy.

  10. What you have shared here Susannah is a way of living that may not be deemed by some as ‘normal,’ but what you are living is showing others especially your peers that there is another way to look, be and live everyday and that is truly inspiring. Thank you.

  11. What a shining role model you are Susannah. And fancy saying no when a boy asks you out? How marvellous that you are not just going to accept anyone simply to fit in with what all the other girls are doing. You are sending a clear message that they too have a choice, even though right now it’s not the norm.

  12. I remember when I was young and was usually deemed weird by my friends to as I did not drink, smoke or party and yet it felt right to me the way I chose to live. I now appreciate these choices and the commitment I made for myself way back then, as it shows the world that there is another way to be, express and live. Universal Medicine is a way of living and learning for life and that’s the beauty of choice, because we all have that accessibility always.

  13. It is very easy to not question what is considered ‘normal’ when we are part of it. Every step away from what is normal makes it clearer and clearer to see the array of choices on offer on whether something is normal or just something that many people participate in. Not being ‘normal’ comes with a lot of attention as well, as for every person that says no to what the majority are choosing makes normal look not so normal. Choosing something that harms our body and leaves us feeling less has never been normal, yet we have twisted the meaning of normal so that our ill behaviours are not questioned.

  14. Susannah I do remember feeling the same at school at your age and yet said nothing and just acted as if it was ok. I wonder how many other young people feel the same and think the same about it? Do I regret not speaking out about it? Absolutely. I got lost in it as you mention, for years, and found it does not stop when school ends -people do not grow up, they just grow older. I have appreciated every day since first connecting with Universal Medicine and my decision to sit up, take notice, listen and apply the wisdom to my life. I am still amazed just how great life can be when you listen to that inner voice instead of ignore it.

  15. Susannah I love the way you refreshing choose to set yourself a new normal based on what feels right for you rather than just going along with everyone else. Yes that will cause a stir, like an eddy current in the flow but that will give others the chance to stop and think about the choices they have too.

  16. Susannah you are totally exposing the fact that the abnormal of today all too often is being considered normal. We definitely need to honor a new way. Well said.

  17. Knowing you now, 4 years later on, It is absolutely STUNNING to see how you have taken this way of living and claimed it in full

  18. We are made from love and therefore it is normal to express this and very abnormal to not. Yet as a global society we have got it all around the wrong way hence the ensuing misery we accept and condone as if we have no choice. When we as a humanity wake up and see the lie that we have for so long chosen to live, Heaven will be revealed once more and we will not allow ourselves to settle for anything less than this our most natural expression.

  19. Thank you Susannah for setting the record straight and setting out a new normal.. Feels so good. Being a student of life myself, and young in age, I can say and tell that this is very much true.. We are used to not know ourselves and from there get all things and strings attached, whilst running around in anxious distress looking to find what we are missing – trying to replace it for anything we can. Until we do feel that it is not right and we have to set our record straight and come back to truth. From there everything will enfold and we know who we are everyday more..

  20. Such pressure to conform to a normal at school, my experience was that as soon as I left school all that stuff started to lessen greatly, there was no longer such pressure to fit in and much more freedom to make your own choices. But that depends on the friends you choose and how strong you are able to stick true to what you believe and perhaps how sucked in you get to conforming. I would say it is pretty hard to want to stand out and see the normal as really unloving and disregarding. I would imagine that there are many peers of Susannah who look on enviously at the choices she has been making.

  21. ‘We need to start replacing that ‘normal’ with a true, joy-full and glorious way of living’ Yes absolutely and we can all do this however old we are.

  22. Normal? Once upon a time it was normal to have slaves, and normal to kill other human beings for entertainment. The greatest thing we can do is question what is normal, for it is what we call “normal” that serves to keep the illusion of life going around and around and around.

  23. What ‘normal’ means has often come from what society in general is doing, yet this is forever changing and never truly representing all of us, and how we all can live harmoniously. What is truly normal is the love we are within, the light of our Soul, from which all that is lived from here is a truth we all know and understand. I agree Susie that we need to honor a true/new normal, one the represents all that we naturally and Divinely are within, and are here to lovingly live together.

  24. It feels so great to be able to redefine what ‘normal,’ means and to bring a greater depth and understanding to ourselves from undoing old ways and patterns of living that may not be serving us to live healthy and vital lives. A new normal for each and everyone of us starts with our choice to make a change.

  25. I love what you share here Susannah and how you are at ease with swimming against the current. The affects of alcohol on the growing brain are well documented and parents often choose to pander to keeping their kids on-side rather than explain the consequences of any of these behaviours on their mental and physical health. The link between alcohol and depression for example is well documented and with youth suicide on the increase with no true understanding of the cause it would be wise for us to look to any avenue of support and honesty to address what is actually going on.

