Nothing compares to feeling it for yourself

by Rowena Stewart, Frome, Somerset, UK

The beautiful thing about meeting Serge Benhayon (and the work of Universal Medicine) is the realisation that everything presented in the workshops is consistently loving, truthful and real. There are no hidden agendas or false premises. All Serge does is expose the truths about humanity and humanity’s choices from an inspiring and authentic personal foundation and he presents a way forward that each individual is at liberty to choose for themselves or not. 

Never have I been told what to do, asked to behave in a certain way or conform to a set of rules. I have been free to make my own choices based on what I feel is MY truth. This practice has developed my deep inner knowing about life and humanity that I have held so close and personal for so long. I felt relief hearing the same feelings aired in public by Serge and Universal Medicine.

Over the past six years I have relinquished many harmful habits, made new and nurturing choices that have resulted in a huge change in personal circumstances that make life a joy to live each day. I no longer seek anything else except my own inner love to fulfill me. The side effects have been to stop drinking alcohol, go to bed early, lose weight, feel great and love people again – and this is something I have witnessed in so many of the people who attend the workshops, including my gorgeous partner.

The benefit for society in general is that as each person connects to their own inner love, we bring it in to our daily lives. We are eager to commit to all we undertake to do, regardless of profession. The overall focus shifts from “what do I need?” to “what does everyone need?” Thanks to Serge there is a growing body of people who are developing a life based on truth, harmony, stillness, joy and love – with the knowing that this is what they truly are made from.

Anyone can hear this, but at the end of the day, nothing compares to feeling it for oneself. Try a workshop or two and see how your body feels at the end of it. Give yourself the opportunity to make your own choices based on your own experience and see if this is the real thing or not.

I have connected to my truth again and it doesn’t matter what anyone says, I will always honour that now. All I can say is – thank you Serge from the fullness of my heart for having the grace, courage and perseverance to share your truth, even in the face of adverse reaction.

136 thoughts on “Nothing compares to feeling it for yourself

  1. When we connect back to the truth that we once knew we realise how many things we take for granted when deep down we know the truth, yet we often choose not to live by that truth. When we do choose truth the whole world changes and opens up for us to see and feel more.

  2. I agree Rowena, nothing compares to feeling the truth, our innate wisdom and heartfelt love. A beautiful testimony to the integrity, wisdom and love consistently lived and shared by Serge Benhayon.

  3. What is presented by Serge Benhayon through Universal Medicine is simple, tangible and makes sense as in-truth it is simply about connecting to a quality we all are born with, the love we are within. And through the willingness to be honest about how we feel in our bodies, we are reunited with our truth within and as such can live guided by the love we are in essence.

  4. Yes absolutely, nothing better than to feel something for yourself. Where we go so wrong is looking outside for answers whether it be from a so called expert or from a text book instead of trusting what we can feel for ourselves. The thing about Serge Benhayon is that he will never tell you what you want to hear, but he will tell you the truth. For many reasons we shy away from the truth because it exposes the lies we have been choosing to live.

  5. It takes a rose amongst the thorns to step up and deliver what feels true to them like you say, in the face of adverse reaction. It’s no mean feat, and in fact, I’ve not known a person who has chosen to listen to a presentation of Serge’s and not felt the truth in what he’s shared, regardless of whether they have squirmed and at times felt uncomfortable because they realise their own potential and know they are not choosing it. I’ve known people to disagree with certain theories or concepts, and that’s perfectly ok, but overall they have understood the basic principles he’s delivering and have felt the fact that in general, these basic principles are never spoken about with such integrity and lived experience.

  6. Thank you Rowena, I also have never been told what to do nor seen Serge ever direct anyone since I began studying with Universal Medicine in 2012. In fact, Serge upholds the highest integrity of anyone I have met and does so consistently. Quite frankly I wish he owned the newspapers because then we might be getting the truth about what’s going on in society and the world.

  7. For me it is a miracle to say I very rarely put myself down, and that is from feeling who I am from my body after Universal Medicine courses. I say it’s a miracle because I abused myself most of my life with the belief I was not good enough or I was horrible. Anything that connects you back to your essence in truth like I have found with Serge then wouldn’t you want to explore that? I appreciate that I did!

