A Response to Honest Questions from a Member of the Public

by Sarah Davis, BBsc (Hons), Goonellabah,  Australia

A recent blog comment from a member of the public named Daniel, who has been following the media activity surrounding Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, inspired me to write this post. I felt to respond to Daniel’s questions as I could feel a genuine openness and honesty in his approach. I also felt that his questions around ‘media, money and motivation‘ may also represent that of the general public.


“I have been following this thread on UM for sometime now and find a vast gap between the two sides of the story. Why would this be?”

Your observations are correct – there is a ‘vast gap’ between what the media is reporting and what is being shared by the student body and others associated with UniMed.

This naturally raises the question you (Daniel and the general public may for that matter) ask;

“Why would this ‘vast gap’ be?”

I suggest that the reason for this ‘vast gap’ is due to the lack of integrity in the media, as well as the ‘confronting’ nature of the esoteric principles that are represented through UniMed.


Firstly, in short, the media have not set out to investigate UniMed or Serge Benhayon with integrity. This is in spite of genuine and numerous offers from individuals (mainly women) to submit their response to the media or be interviewed. When Serge did invite journalists into his home and the UniMed clinic, whilst he was mostly quoted correctly they were taken out of context, which mis-represented him as an individual and UniMed as a whole. This simply exposed the superficial and sensation-seeking practices of the media and demonstrated how journalists failed to meet the industry’s own code of ethics (as highlighted in Brendan Mooney’s article ‘To the Appalling Treatment of Women by the Media’).

It is tempting for a journalist to focus on and misconstrue aspects of the work which do not appear to be ‘normal’ in today’s society. These ‘unusual practices’ are exaggerated and dominate the reporting. To expand on this, I feel that journalists failed on the following two fronts:

Primarily to present and address the core purpose of UniMed which is to support individuals to connect to their own inner-wisdom and live this in the world.

Secondly, to represent that the purpose of so-called ‘unusual practices’ is to develop a more harmonious body and daily rhythm, SO THAT we are more able as human beings to be present to the stillness and love that naturally exists within us.

The choices may include (though not limited to of course): DIET – “eat light to be light”; SLEEP – bed before 9pm to allow the body’s natural rhythm of cleansing and replenishment; LOVE-MAKING – seeking to develop connection and make love, not just ‘have sex’.

The blog ‘wordsonsergebenhayon’ contains much discussion on the conduct of the media and I refer you to two posts as a starting point: Journalism Truth‘ by Gina Dunlop and Letter to the Editor of SMH‘ by Dr MS


It is important to make the point here that the ‘esoteric way of life’ is only confronting to ‘life as we know it’ currently. This ‘life as we know it’ is generally based on ‘getting comfortable’ and staying that way. There is nothing wrong with security, as it is self-loving to make choices which provide material comfort, however;

Is it possible that life is about more than ticking the boxes?

Much has been written and discussed about the human being’s ‘drive for more’. We have so much technological ‘advancement’ in the world and yet we still push for more. What are we not getting/needing, that results in such an insatiable drive to explore, discover, create, build etc?

It is a common human experience to have the feeling that;

“there has to be more to life than this.”

This question has inspired endless searching and experimentation through various forms of doctrines, practises, ‘self-help’ techniques and lifestyle changes. Nothing seems to provide a true ‘antidote’ to this feeling of emptiness. Whilst money, power, excitement or the latest ‘self-help’ technique can provide temporary distraction, it is fleeting and we inevitably end up back to that feeling ‘there has to be more to life than this’. Could it be that we have been looking for the answer in the wrong place for eons?

Is it possible that the ‘antidote to emptiness’ is within us – and has been all along?

We have gone down the tried and true path of material wealth, status and recognition as a means to gain satisfaction and fulfillment in the face of this ever-present feeling that something is missing from our lives. At no point in history have we had such technology and resources at our finger tips. With all of this ‘advancement’, how is it then, that illness and disease is increasing with tremendous strain being placed on public health systems all over the world? How is it then that people’s quality of life on the whole is becoming increasingly deteriorated by their experience of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, being time poor, and feeling disconnected to others?

