The media are missing a wonderful opportunity

by Joan B McMahon, Australia

The world has a great need for the truth and we all know it deeply in ourselves when we hear it. What a wonderful opportunity the media has to inspire the public with truth, instead of just printing the reactions of a few unhappy people. We are not ‘fooled’ by brain washing techniques which I can assure you there is none of in Universal Medicine, there are only helpful, gentle, reassuring sessions and presentations that have been of great benefit to me and my family.

I have attended 9 Universal Medicine workshops in the past 20 months. The changes in me have been noticed by friends and family. I am more loving, settled within myself, calm and healthier.  This is after many years (40) of searching for information that makes sense and does not involve me in any religion or cult or demands of me to be anything other than myself from my heart. I feel at last that I am hearing the truth from Serge. I find it amazing that journalists are judging these workshops and presentations without even having attended one.


100 thoughts on “The media are missing a wonderful opportunity

  1. It is an illusion to think that it is easier or an escape to judge the truth in order to not be honest with what is being presented, yet we seem to be falling for this time and time again. There is much more effort and force required to resist the truth, as the worsening state of our health and well-being as a humanity is currently reflecting to us. However, for those that are willing to see, feel and say ’yes’ to truth, the responsibility is ours to continue to live it with our all, to continue to reflect the truth of who we are through how we live, regardless of the how the world of lies tries to falsely depict the truth of that which will expose of its deceitful ways.

  2. Truth inspires us. It asks us to stop and look at ourselves and the reality of what is. Sensationalism and drama are stimulation that keeps us in the comfort of creation and I guess anything that threatens it is not welcome. Funny, because our track record shows us it has not worked.

  3. The media did miss a great opportunity to report the truth, and the opportunity will arise again, and maybe next time the media will not shy away from the truth.

  4. ‘I find it amazing that journalists are judging these workshops and presentations without even having attended one.’ This fact exposes clearly the point currently journalism is at. Disinformation just brings disinformation.

  5. When the absolute truth is sensed which we all know so much can get in the way eg. our hurts, beliefs, ideals, pictures, investments etc that we are prepared to do anything to protect them even spread stories that are not true. So it comes down to the fact of how much we are willing to see and sense truth in our lives and accept that which is not true.

  6. Yes, sadly the media are not bringing the truth in their reporting about Serge Benhayon. When someone wakes up and publishes the real story, the newspaper sales will go through the roof – the world is starving for true quality and intimacy to be lived in full – Serge Benhayon offers this reflection to all who are willing to see it.

  7. “The world has a great need for the truth“ but it also gets an immense pleasure by giving its back to it and play with that. Unless there is a clear demand for truth in our everyday life, we only get what we ask for. Only if we embrace truth and reflect this through our movements will inspire the new generation of journalists to also walk that path. Otherwise we have what we have. A public demanding to be entertained and comforted and journalists that deliver that.

  8. If I were being brain washed I certainly would have left Universal Medicine by now! There is a huge difference between being brain washed and left to make up our own minds. It’s the same in everyday life when I feel imposed upon, it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and I go in the opposite direction. Attending Universal events is no different… if I ever felt any imposition I would run a mile!

  9. I too feel that “The media are missing a wonderful opportunity” in how they have reported the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. In a world where the health of humanity is, in general, worse that it has ever been surely people deserve to know that there is another way to live, a way where making self-loving choices is the bridge to feeling healthier, more vital and having more enjoyment in life. This stance by the reporters has me wondering why they would ignore this most wonderful and potentially life and world changing story; it simply doesn’t make sense.

  10. So true, the reporting has not been based on experience, which in itself is deeply sad. It has been reactionary and actually extremely irresponsible. Truth will always come out, the fact that the media misrepresented Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is so blatantly obvious.

  11. Its a great point you make that the media write extensively about what Serge Benhayon presents, but have no first hand, or even second hand experience of what is on offer, bar the complaints of one or two disgruntled trolls. Its time for the media to look under the covers and see what is really happening in the wellbeing and health of the lives of people who do attend Serge Benhayon’s workshops. If they did they would find a new health and love filled way of living that has the potential to transform everyday life.

  12. The wonderful opportunity for the media to truthfully present what Universal Medicine is, still has an open window.

  13. ‘I find it amazing that journalists are judging these workshops and presentations without even having attended one’. Me too Joan.

