Letter to Medical Observer: call for an apology

by Rowena Stewart, Frome, Somerset, UK

Dear Medical Observer,

I am amazed to read in the article Demand for sanctions on alternative therapists, that your publication is proposing a serious debate for regulation based on lies and fabrication about Universal Medicine.

I have attended Universal Medicine seminars and workshops for over 6 years and have had healing sessions with nearly all of the Universal Medicine practitioners. It seems that Ms. Jenny’s experience, however valid for her, is greatly at odds with the majority, who would I have no doubt, all support the following points:

  1. Universal Medicine is not a cult and has none of the hallmarks of a cult.
  2. It has never claimed that any of its healing modalities cure cancer. It does not claim to cure anything.
  3. Mr. Benhayon is an ardent and expressive supporter of allopathic medicine.
  4. Universal Medicine encourages the individual to discern for his or herself the correct diet and exercise appropriate for their bodies and does not impose a way of living on anyone.
  5. Universal Medicine has created one of, if not the highest, ethical standards for alternative medicine in the world.
  6. Mr. Benhayon lives and works by these ethics consistently and transparently.

You appear to be presenting seriously flawed information as a basis for deliberation on future regulation and at no point have you endeavoured to investigate the truth about this organisation and what it is truly offering. It seems that there is such intent to discredit Universal Medicine that I wonder if there is a personal vendetta at play.

However, the real outcome of this poorly researched article is that how can I take anything the Medical Observer publishes seriously, if this article is allowed to go to print? By attempting to discredit this organisation, you have in fact discredited yourself.  Can I trust that other articles published within are based on fact or are just another conglomeration of lies and misrepresentation?

In 2006 amongst other things, I was 40 years old, pre-diabetic and obese (5 foot 3 inches and weighing 154 lbs). I had already withdrawn refined carbohydrates from my diet and was just about coping with my condition. I began to attend Universal Medicine seminars and workshops and paid careful attention to what was presented.  I was introduced to a completely new approach to living. I began to test out some of the tools learnt and experiment to see what felt true and beneficial for me. 6 years on I have returned to a balanced body/mass ratio (I know weigh 119 lbs.) and very good health by becoming aware of which foods and beverages affected my health and eliminating them from my food intake, introducing a different range of nutritious foods, coupled with gentle, regular exercise and establishing a healthy sleeping pattern. I now have regular health checks with my doctor, (something I never did pre Universal Medicine days) and the last statement from my doctor on seeing that my blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol were normal, was “whatever you’re doing, keep it up.” This has been just one of many benefits gained from my association with Universal Medicine, which in time will be fully expressed.

I feel great! And I know first hand that many, many other people who have made similar choices due to their involvement with Universal Medicine have flourished and prospered in a similar fashion and there is a lot more yet to unfold.

It would be truly uplifting to see an apology from the Medical Observer for its misleading reports. I wonder if the employees of this publication can aspire to the same high level of honesty and integrity that I have experienced and continue to experience with Mr. Benhayon and his entire organisation.

51 thoughts on “Letter to Medical Observer: call for an apology

  1. I just wanted to express support for what has been written and how it reflect my positive experiences with Universal Medicine. Unfortunately, it also reflects my experience with media in the past, which is blinded by the need to sell papers, or perhaps in this case blinded by the need to be seen, superficially, to be a watchdog, doing good. This is extremely hypocritical in this case, as there may be many quack alternative therapies that truly do need exposing, but this paper has picked up on a ‘story’ and not performed any true investigation.

  2. Thank-you Rowena, for your personal inspiration, and your clear call to the MO for truth and integrity, i.e. simple ethics in journalism.
    “Hear, hear” on all points.

    1. Absolutely Victoria, I agree, Hear! Hear!, on all the points. One day truth and integrity will be the ethical standard, which will return to journalism, and this will only happen when enough people who read these news items stand up and say enough is enough, it is time to stop the lies and deceptions.

      1. Yes Greg – a real ethical standard that is not merely ‘words on a page’, but the foundation for all journalistic endeavour.
        Meanwhile, there is clearly a lot of work to be done in continuing to say ‘no’ to such irresponsibility, and stop buying/feeding the news sources that do not hold and work from such a true foundation. If truth be told, that would be many…

  3. Thank you Rowena for expressing the truth so clearly.
    It is shocking to discover that even papers such as the Medical Observer, that I thought have a certain amount of integrity, are obviously not much more trustworthy than any tabloid.
    I cannot help but wonder what is it worth to have all these thousands of papers and means for information in the world if most or perhaps all of them are based on untruths?
    What a waste of time, money and resources!

