Another good weekend at UniMed

This just published on the Universal Medicine website:

Today Serge will present his popular long running course Sacred Esoteric Healing Level One. Of the 130 people attending, 85 of them will be first time participants, a fairly standard if slightly higher than average figure for new enrolments. Mostly, they will be there because of word of mouth. It is a well-known fact that Universal Medicine has never had to actively advertise or promote its services. Why? Because when people make big changes to their lives and their general wellbeing other people tend to take notice and then naturally start to ask, “what are you doing?”The people who regularly attend Serge Benhayon’s workshops are a living advertisement for his work without even trying. They are the reason that this weekend at UniMed, it will be business as usual even in the face of the gross and misleading media attention of late that has been driven by the disgruntled few.

These people are the thousands whose stories are apparently not worth printing. Perhaps because next to all the second-hand whispers about spirits and reincarnation their stories are actually pretty mundane and ordinary by comparison.

Like the story of the prison worker who gave up alcohol and overeating and turned his life around, or the man who was told he would have chronic pain for life but instead committed to taking consistently good care of his body and is now without the symptoms that doctors could not even properly diagnose.

Or the story of the woman receiving cancer treatment who found a deep care and support in the accommodation and sessions UniMed provided free of charge to her during this harrowing time; whose doctor told her to ‘keep up’ the complementary therapies because he could see they were so obviously benefiting her.

Or the stories of the many other doctors, surgeons and healthcare workers who have been willing to actively explore the connection between how we live on a daily basis and how this is reflected in the state of our bodies and our overall health.

And then of course there are the stories of the many, many hundreds of people who have committed to a deep level of responsibility for themselves and their wellbeing and who find their friends and colleagues expressing genuine appreciation for the way they now are in the workplace and in their homes.

These are the stories that apparently don’t sell papers, and yet – these are the lives we are living. It is a shame these stories do not get spotlighted or celebrated, and yet – it will not change the way we will continue to live. It will also not stop others from seeing the way in which we live. For most, it is fairly easy to see the cracks in the way the media operates, but a person making truly caring choices in their daily life, is in the end much harder to rubbish and while it might not sell papers – it certainly does inspire.

Life is about people. The media can attempt to make it about drama and sensationalism but only for a time, because in the end it is people that we come home to and it is those people that make life worth changing. It is those people who inspire us to make life about a greater amount of love and care. And it is those people that we will continue to serve now and in the many years to come.

About Universal Medicine

Universal Medicine is in the business of delivering teachings that are about everyday self-loving choices. Making these choices gives participants the opportunity to consistently feel lighter, clearer and more naturally vital in their day-to-day lives. The teachings are delivered in the form of lectures, talks, audio and treatment sessions at UniMed clinics. UniMed founder, Serge Benhayon also regularly holds courses, workshops and retreats in Australia and internationally. For more information see the website

About Serge Benhayon

Founder of Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon is a renowned teacher, practitioner and trainer of complementary therapies as well as the author of 6 books to date. His books are rich philosophical works on the Esoteric in life, love and human society. His 7th book is due for release soon.

120 thoughts on “Another good weekend at UniMed

  1. I can claim myself as one those thousands of people that has had their life changed forever because of the presentations given by Serge Benhayon. People around me have noticed the changes in my life, it is not something that is news worthy but it is amazing being you.

    1. Love that – it is super amazing being you. I have found that the presentations are life changing too…It is hard not to notice the difference when it’s common in the world to put on a facade or not feel great. It’s completely life changing.

    2. I have only ever seen people vibrant from their own self love and living in the simple joy of being themselves at Universal Medicine events. This is what Universal Medicine has also done for me. What a blessing this business is. Agreed “it’s amazing being you.”

  2. Now this is an article worth sharing as it reflects at it’s heart the truth of what Universal Medicine is about and that is people. A brilliant, succinct and to the point article that tells it like it is.

