Hopefully a whole lot of good will come out of this

by Belinda Jane, QLD, Australia

It exposes how out of touch the newspapers are when you read these articles about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The information presented in the Northern Star, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Echo and Brisbane Times is almost the exact opposite to what Serge Benhayon presents. Interestingly, the authors of these articles would only need to attend one Universal Medicine presentation to affirm this for themselves. It is not surprising that so many Universal Medicine students have spoken up to clarify the blatant lies that were printed. 

I met Serge about 4 years ago and instantly knew he represented True Love. I could feel it, hear it in his words and observe it in how he was with people. I had been involved in the spiritual new age and kinesiology but Serge had an integrity that I hadn’t previously experienced with those colleagues.

I work with clients everyday as a practitioner trained by Universal Medicine. Every client that has spoken about the newspaper articles or the internet sites have easily identified for themselves that the group of ‘detractors’ or ‘critics’ are clearly bitter about their own personal issues and avoiding any responsibility for their part in their lives. That would have been just as obvious for the journalists to observe.

As far as I understood a ‘cult’ brainwashes people to think and live in a certain way. Serge Benhayon’s presentations allow you to think for yourself… in fact he insists you make decisions for yourself. The different way each and every person lives, that attends his presentations, is testament to that. Some participants drink alcohol, some don’t, some eat gluten and dairy, some don’t, some only listen to UniMed music and some listen to whatever they want. These choices are left up to the individual. Serge often repeats that life is about discerning for yourself how something you choose to do, follow or eat/drink feels in your body.

The code of ethics that we operate with as practitioners of Universal Medicine modalities are of the highest integrity. Universal Medicine does not compromise their principle. Everything we do is about a loving dedication to ourselves as a woman/man and the human being in front of us as a client. In this instance we choose to avoid alcohol, drugs, certain foods, late nights and destructive relationships as these things affect how we feel about ourselves and how well we operate the next day with people. Simple! Anyone that considers their health and well-being in a genuine way makes changes in their daily life to reflect this. Serge Benhayon speaks often about the great respect he has for medicine and the fact that as a society we wouldn’t cope without the great service our doctors and nurses provide.

In UniMed’s practitioner training, Serge presents clearly that it is not our role to cure, as the medical profession do a wonderful job of that, but to support the medical treatment a person may be receiving by helping them heal and understand how their choices contributed to their illness. I personally spoke with Serge about having surgery and he was very supportive. Before attending a course we fill in forms provided by the UniMed office to record any vital information that may be needed if for some reason we need medical attention. I am not writing to clear the name of Universal Medicine or defend Serge Benhayon as they have no need for that. I write because I have personally experienced amazing growth and awareness and a deeper love for myself and humanity since being involved with Universal Medicine. I have seen many people blossom in the same way. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine consistently deliver us the truth without compromising because sometimes we find ‘the truth’ difficult to hear.

These newspaper articles and internet sites are not providing simple basic facts with any accuracy, let alone truth when they present their point of view. As UniMed students we now have an opportunity to speak up and write down how our lives have changed as a result of making more loving choices. There will be a lot of people out there, like us, who can really benefit from our words on the ‘Livingness’, and who can read though the lines of the media and be open to the dedicated work that Serge has offered humanity. Hopefully a whole lot of good comes of this experience.

103 thoughts on “Hopefully a whole lot of good will come out of this

  1. Indeed, a whole lot of good has come out of this, Belinda Jane. We as a student body have been challenged and taken up the opportunity to express the truth we know it to be, and I am learning how horrible it feels when truth gets compromised while I make it about protecting my own comfort of security.

  2. ‘Serge often repeats that life is about discerning for yourself how something you choose to do, follow or eat/drink feels in your body.’ We can only truly change our choices when we feel something for ourselves, and the effects certain foods and drink have on us, and the more we continue to make more loving choices for ourselves the more others will notice those choices and be inspired to listen to their own body too.

