Does encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle make you a guru?

by Steffen Messerschmidt, Naturopathic Doctor & Physician of Health, Muscle Skeletal Therapy, Nutritional Medicine & Esoteric Healing

Sunnybank, Australia

What are those few actually complaining about and what is all the fuss about?

Yes he talks about what we eat, how we sleep, healthy and loving relationships and many more things that overall make up a healthy lifestyle.

So that makes him a guru and a cult leader – VERY INTERESTING!?

Does this also mean that every doctor, naturopath, nutritionist, acupuncturist, as well as the diabetes foundation and many more, all the way up to the Australian Government that are encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle are gurus as well!?

Now the difference to others is Serge Benhayon just presents the possibility of what these things do to your body and never says what to do and does not judge anyone that is eating or drinking whatever they choose. Interesting as this makes me a guru as well … Oops … but alongside any health care practitioner in the world.

So looking at this news recently it seems we are back to ‘shoot the messenger’, Inquisition, Crusades against the ones that live differently – well these ones eat differently and don’t drink alcohol and go to bed early, that is definitely a reason to attack them.

Well to me that does not makes sense  – Common Sense tells us that we have to look at our own lifestyle as health worldwide is not our biggest asset and the obesity rates, diabetes rates and lots of other chronic diseases are sky high.

Sure it can be uncomfortable and exposing if someone talks about the responsibility we have to look after ourselves and that our choices led to the issues we are dealing with now.

It is always easier to instead blame someone or something else if anything goes wrong in our life.

I have attended many workshops with Universal Medicine and never has Serge or any other practitioner claimed they can cure cancer or other diseases nor has Serge told anybody how to live their life in any way.

As a health practitioner I personally in the past would have liked that he tell people not to eat or drink certain things, but he always left it up to themselves and has taught me and others to respect the choices and free will of people.

So Yes we can also choose to blame someone if there is something wrong with our life, our health, or if our relationship ends instead of looking at the fact that we are responsible ourselves for what happens to us.

As I learned from studying with Universal Medicine to look after myself more, beyond the eating well and not drinking alcohol, I am now able to live my life in a gentler way, simply and with much more joy – which results in the way I treat patients.

My work has not changed as I still treat approx 60% muscle skeletal issues and 40% general practice and most of the things I do is still, ‘Helping patients to help themselves’.

Universal Medicine has also allowed me to have a greater respect for conventional medicine than I had before when I left it and studied natural medicine.

I know now how valuable and amazing Modern Medicine is and how to incorporate it in my care for patients which allows me to work much closer together with GP’s, specialists, psychologists and other health care practitioners for the benefit of humanity.

I have the deepest respect for Curtis Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Serge Benhayon as well as all other practitioners that were falsely accused in recent newspapers and would wish we had more practitioners with that amount of integrity and loving care for Humanity.

119 thoughts on “Does encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle make you a guru?

  1. Serge doesn’t tell people what to do but supports them to make their own choices. I have sometimes wanted Serge and others to tell me what is best but know that if they were to do that then there would be no self responsibility. Thank you Serge and thank you Steffen for such a great article.

  2. Steffen you are spot on. This is not normal, it is that for us all that actually know Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to address the lies. But if I would go on actual information, I would actually not want to spend any minute on these false and very ugly lies. If someone is not prepared to feel or walk the truth, they should leave it on their trail, not trying to get everyone on their trail and mislead people from the oh so healthy truth. This to me is real corruption.

  3. Steffen I agree 100% with what you share, never in my experience has Serge Benhayon or any practitioners of Universal medicine ever told me what to do, all that is ever shared is presented for each person to feel for themselves and apply to their lives or not. What I have learnt from these presentations is to begin to take greater responsibility for the choices I make in my life and to begin to see that the state of my health is a reflection of these choices and is felt by everyone around me.

  4. If taking responsibility for our choices makes us a guru, then there must be a LOT of gurus…! What Serge Benhayon presents is about responsibility and choice, and to me is the only thing about true health, wellbeing and relationships that makes absolute sense!

    1. Agreed Angela. By the definitions the media has used to label Serge Benhayon as a guru there must be almost more gurus walking around than there are so called followers!! Serge and other Universal Medicine practitioners certainly offer a lot of support but never rules we, the public, must agree to abide by. There is a world of difference between being offered information to take or leave as we please and being told or directed to do something, regardless of if we agreed or not. Thanks Steffen for speaking out about the obvious double standards here in such a straightforward manner.