  3. Beautifully said and a true experience of the students and Universal Medicine and the amazing teachings that is changing thousands of peoples lives for the better – now that should be front page news!

  4. I claim myself too as one of those people who have completely changed their life around, And what is written here is very true.
    “Life is about people. The media can attempt to make it about drama and sensationalism but only for a time, because in the end it is people that we come home to and it is those people that make life worth changing. It is those people who inspire us to make life about a greater amount of love and care. And it is those people that we will continue to serve now and in the many years to come.”
    And in years to come people will look back to this period of time and say that man Serge Benhayon actual knew what he was talking about!

  5. No one could ever make a story about my slow transformation from an exhausted, resentful older woman to a more vital, more open to the world, more self-loving one. Yet here I am for ever thankful for the Teachings of Universal Medicine.

    1. Patricia, I know what you mean about a
      ‘slow transformation from an exhausted, resentful older woman to a more vital, more open to the world,’
      I was talking to a family member yesterday and we were discussing my 60th Birthday next year and how to celebrate it and she has nothing but praise for the astounding turn around in my life. She said I look more like 40 and when ever she gets out of sorts she phones me because somehow without doing anything I bring her back to a sense of equilibrium. My works colleagues say the same thing. The changes I have made in my life are all down to the never ending support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Through attending the workshops my life has been transformed into one as you say more open to the world.

  6. Loved reading this.
    You make an excellent point – ‘These are the stories that apparently don’t sell papers, and yet – these are the lives we are living.’ Real stories of real inspiring lives that are being lived… This would be amazing to see in my local paper, and something I’d pick it up for.

  7. Regardless of the lies in the media, the students of Universal Medicine will continue to make enormous changes in their health and wellbeing, their lifestyles and work life, relationships – and in every other facet of human life. The lies will not silence the revolution that is happening. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are the real deal. As students of the Ageless Wisdom that Universal Medicine represents grow in numbers around the world, the media will not be able to deny the facts, because how we are living is defying world trends. The students are the living testimonies of the truth of this wonderful organisation.

  8. Lies cannot gain traction unless we believe them and so they rely very heavily on advertising in order to thrive. This is the agenda of the media ambush of Universal Medicine that gives voice to the disgruntled few and their arsenal of lies. They seek to poison the public’s perception of what is true by way of burying the truth of Universal Medicine beneath a mountain of sensationalist lies. But a lie can only be believed by those who live a lie. Everyone else is able to detect its stench a mile off as its odour jars against the scent of truth. It’s ‘business as usual’ at Universal Medicine because more and more people are waking up to the fact that how we are living as a society, is simply not working. The truth does not have to rely on advertising because those that live it are a walking advertisement for what is on offer, and what is on offer is found deep within. Unlike lies, truth already exists and does not need our belief in it in order to do so. As such, truth will always ‘sell’ to those who understand the currency – love.

  9. I love this paragraph because life is about people, and it should be pasted on every bill board to remind us all that by working as a group we can make huge changes to our lives. We could transform our local communities, we could support the elderly as these people seem to get such a raw deal and are almost forgotten by society.
    “Life is about people. The media can attempt to make it about drama and sensationalism but only for a time, because in the end it is people that we come home to and it is those people that make life worth changing. It is those people who inspire us to make life about a greater amount of love and care. And it is those people that we will continue to serve now and in the many years to come.”

  10. I too have changed my life around. Many of my behaviours have changed over the years I have been attending Universal Medicine events. I take more self-responsibility and have more purpose to my life. Life is most definitely about people, so whatever job we ‘do’ in life, we have an impact on everyone we meet – to heal or to harm.

  11. Absolutely… the media can continue to provide a disservice to the public with the sensational hype they spread, but for those of us choosing to live the loving principles of Universal Medicine…. we will not stop or change how we live and so they cannot stop people from seeing and feeling the truth in that and the power and beauty of making the changes we have… making us living proof of the media’s lies.

