Does encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle make you a guru?

by Steffen Messerschmidt, Naturopathic Doctor & Physician of Health, Muscle Skeletal Therapy, Nutritional Medicine & Esoteric Healing

Sunnybank, Australia

What are those few actually complaining about and what is all the fuss about?

Yes he talks about what we eat, how we sleep, healthy and loving relationships and many more things that overall make up a healthy lifestyle.

So that makes him a guru and a cult leader – VERY INTERESTING!?

Does this also mean that every doctor, naturopath, nutritionist, acupuncturist, as well as the diabetes foundation and many more, all the way up to the Australian Government that are encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle are gurus as well!?

Now the difference to others is Serge Benhayon just presents the possibility of what these things do to your body and never says what to do and does not judge anyone that is eating or drinking whatever they choose. Interesting as this makes me a guru as well … Oops … but alongside any health care practitioner in the world.

So looking at this news recently it seems we are back to ‘shoot the messenger’, Inquisition, Crusades against the ones that live differently – well these ones eat differently and don’t drink alcohol and go to bed early, that is definitely a reason to attack them.

Well to me that does not makes sense  – Common Sense tells us that we have to look at our own lifestyle as health worldwide is not our biggest asset and the obesity rates, diabetes rates and lots of other chronic diseases are sky high.

Sure it can be uncomfortable and exposing if someone talks about the responsibility we have to look after ourselves and that our choices led to the issues we are dealing with now.

It is always easier to instead blame someone or something else if anything goes wrong in our life.

I have attended many workshops with Universal Medicine and never has Serge or any other practitioner claimed they can cure cancer or other diseases nor has Serge told anybody how to live their life in any way.

As a health practitioner I personally in the past would have liked that he tell people not to eat or drink certain things, but he always left it up to themselves and has taught me and others to respect the choices and free will of people.

So Yes we can also choose to blame someone if there is something wrong with our life, our health, or if our relationship ends instead of looking at the fact that we are responsible ourselves for what happens to us.

As I learned from studying with Universal Medicine to look after myself more, beyond the eating well and not drinking alcohol, I am now able to live my life in a gentler way, simply and with much more joy – which results in the way I treat patients.

My work has not changed as I still treat approx 60% muscle skeletal issues and 40% general practice and most of the things I do is still, ‘Helping patients to help themselves’.

Universal Medicine has also allowed me to have a greater respect for conventional medicine than I had before when I left it and studied natural medicine.

I know now how valuable and amazing Modern Medicine is and how to incorporate it in my care for patients which allows me to work much closer together with GP’s, specialists, psychologists and other health care practitioners for the benefit of humanity.

I have the deepest respect for Curtis Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Serge Benhayon as well as all other practitioners that were falsely accused in recent newspapers and would wish we had more practitioners with that amount of integrity and loving care for Humanity.

124 thoughts on “Does encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle make you a guru?

  1. When “looking after ourselves” and “well-being” start to mean more than we are prepared to look at and accept as our responsibility, it becomes very inconvenient for many. It’s not the same as just preaching an ideal or a theory, when something is lived it communicates something more that begs us to stop. It proves we are feeling everything, including the energy beyond the word when it’s presented with its Livingness.

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