  5. Thank you Steffen for your blog. Yes, based on the faulty assumptions of a few in the media that Serge Benhayon is a guru, there are apparently gurus everywhere! I have in my life had doctors, naturopaths, dieticians, herbalists, physios and other professionals tell me what to do. I did not become brainwashed or put myself in any danger from taking their advice to make healthy lifestyle changes! The guru accusation about Serge almost cannot be taken seriously because what is so strange about Serge presenting about eating well, exercising gently, sleeping early and listening to your body? It sounds like something my Grandma would suggest. Supporting people to be strong, healthy, ready to meet the world’s demands and connecting to how amazing we are in essence is not a very guru-like strategy to control the masses! In fact, it feels downright lovely. Serge is unique in his presentation style because he definitely doesn’t tell people how to live, however the changes those that attend his workshops make are hardly threatening, but they are worth celebrating.

    1. Melinda, it is so true that some of the things that Serge Benhayon suggests does sound like something our Grand Parents would say. There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating a healthy diet going to bed early and not drinking alcohol. The good thing about not drinking alcohol is the money you save by not buying it, if we were to add up all the money saved by not buying alcohol it would pay for a decent holiday abroad somewhere sunny which is much more preferable.

  6. Well said Steffen. “Common Sense tells us that we have to look at our own lifestyle as health worldwide is not our biggest asset and the obesity rates, diabetes rates and lots of other chronic diseases are sky high.” Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine encourage us all to take responsibility for the way we treat ourselves in our everyday lives and they live what they present as an inspiration for a true way to live.

  7. We sadly live in a world where there appears to be little repercussions for ignorantly repeating or selling gossip and false accusations as if there is no damage by doing so… people seem to be completely disconnected from the fact that they spread such rumours about actual people who genuinely don’t deserve to have their lives and livelihood harmed by such maliciousness. My experience with the Benhayons over the years has only shown them to be deeply loving and caring people with an abundance of integrity, who are deeply committed to helping people… an absolute rarity in today’s society that the many would learn much from if they took their ignorant blinkers off.

  8. A very valid blog Steffen as all Serge Benhayon is advocating is a healthier responsible lifestyle and no judgement of others choices

  9. Superb Steffen – as Serge Benhayon continues to walk the talk there will always be those that can’t stand to see it because they don’t want to feel their own lack of responsibility, for now 🙂

  10. Does encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle make you a guru? Does encouraging people to be more responsible for their choices make you a guru? Does living without judgement and respecting everyone for their choices make you a guru? Does bringing to the forefront the modern day diseases of exhaustion and anxiety and the possibility of why they are on the increase make you a guru? Does living with integrity and deep regard and love for humanity make you a guru? Does walking your talk make you a guru? How ridiculous and yet apparently the media would like to make out a story that this was the case. I am with you Steffen “I have the deepest respect for Curtis Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Serge Benhayon as well as all other Universal Medicine practitioners and would wish that we had more practitioners with that amount of integrity and loving care for Humanity”. Also I have checked out many gurus and I can say from my experience that they are often seen from afar, with only the few loyal in favour being able to have close contact, whereas with Serge Benhayon this is the total opposite he never ever puts himself above anyone or makes out he is anything special and is always approachable and treats everyone the same.

  11. From all around us we are told how to be and what to do from young and throughout life, we become dependant on it so much so that we ignore and negate our greatest guide that never enforces its way onto us – our bodies, and deeper, such as our essence. It’s this essence within that Serge Benhayon presents from, a guide that doesn’t force us to follow but allows us to step forward and with it through life and as a result life improves not just for ourselves but those in the world who get to see and feel that we need not do anything to be true in life but simply be in and with life as we already are.

  12. If encouraging people to take care of themselves and to listen to their bodies makes you a guru, I must be one too! And I’d have to say if this is the definition, I know a lot of fellow gurus!! Perhaps instead we should consider the definition and practises of actual real gurus and consider if they actually live a life that reflects and encourages self-care and self-responsibility.. And if not, what is the true harm they are doing?

  13. When I read this it left me with the picture of a mirror. When we look into a mirror and do not like the image we receive there is no point being angry at the mirror since it only reflects what is being placed before it.

  14. Well said Steffen. What is presented by Universal Medicine in relation to self-love and self-care is basic common sense.

  15. You are bringing the topic of responsibility to the fore…and when people make more responsible and loving choices this naturally highlights the irresponsibility that surrounds them. I can understand that this makes some uncomfortable and they will do whatever to avoid feeling this, even if it means harming another or attempting to bring them down. Anything to not feel that their lives are nowhere near the level of responsibility that is being shown to them.