    1. It is great Aimee that this miracle happened in your life, not only because of Serge’s inspiration but especially because your own choices, starting for the first one of them… your first impulse of exploring the truth you felt and is presented by him.

  8. Thanks to Serge we are continually offered a space so absolute in love and truth it allows us to feel what is not of this same quality when we step away. From there the choice to bring this absolute love and truth to all we live is offered.

  9. More and more people willing to stand up for themselves and have their hand counted in the world. Not only is this impressive but also heartening, that people are willing not to protest or picket but to write and live what they see needs to change. We have a crazy world happening before our eyes and yet, with respect, as long as we get to Friday in once piece it’s all ok, at least until Monday. Where are we headed maybe to much of a question but we need to start to truly look from the drivers seat at how things are going before our very eyes and that way we can at least make a choice on what we want to do next.

  10. Just yesterday I was appreciating my choices to develop feeling for myself. Not agreeing to do things I don’t want to do just for the sake of keeping the peace and not rocking the boat. When I back how I feel, by putting it into action, I feel far less anxious about life. It makes an enormous difference!

  11. When we accept the judgment of others as true and their opinion is founded on a bias, our perception is tainted by that same judgment and bias too. As you say Rowena, nothing ever compares to feeling it yourself.

  12. I have made many changes too from meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and one of them is and continues to evolve is understanding the true meaning of the word love. I am finding that love is not being nice, good and doing for another at the expense of oneself and neither is it harsh and hard but comes from a deep respect, honouring and connection to a universal truth that lies within each and everyone of us.

  13. Serge has and continues to be a great catalyst, THE catalyst, for seismic changes in people’s life. He says out loud what we all know to be true and thus, there is nothing to believe in or follow or adhere to other than one’s own inner knowing and everything that comes with that.

  14. The overall focus shifts from “what do I need?” to “what does everyone need?” Yes it does Rowena and this shift is the game changer – plain and simple.

  15. I never considered that the life I was living was not my truth, even though I felt empty when I so called had it all. To find myself as a student of The Way of The Livingness and feel that all I was missing in life was myself, was and still is, a depth of joy I never knew was there to be felt.

  16. Yep! I second that appreciation. Without the reflection, I would not have considered it worth my while to clean up my act. And by that I mean, start looking at why I was miserable, why I chose to beat myself up with negative self talk etc etc. We can only be inspired by others before realising the choice is ours to make…so the more points of light there are in the world, the more opportunity for change.

  17. We are bombarded with so many things and yet we think we are free to think and choose what we want in that. If you look at advertising alone, it’s deliberately targeted and they even admit that and yet we go it’s ok you can choose if you want. A billboard here, a catchy tune there and don’t mention putting a thing like sugar in a food as just being because it needs to be sweeter. So much of our lives is spent being pushed around by things outside of us and yet at the same time we have us thinking it’s all us. Universal Medicine and in particular Serge Benhayon have drawn the curtain on the many things we accept as life and exposed them for what they truly are. It breaks something that holds over us and unless you are partly free of it then from your movements you won’t even see it. It’s been a refreshing restart to life and this can be a choice at anytime.

  18. Being presented with the truth can be very uncomfortable as in can expose choices one has made and ways one is living that are unloving and not truthful. Serge Benhayon does not hold back from expressing the truth as he knows it. He does not argue this, he just presents it and leaves others to decide for themselves whether they agree or not. For some this too uncomfortable, for others it is life changing.

  19. When we look at ‘if it is the real thing’ it shows then already how we know very well what is true. This brings the question…why we are not living it if we know it?

  20. “Thank you Serge from the fullness of my heart for having the grace, courage and perseverance to share your truth, even in the face of adverse reaction,” for not only inspiring me and so many others to connect our inner love, our Soul, we now, too, are inspirations for others.

  21. Everywhere in life from very young I was told how to be, how to live, what I should and should not do so it was like a breath of fresh air when I encountered the presentations of Serge Benhayon and could really see that he was simply presenting a way of living that has worked for him and was sharing this with others rather than keeping it to himself. There was and has never been any telling people what to do.

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