20 year old offers inspiration to her peers

by Nikita Smythe, NSW, Australia

I have only been attending the Universal Medicine courses for one year, which has helped me change my everyday life from being rushed and chaotic to gentle and nurturing. I have also been around a few practitioners for the past 3 years

Serge Benhayon doesn’t tell people how to live their life. He offers inspirational true stories about how he, his family or friends, make choices that are nurturing, loving and caring in day to day life. In fact I actually emailed Serge once with a question of what to do in an emotional situation and he said, “Sorry I do the presenting and you do life, be love….”

So he was definitely not telling me what to do – he offers inspiration, and has taught that every moment we have a choice, which is completely true. So the choice is ours, always!

So there is a simple choice between what we truly want and what others (the world) wants us to be.

What we feel to do over what we ‘think we should’ do (from ideals, beliefs, outside influences.)

What’s self nurturing and what’s self harming.

So to me Universal Medicine offers inspiration and support as:

A lifestyle not a diet.
A livingness not a cult.
Self love not selfishness.
Inspiration not persuasion.
Brotherhood and oneness not a secretive cult.

With love,

A 20 year old young lady who inspires and reflects a different way to all other young female and male teenagers around me!

“How do you do it”
“I wish I could live as healthy as you”, to which I say “you can”
“You are shining”
“I get this amazing energy from you”
“You’re my inspiration”
“Your skin is like when you were 12 again”
“You always brighten my day” –
quotes by customers at my work, friends, people I meet
“I am so proud of you” – my family
“Your skin is so vibrant”

Yes it’s always a choice and I will keep choosing love and joy.

Thank you to Universal Medicine, the Benhayon’s, practitioners and students.

You are so inspiring and supportive.

Thank you for inspiring and supporting me to change my life.

I have never felt like this since I was a little girl.

Special quote from mum to my friends mum: “I have my baby back”


164 thoughts on “20 year old offers inspiration to her peers

  1. The idea to name Students of the Livingness as a ‘cult’ came from a person that was and holds on to a hurt. Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, The Way of the Livingness and the students of it do present and live the letting go of our hurts and taking responsibility about life in full. So ….that’s very confronting. Confrontations can be very uplifting if used to learn out of it. & I see the aforementioned institutions and people very much developing every year. The people who call Universal Medicine and friends a cult have to answer this for themselves in which way they did develop and learned. If so.

  2. Nikita you are an inspiration to all other young and older women and men. The future for this world is brighter just for having you in it. This is a great read for young and old. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are the Livingness of the truth not a cult as many misguided people may think. As you say we all make our own decisions they are not made for us!

  3. The last quote from your mum did touch me Nikita, “I have my baby back” and I realize that it is the same for my mum. After withdrawing from my family, blaming them for my problems with life I did come back and now develop a deeper relationship with them, specially with my mum. We now meet more in equality, I see to understand her and open up and share my life and feelings with her. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon did inspire me to open up to people and clear what is in the way of a deep relationship. I am so glad to have this in my life, because now I am back in the family and in the world.

  4. Beautiful. I love this sharing, and that classic Serge ““Sorry I do the presenting and you do life, be love….” when you were are asking for more than is right for him to give. He does the presenting and gives us all the pieces but we have to live our lives in our own unique choices. I love how you share this to illustrate that he never tells us what to do. So true.

  5. We are all not only responsible for our own lives but the ripple effect of how those lives affect everyone else. It seems a lot but the more often we just be love the simpler it is. To feel that responsibility and whole heartedly embrace it at 20 Nikita is just plain awesome.

  6. Ah, the other side of the story – the one never printed, the one never told by unscrupulous journalists who wish to dictate the drum beat by which all of society should subscribe to. Whatever you do, don’ t buck the trend, don’t discover that life can be lived from a vitality so immense that there is no such thing as hump day, or a weekend needed in order to recover from a week of being savaged by life’s demands. Stay small, don’t challenge the status quo. Such is the demand of the journalist who wishes not to dig deeper, but to rather succumb to the easy story that via its sensationalist narrative offers an instant audience.