  3. Belinda Jane, in the title of your blog what you were hopeful about back in 2012 has become a definite reality. A whole lot of good has come out of the blatant lies published in the media about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I have observed how the student body and their families have become stronger, healthier, more committed and more loving in their lives. I have also noticed how the general public at large are becoming more aware of and are losing confidence in the media because of the less than honest journalism that is being dished up to them.

  4. The internet allows pure lies to be published and remain public for an indefinite period of time…this is worse than any other time in history as in the past lies did not remain so permanently publicly displayed like today.

  5. Said without judgement, the media offers a great alibi for those who are not ready to embrace themselves but it has no grip on those who have said yes to it. Although it is a shame to scare people away from truly embracing themselves through made up stories, we have also to accept that there are many that do not dare to go there yet. This is what the media feeds. This is their target.

  6. Detractors aside the truth is being consistently, lovingly and widely shared for all by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and Practitioners of the complimentary modalities. I’m know I’m not the only person who is incredibly appreciative of all that is offered through ‘The Way of the Livingness’ so we may know there is another way to live in the world apart form the role modeling of ill-health, harm, greed, corruption, abuse, and atrocities that people are choosing to live.

  7. It’s been a long time since the detractors started their rampage of lies on Universal Medicine, and many students have brought their living way to the spot light for many to see and feel that what Universal Medicine upholds is an extremely high level of truth and integrity, and offers another way to live that creates miracles in our every day.

  8. How did journalism get to a point where a journalist can write a story without investigating? Someone calls in with a well designed media pack and voila, it gets printed. Is that what journalism is these days?

  9. It is perverse to consider that good can come out of something so targetted and unpleasant. Yet what I have experienced for myself and seen in others is the age old pattern of vilifying anyone who stands against the accepted ‘norm’. What is crazy about this attack, is it targets someone who is speaking out about the way we self-abuse that contributes to so many of the lifestyle diseases that are affecting our lives. It actually has the potential to ease the burden of disease. Are we so short-sighted that we cannot see beyond what has been feeding us this rubbish for so long? I, for one, could never go back to how I lived before I went to a Universal Medicine course, no matter how many journalists decided to join in this witch hunt. It would be like asking me to squash myself back into a box, and as familiar as it might have been, I can clearly see it was me choosing to be in it and it is me choosing to get out of it.

  10. The way the media picked up this story shows how they just copy from each other, saving themselves a proper investigation. This is so very different from the way Serge Benhayon presents his courses! Everything he says is original and new, he does not copy, he does not even repeat his own words, whenever he is asked to repeat something he says it in different words and he can say the same thing in a million different ways. Now that is something the media could learn from Serge, instead of re-gurgitating the same old story over and over again, which is just circulating, but no matter how much they try to hammer it into us it will not become true because of it.

  11. Beautiful blog Belinda, Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have totally transformed my life, not because there are rules to follow, but because what is presented allows me to come to my own conclusion as to whether I make different choices in my day to day life or not, and living in a way that supports my body is just common sense.

  12. During the ten years I have been attending Universal Medicine Serge Benhayon has delivered with consistency that it is not for us to go away and copy him but to feel for ourselves what is right for us in the choices we make to support us in every day life. In fact there have been occasions where he has not disclosed his livingness eg. the food he eats in case others may follow him without first discerning what is true for them. In all the spiritual courses and workshops I had attended before Universal Medicine I had not once come across a teacher such as Serge Benhayon whose integrity is second to none supporting me and every student to connect to their soul and making this their foundation in life.

  13. I love what you shared about your amazing growth and deeper love for yourself and for humanity. You are one of many whose lives have been transformed through the inspiration and wisdom presented by Universal Medicine. The media can lie and bastardise as they wish but this fact cannot be denied or ignored.

  14. The obvious false nature of accusations against Universal Medicine has had a clear impact on its students given that they could not believe the incredible gap between what they know to be true and what they read in the press. it is easy to imagine how what the press published may have deterred people from giving it a go. At the same time, has forced the current students to wake up and stand against abuse to something very dear to them.