  14. Hasn’t that become all too common place these days? Make a judgement or come to a conclusion without having all and some times any of the facts. How can we stop this? Yes by all means set the record straight with the source of the misinformation but equally make sure we are taking care of our own business. What do I mean by this? I mean if you don’t like something or if you see something occurring you can see is unjust or untrue then make sure when it comes time and you are asked the same questions that you have the whole picture before you jump. The best way to lead someone or the world out of something is to live and lead the way yourself. You don’t need to advertise this fact but more consistently keep living it, then at least the world has something to come back to.

  15. Wouldn’t it be great if journalists actually checked out the facts for themselves before writing their pieces. Even when they do, I have heard countless stories of how they misrepresent or twist what they have been told. Its so very obvious that they simply want to sensationalise, rather than actually find out and print the truth. A missed opportunity indeed.

  16. The fact that the whole media are missing what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are offering the world and failing to make it the great news it is, is proof of the truth of every word Serge Benhayon utters. Everything is about energy and the media are owned by the energy that wants to keep us separative in every way.

  17. I agree wholeheartedly Joan; hopefully the media (both individual members and collectively) will realise they are reacting and sensationalising rather than reporting truth and love. Indeed continued opportunities lost.

  18. Totally agree Joan. There is a huge opportunity here for the media to present a truth that will actually be of service to all as opposed to the current practice we are all affected by today. We all have a part to play, and it is our responsibility to not support what doesn’t serve us and continue to show that there is another way.

  19. There is so much horror going on in the world from famine, illness and disease, to human trafficking, to abuse, to pedophilia, all of it needs to be addressed, brought into the open and discussed, so why spend all this time on a group of people that make a difference, live healthy and do not shy away from talking openly about the above topics? Are we avoiding to look at what is really going on in this world and waste our time with making up stories and pointing the finger on others instead of stepping into our own responsibility?

  20. The media hold a massive responsibility due to the influence and power they wield so it is deeply disturbing to recognize how this power can be abused so flippantly for self serving purposes but never for the true benefit of the all.

  21. When you are listening to Serge you are hearing God’s word; and The Plan to restore harmony within ourselves and on earth. Why would you not want to hear that? And in a perfect world the media to broadcast the answers to our civilization.

  22. The world has a great need for truth, but in truth, the world is not aware of it. This is the key of the matter that in truth is key. The process of awareness raising can only start with those that have bodies that either respond to this call or that cannot longer live ignoring it.

  23. We can at times be so quick to judge without knowing all the facts, and we can get it so horribly wrong. as with the media who have lost an opportunity to hear life changing truths that the world is so in meed of, by this they have done a great disservice to humanity.

  24. “I find it amazing that journalists are judging these workshops and presentations without even having attended one.” . . . This is a great point Joan. I too find it amazing. There does not seemed to be any well research stories anymore. If they had done the research they may have realised that there was indeed . . . ” a wonderful opportunity the media has to inspire the public with truth, instead of just printing the reactions of a few unhappy people”.

  25. There has been many an ‘expert’ in the past who have freely shared their opinion devoid of the true understanding, authority and experience of what they are sharing that has influenced and directed many down a road they did not need to go.

  26. The first stone is cast through ignorance followed by the many more thereafter when a person does not want to receive the reflection that speaks the simple truth of who we truly are and the equally simple steps it takes to live this.

  27. Well said Joan. I love the way you show us not just the student examples, but I really feel the reflection from those around us all who notice how vital and loving and joyful we are these days, and they take notice of this fact, it is powerful evidence when we seek to convince no-one yet they notice and get interested anyway.

  28. it’s an interesting thing to ponder on Joan that we would judge something that we know little about or have never experienced. But we do this all the time. I was just thinking about how the media are with politicians (mind you I think there is a lot of 2 way game playing here). How they can easily place a particular spin on someone and the media watching public either like them or not because of this…then out comes the opinion polls which the media then latch onto and further discuss and turn into news. It’s like sections of the media have to make up their own news. The sources of most of these styles of news stories are never revealed, but surely given their level of responsibility they should be checking and triple checking the quality of their sources to make sure of the integrity of their sources. This is something that I used to assume was part of the role of the journalist, but is not always the case for some, depending on other vested interests.

