Response to poll in Medical Observer

by Jane Keep, MSc, Mphil, FCIPD, MIC Cmgr FCMI, UK

What I find baffling in the case of the claims the Medical Observer have made about Serge Benhayon, is that so far I haven’t seen any facts, evidence, or true case put forward, and that the two or three articles have been based on a few conversations with a few people, and a few comments from experts based on those conversations.

Whatever your poll tells you (yes or no to stronger sanctions) it will not in any way prove or disprove anything about the claims made by the Medical Observer, as the poll in itself is asking a different question.

I have worked in and around healthcare, and within universities for many years. What I have learnt for example from any work with investigating drug errors, or patient safety issues, or malpractice by practitioners, doctors, nurses etc, is that the truth is found from a full and open investigation, where the views of all involved are sought, and evidence is clearly presented.

Having experienced Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon for over 8 years, I have only ever experienced the highest level of integrity. The EPA code of ethics that the Universal Medicine practitioners work from are, from my own studies and work with many professional associations and organisations over the years (healthcare and otherwise) a code of ethics with the highest level of integrity I have yet to come across.

Universal Medicine/Serge Benhayon are and have always been open to scrutiny by anyone who asks questions, inquires or requires further information. Serge Benhayon presentations and workshops are attended by people worldwide of all professions and backgrounds: accountants, lawyers, doctors, nurses, therapists, university academics, IT professionals, writers, shopkeepers, carpenters, plumbers, cafe owners, mums and dads who all lead normal daily lives. What we all have in common is that we are all well aware of the rise in illness and disease across the globe, and that as well as medicine and pharmaceuticals that offer a great deal, there are also other ways to support people in their lives including changing our diet, exercising regularly, resting or sleeping well and so on.

From looking at other articles on the Medical Observer, these things (medicine, pharmaceuticals, exercise, diet, rest) are also advocated as supporting people in their lives.

Might I suggest the Medical Observer fully investigates what is being actually offered by Serge Benhayon?


61 thoughts on “Response to poll in Medical Observer

  1. We seem to live in a cut and paste society from the larger part of what I have observed. This is not to be critical but more to say that when it comes to things like this article is saying it doesn’t seem that too many people or organisations are willing to go the extra mile and so most ‘investigations’ will be leading towards being done with a minimal amount of work. This quality of work filters down everywhere and again it would seem the only way to put a stop to this is to bring this quality of work to what we do. I know we have all possibly seen some short cuts made in things that have impacted us which need to be dealt with and part of that dealing with comes with what our part has been. It’s only through walking our talk that things become clearer. It’s not that we take on the load but more be clear in how we are with things and make change from there. How this looks for us in things like this article can only be seen through our own eyes, through our relationship.

  2. The integrity offered by Universal Medicine is beyond anything I have experienced elsewhere in life. It is unwavering and without question that consistency has been solid for over a decade, regardless of any ridiculous and untrue claims by the media.

  3. It is a bit ironic that those who fill their mouths with the need to only accept evidence-based medicine, produce a series of statements that are totally evidence-less. They do not feel obliged to play by the same rules they ask others to play by.

  4. ‘Medical Observer’ should live up to its name by deeply observing first what it presents in its publications. That would give more reliability to the service it offers.

  5. Universal Medicine offers humanity a great deal, and its student body is growing every year, and the students are getting healthier by making different choices, this in itself must be telling us something.

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