  15. Why can the media look like they can get away with something like this? I mean to almost completely fabricate a story and not only that but be able to print it with no cause for recourse. We would have to have a part in all this. Are we doing our bit or our part or are we asleep and leaving things to others. Simply not reading or buying the paper is no longer enough, there is more. We need to address in ourselves where we see pockets of this type of behaviour. Are we willing to look for the truth in what is being said to us or do we go with the story, even if it is just a thought? I look at how people say things to me and whether I go with the story straight away or if I take care to listen and then balance up the story with more information. I mean how many times have you seen or had someone tell you something and you run with it straight away or you share it without first quantifying if it’s even true. Even if you don’t believe it and still share it then this is still loading up the media in a bigger picture to get away with what they do. It’s not that there is always two sides to a story but it’s more that there is always more awareness to be brought to how we are, how we listen, speak and move. In that way we are always learning and so don’t learn from our mistakes but build on the awareness with what we have learnt with things.

  16. A true teacher will not live your life on your behalf nor seek to tell you how to live it. They will simply get on with living their life, in full, to the best of their ability so that they can reflect back to those who choose to receive such a reflection that there is a way to live free of the impositions we have become so accustomed to. For example how to live in a way that we are not burdened by all the ideals, beliefs and images we learn to subscribe to in terms of how we should be, act, sound, look etc. when none of these contain an ounce of truth in the sense that they do not allow us to live from our true self, the essence of who we are deep within. Indeed such false pictures serve to squash the expression of this innate divinity so that we live instead a vasty reduced version of ourselves and then have to deal with the tension that arises from this truncated expression. A true teacher shows others that there is a way, that is not his or her way but The Way of Us All whereby we can give ourselves permission to let more of our true selves out into the open for all the world to see. Serge Benhayon is one such teacher who honours the simple truth that he is also a forever student.

  17. “It is not surprising that so many Universal Medicine students have spoken up to clarify the blatant lies that were printed.” It is not surprising that hundreds of students have come forward to speak, write and communicate truth, even though they are repeatedly threatened with being ‘named’ by anonymous trolls that think nothing of lying and presenting false information in an attempt to destroy their lives… no it is not surprising to me but it may be to anyone that has not chosen to discern what is really at play here. I am in awe of the Universal Medicine student body.

  18. Well said Belinda and it’s great to hear about your experience. As you say, I have no doubt good will come out of all of this as the truth always wins.

  19. Beautifully said Belinda Jane and ditto, I too have ‘personally experienced amazing growth and awareness and a deeper love for myself and humanity since being involved with Universal Medicine’. I also am continuing to blossom with it just as I know you are.

  20. “Serge Benhayon’s presentations allow you to think for yourself… in fact he insists you make decisions for yourself.” So true, Serge is very very clear about that. It wouldn’t take much as you say to realise that these articles say the very opposite of what is true about him and all that he represents, and that is easy to see for anyone open to seeing that. You are quite right there is no need for defence of Serge either, for the truth is the truth and is known by a great many people.

  21. Belinda I love how you share on how supportive Serge Benhayon is of medicine, surgery and nursing ( to name a few). It’s actually very rare for a complementary health teacher/presenter to be as openly supportive as Serge. I have studied and practiced complementary therapies prior to studying with Universal Medicine and although in principle there is support, from a real life living perspective they do not. Quite a few (not all) practitioners would not have a GP or see any need for annual tests or preventative scans. This was certainly me prior to attending Universal Medicine and I also work as a nurse. Through Universal Medicine and the inspiration of how Serge Benhayon lives himself I have a GP who I consult, I have regular blood and other tests attended and it feels a great way to support myself and my health.

  22. The world is in desperate need of the love that Serge Benhayon presents and lives. There is no truth in those media articles, just bitterness and irresponsibility and an excellent lesson in manipulation of words and attitudes.
    When I lived in Byron Bay I met lots of people who would book a session with a psychic So that they could be told what to do next, or they would consult the tarot cards. There is no shocking media story on that yet I have tried to get Serge’s advice on things and he will not give it. There is no manipulation there, just discussion about self responsibility and feeling what is true for you…mistakes accepted. The truth shines out.