    There is great need for more truth in the world and I am glad that we have started to make that call.

  4. Thank you Rowena, it is a great point to question, how can we trust the rest of the publication’s ‘researched articles’ when we have first hand experience and knowledge of Universal Medicine and the lies that have been printed. Integrity and responsibility in journalism, the world needs it for sure.

  5. Stunning expression Rowena. Be careful…they might offer you a job!
    As someone who has been attending Universal Medicine events over the past two years I can confirm my experience is consistent with yours. And yes, I am starting to feel great too.

  6. Well said Rowena, when things like this happen it becomes clearer that the newspapers have not one ounce of interest in reporting the truth and to label Universal Medicine as a cult is clear evidence of this. Especially as there are so many people who are willing to speak their truth about their lives and the changes they have made.

  7. I agree with what you share here Rowena, ‘ how can I take anything the Medical Observer publishes seriously?’ and, ‘By attempting to discredit this organisation, you have in fact discredited yourself. Can I trust that other articles published within are based on fact or are just another conglomeration of lies and misrepresentation?’ Exactly so, when we as students know what the Medical Observer printed is different to our experience and that of many students.

  8. Exactly Rowena, if a respected magazine would print such incredible lies then something I also know to be the opposite of truth then what else have they (and many other media outlets) printed that is also false. What can we trust? It seems very little in the media at this point in time.

  9. Hi Rowena, great piece. ‘ I wonder if the employees of this publication can aspire to the same high level of honesty and integrity that I have experienced and continue to experience with Mr. Benhayon and his entire organisation’ just wanted to add – ‘or well-being’, seeing the way all of those connected to Universal Medicine live is an inspiration, to begin to truly live and love life.

    1. Yes very true Judy, are the employers well and healthy too? Working for a Medical paper one would like to think they are, that they make the effort to care for themselves so that what they print carries the impress of health and vitality. Unfortunately, if the junk reporting is anything to go by it does not bolster confidence about the rest of the reporter’s life. Our responsibility runs so much deeper than we realise and thanks to Universal Medicine, so many of us have truly taken this on board and live lives that reflect the same consistent quality of love and care in all we do.

  10. Thank you Rowena for sharing how Universal Medicine has inspired you to make changes that have benefited you just as it has for me. I have made similar choices and apart from a considerable loss of weight, I have increased vitality and my health and wellbeing has improved. You make a good point about whether the Medical observer actually checks its facts when reporting a story because they obviously didn’t with their report on Universal Medicine and it makes you wonder to the validity of any other reports.

  11. Well said Rowena! And I completely agree that by publishing such an ill researched ‘conglomeration of lies and misrepresentation’ all the Medical Observer has done is discredit their reputation and shone doubt on everything they put their name behind.

  12. After seeing the sensationalised lies published by the Medical Observer & other newspapers, it most definitely exposes their lack of unbiased research & lack of integrity.

  13. Thankyou for sharing Rowena and you clearly call the Medical Observers integrity to question. I also feel another issue here is the alternative vs complementary therapy tug of war. It is my experience that many ‘alternative therapies’ think they are better than or instead of Conventional Medicine. I therefore do understand why such therapies are met with suspicion because Conventional Medicine is an integral and essential service for humanity and for anyone to claim otherwise is wrong. I have nursed for 25 years now and are growing increasing aware with every passing year that the acuity of the average patient is getting more complicated, as is the treatment required to keep them ‘well’ (not to mention expensive). Conventional Medicine can do much but seems to be losing the battle as evidenced with the escalating worldwide statistics of disease and illness. I feel what is missing is the actual patients commitment to caring for their own body and taking responsibility for their daily lifestyle choices. When you committed to taking care of you as inspired by Universal Medicine Rowena, look at how much your life changed. This is the same change we need in humanity on a massive scale. Most importantly what makes Universal Medicine unique and different to alternative therapies is that it is also pro Conventional Medicine and extremely pro self care. Thus it is a ‘Complementary therapy’ to Conventional Medicine, not an alternative or instead of. This is why so many medical clinicians (doctors, dentists, nurses and physiotherapists) are active students with Universal Medicine, feel Universal Medicines philosophy’s on health and wellbeing are true, and its modalities provide an immense support for the human being. Why the media is so intent on proving otherwise is not something I do not understand.

    1. It seems that the media is not interested in truly supporting people to better their lives and deliver information that would serve their readers for their overall wellbeing. What then is the media actually good for?