  16. As I have met many people in my life, like: Friends & Family, Teachers, Colleagues, Gurus, Follower, Psychotherapists, Partners – whoever, Serge Benhayon was the first one who DID NOT tell me what to do.

  17. Well, I could tell you even before I read this article that such a statement would make me a guru too, which I most certainly am not. It would also include everyone else who works towards turning around the declining health of the population anywhere in the world, which is badly needed.

  18. It can bring up many connotations and much automatic suspicion and judgments when you say the words guru and cult together in reference to another, which is the obvious intention of those that cast them to label another in the first place.

  19. Spot on Steffen – the huge difference between Serge Benhayon and other health practitioners is that Serge never imposes anything, the decision is always our own. But, what Serge does offer, is the energetic understanding of why we are attracted to certain foods or drinks and how those choices are in fact impeding the body and it’s natural lightened state. This wisdom is invaluable and something that many more need to be in connection with to support humanity and the very poor state of health and well-being that we are seeing globally.

  20. As a nurse I also have a much deeper respect for modern medicine because of the presentations of Serge Benhayon. Nothing or no-body is ever seen as less, it is always presented from the truth of what it is bringing to humanity and medicine has brought much. It is not perfect, but it’s not about that. I see now the care and concern that my medical colleagues have for their patients, something that I would have chosen not to see, in the not so distant past.

  21. Have we walked away so far from common sense that when we choose it we are seen as being gurus or followers of a guru? How is it that someone who is reflecting a healthy, loving lifestyle is being vilified and yet we do not bat an eyelid when the opposite is true? The answer seems pretty clear to me, we look at someone who we perceive as making less healthy and loving choices than us and feel good about ourselves, but when the reflection exposes to us that perhaps we do not take care of ourselves as well as we might, and that we have a responsibility to do this, we don’t like what we see and condemn the person whose reflection is bringing this to the fore.

  22. Thank you Steffen, for simply presenting the truth about a man through whose presentations many lives have been changed not by being told what to do but by the example of what true responsibility and true self loving care looks like in the person, Serge Benhayon who walks the talk. No guru here, just a deeply loving and accepting expression.

  23. Supporting people to help themselves – isn’t that what all health care practitioners and organisations should be doing? So I agree Steffen what is so strange about an organisation like Universal Medicine doing this? Surely this is a great community service and one that is supporting and working alongside conventional medicine and government to reverse the alarming trends that we have in illness and disease currently.

  24. “It is always easier to instead blame someone or something else if anything goes wrong in our life.” This is one of the most important lessons we all have to learn in life; to take responsibility for our own choices and the consequences of those choices.

  25. I love that through Universal Medicine and the inspiration you have embraced that you have brought the deeper care and gentleness that you offer yourself, to your patients. Many more people would absolutely benefit from practitioners that have embodied the love and integrity that the Benhayon family and Universal Medicine does.

  26. It is a choice to blame another. I often ponder on what the world would be like if each and every one of us took responsibility for our choices and stopped blaming others or situations for what happened to us, a pondering that supports me greatly in my learning to cut out blame and focus on taking responsibility for everything that happens to me.

  27. Serge Benhayon is a man like no other. He can easily be misrepresented as a guru. He is a ‘guru’ of the love in his body. A teacher of this wisdom that lives in his body. His wisdom is his love. Because there are not many living like this you could say he is a ‘World Teacher’ of this wisdom today. He is in fact The World Teacher, and I know many who are listening.

  28. Steffen I totally agree with what you write, Serge Benhayon has definitely brought responsibility and integrity to healing, he is an amazing humble man that brings humanity a choice to take responsibility.

  29. ‘Helping patients to help themselves’. This is the way it should be and is definitely the way forward as it is empowering and transforming to take responsibility for one’s health; one’s mental and physical state.

  30. Well said, it comes down to the level of care we have for ourselves and our way of living and loving that influences how we work with others. This should be championed as it not only supports others to bring more responsibility to their own health but ensures that we also do not load the system. Essentially the system, the budget wins either way – so why knock that way of living and that message?

  31. I have often wondered the same thing, why is Serge Benhayon accused of being a guru when he is not prescriptive nor does he tell individuals what to do, when my own naturopath and doctor does? It’s a really odd scenario and points to the fact that newspapers like to generate sensationalism and emotional reactions instead of reporting the truth.

  32. Serge Benhayon is most definitely not a cult leader or a guru, but what he is bringing and offering is a level of lived wisdom that we are not seeing anywhere else and although such wisdom has been brought to mankind many times before, we have contrived to forget all and live as if nothing matters. Well everything matters and we are not going to evolve until we realise it.