  7. ‘I have my baby back’ .. this felt joyful to read. From my experience, and I have had a lot!!! Serge Benhayon, the Benhayon family, Universal Medicine and Universal Medicine Practitioners are the only people who I have met to this day who consistently reflect, live and present a true way to live. It is by no means about perfection but about truly and consciously understanding energy, the relationship we have with ourselves, our life, our choices and movements and the world/universe we live in. With knowing this truth alongside the intention to truly heal and be willing to evolve miracles can and do happen as you have shared.

  8. Our lives can only be lived through the constant choices we make, and so it is inspiring when we are presented with a way that we can live being guided by our truth within, by the love we are. I love how you have described the support an inspiration you feel from your experience of Universal Medicine, as for me also this is very true.

  9. “A lifestyle not a diet.
    A livingness not a cult.
    Self love not selfishness.
    Inspiration not persuasion.
    Brotherhood and oneness not a secretive cult.”

    This is awesome – and best of all, absolutely true.

  10. A deeply inspiring sharing Nikita and I love Serge’s quote…be love…. when we live the love that we innately are we are being true to ourselves and the ripple effect this has on all those around us is immeasurable.

  11. Beautiful Nikita, and what an inspiration you are, your family, friends, peers and the comments to your blog have confirmed this so clearly to you. Thank you for sharing the real story that the journalist seem find so hard to deal with and report on.

  12. Truly beautiful Nikita. When the flame of love within our hearts is rekindled, our true self shines forth for all the world to see. This is the divinity and magic we were born with as a child that never goes away but can often be buried under a false way to be that is lived according to outer dictates and constructs of how we should or should not be and not in accordance with the divine spark we each in essence are.

  13. So inspiring Nikita to read of the loving change you have made in your life in just one year since coming to Universal Medicine courses. a beautiful reflection you bring to friends and family showing them another way of living life that is different to the normal way of living for most people.

  14. I remember reacting to being told ‘Be love’ as I had no idea what that love was. Gradually with the inspiration, presentations and teachings of Serge Benhayon I have rediscovered true love and it is who I am.

  15. “he offers inspiration, and has taught that every moment we have a choice, which is completely true.” You are an inspiration too Nikita. To shine from who you are is the biggest gift we offer each other. It is unique and a discovery with the biggest smile the more you get to express this out and allow it back in. Thank you so much Universal Medicine for showing me how to shine too.

  16. ‘So there is a simple choice between what we truly want and what others (the world) wants us to be.’ Being honest and truthful is not what the world reflects to us to be, yet through choosing truth it is possible to change the world and maybe one day the world will be an honest and truthful place to live.

  17. This is so true Nikita, “He offers inspirational true stories about how he, his family or friends, make choices that are nurturing, loving and caring in day to day life.”, – that is the great secret to Universal Medicine, pretty simple really.

  18. I love this Nikita… for it is a Livingness and not a cult and as long as the word cult is falsely and irresponsibly thrown around, people will not truly understand let alone know about the extraordinary benefits from living what has been presented by Universal Medicine and the deeply inspiring transformations that so many have experienced.

    1. So true Samantha – I see it as a massive cop-out. To throw a word around that paints a picture of something exclusive and controlling is irresponsible and a manipulation. I thank heaven I was brought up to consider everything and everyone on their own merits and to question authority as it gave me the freedom to see through the manipulation and to discern for myself.

  19. Awesome. A much needed inspiring story for the young women and men of today who in my opinion have very very few role models to inspire them to be who they are and not a version of themselves.

  20. Nikita, it is very beautiful and inspiring to read how, at such a young age, you made the choice and took the steps to renounce what is not true, and to embrace love, joy and who you truly are, in essence, into your way of living.

  21. Well said Nikita. When mankind starts to grasp that brotherhood is our future and what that means and looks like, we will be on our way to returning to the glory from which we dropped.

  22. Lovely to hear of all the feed back from others of how you have changed and not from being told what to do and following someone but becoming more honest with yourself and being the love that you are.