  12. Thank you for highlighting how Universal Medicine continues to thrive and despite the lack of media interest in the truth it is the reflection of those who attend the presentations that inspires others to come along and see for themselves. There are also many others who decide to make changes in their diet or other aspects of their lives through contact with someone who has attended so it is hard to measure just how far the positive impact of what is being presented reaches but that it continues to expand is without question.

  13. Universal Medicine will continue to grow because there are those who want to hear the truth and choose to be aware of their choices and how they have an effect on ones-self, everyone and everything. Those who are willing to take an honest look at how they have been living and make the self-loving changes necessary to their everyday livingness to lead more healthy caring responsible lives. Universal Medicine supports us to be aware of the many ways we can continue to do this, to serve humanity and love all equally and I will be forever appreciative to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for giving the opportunity through the presentations and workshops to know deep within me that this is my true way also.

  14. I am one of those many hundreds of people, who have made a commitment to myself to take responsibility for my actions and well being. This can trigger reactions in my friends because they say to me that they wish they could have the same dedication to their health. And quite a few of them are changing life time habits because they can see that the benefits are there reflected in me. And what is fantastic is having made the changes they feel so much better and wonder why they waited so long to make the changes.

  15. Thousands of people world wide are now involved with Universal Medicine and all through word of mouth with no advertising, Universal Medicine must be doing something right

  16. “Life is about people”. This says everything and this is the focus of what Universal Medicine presents – care and support of people. I thought I was being burned out by people, but then I realised that I was burning out because my life was about ideals, beliefs, identification with the roles I played – anything but people.

  17. My feeling or notion is that maybe these stories that are genuinely inspiring doesn’t hit the spotlight because then we will have to look at how we live our lives. It shouldn’t be like that since it is offering a way everyone actually are looking for.

  18. One day, the tide will turn, when there is a call loud enough from those who seek truth and are willing to make the change. The media will but have to respond. Until then, we are our own media and we do not stop presenting the utterly amazing, rich and full lives we are living as a result of Serge and Universal Medicine.

  19. And the “good weekends with UniMed” just keep on coming and the changes in the people who attend just keep on happening and the community keeps on growing. Truth has its way like that. And this is 4 years down the track. . . and the lies and the cyber-bully has kept on coming also but it cannot touch the sides.

  20. Lies can only be sold where truth is not being lived. That we swallow lies in favour of living true says a lot about where we are heading as a humanity. If we do not arrest this loveless momentum we are choosing to be so caught up in, then we will continue to consume all that is not true and our bodies will bear the brunt of this ill choice. Universal Medicine lives up to its name and delivers a medicine that is truly universal, on tap within us all.

  21. Universal Medicine has taught me that ‘Life is about People’ too and this is why it is such a hugely successful business. Value people and they value your business.

  22. There are so many true stories about ordinary lives turned around here that don’t sell papers – I am a healthcare worker who actually cares for myself first and now, unlike before, truly offer a reflection so that people actually ‘get it’ not just empty words.
    Then there’s the one about the patient with MND (motor Neurone disease) who has a treatment every week for about 3 years now, and has blown her end of life budget, is living on, and has had to be funded all over again for a second package of care not seen before by the local funding team.
    And then there are all the small ways that people who don’t go to Universal Medicine workshops nor hear anything about them, but just get inspired because they live with or work with someone who does. I could go on.

  23. Media these days is more like a theatrical performance that most the time you’re not sure if it is fiction or non-fiction. Truth and integrity has been replaced with drama and sensationalism. How we are in our own lives feeds what we then call for in our media and newspapers… if we ask for the truth, then we will start to see a change in what is reported. Unfortunately for many, the false news stories on Universal Medicine, will be as close as they will step but it will not change the fact that the amazing real life stories like the few mentioned above will continue to expand and be lived.

