My Husband Accepts my Loving Choices

by Marian Lowe, British Columbia, Canada

I am an ex-pat Australian living overseas. By today’s standards I would be considered a conventionally well-educated, well-adjusted, ‘average’ middle class person. I have been an ‘observer’ of Universal Medicine for many years. I have engaged with Serge’s presentations via audio and via the Universal Medicine website. I do not consider myself ‘a follower’ of any one individual’s way of life and this includes Serge. What I enjoy most about listening to Serge’s presentations is that they aren’t in any way prescriptive or imposing, rather, I find them to be very practical and insightful observations and inquiries. Much of what Serge discusses makes sense to me.

Inspired by some of Serge’s presentations I have chosen to make some changes in my life. Most of these changes I knew deep down were right for me well before I listened to any of Serge’s presentations. The changes include choosing to eat and drink foods that are nourishing to the body, listening to my body when I am tired or ill and sleeping well.

Serge’s presentations feel like confirmations of what deep down I already know.

These days, I am more organised than ever before and less affected by life’s stresses. I feel lighter and healthier than ever before and I awake well-rested. Most importantly for me however, since I have been engaging with Serge’s presentations the love between my husband and I has become deeper and more honest. My husband has not engaged with Universal Medicine at all. He is a very rational, logical person and accepts the changes I have made in my life as he cannot deny that they make practical sense and are, in truth, loving choices.

This has been my experience. I feel nothing but deep and sincere appreciation for Serge Benhayon and his presentations.

216 thoughts on “My Husband Accepts my Loving Choices

  1. ‘These days, I am more organised than ever before and less affected by life’s stresses. I feel lighter and healthier than ever before and I awake well-rested’. It sounds to me Marian that you have found a quality and rhythm of how to live your everyday life that fully supports and nourishes your health and wellbeing. I am also sure the ripple effect of this rhythm would be clear to all around you and cannot but wonder if it has deepened the quality of all your relationships with everyone in your daily life and not just the relationship with your husband.

  2. That is the thing with the teachings of Serge Benhayon, they are so practical that if you apply them anyone around you can feel how they benefit you and them as well. They do not even need to listen to the teachings or meet Serge themselves as when these principles are lived they make sense and can be felt and adhered to by anyone.

  3. The presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine give us an opportunity to become more aware of what we know deep down to be true, the changes I have made to my own life have been very supportive and I would definitely not go back to the way I used to live.

  4. What Serge presents is loving common sense, unfortunately some people find that too confrontational as it would mean ‘owning up’ to some not very loving ways.

    1. Great point – What Serge presents is so simple, practical and real that it doesn’t tick the boxes for those who would rather have a life of complexity, sorrow and suffering. In other words, connection to ourselves is simple and very accessible for everyone – there is no need to meditate for 10 days straight in silence to reach a point – everything is constantly within us – and Serge presents this simply and practically.

  5. One of the reasons why so many people love what Serge Benhayon presents is because of the insightful and yet practical observations and tools on how life is and how to move through it is a way that feels like a truth they have always known but forgotten in a sense to apply. When something makes complete sense and works, it would be crazy to ignore it and even more ridiculous to attempt to discredit it with a bastardisation like much of the media does, that only denies others from hearing about the benefits of embracing such wisdom.

  6. I love how you have expressed that Serge’s presentations are a confirmation of what you already know; this is confirming for us all, thank you Marian.

  7. ‘Serge’s presentations feel like confirmations of what deep down I already know.’ This is the difference between what Serge presents and what I have heard other modern day teachers present – Serge presents to his audience from a place of knowing that they are already all all-knowing.

  8. There are no followers of Universal Medicine. There are students and Serge always states that he is also a student, an eternal student. There is no examination or qualification and one’s studentship never comes to an end, there is always another level to evolve to.

  9. ‘Serge’s presentations feel like confirmations of what deep down I already know.’ – I completely relate as this has been my experience also. Not just what I already know in that moment but that which I have felt and sensed throughout my entire life, that there is a greater version of ourselves that we can be living and that it does simply all begin with, first and foremost being guided by living in connection to who we are within.

  10. ‘Most of these changes I knew deep down were right for me well before I listened to any of Serge’s presentations.’ I feel that Serge has been a great catalyst for many of us who were doubting or not feeling strong enough inside to commit to the ways we wanted to live and mostly procrastinated in making changes . It is a great support to know that there is a thriving community who put self care and self love first and whose responsibility to and love for humanity is growing every day.