  29. ‘I find it amazing that journalists are judging these workshops and presentations without even having attended one’ – I also find this astounding yet it is telling of the industry and the lack of integrity and truth that is largely represented. Thank you Joan

  30. Many of the students of Universal Medicine and the ageless wisdom have searched for a long time for truth and now say they found it. Interesting that ‘the one thing’ that brings a true change brings up so much resistance and attacking, thereby the ‘other stuff’ we did was not more than amusing… Could it be that this ‘true changes’ have an effect on all of us and some do not like the consequences of it for their comfortable and exclusive life?

  31. It always comes down to a choice… and all I can say is that I appreciate every day that I made the choice to attend a Universal Medicine presentation 8 years ago. Many don’t want to know or don’t choose to look at what is making them ill, have unloving relationships with themselves and others and be disillusioned with life (I put up my hands for living like this also), will pull apart anything or anyone that presents truth, love and the reality of life.

  32. Isn’t the greatest form of “cult” – if we can use that word in its negative manner – the one that you are not even aware you are in? So if we think that it’s ok to have for example alcohol aren’t we in a “cult” then? Mainstream society delivers a way that obviously makes us sick so shouldn’t we question everything that happens from birth to pinpoint what it is that might be wrong? Could it be school where we learn that memorizing facts instead of being ourselves and listening to what we feel is more important? There are lots of questions to ask and this is what Serge and Universal Medicine does as well as me being a student of Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness. We have got to start asking question and not let the big mainstream “cult” get away with it when that way is wrecking us and our health.

  33. Yes Joan “the world has a great need for the truth and we all know it deeply in ourselves when we hear it”. What a sad reflection on the journalists when they choose to print the biased reactions from a few unhappy people without attending any of the workshops or presentations and not seeking to give a true balanced account from any of the Universal Medicine practitioners or Universal Medicine students for themselves.

  34. I agree with you Joan, the media rather than being judgmental and printing falsehoods about Universal Medicine could have reported on the vast improvements to health and wellbeing that is occurring among those associated with this amazing organization. They did indeed miss a golden opportunity here, to print truth.

  35. Journalists have a responsibility to report in a truthful and unbiased manner, however this has not been the case when reporting on Universal Medicine. The people who are missing out on an awesome opportunity are the general public.

  36. With a background in clinical hypnotherapy I can unequivocally state there are no brain washing or mind control tricks within Universal Medicine… people come to listen from feeling the truth of what is being presented and from that feeling impulsed to make more loving choices in their life. Simple. The media just can’t help but attempt to make it into something it isn’t and lace it with their agenda… which sadly is the foundation of their job more than reporting the truth.

  37. The problem with journalists is that they are rewarded for telling stories that are untrue, spiced up because that’s what they are told sells newspapers. Currently when most of the population is so dulled by the drudgery of life that’s what people want to read about, not the truth but a spicy concoction spawned from someone’s fertile imagination. The truth never hides it just waits to be rediscovered and we will all rediscover it one day.

  38. Yes, actually it is arrogant behavior. Never judge somone. What strikes me the most is that the media is not responding to its responsibility, and this is a shame. It is not that our media people are bad, that journalism is bad, but the fact that we are not dealing with our issues is a shame, again not because it bad, but because: We Deserve More.

  39. Like yourself Joan I searched for years to find something that was the truth and I also found it with Serge Benhayon. Serge’s presentations are very practical as well and can be applied to everyday life. This is not pie in the sky, this is truth that can be lived everyday. For me Serge’s worshops and presentations have also been wonderfully beneficial with drastic improvements across all areas of my life from sleep and health to emotional and mental well being and relationships. Something this good needs to be reported truthfully by the media.

  40. Yes how refreshing would it be to have a journalist attend a Universal Medicine workshop or presentation who was open and not going in laced with what they want to see. To then feel firsthand the gift of what is being offered for all equally. Then they could not help but report on the experience in a true and factual way because that lived experience would be guiding their every word from their own experienced truth.

  41. Thank you Joan. I love what you’ve written here as it makes no sense to judge anything if we have not had any first hand experience of – this is something that it’s worth journalists taking notice of.

  42. I agree Joan with all that you share – the media missed a great opportunity to report the truth about Universal Medicine.

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