Email to A Current Affair

by Angela Perin, Edens Landing, Australia

Dear Editor,

I write in response to the piece on ACA aired on 17th August 2012 ‘Healing community dubbed cult’ and am writing directly as there does not appear to be a facility to comment publicly online, nor the direct opportunity to counter the mis-truths and mis-representations of the truth which have been presented in your story.

It is disappointing that your piece of modern journalism (under the guise of informing the public) has focused on sensationalism and ratings, rather than representing wholesome truth. In doing so, it marks a dis-service not only to and against those being reported on, but to the wider community and public who are largely relying on such pieces of reporting to represent honest investigative journalism.  It is interesting how the truth can be de-compartmentalised and/or reinterpreted and presented in such a way as to present a mis-truth, and that by taking parts of the truth away from the whole that this can devoid the meaning of the whole truth, as has been evident in your reporting in this instance.

Much has been written lately in response to the totally unfounded mis-allegations about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, including those that suggest that Universal Medicine is a cult – both from those directly and indirectly associated. Enough in fact that it is surprising that ACA has continued with this angle when it is clear that this is a total untruth.

I have been associated with Serge and Universal Medicine for just over 2 years, and to suggest that Serge is running a cult is absolutely false. I have never been told what to do, including what to eat, when to sleep, how to exercise, with whom and how I should form relationships etc. I have by free choice attended healing sessions, workshops and presentations and have never been imposed upon at any time. I have simply been offered, and only ever by example, a way of living that supports me to listen to and connect to my body – a way of living that allows me to take more care of, and nurture myself.

The truth is – whatever Serge and Universal Medicine – have presented (and continue to present) is what I know to be truth already. The presentations have simply confirmed what I already know to be true, and have allowed me to make choices which support the truth I know. Through connecting to my body, I have been able to make more loving choices to support my body and myself in relationships and the way I go about things in everyday life. Amongst others, these choices have included choosing a gluten and dairy free diet (because I could feel these foods were heavy and numbing in my body), choosing not to drink alcohol (not only because it is a known poison, but also because I could feel that I was using alcohol to escape my life, and that I didn’t really feel ‘me’ when I drank), choosing not to drink coffee (because I was using coffee as a stimulant and to combat the constant exhaustion I was feeling), and going to bed early (because I ‘was’ exhausted and am now honouring this as a time for my body to regenerate each day).

Yes, it is a fact that currently the majority of the students are ‘female’, however this does not discount or discredit the growing and increasing number of men who are making the same self-loving choices to care and nurture themselves that we women are. Is it simply not possible that women initially are generally more willing to look at their issues and what is truly going on and make supporting choices around this, but that by example and support, men are just as able and willing to be as self-loving and caring as we woman are re-learning to be? Therefore is it not possible that this is the true reason why there are more females choosing this way of living initially, but that this is in no way exclusive to the many men who are now also bringing a care and tenderness to their bodies and lives that is offering inspiration to both men and women?

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine as individuals and an organisation conduct themselves with the highest degree of integrity, respect and professionalism that is second to none. They offer by reflection a consistent way of living that is always supportive and respectful of the choices of an individual, and which is never judgmental or critical. I have never felt to be less because of my choices, in the past or in the present – whatever these choices have been. I have only ever, and continue to be, met with love, and the inspiration to make loving choices for myself.

Perhaps if the media reported on the way of living many of us are now truly living and in full truth, there would be no story to report on.

Is it not therefore possible that the way of living being presented here is too simple for many of us to accept and embrace, and yet it is one which deep down, all of us are looking for? And is it just not possible, that the true way of living begins with self-love and care, and listening to our bodies?

To Serge and Universal Medicine, I am deeply grateful for the commitment to humanity they have in presenting a way of livingness that is inspiring, and is truly about love.

62 thoughts on “Email to A Current Affair

  1. It is as rare as it is gorgeous to be met with no judgment or criticism for any choices you have made and only ever be met consistently with love and respect. We could all learn enormously from this way of treating people, the world would be in a substantially better place.

  2. For everyone who seeks to join a cult or would like Universal Medicine to be one, you will be very disappointed. Universal Medicine is actually the antithesis to a cult on every level.

  3. These days you could hardly call ACA a place for the truth to be told and in fact I don’t and haven’t watched it for years. It doesn’t let them off the hook with what they do to people in the way they report things. It’s all ratings based as that’s where the money is and so stories aren’t viewed or edited in a way to bring out a balanced true report, they are targeted in a way to bring the most hits, but we all know this. It’s great to see people writing directly to them if they are seeing something that is far from the truth of what it actually is. I am not sure they will take any notice but letters like this consistently will slowly wake someone up within there. At the forefront of every story and of everything should always be people and when the focus is on anything else then there will always be someone misrepresented.

  4. I haven’t watched TV for a while because I have way more purposeful things to do with my time, like developing businesses, contributing to community events, editing women’s health blogs and enjoying the connection of my family – 4 years ago I wouldn’t have said this and my re-connection to purpose is very much to do with what Universal Medicine presents.

    1. I feel more and more people will turn off their TV’s because it will become evident that what is presented is not truly informative and ‘nourishing’…any more than fast food is.

  5. It seems to me that the first question an investigative journalist – or editor – asks themselves is not ‘what is the truth of this matter’ but ‘what will stimulate the most reaction’. The truth is relegated to a very poor second – which is a great shame because the truth is something that we all need and will transform humanity. Equally of course, the ‘readership’ or ‘viewership’ has a question to ask itself too. ‘Do I want to know the truth or to be entertained and stimulated?’. The demand is probably a bigger issue than the supply.

  6. In-form derives from the Latin informare “to train, instruct, educate; shape, give form to”. So, let’s not be naïve regarding what journalists are doing regarding Universal Medicine when in the name of in-formation, the public get mis-informed.

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