  33. “It is always easier to instead blame someone or something else if anything goes wrong in our life.”
    Whilst this seems the easy way, it is also very disempowering and leaves us at the mercy of forces outside of us that will then determine our health and well-being. So even though it is challenging to take responsibility it also frees us from being at the whim of something we cannot control and gives us the choice of what we express and allow to flow through us.

  34. I am not sure that encourages is the right word, because Serge simply presents the truths about health and also about illness and disease and it is then up to the listener to be open to testing out the veracity of what was said or to reject it. I chose to be open and tested out each thing and in every case I was surprised to discover that it was true.

  35. People tell people what to do all the time, buy a Holden, shop local, eat more veggies, don’t use plastic bags, make sure you’re not late, don’t go home yet and the list is endless so what’s the problem? isn’t there all manner of things telling us what to do and then it’s up to us what we listen to and actually do? Oh is it because people are actually listening to what is asked of them with the presentations of Universal Medicine, take care of yourself and keep deepening that care as it’s is this true care that holds everything else around you. Have we turned into a place that doesn’t care? How is your neighbour going, the people at work, your family? etc. We are walking further into a land that isolates ourselves more and more and from all the figures we are getting more and more unwell, is it possibly that like it was before, good old fashioned and true care for ourselves then allows you to touch everything thereafter in the same way? Let’s get down to it here, stop following the sideshow of lies and headlines and bring this back very personally, how is everything looking?

  36. How much integrity is in the advice that comes from health practitioners who don’t live the advice they share themselves.

  37. We simply don’t want to know about the responsibility we have to look after ourselves, that every ailment, disease, illness we have created by living in disharmony to our body. We like to blame our genes for the condition our bodies are in but no other can be blamed… it doesn’t make sense to me that our bodies are the way they are because of another.

  38. It really is so simple, how we live affects our body. The fact is we all know this. However many lack the deep care and understanding of self that is needed to adjust our life and live with the responsibility that our bodies are asking for.

  39. Because Serge Benhayon has been practising what he presents, in other words he has been walking his talk and talking his walk, it places the responsibility where it belongs, on the recipient of the information. Everyone has the choice to either align or malign. Those who malign have felt the truth and validity of what has been presented but rebuke it because they haven’t made the same choices, i.e. they let themselves be driven by jealousy.

  40. Humans have a longing of moving in sync in a true way. Since there is too much water under the bridge, they choose to move in sync but in a harming way. So, it is interesting the negative reaction that produces when someone reminds us of the fact that there is another way of moving in togetherness and exposes the downsize of doing it in a harming way.

  41. Yes, it’s true, there must be so many more guru’s out there than we first thought. Perhaps we never realised that the definition of being a guru, was suggesting that people looked after their bodies. Although, to be honest, the guru’s who I’ve heard about who actually label themselves guru’s don’t seem to have the truest of intentions, despite how it looks on the outside. The media is a funny institution, so strange in their delivery of information and manipulation of bastardisation of words and terms.

  42. It seems odd to me, and so many others Steffen, that we would sit back and allow a Guru to tell us what to do. No way! Then we also know that Serge Benhayon does not ask us to do anything either.

  43. Your blog exposes the ridiculousness of these allegations Steffen. Serge Benhayon has never told anyone want to do but simply presented another possible way of living and listening to the body and then he goes one better than that by actually living what he is presenting so that his words are far from empty knowledge and advice but deeply inspiring and life changing.

    1. I agree Andrew. It’s all so black and white. There is no grey area here. It’s super simple, care for yourself, and if you don’t know how to do that, then seek support and then discern for yourself what feels right for you. That’s how it is. simple.

  44. Why is it when someone talks of healthy lifestyles and offers a living example of that lifestyle that some people ‘freak’ out and consider that they must be a this or that, guru or not ok whatever. After all that person is not saying you must live like me, but somehow their lived example challenges people … wouldn’t it be far more honest to just say this, that we don’t like what the other presents and what it may or may not show us about how we live and the choices we make … at least in this way we would be honest with ourselves and others. To label someone in this case a guru is a cowardly lie, and it supports no one, least of all the person telling that lie.

  45. To be offered choice is by far the most desperately needed understanding in relation to health and wellbeing. For too long we have lived believing false information and have not remembered how to, or value if we did feel something was not right for us. This is what Serge Benhayon has delivered for all of humanity. The choice is then ours.

  46. If what Serge presents supports people to have a healthier life (and it is, as I am like many others an example of that), then he must not be judged but really valued for the service he is offering to humanity

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