Something is obviously missing. This is evidenced simply in the fact of how we live – that is to ‘just get through your day’, no matter what you need to eat (sugar and stimulants) or how you need to be (fast, driven, cold, detached, task-focused). It is classic Utilitarianism – ‘the end justifies the means’ – whatever you need to do as long as you get the result you want.  Then to top it off, we ‘reward’ ourselves at the end of the day with alcohol (which really only gives us some extra energy from the sugar because we are so exhausted from the way we have been living in our day, as well as stopping us feeling the emptiness that we carry from a day lived ‘not with ourselves’).  It is interesting to ask ourselves,

How many people do we know who feel truly content?

I don’t mean ‘sitting in front of the telly with your favourite cake and dvd’ kind of content, I mean the deep contentment where a person feels whole and complete in themselves and to be around them is inspiring?

How can we be so particular and pay so much attention to technological modifications, buildings, material advancement – and at the same time accept a reduction in the general well-being of people?

When exactly did we come to accept life as ‘getting through’?

A common human reaction is to resist and reject anything that appears different to ‘life as we know it’. Our reactions to the esoteric principles as expressed through the Ancient Wisdom, is more exposing of how we are living our lives, that is, the quality of energy we are living with, than it is of the principles themselves. Doesn’t it expose the quality of energy we are living in as a society/world, when perfectly natural, common-sense choices (around diet, sleep and lifestyle) which on all accounts from the individuals making them lead to greater harmony and health, are considered ‘unusual practices’?

If this simple common sense is somehow foreign or unfamiliar, what else could be driving or influencing our choices on a day to day basis?

Could the rise in illness, disease and dis-harmony in the world be explained as a result of us not living from the simple common-sense knowing that is within us all?

UniMed presents the fact that the ‘quality’ of our life is determined by the quality of the energy we are living in, and that we have the free-will to choose this quality of energy. It is with this in mind that the ‘esoteric’ asks us to consider that we are entirely responsible for our lives through the choices we make.

Could it be that there is indeed more to life and this is found in the quality of energy we choose for ourselves?

The answer is yes, there is more to life and that ‘more’ is the ‘real you’. Possibly one of the most confronting aspects to the ‘esoteric way of life’ is accepting the fact that you are love. We spend our whole lives in ignorance of and/or resisting this ‘energetic truth’. Talk about a waste of energy – no wonder we are so exhausted.


“The courses you pay for – the money you hand across goes to what/whom? Serge & his family?”

Yes, UniMed is run as a business and makes a profit. I personally celebrate it as a successful and thriving business as it is a testament to the professionalism of the practice, and to the demand for the healing that is offered and paid for.

Is there not more integrity and love in the profit made by UniMed through the support of thousands of people around the world, over profit made by newspapers who repeatedly demonstrate complete disregard for the truth through generating  sensationalism as a means to sell papers and attract advertising dollars?

Many more examples could be given here of businesses and organisations who generate profit with little regard for the responsibility of care for other human beings.

For your interest, UniMed purchased a building opposite the clinic which has been converted into a respite house where individuals undergoing chemotherapy stay, free of charge, for support and healing sessions which are aimed to complement their medical treatment program. [To note, there are many testimonials to support the ‘pro-medicine’ approach of UniMed. ‘Esoteric Medicine’ explicitly aims to support and complement Conventional Medicine through the understanding that a ‘marriage between the two’ would deliver a much improved and greatly needed effective system of health-care.]

Students are also able to receive sponsorship to attend courses if they do not have the financial means. The financial investment for courses does however make them incredibility accessible (examples include: $5 for a 2 hour presentation on Esoteric Medicine, $120 for an ‘all-day’ ‘Livingness’ workshop).

Based on the capitalist model we live in, most businesses would seriously consider raising their prices at a consistent rate based on increasing demand. This ‘drive for profit’ is not however the main focus of UniMed and this can be demonstrated through their consistently low prices over many years – the fact that they make a good profit is due to the sheer number of people that choose to attend the presentations and healing sessions.


“all these beautiful empowered woman pay money to ‘learn’ [from] … a man?

Serge does not present as a ‘man’ – he presents as a human being who has connected to his stillness (which is present in every human being on this planet bar none), and expresses from there. I feel it is his expression from this stillness that so inspires people to re-connect to that same quality of energy that is present within them. This is not a mental exercise, it is a very nuts-and-bolts ‘try it for yourself’ approach – from a simple ‘gentle breath’ meditation to exercises in feeling energy (clairsentience) – with the emphasis always being ‘to discern and feel for yourself’.