  23. Whilst reading this I could feel how irresponsibility feeds more irresponsibility. Someone not taking being responsible for their choices gives others permission to join in (the media), in order to avoid their responsibilities. One big chain reaction of irresponsibility. Similarly, true responsibility inspires…as has been shown through Serge and Universal Medicine. So many are inspired by a living way that is full of integrity and brings the meaning of responsibility to a whole other level. If the media were to report on the truth, they would be totally exposed and obviously not willing, as yet, to go there.

  24. About 16 years ago, a handful of people made appointments for treatments with Serge Benhayon and his treatment room was based in the garden shed! There are now thousands of people worldwide who have benefit from his work and the constant, unwavering reflection of the way Serge and his family live their lives from love and in equal-ness with all. A living testimony of true success and wellbeing that this extraordinary, ordinary man is totally committed to bringing a consistency and true purpose to this world for all to see.

  25. Belinda Jane, I wholeheartedly agree with your blog, not only from my own personal experience of new choices and many changes actioned in my life since meeting Serge Benhayon and enjoying Universal Medicine modalities, but also to see the deep changes that all the members of the community have made in their own lives – truly vibrant and gorgeous people who emanate a deep joy and love as never witnessed before.
    “I write because I have personally experienced amazing growth and awareness and a deeper love for myself and humanity since being involved with Universal Medicine”.

  26. What stood out most of all for me when I first met Serge Benhayon is that he did not allow anyone to put him up on a pedestal or make himself greater than anyone… there was and has always been a feeling of equality with Serge and a humbleness and commitment to presenting whatever is needed for humanity.

  27. What I found with Serge and what he presents is that there’s no vagueness or airy fairy-nees. It’s very down to earth and relatable even though the topics can be very non earthly. He presents simplicity to the seemingly complex matters of the universe and that is quite unique.

  28. There are many, many men and women now making far more loving choices, who have completely turned their way of living around from disregard and self-destructive behaviours to embracing love and truly taking care of themselves as a result of choosing to live by the loving principles presented by Serge Benhayon. The truth of this is clearly reflected in their beautiful and open faces inspiring many others to choose a more harmonious way of living too.

  29. “I am not writing to clear the name of Universal Medicine or defend Serge Benhayon as they have no need of that. I write because I have personally experienced amazing growth and awareness and a deeper love for myself and humanity since being involved with Universal Medicine”. This is true for me also Belinda. Serge doesn’t need defending, his deep love for all humanity and by his way of living simply tells the real truth for all to see.

  30. I agree Belinda with your comments – Serge Benhayon’s way of presenting information and living his life is the total opposite of how a cult runs. There are no threats, extortion, intimidation etc – just a simple expectation that listeners decide for themselves what changes, if any, they want to make in their lives. Likewise, people are free to be involved with Universal Medicine – or not – according to what they decide and there is definitely no follow up or repercussions from Universal Medicine. The fact that student numbers are continually increasing shows just how much people are seeking answers that aren’t provided elsewhere and that the media campaign hasn’t been the success that the journalists and those in the background had hoped it would be.

  31. ‘As far as I understood a ‘cult’ brainwashes people to think and live in a certain way. Serge Benhayon’s presentations allow you to think for yourself… in fact he insists you make decisions for yourself.’ Spot on Belinda – I have been attending courses and presentations by Serge Benhayon for 2 years now and have never once been told what to do or how to think. I am supported with tools to understand myself more and get to know the real and true me rather than the versions I live to fit in with others for various reasons. I find all the events very self empowering and love listening to it all.

  32. I feel this is great to read this blog, and see the change we as students of the livingness have made in expressing the truth we have experienced from Universal Medicine. It is great to read everyday again all those beautiful testimonies of the changes made to peoples lives. While the journalists and hate bloggers are still on the same page they were on three years ago..

  33. “Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine consistently deliver us the truth without compromising because sometimes we find ‘the truth’ difficult to hear.” Thank you for your expression Belinda Jane, I agree with all you have written and to see the Student Body giving their voice to the truth the media will have to ask themselves quite a few questions about their own lack of it.

