Letter to the SMH: Biased account in ‘The Da Vinci Mode’ article

by Jane Keep, MSc, Mphil, FCIPD, MIC Cmgr FCMI, UK

Dear SMH/David Leser

I read your piece titled ‘The Da Vinci mode‘. I’m writing as I don’t feel that what was written has in any way presented the truth of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, but has presented a biased account weighed heavily by anonymous quotes.

Why not run a second part to this article, where you interview the many 1000’s of students about their own life changing experiences? 

I work in the National Health Service in the UK, I am pro-medicine, completing a Phd study, and work with two universities.  I understand the need for freedom of expression, and for investigatory journalism, also for investigating and exploring things that may not make sense to some. What baffles me in this article is how journalist David Leser did seem to go to explore, but that there was a ‘funnel’ or ‘tag’ that was already biasing this piece – to make a mockery of Serge Benhayon, and all of those of us (thousands across the world) who attend Serge Benhayon’s presentations.

In the 8 years I have known Serge Benhayon and his family, I have never felt even the faintest whiff of a lack of integrity.  I have found in Serge Benhayon the highest level of ethics and code of conduct that I have ever found in any profession, and more to the point my experience has been life changing. Not because Serge or any of his family/Universal Medicine have ever imposed on me anything that I needed to change, or said anything critical about me, but because I have felt from the way they live, a deeply caring, tender, and consistent way of life, and that by taking responsibility for every choice in my own life, I too could live in a way that was more harmonious to my body.

Now at 50 I am the healthiest, most vital, and happiest I have ever been in my whole life. You can also read the many true stories on the blogs http://truthaboutuniversalmedicine.com.

97 thoughts on “Letter to the SMH: Biased account in ‘The Da Vinci Mode’ article

  1. I too at 50, an experienced healthcare professional as well I might add, am the healthiest, inspired and most vital I have ever been in my life, and far more than virtually everyone I see in my practice where I see everyday the great need for the world to know more about the inspiration of this great and very ordinary man Serge Benhayon – shame you did not choose to tell them on this occasion, maybe you will one day when you understand the responsibility your actually hold to do so.

    1. I agree Shirley-Ann, it’s extraordinary for the media to hold back the truth that is so vitally needed by humanity, as amongst Serge Benhayon’s student body there are many, many examples of people triumphing over everything from self harm (cutting), sexual and other abuses, eating disorders, addictions, refusing to work and commit to life, and other traumas and behaviours too numerous to mention. We are not just free of these things but living joyful, vital and self loving lives and contributing to communities. Even people with terminal illnesses are living joyfully – quite frankly it’s a travesty for humanity not to be supported to find their way to the incredible work of Serge Benhayon.

    1. Amongst the distortion, lies, blame and sensationalist headlines is this gem of simplicity “personal choice is what changes lives.” And don’t we create and indulge in such complication to keep this wisdom from being felt and acted upon.

  2. Regardless of cheap slander, lies, defamation and bastardisation which shame on people like David Leser for doing. It is the truth and quality of what is lived that firmly holds, stands and reflects to that which is not true or not love as in the end what is not love has no foundation and will eventually fall.

  3. Yes if we were to look at this scientifically, this article was written and based on a very limited, unverified, incorrect and biased information whilst ignoring a massive and growing amount of information and evidence that clearly demonstrates the absolute integrity and professionalism of Universal Medicine and the Benhayon family.

  4. If I look back over my life before Universal Medicine it is evident my strings are being pulled to a certain level where I do not have control of the final say of my life – I’m following ideals that have been given to me.
    NOW, after 11 and a half years of living to the best of my ability the Universal Medicine principles I am flying. I will not listen to some silly journalist with a agenda driven media baron controlled production. You can read my amazing story that I will write for all to read. We are not going anywhere but where we all deserve to go – HOME.

  5. Already the title ‘The da Vinci mode’ shows how this article is about selling sensation and not about reporting what is going on in the world. We keep calling these papers NEWSpaper although they stopped reporting the news long ago and a lot of the time publish distorted stories that sell well rather than reporting on what is truly newsworthy.

    1. Well said Judith, if the world was really honest we would call the newspapers something else like “Distorted Story Papers…. designed to keep you in distraction and reaction!”

  6. It will be the foundation of love and truth, with which Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine stand for, that will over time show how the media got this totally wrong.

  7. It is beautiful to witness first hand an organization where the practitioners live in a tender and caring way, taking responsibility for each choice they make, ensuring they are harmonious and loving to not only themselves but others. This is a deeply inspirational way to live and a much needed reflection of what is possible in light of how far most people actually live from this as their norm.

  8. Because Serge Benhayon does have such exemplary integrity and lives the truth I have to wonder on a personal level if the journalists involved are actually in reaction to him? If they are already willing to write lies why wouldn’t they then really go to town on Serge considering he is reflecting the integrity and responsibility they too know they could be living? Professional and personal jealousy by those in the media would definitely be a factor in the lies that they have published about Serge, Universal Medicine and its student body.

  9. In all that has happened in the years since this article was written, I have yet to find another organization that holds the integrity and love for all of humanity that Universal Medicine does. Let’s study this role model, understand it and begin to implement the equal integrity into our own lives.

  10. Since coming across Universal Medicine 5 years ago, I have experienced nothing but absolute professionalism and integrity from the Benhayons. I’ve yet to come across anywhere or anyone who lives this to anywhere near the same degree and depth as Serge Benhayon and his family.

  11. Well said, I can back everything you say. I wonder how many organisations and people in the world you can say that for over 8 years you have not seen one whiff of a lack of integrity? I suspect the number is very very low. And the incredible amount of integrity is just a small part of what makes Universal Medicine so magnificent.

  12. I feel impulsed to write, ‘they know not what they do’. When people make a mockery of what Serge Benhayon presents, they are doing humanity a great disservice – because he shares deep truths and wisdom that can serve and heal a great many.

  13. It’s worth noting that truth never fades and in a time of deepening world chaos for some truth is a higher priority than sensationalised media. Serge Benhayon makes absolute sense of what is going on in the world today explaining and offering understanding and a way of living with the truth so we can support ourselves and humanity in the ways that are truly needed.

  14. There is a way of doing journalism that pretends to be investigatory but that is not truly so. The problem with the art of faking something into something else. is first and foremost an ethical one. What gets presented does not abide by very high standards of not just truth but fairness. As a result, it is not even factually accurate. We are talking fake news.

  15. I personally know you Jane, as well as many of those thousands of people who attend to Universal Medicine workshops and in every encounter, I witness a growing joy in everyone’s lives, which is reflected in your faces. This can’t be pretended and a true journalist wouldn’t have overlooked that, if truth is what is wanted to be shown to the world.

  16. If you look around during any of the presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine you will see a group of joyful people, who are always on time awaiting the start of any presentation, now that to me speaks volumes, because there must be something there that the whole world would benefit knowing about.

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