  11. Spot on Marian. None of Serge’s presentations or audios are prescriptive, but more of an offering for you to take or leave. There have been practical tools like The Gentle Breath Meditation that I have found invaluable and continue to use.

  12. Serge’s presentations are simple and practical and have made a huge difference to my life. Before I came across Universal Medicine, I’d tried many different types of healing modalities but none of them made any lasting change – all they did was give me relief from an underlying tension and anxiety, at best, but never resolved the root cause. The presentations and tools offered by Universal Medicine are life-changing – not in a dramatic overnight way, but in a way that asks you to take responsibility for all your choices, and become aware of the energy you’re in and how this affects you and others.

  13. This is possibly one of the best ways to describe how things are, “Much of what Serge discusses makes sense to me.” It’s great to be supported to make sense of things that for so long at times almost tortured you because it made no sense. Nothing prepared me to understand life until Universal Medicine opened it’s doors and now every day I have more and more understanding of what I am seeing and feeling. It’s not rocket science or any great leap of faith, it’s more down to earth things that “makes sense to me”.

  14. We all know deep inside what is good for us and what is not – and Serge Benhayon has put this into words. And as you say, it makes perfect sense and different choices flow easily from that stance. And others find it also easy to accept and respect them because they can see the difference.

  15. I also made many changes to support my health, through proper rest, sleep and eating more nourishing food. I made more time for myself and started to bring in self care. This was all stuff that I already knew but had never made the time for myself. I got to understand through the presentations how important it is to look after oneself before being able to support others.

  16. What Serge Benhayon presents is very practical, very real. It is also never prescriptive and there for each person to choose what works for them in their own life.

  17. Isn’t it crazy even the notion that our partners would not accept our loving choices? Why would we not want our partners to be deeply loving, caring and respectful of themselves, surely more love is an amazing thing to have in a relationship!

  18. The work of Universal Medicine is incredibly practical and able to be applied to life. There are no pots of gold at the end of the new age rainbow, but instead a new way of walking that has self-love, self-care and self-nurturing as a central tenet of life.

  19. The work of Universal Medicine is incredibly practical isn’t it! And there is no need to implement anything in your life if you don’t want to – we have free will and free choice to stay where we are or revisit existing lifestyle choices.

  20. It is also my experience that what Serge Benhayon presents is a confirmation of what I already know and sense within. This is, in my view, because he is speaking to a ‘common sense’ within us all and hence something we all innately know.

  21. The changes we make if we choose, do make practical sense, otherwise we simple don’t make them. Taking care of ourself through eating, resting etc is a standard for humanity. Serge Benhayon shares his awareness of the foundational truths of this to support well-being for all.

  22. Those around me struggled at times when I began to make similar self-loving changes in my life. It appeared that they would have preferred me to stay just as I was, un-well, un-happy and un-fit; that really didn’t make sense at all to me. But many years later they are now accepting the amazing changes in me and although not impulsed to make many of the same changes they totally respect and honour that this is how I now choose to live, as I too respect their choices

  23. The work of Serge Benhayon is immensely practical, and all about making changes that support each person in their own way. It is personal, and it is transformative, and that is why Serge never tells you what to do, but offers understanding that lets you choose that path that is right for you.

  24. This is what I love about Serge’s presentations too the simple and practical tools that make sense and feel good for the whole body with a true sense of well-being. The body responds in a very positive way the more we nurture and care for ourselves and this quality of reflection is deeply felt by those around us.

  25. ‘Serge’s presentations feel like confirmations of what deep down I already know.’ I can feel the same. I always discern from my own connection to truth, which is not different to everyone’s and it’s my tester of truth when I listen Serge and everybody.

  26. “Serge’s presentations feel like confirmations of what deep down I already know.” Exactly! and this is because we do already know all of what Serge presents – most of us have just ‘forgotten’ or for various reason eg. our hurts, are choosing not to listen to the common sense intelligence our bodies all have access to.

  27. Having someone confirm what we know deeply in our hearts is a profound blessing and Serge Benhayon is an expert at confirming this.

  28. When we make true changes to the way we are living by choosing a deeper level of love and care we inspire others by our reflection to make changes too if they are ready. The simple and practical tools that Serge Benhayon presents make sense and feel true in the body and our body naturally responds the more we choose to nurture and care for ourselves.

  29. ‘Serge’s presentations feel like confirmations of what deep down I already know.’ I absolutely agree with this sentence, what Serge Benhayon presents is common sense, and when we sit with it and start to make changes to our life, we know deep inside that it is already known to us.

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