  24. ‘For most, it is fairly easy to see the cracks in the way the media operates,’ I would say they are not cracks but big gaping holes! Currently the media is shocking, it has been all about sensationalism, lies and drama and not truth and transparency and we have been part of this because we have either accepted it or ignored it. What Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine live, teach and present is absolute gold. What this shows us is that if there is to be truth and transparency this needs to come from people themselves, we need to talk and write about this, share with others on websites such as these. Life is about people, relationships and true evolution and we need to make it so far more than we currently have.

  25. The truth will always come out for it’s foundations are rock solid. The lies the media print may sell a paper or two, or give the journalist their ’15 minutes of fame’, but the story will ultimately be exposed as it is a thin as the paper it is printed on.

  26. If it is so, that the many many stories of people who turned their life around into a healthy living, who lost (over-)weight without dieting, who get rid of asthma, cancer and what ever, who say that their life is now rich and meaningful, their relationships have deepen and they experience and live a level of intimacy with themselves and others which has a grace and love that is outstanding – if all this stories are not worth to write about because they will not ‘sell papers’, then it is something wrong with our information-system! If we are not interested in those stories, which could turn our life around as well, then it is something wrong with our way of living. If we more like to read about a celebrity newest operation or relationship breakdown than of ordinary people who do live in a way that offers healing for all of us, that brings more harmony into this world, then we need this true news more than ever. Yes there lies a big responsibility by the media, journalists and editors about what they allow to get printed and so into so many households and minds, but also there is maybe bigger responsibility by all of us, in what information do we buy and take into our homes.

  27. The media makes sensational headlines out of war, murder, misery and glamour. But all the while humanity becomes more disconnected and disillusioned with our eyes on our smart phones and other screens. We turn away from a world that is painted as miserable and grey and yet through Universal Medicine I have come to learn that that is not the only way to live life and surely not to be accepted or something to resign to! Through Serge Benhayon I have learnt that I am absolutely worth caring for and loving deeply and learning that it is possible for everyone to feel the same way. What I have learnt is that I can take a step back and observe the world and see underneath there is so much more going on than our eyes may be led to believe.

  28. The way one man has inspired thousands to care deeply for themselves and humanity is a miracle. Let’s see it as such and continue to live this way, so that we too can inspire others.

  29. This business and the presentations of Universal Medicine are such a success with so many people’s lives changed by being inspired to take loving care in living responsibly with themselves and others, the true value is in making life all about people.

  30. “Life is about people.” When I first attended a presentation by Serge Benhayon at Universal Medicine I had not encountered the word ‘gluten’ but was inspired to experiment with not eating foods that contained gluten and was very pleasantly surprised by how much healthier I felt. Many other students attending presentations and courses with Universal Medicine have made similar choices and the ripple effect is now evident in the general discussions among people everywhere and awareness of the effect of gluten in the diet.

  31. Universal Medicine will always now be my way of living life to the end of days. It has given me my purpose back. I just love working on the next thing and allowing what is there to develop into everything you could not even imagine or fantasize and try to live – I tried! I have been proven again and again my feelings are the everything on offer, always there. I feel to the best of my ability to feel the all and take hold what it is that is offered continuously again and again in the power and resurrection of the evolution of the universe so, it becomes my lived power…

  32. I heard from Universal Medicine through a friend and I have never seen them in the need of advertising in the fourteen years that I am attending their courses. This is outstanding as Serge Benhayon more or less offers the same courses each year with some additions, but no course is ever the same so some people repeat and as is stated here, we the participants are the best advertising as we have turned our lives around so amazingly so that others feel inspired to do the same.

  33. ‘Life is about people. The media can attempt to make it about drama and sensationalism but only for a time, because in the end it is people that we come home to and it is those people that make life worth changing.’ I completely agree, life is about people and it’s about what people think, not what the media want people to believe.

  34. It is absolutely true and stunning to see that those who attend Universal Medicine workshops regularly, are indeed the only advertisement that Universal Medicine ever needs that life transformations, let alone the love and joy that is now lived is beyond extraordinary. In a world searching for answers, these people reflect a truth that is undeniable.