  14. Brilliant Rowena, clearly expressed and a true account. There are so many people around me every single day whose lives have been tremendously improved by adopting simple principles from Universal Medicine on how to look after oneself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some journalists, choosing to act with integrity, decided to interview a bunch of us. They would quite simply be blown away.

    1. I agree Jo, likewise…..I have seen so many peoples lives change as a result of Universal Medicine, along with myself. Changes and an awareness that I cannot even begin to explain, about myself and how i view others, with love, understanding and appreciation. I bring these values and qualities into all interactions i have with people which is and has been life changing.

  15. This just goes to show that The Medical Observer is produced by an unprofessional outfit that cares not whether what it prints is true. A publication that is worth less than the cost of the paper it is printed on. In fact totally worthless.

  16. “I began to attend Universal Medicine seminars and workshops and paid careful attention to what was presented. I was introduced to a completely new approach to living. I began to test out some of the tools learnt and experiment to see what felt true and beneficial for me.” I did the same Rowena and I am now 7 stone lighter and enjoying living a healthier, more vital life than I ever could have imagined before.

  17. What a falsehood right there in the name ‘The Medical Observer’! If the reporter had stopped to ‘observe’ anything about Universal Medicine closely before going to print, there would have been an entirely different story. Thanks Rowena for standing up to such unethical behaviour.

  18. I also have been involved with Universal Medicine for about 6 years and I totally support the points you have raised in your blog, I am physically and mentally healthier, have far more vitality and my relationships with others has greatly improved

  19. I actually realized something when I was reading this article. I have read all the dozen of lies that are being just shouted out like free gossips, it contains no truth. What comes to my presence is the name ‘The Medical Observer’ I was having a real moment here.. How can a newspaper call itself observant, while it is actually not observing Universal Medicine. Clearly this newspaper has been absorbing other stuff, but it had come no way near truly observing. Which to me leaves it all open and naked: The Medical Observer, has delivered no observation, but in contrast, by its definition it has defiled its promise.

  20. I just went to the Medical Observer’s website to find what is its mission. This cannot be found. Since they issue recommendations to governments I have to assume that they are a lobby. We all know how lobbies do their job in the shadows and the fact that they work to protect they own interests, not the public’s even if they speak in its name. Now, they have targeted alternative therapists. Without stating that they are intrinsically good all of them, their existence per se is revealing. It tells us that medicine does not have all the answers and that people do not believe so either. This can lead to two different reactions: 1) let’s see what they have to offer if anything if we work together; 2) let’s abolish them so what the people believe will cease to be relevant because people will not have anywhere else to go. The chosen way is not very smart and does not meet the people where they are at.

  21. Serge Benhayon does walk his talk. He does encourage everyone to discern even him. He sees himself as an equal to EVERYONE and it is this and his wisdom that enables others to open up and make the healing and healthy choices to turn their lives around.

  22. I have to wonder if the Medical Observer is just participating in a game of defending their territory ensuring that medicine is seen as as the only trustable source. They had an opportunity to fairly report on Universal Medicine and it’s incredible philosophy of lifestyle choices which would work very well alongside traditional medicine. Perhaps this biased and untrue reporting is simply another ploy to publicise the Medical profession as the “only way” and create fear about anything else?

  23. “Thanks to Serge there is a growing body of people who are developing a life based on truth, harmony, stillness, joy and love – with the knowing that this is what they truly are made from.” So true Rowena. Serge Benhayon has inspired me to be aware of all that I feel that for so long I had denied.

  24. This is such a brilliant letter Rowena and absolute exposure of the flawed information the media has sold without proper investigation. They have indeed discredited themselves whilst confirming that the media’s intention is not to report the truth but to do whatever it takes to satisfy their own agenda… at great cost to the truth and those who truly seek it.

  25. Hear hear Rowena “It would be truly uplifting to see an apology from the Medical Observer for its misleading reports.” Such a continuing lack of integrity is disgraceful and damaging. In stark contrast Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine continue offering what true responsibility and integrity are.

  26. I wholeheartedly agree Rowena, the Medical Observer has only discredited themselves by making such unfounded accusations without a thorough investigation of the facts. I am one of the many whose health and lifestyle have consistently improved since becoming more responsible for the way in which I now choose to live and I know this is because of my willingness to change the things in my life that didn’t support me. We all need to take responsibility for the choices we make and accept that the way we choose to live effects not only our health, but also other people. This is what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners represent and demonstrate with their own true responsible and loving way of living and have been and continue to be an inspiration to others. Indeed the integrity and quality of care they offer through their practice is beyond measure.