“Why are you guys paying this man to tell you what you already know?”

Serge will be the first to admit that Yes! It is absolutely ridiculous that we need to be reminded of the love we are! So to the inquiring mind, this naturally leads one to question,

‘What is it about the world we live in that makes it so hard to be love/so easy to forget who we truly are?’

This is a short answer to your question. I find that it is easy to forget who I truly am in this world. It’s like the world pulls me one way and I feel to go the other. It is not possible to live in this tension all the time so something has got to give – and that is usually me and my truth which is love. I harden up, shift gears into ‘how I need to be’ and absorb the energy around me, essentially losing myself.

There are more concrete reasons why I ‘pay to learn what I already know’ and I have explained them below.


Many presentations from Serge simply convey the current statistics around illness and disease as well as talking about the general exhaustion that people are experiencing and the various strategies (focus/drive, alcohol, drugs, entertainment) that are used to ‘numb’ us to our feelings of emptiness and get us through to the next day. This has become ‘normal’ and it is ‘unusual practice’ to be healthy, vibrant and harmonious.

We can KNOW what it is to be healthy, but do we LIVE it?

There is a big difference between knowing and being- or more accurately between knowing and living. It is this difference that makes the world what it is today. It is accurate to say that:

We KNOW war is horrific and avoidable – yet we still LIVE war.

We KNOW slavery is unacceptable – and yet we still LIVE slavery under the term ‘human trafficking’ which is supported by government and private institutions.

We KNOW that the earth’s systems are fragile – yet we still LIVE with tremendous disregard for the planet as a whole.

We KNOW smoking is a poison to the body – yet we still LIVE as smokers

We KNOW efficient strategies of wealth and food distribution – yet we still LIVE in poverty and starvation.

We KNOW that drinking alcohol is a poison to the body – yet we still LIVE with it as a socially-acceptable and highly promoted form of behaviour.

The list is as long as is your imagination.

An additional point in response to someone who might say “I don’t do these things – it is not me, it is others“, I would add:

– We KNOW that we are all essentially the same and connected as human beings – and yet we LIVE in separation – what happens to ‘others’ or the ‘world’ does not concern us as long as we are comfortable and not the ones in pain/danger.

So it can be easily demonstrated that there is a difference between knowing what is true, and living what is true.

Core to the presentations of Serge Benhayon and UniMed is the ‘Universal law’ that ‘we all feel energy – all of the time’. Another way to put this is:

 ‘we all feel what is true’.

This truth can be felt in our body (another ‘Universal law’ as the body is a point of light connected to everything else).

This KNOWING is nothing more really than simple common sense. It is a common sense that is within us all and can be directly felt.

Everything offered through UniMed  is a presentation of the ‘energetic truth’ that Serge has discerned from within himself – a possibility that is available to us all should we choose to connect to our inner-most heart, and from this we experience our essence which is stillness. From this stillness, nothing is needed, everything (including you) is complete and all is known (that is needed at the time).

So in part response to your question – underlying the entire foundation of UniMed (as expressed through the Ancient Wisdom) is the understanding that you already know everything you need to know! It is not ‘you’ that is the issue in this world, it is what is ‘not you’ (beliefs, ideals, energy, choices) that get in the way and create the illness, disease, suffering, exhaustion, isolation and destruction that is so present in the world today.

The simple understanding of healing practised by UniMed is ‘the removal of what is not you, so that you are free to be you’. Life then takes care of itself.


I attend UniMed courses and presentations to confirm that I do indeed have this ‘common sense’, this ‘knowing’ within me.

After all, I was not taught this in school or life for that matter. It is fair to say that we are not taught that everything we need lies within us – and that this can be easily accessed through listening to our feelings that are present in our body. We are not taught that we are all the same because of the essence that we all hold within, and furthermore that we have a tremendous opportunity as a human being on this planet to express from this essence and feel the unity that arises from this as other individuals make that same choice to connect to their essence. When I connect to this knowing, I experience a connection not just with myself but with everyone else. It is a stillness that we all come from – that is our essence. There is a tremendous equality in this.