  34. A whole lot of good has come out of the work of Serge Benhayon and this is evident within the student body and this will continue to compound

  35. It is easy to want to defend Serge and what he presents but as I have learnt, when people know you and have an opportunity to feel the healing modalities for themselves, they can feel that the accusations have no foundation of truth…. and just highlight the journalists clear bastardisation of it.

  36. The attacks at Serges Benhayon, Universal Medicine and people attending Serge’s presentations and courses show that we as society didn’t move far from medieval times. It shows that media and journalism is more corrupted and sold out than hundred years ago. It shows that people who are on the side of truth are still minority. But as you said, Belinda, a whole lot of good will come from it. It might take time and eventually people will see the enormity and importance of Serge’s teachings.

  37. I do not consider my self as being in a cult. I attend the Universal Medicine events from my own free will and like any course or healing session I have had obviously I have paid for it.
    I paid for years to see a psychologist, Physiotherapist, I paid for meditation, Kinesiology and also paid to dabble in Shamanism. So why wouldn’t I pay to attend courses. I’m free to pick and choose which course I attended. All of the above did not help me to come to terms with life and the part I play in it. Universal Medicine has supported me to understand that I have chosen to take the irresponsible road which will never lead me back to the one place I so want to get back to and that is God. Serge speaks of God in a way that I can feel to my very bones is true, he hold all the questions we as humanity have about life and for journalists to eschew this information shows to me that there is a hidden agenda. That people don’t want to take responsibility for their lives, it’s as simple as that. From my experience taking back responsibility for my life has been very freeing actually and I live a steady and joyful life I count myself very blessed that I listened to what Serge Benhayon had to say.

  38. I absolutely agree..”the group of ‘detractors’ or ‘critics’ are clearly bitter about their own personal issues and avoiding any responsibility for their part in their lives. That would have been just as obvious for the journalists to observe.” Anyone with half a brain could work that one out. It’s clearly been a smear campaign by the media. How disrespectful and utterly, irresponsible and hurtful they have been. However, Serge has held his integrity and love throughout the whole ordeal, this is no surprise to anyone who knows this ordinary many with an extraordinary love for humanity. It is certainly a surprise to the detractors and the journalists who persist in their despicable ways.

  39. Thank you Belinda Jane, Serge Benhayon has done a tremendous deal of good for humanity and continues to do so. He is a modern day philosopher, teacher, presenter, healer and family man who’s life should be studied inside and out as there is a great deal we can all learn from Serge. What is even more remarkable is that everything he is, everything that he knows has come as a consequence of the way he has chosen to live his life and that is with great Love, honour and respect of himself and EVERYONE he meets.

    1. I agree Shevonsimon, Serge Benhayon is an extraordinary man living a very ordinary life and achieving great things. When the truth is eventually reported, and no doubt he will be studied, the media reports mentioned here will be exposed fully as utter lies and for corrupt way they were written.

    2. What an accurate way of describing Serge Benhayon and the way he lives. The study of this remarkable loving man will change everything we think we know now about science, philosophy and religion.

  40. Thank you Belinda for your blog and I agree also with (Anna’s) comment to you that a whole lot of good has indeed come out of these attacks on the reputation of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The Student body has definitely come to the fore with their support and the truth from our experiences.

  41. Thank you Belinda, it is 3 years since you wrote this blog and a whole lot of good did come out of these attacks on Universal Medicine. The student body began to express the truth about Universal Medicine and the amazing changes they have made to their lives giving the general public an opportunity to hear the truth that the media have ignored in favour of blatant lies from a disgruntled few intent on destroying Universal Medicine.

    1. Yes, Anna, there is now a canon of testimonies of many who have changed their lives through their involvement with Universal Medicine, and the choices they’ve made. And more there is now a greater appreciation of each other and the changes made, as more can see the living miracles among them.

    2. Yes Anna, so many students came out of their comfort zone to express what changed for them and about their personal experiences with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. There is heaps of different information available. The journalists writing haven’t evolved since then and still write without proper checking of the facts.

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