  26. There is an amazing strength and power in your expression. How awesome it would be if all young men and women had this much wisdom and dedication to what is true and truly loving. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are bringing a whole “new” way of being and interacting with the world, a way that is honoring of a new normal that IS a joy-full and glorious way of living.

  27. I second that Susanna – what we call normal has become a pretty twisted ordeal. Normal should mean more like natural not what everyone else is doing. What you are doing is actually normal and the other behaviours that you describe are far from normal.

  28. Hear, hear Susannah, what kind of world regards feeding 12 years olds poison normal? Alcohol is a known poison; the fact that it causes a hangover is evidence enough without even going to the effects on the brain, the liver, the nervous system and the kidneys . . . then have a cigarette and talk to the lungs. We have to ask our body what is normal for our body knows without a doubt that it would go “with a true, joy-full and glorious way of living” over what is considered ‘normal’ these days.

  29. The difference is love; and because this word and many others have lost their meaning we have a new normal we all have accepted as normal. The media and education has added to this foray of not knowing how to be and what the truth is in having a relationship with self first.

  30. I loved reading what you have shared here Susannah, as your new normal which is a powerful reflection your bring to your school mates and the world.

  31. “We need to start replacing that ‘normal’ with a true, joy-full and glorious way of living.” Susie, you are an inspiration to all the others at school, students and staff, that they too can choose a true, joy-full and glorious way of living.

  32. Everything that people do while choosing not to know that what they are doing is affecting them covers pretty much we call ‘normal.’ Normal has become a synonym of horrendous harm. People may not like when someone rejects such avenue to move in life they have chosen for themselves. Disliking them is perfect to pretend not to be aware of the blessing it is when someone offers a new normal in which there is no harm to oneself or others to the best of one´s ability.

  33. Susannah a beautiful inspiration you offer not only to those at school, but others of any age, seeing your commitment to life, and the way you conduct yourself, is tremendously inspiring to watch.

  34. I agree Susannah, we need to stop accepting all these ill behaviours just because it feels normal as almost everybody seems to be doing it and set a new standard for a sound and healthier way of life. To do that as a 12 year old in a school environment is amazing and a great example for us all that we can do that where ever we are and whatever our age or circumstances.

  35. Beautifully and simple expressed Susannah and so correct in showing that just because something is commonly practised does not make it normal. Witnessing how you have matured since you wrote this is very inspirational.

  36. Working with teenagers deeply lost in a normal that causes much suffering and confusion, it is deeply inspiring to read of how you have chosen to hold yourself against the pressure of the majority and stand strong going by what feels true for you. A gorgeous testament to you and to the power and support of what Universal Medicine has presented and offered. Stunning.

    1. I totally agree Samantha, one teenager such as Susie having the courage to buck the trend and look for what is true rather than looking at others and copying has huge ripple effects that mean that teenagers everywhere have another option. Sure most will ignore this option as peer group pressure is a very strong force indeed but at least they will have had the option.

    2. I agree to stand up against the norm is amazing, what a great reflection she is to others, who are caught in the same situations. Standing strong by what feels true and not following the crowds, is a great testament to the power with in you.

  37. Beautiful Susie. I suspect most were lost before meeting Serge Benhayon, well I for one certainly was. I thought I knew who I was but I had no idea really. I had no understanding of what life was about and I had no true purpose to my life. Thanks to Serge and his family I now live a life filled with purpose and a deep and ever deepening understanding of what I am here for and to do. What the world considers normal is a life without purpose or responsibility. Would I swap for such a normal? No way.

  38. A great exposure of the normal that is not at all normal and is only so because en masse it is what we see and we have resigned ourselves to it. How beautiful that someone is saying no and showing another way.

  39. Susannah i see all of the behaviour you talk about happening in schools. It is supposed to be what teenagers do, however you are strong enough to not join in and say no to what appears to be normal. Great that you ask why is getting drunk, smoking and taking drugs normal? I love the finishing sentence of your blog.

  40. There is a big difference between what is known as normal because it is statistically significant, and what is natural. No matter how often we override the difference in our minds, or justify ‘normal’ to ourselves, our bodies always know the difference.

  41. This from someone that was 12 is testament to the young lady herself and also the strength of the community around her. ‘Normal’ isn’t that simple word a dangerous word when used as a throw away to explain anything. I’ve seen ‘normal’ move significantly in my lifetime and it seems to move faster and faster. I appreciate and I am thankful to see young people also challenging things and bringing the facts we all know but seem to distracted to realise to the fore. Whenever I here the word normal there is always a bit question marked put beside it.

  42. With the world we have created showing us in so many ways everyday that we have lost our way, we all need to wake up to the fact that what we call normal is not normal and is no longer acceptable.

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