To Honour Another You Need to Love Yourself

by Josh Campbell, Australia

I felt to say something very short and simple as a student of Universal Medicine. I do not wish to defend Serge Benhayon but rather just say what I feel others may need to hear and ponder on. Serge has shown me true love. Before I found UniMed I found life was a persistent struggle where nothing ever really made sense, not even so called ‘love’.

To me back then I found that ‘love’ was this word that never really meant anything consistent when you spoke to people. If you spoke to a religious person they would say that I need to love my family. If you spoke to a couple in ‘love’ they would say that they are ‘in love.’ But what does ‘in love’ mean when old couples become bitter with each other even though they say they are still ‘in love’? And how can one know how to love another when nobody had the capacity to love themselves?

Serge exposed to me this one fact; you are a Son of God. This means that to honour and love another you need to honour and love yourself. Simple. Through this process I have grown my own love in my day through feeling true joy in everything I do. Again Simple.

Serge is no doubt a reflection of true love. Is it not possible therefore that when there is so much misery and pain in the world today rather than true joy and love, having true love reflected back at us can make us react as we have allowed our lives to be defined by pain and misery?

182 thoughts on “To Honour Another You Need to Love Yourself

  1. Is it possible that we do not want to feel true love reflected back to humanity because we can feel the rage within of abandoning such love and excepting our abusive ways instead.

  2. When I love myself more deeply it naturally flows into how I am with others. Loving another is then no big deal nor is it an effort. It just is as it starts to become my normal for how I am with myself. There’s no “I love you but not you” situation.

  3. Because the word love can mean so many things to so many people, is this because we have lost our capacity to truly love ourselves that we make do with whatever is on offer even if it is abusive. I know so many elderly people who are in abusive relationships with each other and have been for years and are miserable but feel it’s too late to do anything about it and so put up with their ‘lot’ their words not mine and ignore most of what goes in their relationship. They have effectively given up on life being any different for them.

  4. What I’m learning at the moment is about the beholding nature of love, to give people space to come to their own love in their own way and time.

  5. “Serge has shown me true love” Serge Benhayon has shown me how to reconnect to the love that I am.

  6. If we do not love and honour ourselves, we have nothing to love and honour another with. We can choose to be love. When we see the mess we are in as a species, with such consistency, throughout the history, with some high moments sprinkled over, we have to wonder what it is that we are choosing for ourselves.

    1. It’s a wake up call Fumiyo to see the cycles we are endlessly repeating, and to make a commitment to love.

  7. Love and joy definitely go together and when I am feeling and expressing love I feel joyful in my life.

  8. How we connect to life is our choice. And choose we do. The choice starts always with ourselves and then goes out. What gets out is not different from what we have chosen for us.

  9. These are great points, to honour another person there first must be honour in you and in your life, the same as to love another person there must first be love in you, it’s an absolute prerequisite for the magic that follows.

  10. Truly honouring another can only come from a foundation of self love, otherwise we are dishonouring of the love we all are and come from.

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