  27. This is a beautifully clear and true article Rowena. It is astounding that we as a human race have all accepted such abuse from the media and very sad but not surprising that the world has now reached a place where abuse has become a form of entertainment to the millions of trolls and anonymous bullies that trawl the internet with intent to harm others. This will only stop when enough people come forward and say no more.

  28. You just have to interview/meet/listen to presentations (by) Serge to see what he’s all about. Publications by media channels are unfortunately not very reliable all of the time which is a shame because they hold a very strong position in our lives. It seems like we need to be more discerning when we come across certain information. Like you I have nothing more than positive experience by Universal Medicine.

  29. Those 6 point that you raise Rowena remain unchanged. Having studied and worked within complementary therapies previously which can often be regarded as alternative to medicine, what Universal Medicine presents is not that in any way. I used what I practiced as an alternative to medicine, not going near a doctor for anything. As you have shared and many many other people as well, I now see my GP on a yearly basis minimum and then when I need to. This is a stark difference to how I approached my own health care. This has to be something quite different for any organisation teaching complementary therapies that clients students and practitioners are re-embracing western medicine.

  30. Really well said Rowena, I totally agree with all that you say here, and I have seen many examples of health turned around to the surprise of the doctors myself too, even though there are no claims to do so, it is the truth. We do know that lifestyle is our biggest killer, yet rarely do people actually apply the changes as students of the Livingness have done, and so this is exposing and uncomfortable it seems to some people, yet a great inspiration to very many more. It is outrageous that this article attempted to look like a proper debate without any of the facts being included. Why? Do we want to keep suffering form multiple illness and disease? I don’t and nor do lots of other people I see in my healthcare practice every day.

  31. Media does make it more and more easy for us to expose them. So to your question: “Can I trust that other articles published within are based on fact or are just another conglomeration of lies and misrepresentation?” I would say: trust your sense. You made personal experiences with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon which do deviate far from what is written in the Medical Observer. So did I and many many others. So we have the responsibility to make us and our experiences as available as a magazine and newspapers, to make sure that this information, what we see as truth, is also ‘out there’.

  32. There is no better way of truth than to hear from the students of Universal Medicine to debase the lies. Unfortunately I do not go to the media for my information because of their insidious agenda. I discern for myself and my health if the media is correctly publishing information for themselves or for the benefit of all.

  33. Having experienced first hand Universal Medicine, what it offers and the quality in which it does so, I cannot but shake my head in disbelief of the extent of the misinformation that is published about them at the detriment of the truth and therefore of all.

  34. It’s interesting that the Medical Observer writers of the article which is based on lies on Universal Medicine have attempted to imply that it is others (in this case Universal Medicine) and not themselves who have the lack of integrity.

  35. The actual story that lies behind the headline. We think that because people are paid or having been doing something for so long that they are an expert or their word should be taken as true no matter what. More and more we are seeing this isn’t true and in fact no matter who it is or what title they hold or claim to hold, everything every time needs to be discerned as the truth. The current media and journalism industry are not two things I trust to actually tell the truth or even tell the story. We are usually reading a few people’s opinions thrown up with a catchy headline to sell their print. Thankfully we still don’t have to scratch the surface too deep to find the truth and here we have it written, living proof and or living truth.

  36. Reputations for quality journalism are lost in one article that does no research, and through that publishes untruth packaged as truth. It doesn’t matter how its packaged, or what publication reports it, untruth is still untruth.

  37. The problem with an apology is that it requires an acknowledgment that they are wrong on an important issue. That is something many journalists rather avoid – it could lead to requests for further corrections and further corrections and further corrections … and that would require them to work with (a lot) more precision.

  38. ‘By attempting to discredit this organisation, you have in fact discredited yourself.’ This is a fact. Because the amount of people who could subscribe to this blog is far greater than the few who have fed your journal’s article. And this is not a ‘told story’, but a really lived one.

  39. Five and a half years on – still no apology but the aim of the Medical Observer to discredit Universal Medicine has had little impact on this award winning business who continues to sail from strength to strength founded on the integrity of Serge Benhayon. The proof of his integrity continues to be seen in the rising health of the many people who take his work seriously. Those who study Universal Medicine are healthy and wise by our own virtues, unaffected of the attempts by those unscrupulous few to discredit this immensely important work. Humanity will not be denied the opportunity to know who we truly are and how we can dig our selves out of the self imposed pit we are currently living in.

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