Happy to not be your ‘average’ teenager

by Rebecca, Australia

I have known Serge Benhayon since I was 9. My mum was searching through alternative medicine when western medicine’s only solution to her back troubles was a major operation. Everything she tried out she would asked if I wanted to come along. I was more interested in playing in the woods. But when her practitioner recommended going to see Serge I decided to take up the offer to have a session. I arrived with my teddy bear and had the best conversation ever, from a kids point of view Serge talked to me like no adult, not even my mum, had ever talked. From there I started attending courses and found in Serge something I hadn’t found anywhere, something I could trust.

Now at the age of 15 I don’t drink, do drugs, and hold on to your hats, I go to bed early and Universal Medicine has given me the confidence to stand by those choices. I don’t fit the typical teenager stereotype but to me that’s a good thing.

When I look around at school I see so much that most adults don’t realise is happening. The age for sex has dropped to around 9 and drinking, smoking and doing drugs is no longer what the cool kids do but what is expected. There is pressure to conform to do the things that the majority are doing. And what the majority are doing is sleeping around and bragging about the fact they smoked so much weed they are sick. Girls are going into relationships that are abusive and not based on love.

At the courses I am in a place I know holds no expectations of me and supports me in MY decision not to participate in the goings on at school. At school my friends know about the fact I am an esoteric student and totally accept it. I have never spoken about it unless asked and have never asked them to attend.

Living to the best of my ability esoterically on a daily basis has changed my life, for the better. Without Serge’s teachings showing me that to ‘be myself’ is enough, I would have conformed to the typical teenage stereotype. To me, going to bed early is the least drastic life choice of the two.

190 thoughts on “Happy to not be your ‘average’ teenager

  1. Busting the ‘average teenager’ myth fully here Rebecca – and exposing the fact that this does not come from any genetic disposition or how teenagers are, but in the absence of love itself.

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