The ‘what is’ and the ‘what is not’: learning the difference

by Christian Edgard, Sweden

My sweet girlfriend Nathalie Sterk gave me a CD with Serge and she wanted me to listen to it. I was on my way to spend time with my family at our summer house in Sweden. That CD did not turn my life upside down but it confirmed what I always had felt.

I have spent all my life escaping something I knew was true.

My problems are bad habits to escape that truth.

From Serge Benhayon and his workshops I have made my life a LIVING life. From time to time I have to say ‘Hello’ to my old life, but that life is just screaming at me, I stay there for a period of time, learning the difference.

The funny thing is that I know I can not stay there.
I can only be love…….!

122 thoughts on “The ‘what is’ and the ‘what is not’: learning the difference

  1. This is true, what Serge Benhayon presents is something we all know to be true, it is simply a remembering and putting it into practice and not a taking on of new ideas and beliefs.

  2. It is uncanny how much our life can change, seemingly from one moment to the next. And yet, we have to be ready and asking for more of what is truly true for these things to drop in and present themselves to us.

  3. We tie ourselves up in knots and when we arrive at a point where we see this or awareness grows around this then it’s a case of untying ourselves. Some of us are less in knots then others and it is these people that can lead us out of the tangle. Not because they know more than us or are saying to us that we are less but because they can see us bound where we stand, knowing if we stood in the same position as them our view would be the same. These people show us the way out, lead us and inspire us to make the same steps as them in our way, leading by example and never telling us. The only way to bring us out of something is to live what we are seeing and allow others to see, that way in their own time and own way they will walk those same steps.

  4. Learning the difference between the what is and the what is not is simple when we open our hearts to the wisdom within – a wisdom that we all hold equally.

    1. I agree Suse – when we allow ourselves to connect within, the truth of what is and what isn’t is crystal clear. And we also see all of our choices up until that point, and where we might have gone with what we always knew not to be true… and when this is the case, and we let ourselves see it, the love within our connection melts the pain of this realisation away, and all you are left with is more of your own connection, more of your love.

    1. And the more we appreciate, the more we realise. It never does end, there is always so much more to expand in, so much more to connect to within, so much more to love.

  5. The Way of the Livingness is about building a way of life that is connected and from the soul. It doesn’t happen overnight, and there will be a development that by necessity needs time.

  6. We do know the truth within us and the more caring and tender we choose to be with ourselves the less we resist and complicate our lives and align to the truth we feel within.

  7. “Spending a lifetime escaping from something that we know is true” applies equally to those that run into the opposite direction and those who accept it and not live it all the way. Either case suggests that we have to establish a relationship with truth and living truthfully. The first is easy because it is innate. The second requires to work hard on it.

  8. I often spent a lot of time learning the difference between the what is and the what is not until I learnt to stop resisting and chose to commit to be more loving with my choices. When I allow my body to lead the way I have far more clarity and awareness.

    1. ‘When I allow my body to lead the way I have far more clarity and awareness’ In the end of all, everything is felt and known through our body

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