  35. Life is about people, and the realness of what we are living is what brings to life the qualities that shape our world. Is it not wise then to be aware of the quality in which we are living and as such contributing to the world? Love, truth, integrity, equalness and honesty are foundational if we ever want to see humanity turnaround from the turmoil, illness and disease, war and abuse we are currently experiencing. Universal Medicine presents a way this is possible, which not only can but is being lived by Serge Benhayon, the many and increasing number of students of The Way of the Livingness, the teachings of which centres on self-love, equalness and being guided by our truth from within. Regardless of the lies that are printed the truth remains through the realness of the lives of many being consistently lived every single day, and it is these lives that are greatly contributing to the well-being of humanity.

  36. There are many very good Universal Medicine weekends throughout the year and they are attended by people who have seen the changes in those who have attended previously. Word of mouth has been the only way that this organisation advertises, nothing more and nothing less. And how powerful is a lived example when compared to the tawdry attempts at discrediting Universal Medicine by the media and a few disgruntled individuals and their once upon a time pseudonyms.

  37. Good news does not sell papers, but really the press should be reporting on how many people have made changes to their lives that see them in better health, with improved relationships, and more commitment to life and to serving others, as a result of attending Universal Medicine workshops and presentations.

  38. This point alone has made the most significant and continues to make the most significant changes in my life, “Life is about people. The media can attempt to make it about drama and sensationalism but only for a time, because in the end it is people that we come home to and it is those people that make life worth changing.” I don’t use this as a throw away line, “Life is about people” and when I hold this at the forefront or as the corner stone of everything I do, it makes whatever I do next simple.

  39. How many lives that are living with the benefits of what Serge Benhayon has presented could be stood up in the press as a role model? Many, many lives… none perfect, but all extraordinary as they buck the trends of what is considered normal in today’s society. A normal that includes obesity, illness, porn, drugs, financial distress and domestic violence to name but a few. Its time for a new normal.

  40. The lives many people are living as a result of Universal Medicine speak for themselves. You cannot deny the joy, love, health, success and vitality people are living with. That reality speaks for itself as a testimony to Universal Medicine.

  41. I really appreciate this sentence “Life is about people. The media can attempt to make it about drama and sensationalism but only for a time, because in the end it is people that we come home to and it is those people that make life worth changing.” It is our choice to be sucked into sensationalism. If we don’t and we develop a relationship with our bodies instead, they will tell us whether something feels right or good or not. We have the best truth divining instrument – we simply have to care for and nurture it – oh and listen of course!

  42. I love the simplicity of making life about self-love first and then living from this space. This has turned life around for me and for my relationships. This is perhaps too simple and ‘un-sensational’ for the media to be interested in but it supports a sensational life in my view, one that has much more love in it than ever before.

  43. And the absolute truth of this article continues on today with offering people an opportunity to choose their own loving expansion in and for their lives, which then reflects out to supporting humanity as a whole. There is no denying humanity is crying out for a true reflection of love and a harmonious way of living amongst us all.

  44. For the time being, mass media is not a vehicle to share the amazing experience of many who have turned their lives around for the best. There are others though and it is our responsibility to reflect in every way.

  45. One of the things I most appreciate of Universal Medicine workshops is the practicality of their teachings. This is something that I really welcome to my daily basis, as hugely supports me in simple things like the way I eat, the way I rest, the way I move… Simple things that make sense to me because I choose Love to be the center of my life.

  46. As is stated here, Universal Medicine has never advertised itself yet its introductory presentations are always attended by new people, the majority of whom return for further courses, this is because the lived example of the changes in the those who do return is the best form of advertising there is.

  47. Universal Medicine is successful because it relies on its absolute integrity and love of humanity, and when people choose to attend one of their courses they can not help but feel the common sense approach to life, and how we all innately know the truth of this.

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