The more I have allowed myself to feel and choose what I ‘know to be true for me’, the more I feel like I am expressing the ‘real me’. A feeling of completeness comes with these everyday choices like:

‘wearing what I feel to wear even though they might be my ‘going out’ clothes that I have judged as ‘too good’ for everyday use’

‘taking the umbrella out on a sunny day because I have that ‘feeling’ that it might rain later on’

‘expressing to my husband that it hurts when he talks to me in an aggressive way’

‘bringing the kids bedtime back to 6.30pm as it allows me more time at night to unwind, settle and prepare for the next day’

‘not holding back when I feel to say something – anything! no matter if I sound silly or get it wrong.’

‘eating what and when my body feels to’

‘going to bed when I really feel like it rather than pushing myself on into the night watching tv or hanging out with my husband’.

All of these choices are about me developing a relationship with myself first, and living from there. Every time I acknowledge, listen to and/or express what I am truly feeling – I feel wonderful. I feel complete – like ‘me’ is all I need. I have stopped looking outside of myself for answers.

In the blog ‘womeninlivingness‘, Rebecca Baldwin address this in her article ‘Modern Woman’ – a product of society or of her own true nature?‘, when she asks the question ‘what would ‘living as a woman’ look like in today’s society if we were to first develop a deeply tender and nurturing relationship with our bodies and ourselves?’


I am inspired by others who choose to connect to their essence and live from this knowing. This was noted in Brendan Mooney’s article ‘To the Appalling Treatment of Women in the Media‘ as he notes “how gentle, loving and deeply considerate these women are to themselves and others”.

Often people attend UniMed presentations and events simply to share this experience of completeness with others (by reflection – that is, just by being them).

A true role model inspires you to live your truth by living theirs.

I personally have found it tremendously inspiring to be around others who are just being themselves without any demands on me. It has shown me that there is a way of being that doesn’t need the world to approve of them, to recognise them, to encourage them. Each time I make a choice to live what I know is true, I am confirming to myself that I am enough – that all I know within is enough. This is ground-breaking for me – a person who previously relied on any shred of reinforcement and recognition to tell me how great I was. It is the completeness that I speak of that many individuals attending UniMed events offer, just in their presence. How cool to be truly inspired by others!?!


Presentations and workshops provide the safety for the beginnings of this practice, as there is tremendous regard, sensitivity and support for each person’s own individual feelings and responsibility for their own growth and change. To go from KNOWING to LIVING (BEING) is a practice which takes time to develop. Like a growing seed that needs water and light, so too does the human being need to feel safe enough to live and express what they know to be true – in a world that doesn’t really make that invitation. On the contrary, we generally all experience more of a demand to ‘fit in’ to ‘make-do’, to ‘get on with things’ – in spite of how we may be feeling.

I remember finding it really difficult at the start to share with a partner what I had felt during an activity where we simply stood face to face, connected to our stillness through making a choice to breathe gently, and ‘felt’ the other person.  In the exercise I had felt a lot – connection, a warmth, colours, a sense of the beauty in the person standing opposite me – but I dared not express this as I didn’t want to sound ‘wrong’ and I didn’t want the person to think I was just making it up!! I was faced with how I stop myself from expressing what I feel just in a simple exercise with another person. It was through hearing others share what they had felt and experienced that helped me feel the safety and trust to also share. Each time I listen to and/or express what I feel to be true, I build the feeling of knowing into a way of being, a ‘livingness’. These day to day choices build a life that confirms the love that I am (how awesome is that!?).


I have found it very important to not take myself so seriously that I miss the opportunity for play-fullness in my life. Attending presentations is also a forum for getting together, fun, and play-fullness.


Like anything I want to learn (or in this case re-learn), it takes time and support from being around others who are learning the same thing. It is important to acknowledge that no expectations are placed on the time it takes for any person to re-connect to and live from their ‘inner-most’ knowing. It is about daily choices and observing how our choices affect the quality of energy we hold in our body.  This listening, this feeling, is a practice that grows and needs support and encouragement – particularly in a world which demands that we use science, research, and outside authority to substantiate our ‘truth’. What better grounds for ‘science’ than getting to know ourselves truly, deeply? Observing how we feel, what choices we make, how we feel in relation to others and the world – what juicy data!? Even though it is not provable in the sense that we can ‘measure’ these observations, we can nonetheless feel them and that is proof enough. An obvious example of this is love. Most people would agree that love exists however no scientist has ever touched or measured love – you can’t and more to the point we don’t need to because it is whole in itself – it doesn’t need to be confirmed by a science that is yet to mature enough to be able to accurately measure energy.