  23. I like the response Serge gave you “Sorry I do the presenting and you do life, be love….” That is what I love about his workshops; they are simply an offering that we can take away and decide what, if anything, to try for ourselves and observe the results. I for one have tried several things and have benefited hugely from the results in terms of improved health, my feeling of well-being, a revitalized commitment to life and better relationships, to name just a few.

  24. A very well presented article on how someone supports themselves in life and the resulting comments from the people who are seeing these changes everyday. No one can touch the way you choose to live, you can be critiqued, defamed, ignored etc etc but what is most telling is the way you choose to respond. The best way to respond is to continue to go deeper and deeper in the way you care to live. When the world outside doesn’t make sense bring more of the inside to it and in time the two will speak the same.

  25. We can never ever underestimate our ability to inspire another and the powerful influence this has on their lives.

  26. Amazing Nikita. And this was written almost 5 years ago. What an unshakeable foundation you set for yourself. Every moment is indeed a choice, and it certainly gets easier the more choices we make towards the care for ourselves. The domino effect simply accepting and loving ourselves has on others is pretty extraordinary.

  27. We can all feel a true change in someone we meet or someone we know. Sometimes we can get fooled by a facade another puts on to appear to be going well but in truth we will know deep down when a true lasting change has occurred. I had a friend recently see me after two months and she said “You are glowing! I want to know more I want to know why you are glowing so much”. Someone does not glow and does not look vital if they are being controlled or told what to do.

  28. “So there is a simple choice between what we truly want and what others (the world) wants us to be.”
    This is a powerful statement. For unbeknown to us the world is constantly putting pressure on us to live less than the amazing power we are. In my experience, I cannot support myself until I claim in full what I want.

    1. ‘I cannot support myself until I claim in full what I want’. Yes, it is important to be clear what exactly it is that we want and then all the support can fall into place when we are in true alignment with the divine plan.

  29. Straight from the hip Nikita with no justification or attempts to convince. What power you share with us all. Thank you.

  30. When we chose to be more self loving, we offer a reflection for all others that they can do this for themselves also – and sometimes we underestimate the ripple effects of our self loving choices. And all we have to do is just be our true selves.

  31. Nikita, you are indeed an inspiration to your peers. We can’t help notice the ones around us that are looking vibrant and full of vitality like you. You will stand out because many are exhausted and depleted and people will want to know what you are doing.

  32. I would love to hear about how you’re going 5 years on Nikita. With a foundation you built for yourself like the ones you describe here, I have no doubt you’ve been flying ever since!

  33. We are being bombarded constantly with everything around us to be something we are not. It is an absolute commitment to discard and read that which is not true so that I can live the ‘real’ me in every moment.

  34. I am so pleased to come back and read your words again. To feel the freedom of being a young girl again shows how we can get wrapped up (literally) in the web of complication which dulls our spark. We know how to live, we really know so much more than we let ourselves believe. This is an abdication of our responsibility as well. Time to reclaim our youth – no matter what age we are!

  35. The only way to evolve is to feel into and to become aware of our patterns of movements and their consequences. We have to be aware that we are in a place we have said yes to. It is up to us to say yes to something else. Extrication is our privilege and our responsibility.

    1. Acknowledging that we are where are at any one time is the consequence because we have said yes to is the first step to enabling one to extricate oneself from where one is. So empowering.

  36. This is what happens when we embrace our life in full with responsibility and love, that we simply inspire others to do the same.

  37. Nikita, how utterly gorgeous to feel you living and shining in life, and I love how you put it ‘A lifestyle not a diet. A livingness not a cult. Self love not selfishness. Inspiration not persuasion. Brotherhood and oneness not a secretive cult.’ This is one for my fridge. And you show what inspiration is, by living it we show others it’s possible.

  38. Beautiful to read Nikita, many of us have asked Serge to help us, and he has never told any of us what to do, he has left it for us to discern for ourselves and make our own choices, the beauty is the more we connect to ourselves and our inner essence the easier it is for us to know the answer.

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