There is a re-claiming of our power as individuals in this – that we don’t need some authority or institution to measure and prove what we feel – for what is felt and known in our body is enough – it is complete in itself.  Also when something is ‘new’ it is easily labelled ‘odd’. I have found that supporting others and receiving support from those who are experiencing the same connection is a way to ‘normalise’ my experience. Ironically, connection to our inner-most heart is the most natural state possible for us here on earth, and it is actually ‘abnormal’ to be living is disconnection to the love that we truly are.


As I began the practice of choosing to connect to my stillness and listening to what I knew to be true in my body, many ‘hurdles’ came up namely in the form of ‘beliefs’ and ‘ideals’. For me it was “I’m not worthy”, “Who do I think I am to say no/change plans/wear this or that/be selective at a dinner party with what food I eat/go to bed when everyone else is staying up to watch a dvd”?

Whilst different for everyone, beliefs and ideals about how we ‘should’ be or how the ‘world is’, hold us back from connecting to our stillness and living what we know to be true. It is these that get in the way of us living who we truly are. As previously mentioned, the entire purpose of healing is to get out of the way whatever is in the way of us feeling the love that we are  – a truth that is always there.

This is one big reason why students attend presentations and healing sessions – to clear what is in the way of us expressing the love we naturally are. This can start with learning to trust what is felt in the body, and then releasing what is in our body that does not feel like our essence (beliefs and ideals which all consist of an energy that is stored in the body).

As we stop identifying with, and reacting to, beliefs and ideals that we carry, we create more opportunity for us to make that connection to our stillness, feel what is true, and make more self-loving choices.

I refer you to the follow three blogs:

1) Truth about Serge Benhayon (truthaboutsergebenhayon.com)

2) Truth about Universal Medicine (truthaboutuniversalmedicine.com)

3) Everyday Livingness (everydaylivingness.com)

These blogs give an account of students who are practicing living what they feel to be true for themselves. They are awesome and inspiring.


“Good luck to you all I say – if it makes the world a better place, why invest your energy into worry if others think its a cult?”

And to your last question/point – I have no concern about others thinking that UniMed is a cult as I know in-truth that this is a lie – a total misrepresentation of the whole purpose of UniMed which is to deliver the possibility that ‘yes there is more to life’, and this can be found through a re-connection to your ‘true self’ which is always within you.

The concern IS however, that the opportunity that UniMed presents to all who are open, may be missed, as the lies and misrepresentation form a perception and bias in people that may prevent them from hearing and feeling the possibilities that Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon present.




101 thoughts on “A Response to Honest Questions from a Member of the Public

  1. This is a great blog that answers lots of questions that I know I had when I first came across Universal Medicine. What has always stood out to me is the healing nature of the various modalities on offer, that actually clear stuff – i.e. seemingly stuck in a rut of our old behaviours – that we’ve hitherto tended to hold onto and identify ourselves – that may not have shifted previously, and the practitioners who are completely dedicated and committed to living a life of integrity. I haven’t come across either of those things anywhere else to anywhere near the same degree.

  2. Sarah, It is very inspiring to feel the love and care you have and express for the work and for the humanity.

  3. Serge Benhayon presents on the esoteric work in re-presentation of a very ancient lineage. The press mis-re-presents the teachings. This is simply another episode of an ongoing battle between something that remains pure and a distorted version of it that appeals to our senses, fears and emotions confirming that we are only human beings.

  4. For many – and I am one Serge Benhayon presents and shares what simply makes sense of who we truly are and the true purpose of why we have a life in the first place. If these questions have ever occurred to us to ask then the simple response is to meet Serge Benhayon. When looking for understanding of what’s going on in the world nothing that is presented by anyone else is remotely offering any truth or insights let alone making sense of the suffering that is apparent on every level across the world.

  5. There is no doubt the typical western society life is not working, as is seen by illness rates, domestic violence, drug abuse and obesity to name but a few issues. Its time we ask is there a different way of living to what is considered the “normal life” and develop a new normal. There is and it is called the Way of the Livingness.

  6. It’s great that the likes of Daniel are discerning, sensitive and wise enough to question the gap or discrepancies between what gets presented to us by different people and in our different everyday life experiences –we just all need to remember that this ability to discern is a skill we all equally have and should integrate into our daily lives in a practical sense to understand all that we feel and do.

  7. I agree Sara, the media did not set out to truly investigate Universal Medicine, they came with a premeditated idea to find a sensational story that they could make into an enticing headline. It seems that reporting about a healthy and sound group of people is boring, which is very revealing about where we are at as a humanity.

  8. There is a world of difference between a journalist of integrity, where are they I would love to know one, and copy and paste journalists who don’t give a damn whether what they print is true or not so long as it generates profits for their business. The part that hurts even more is that we created this by preferring to read their lies than demanding they print truth.

  9. It is easy to say that we know but do we live it? I know that every time I hold back from expressing when there is to be expressed I hurt myself, I know that my body loves exercise but I often come up with excuses not to exercise and I know that the food I eat does not always support me. All these activities and there are many more I know do not support my body yet I live them. This is just one of the reasons why I am a student of The Way of the Livingness because I am being supported to live what I know is true.

    1. Great point Caroline, knowing does not further us it just keeps us stuck in our heads with an arrogance that we know but it does not help our bodies to access all that it is able to access.

  10. There is more to life than getting through it, but until we stop and see that each of us has the responsibility to make our life one that inspires another, we will continue to spiral into the world of comfort and checking out to survive the life we have chosen to live. It is this truth that many do not want to be faced with, even though no matter how much it is defended as not being true cannot change the fact it is.

  11. There is truth and there is a version of it that is not true. The false version makes sure that many will not bother to see which version is true and which one is false. But, it just takes one try to realise that the press is heavily invested in creating a false image of what Universal Medicine is and offers to anyone who wants to know and enjoy.

  12. Although this is a very dated article, it does not feel as if it has gone out of date. You have managed to cover every aspect or question one might have in regards to information currently found on The Way of The Livingness. I have been studying with Universal Medicine since I was 22, I am now 33. In conjunction other business partners I currently own and operate businesses and provide jobs to over 35 people, young and old. None of my staff are associated with Universal Medicine yet they are all dear friends, we are like one big family. Before I met Serge Benhayon I could barely take care of myself, I was on a path of self destruction. I have turned that all around now and have so much to offer, this is definitely not a cult but it sure has changed my life for the better.

    1. Esoteric students of Universal Medicine are definitely a very inspiring bunch of people and it is so incredible to spend time with them and see where they have taken their lives! And you are a great example of that Sarah Karam!
      As Sara Davis says: “…I mean the deep contentment where a person feels whole and complete in themselves and to be around them is inspiring?”

      1. Yes students are an inspiring group of people, as are many people I meet from all different walks of life but the difference is that other people I know that inspire me are not being targeted or called names on and offline. They are not being harassed and gossiped about and yet they are extremely committed to the different things they are into, they Religiously drink or go to the gym with no judgment from me. I hope one day as a society we will come to realise that we all have the same colour blood, no matter what skin colour, lifestyle choices, different beliefs we might hold dear.

  13. “Is there not more integrity and love in the profit made by UniMed through the support of thousands of people around the world, over profit made by newspapers who repeatedly demonstrate complete disregard for the truth through generating sensationalism as a means to sell papers and attract advertising dollars?” Yes there is, absolutely. It is interesting how they have tried to insinuate success as being selfish here without investigating the truth that it would be hard for this business not to be successful even with very reasonable charges, compare them with any workshop or seminar that delivers not one scrap of truth, and costs a lot more.

  14. Awesome Sarah, there is SO much in here. Yes certainly Serge Benhayon helps to make the world a better place. And you know what, if he was a woman, that would be presented by the media as a problem, if he’s a man, the same. If his shirt was either red or blue or green, they would find fault, because they are just uncomfortable with what he actually represents. Thank you Serge, you are amazing.

  15. I never ever before have spent my money so sensible like now when I pay for an UniMed course or a session with an UniMed Practitioner. Why did nobody question me as I spent my money on alcohol, cigarettes, spiritual courses, expansive medication, gigs and albums from musicians who are under the influence from drugs, holidays which made me not recovered coming home, jewellery and clothing I did not feel precious and sexy in/with, Make-up which did hide my true beauty AND SO ON!???? Is it not interesting that I am now become questioned where I live a more healthier life, work more, am financially more successful and show in general that there is another way to live which works by my living proof?! This way is with living more of the responsibility we all have. So could it be that all the attacks, rumors, arrogance and hostility is not at all against Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine or the Students of life at all, but an attack against the one and only surrender what is waiting for all of us for one day to live: living an integer life, living responsibility?!

  16. Awesomely shared Sarah. I love how you have written this our of respect for the questions asked and the questioner. Simple answering the questions of someone who was simply asking questions. And why wouldn’t someone asks questions. There has been much presented by the media that does not reflect the experiences of those who attend Universal Medicine presentations. All for the story and not so much more the truth. The crazy thing is that the truth, in truth is way much more interesting than any part truth or untruth. We just have to realise this.

  17. This is an incredibly inspiring sharing Sarah! A wonderful presentation on What Universal Medicine is all about. You clearly and lovingly share what you have experienced by being part of Universal Medicine Student Body. You have offered a clear and concise document for the enquiring person to read and an opening for that person or persons to decide for themselves (as we all have) if they might like to experience what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have to offer.

  18. As Sarah writes ‘I personally have found it tremendously inspiring to be around others who are just being themselves without any demands on me’. Me too. Relationships with others are completely transformed when people accept the responsibility for being who they are and for their own self-love. Living in a way that seeks to ‘perform’ for others constantly, so as to be accepted or approved of is quite simply exhausting – and rather futile.

  19. ‘Just getting through the day’ is something I have certainly experienced. It is more of an existence than a way of living. Life is very different now, supported by the reconnection to who I am and the wisdom common to us all. Today I live with more relish, eager to discover ever more of this wisdom, open to the awareness that it is truly possible to be joy-full, to be love with others and to share real inspiration in life. Just getting through the day is not an option anymore.

  20. I feel that a lot of people reach the point of saying ‘there must be more than this’ in life. For me asking myself this question was an opening up to what that more could be and an exploration of many alternative paths. But in a sense the search itself was the problem for ultimately I have found that what I was seeking was already within me. The effect of searching for it just created the illusion that something was missing when in truth it wasn’t. The search ended and in its place there is now knowing, acceptance, appreciation and confirmation – of who I am.

  21. In very simple terms my relationship with Universal Medicine has supported me – and continues to support me – in being who I truly am rather than trying to be the person the world wants me to be. And this is everything. Being who I am, is everything I need to be.

  22. A beautiful response Sarah. Somewhere along the line most of us have asked “There must be more to life than this” and this is what Universal Medicine offers us – how to know that and how to live this. Not through rules but through supporting a loving way of living that unlocks the key. We then make the choice or not to open the door.

  23. Wow Sarah thank-you this blog is so beautifully openly and truthfully expressed. Image if the media chose to express in that quality and with that amount of integrity,

  24. Lovely to come back and re-read this Sara and feel the absolute truth of what you have expressed so beautifully. Love how you point out that Love cannot be scientifically measured but we don’t question its existence so why are so many reluctant to accept anything until it has been scientifically proven? I have sometimes struggled to express to others the depth of wisdom on offer from Universal Medicine but have come to realise that what I offer in my reflection and the many changes I have made is more powerful than me trying to convince someone with words.

  25. It really is the case that what we do as Students of Universal Medicine may appear strange, but that is only because these days it is not considered normal to feel full and vital everyday, to have unbreakably tender relationships with family, friends and colleagues. To not be ill. To have self worth and self-love. Even though these are the most natural ways to be, they are not the modern normal way to live.

  26. This is a great question to ask of society
    “How can we be so particular and pay so much attention to technological modifications, buildings, material advancement – and at the same time accept a reduction in the general well-being of people?”
    Someone was excitedly telling me that they had gone to the top of the tallest building in Dubai and what a wonderful experience it was for them. And on the one hand they are quite right, it is a technological achievement but apart from that what has it achieved for mankind? Have we lessened the rate of illness and disease? Have we stopped fighting each other? Every day I hear about someone I know that has been diagnosed with cancer, or has heart disease or worst still died of a heart attack. We appear to champion tall buildings, fast cars and computers but care little about our own health and vitality, why is this I wonder.

  27. This is such a beautifully detailed blog Sarah, thank you for your expression. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have ‘it all’ to offer humanity but with bias reporting going on unchecked humanity is getting a skewed version and this is pure evil at work.

  28. What is significant here is that: when it is being said that Universal Medicine is a cult, it is nothing more than a protection from the movement of separation we have been so used to live. Key here is that if everything is energy, like Albert Einstein has proven – we are under the influence and choice of energy. This is significant and makes us able to say that whatever we say, act or do is by an energy we have chosen to align to. Being this a dishonest energy – we will have thoughts and actions than stem from that. So in this case I understand that from the energy of irresponsibility and deceit comments, articles and interviews have been made to cover up ‘that which is causing disturbance to its inner course of reluctance and irresponsibility’. Therefore this only tells me that Universal Medicine is well on its way to achieve true and responsible way of living to the world that has no vendetta, just simply a way of living that makes the world indeed a better place. There is nothing wrong with that.. Actually, this is absolute welcome and in my eyes the world truly needs this.

  29. Wow Sarah this could have been 10 amazing blogs! An extraordinary response to questions posed. I especially loved what you shared about how our different beliefs and ideals about how we think we or the world should be or act, hinder us from truly connecting to ourselves and knowing we who are and what is true… a definite catalyst for the sad state of the world we find ourselves in…. for which Universal Medicine is as you have shown, a beautiful antidote.

  30. There is definitely something wrong globally that is causing the skyrocketing rates of illness, disease, obesity, mental health issues etc. Serge Benhayon has answers to these and other human conditions that could alter in a very positive way the course of humanity’s future. That fact that the media is not reporting this, but instead reporting crude fabricated mock up stories just points again to the dire need we are in of the philosophy and integrity of Serge Benhayon.

  31. When I attend events run by Universal Medicine I learn so much from everybody present. Serge Benhayon presents in a very interactive way and there are guest speakers at many events. It is an absolute joy to be able to share with each other in this way. These presentations and the resulting life changes I have made are priceless in my eyes.

    1. Me too Leonne – I learn from everybody that shares at Universal Medicine events and the changes I have made are also priceless to me because of the level of ‘me’ that I can actually connect to now.

    2. I agree with you Leonne Sharkey, some of the guest speakers have talked about science in a way that reminded me strongly of the way it was taught when I was at school many years ago now. But it was taught with a sense of awe that science could be so exciting and grand and that what we knew and understood was so limiting. Now it seems that scientists think they know everything they think they know how the universe works. The experiments and research are often paid for by the drugs company and therefore the results are what the drugs company wants to be found rather than to find what is actually there to be found.

  32. This is such a truthful exposure to a way of living that is not working: “At no point in history have we had such technology and resources at our finger tips. With all of this ‘advancement’, how is it then, that illness and disease is increasing with tremendous strain being placed on public health systems all over the world? How is it then that people’s quality of life on the whole is becoming increasingly deteriorated by their experience of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, being time poor, and feeling disconnected to others?”
    This is the world that we currently live in and it is obviously not working, we as a society should be asking the question why is this? It is a question that Universal Medicine asks and actually has the answers if we care to listen.

  33. Thank you for sharing Sarah.. I loved everything that you said in the support part and agree completely. Great point about love and how it can’t be measured yet everyone knows it’s there. For me, I pay to go to the courses because there’s nothing like it. Even though I know it the world is full of other gunk that well, you kinda forget it all in the midst of it…the presentation and courses are a wonderful place for support and learning to trust what I’m feeling. Something that I hardly get anywhere else.

  34. Wow this is such an awesome sharing Sarah on what Universal Medicine truly offers. There are so many gems you have written here, this one stood out for me –
    ‘UniMed presents the fact that the ‘quality’ of our life is determined by the quality of the energy we are living in, and that we have the free-will to choose this quality of energy. It is with this in mind that the ‘esoteric’ asks us to consider that we are entirely responsible for our lives through the choices we make.’ – Beautifully said and very true!

    1. Yes Anna, and this tells us about the energy we are living in and so the detractors are living in that and want to make the lies sound good – simply because their life is dishonesty with themselves and so they can not avoid but to live that with others – hence their indisputable lies. There is never a good reason to lie or defend the truth that is so patent. Universal Medicine totally rocks because it just shows the world another way to life that is working! So it does show us the way we have been living that had not worked. But when lived and cared by from our honesty – we do not mind admitting that we have chosen a way that has separated us instead of growing back together in brotherhood.

  35. A truly comprehensive blog that shares with the reader the true integrity, quality and love with which Universal Medicine conducts itself and the truth that what is presented is something that can be lived by us all. The choice is ours.

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