A Shy Boy Met with Love

by Kris Lyons, Brisbane, Australia

Have you ever walked into a room and felt so welcome and so much love, with no judgment of who you are, or where you’re from? You could be a complete stranger but yet treated like true family from the moment you meet Serge Benhayon or any one from Universal Medicine.

I met Serge when I was 13 years old (2002). I was a very shy, withheld young man. I spoke really fast and I felt ashamed to speak because no one could understand me or just wrote me off. My confidence was really low as I felt unaccepted but after meeting Serge I felt that there was someone that listened to me and actually wanted to know my story with no judgment on how big or little my issues were, but a man that had nothing but so much love in his heart.

If you meet me now I’m a man with the big blue eyes and a big smile on my face. I’m very playful, no longer shy at all and enjoy life to the fullest, all because Serge Benhayon took the time to listen to my story with no judgment but with an open heart.

As for Serge Benhayon’s teachings, and Universal Medicine’s workshops, if you went to one of his talks or workshops you would learn life lessons just by opening your eyes and listening to a true man speak his truth and present to you with true integrity. Universal Medicine has one of the highest codes of ethics in the world, a business that has absolute integrity.

Apart from seeing Serge as a man that lives what he presents everyday, I see Serge Benhayon as a true friend that is always there if I ever need him, with no reserve or judgment, just an open heart and dedicated to make it all about people.

Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon is far from being a ‘cult’ or being a’ cult leader.’ He is the most amazing man you will ever meet and he will never ever make you feel less and he is there for everyone equally.

327 thoughts on “A Shy Boy Met with Love

  1. Thank you Kris, you have simply shared how much True Love brings us all together and allows us to be re-connected to our Essences, Inner-most-hearts / Souls, and thus we can all evolve as you have shared from this one mans teachings.

  2. It’s always so beautiful to read this, it highlights the effect of love we can all have on another person and how vital love is to our wellbeing. So many people, like myself, have been inspired by this very love seen in Serge, his family, and the Universal Medicine practitioners, and the students of the Ageless Wisdom. We know how it has supported us all to heal, and the truest form of healing is to return to living from that same love within ourselves.

  3. Serge Benhayon is the most amazing man I have ever met, knowing Serge means I now see divinity and grace where I once only felt pain.

  4. Serge Benhayon is one of the most holding and caring people I have ever encountered. By holding I mean someone just like Kris has described in the blog above, in that he holds you with love that allows no space for any criticism nor judgement and only ever sees the beauty in you that you have the capacity to live, and he supports you to see where you can allow this more in your life rather than staying stagnant in old patters. He is a blessing and an inspiration.

  5. Kris, an absolutely heart-felt sharing. Thank you so much for your openness and your vulnerability and also your strength and joy in this sharing.

  6. It’s so true about Serge, he is absolute love with people, warm, caring, open, non-judgmental, and offering space for everyone to come to our own love in our own time. What’s inspiring is how much this love means to everyone and how much healing it offers, to simply be with people and accept them in full wherever they are at, and meeting them in the fullness they are.

  7. A powerful testimony of the work of Serge Benhayon. He supports us to find, love and accept ourselves and this inner transformation can happen at any age. A blessing to have met Serge as a teenager and emerge as you have into the beautiful, playful man that enjoys life to the full.

  8. During the teens years, there is a fascination with living out of control, in total motion, separated from our bodies and our beings so to convince ourselves and others that that walking mess is us. Obviously, we may convince many but not Serge.

  9. Isn’t this proof of what is possible when you give someone your everything and allow them their own time to flourish? It makes every encounter we have so important.

    1. Every person we meet, every relationship we have, each and every encounter matters and is an opportunity for us to deepen our relationships with self and others. Thank you Meg for this amazing reminder.

  10. Kris, your blog really highlights for me how truly healing and life changing it is, to listen to another without judgement.

  11. Absolutely, the quality of listening that Serge Benhayon offers us is so beautiful and beholding I quite understand that he inspires trust to be restored and like a shy flower one can start to open up once again, like it, feel safe and start to open up some more. Thank you for sharing your experience, and one I’m sure many can relate to as can I.

  12. “I’m very playful, no longer shy at all and enjoy life to the fullest, all because Serge Benhayon took the time to listen to my story with no judgment but with an open heart.” There is much to learn for all of us of the simplicity and enormousness of an open heart.

  13. It is worth taking the time to listen to others’ experiences with no judgment and with our open heart. For this can be a significant before and after for anyone who feels met with love.

    1. Yes Inma, to connect to our true self and live with an open heart, there can be no judgement. Each person met equally and with love.

  14. Serge Benhayon shows how natural actually is being confident and open for us. Definitely there is no need to hide or protect ourselves as we all are equally amazing from our essence. Love what you shared Kris about how you came accross Universal Medicine and how you are today, very playful and enjoying life as you and we all deserve. Thanks for sharing so beautifully

  15. I feel to add that in health planning there is a school of thought that we need to work with younger children and not teenagers because the patterns of behaviour are already laid by the time you are a teenager and therefore harder to ‘turn around’. Yet there is never a time we should say it is too hard. Serge Benhayon has shown that over and over in his practice. It is about bringing understanding when someone is not ready to live and move the truth of who they are, that we must allow space for that decision to be ok. Without judgement.

  16. Seeing the man you are now it is hard to imagine you as the man you describe. What a blessing for the world to have a young man willing to live the love that he knows he is without apology.

    1. Kris’ story represents the whole of humanity, the beauty of men and women everywhere waiting to emerge with the support of love and healing.

  17. Serge Benhayon is indeed truly amazing and it’s these stories from so many people such as the one shared here that show the breadth and depth of the people Serge has touched and the one thread through them all, that Serge has met each person as they are, without judgement and with absolute love.

  18. It is deeply inspiring when you are met in full with the reflection of the absolute love that you are in essence, just not connected to and expressed, so that you are impulsed by the truth deeply felt in the body as it calls you back to reconnect to your soul and express the truth of who you are.

  19. I agree in full Kris. Serge Benhayon is a dear friend to not only me but to all. He is amazing and our reflection. I thank God for Serge Benhayon every day and wonder how lost and mentally ill I would be now compared to how withdrawn I was when I first came to UniMed.

  20. Considering this a little further, I realise you cannot fake that kind of connection and relationship. It comes from the relationship you have with yourself and therefore it is not forced, has no judgement and has great understanding. This is a relationship we would all want therefore your comment inspires a deeper relationship with ourselves so that we can know that feeling for ourselves first and foremost.

  21. Clearly that is what is confronting because it exposes that we do not behave or meet people in that way. What you share here is inspiring and is worth considering if we could bring that as a practice in our relationships because clearly, the impact is a life lived to the full both by you and the person who is meeting you in full.

  22. I can relate to what you share here Kris. I had the same feeling when I met Serge for the first time. I just felt received for who I am and deeply embraced in the equalness in which he always relates with everyone. Very inspiring and confirming at the same time.

  23. The openness with which Serge Benhayon greets everyone is stunning. It is equal with all, and never less. He has no bad days. He is consistently loving and honouring of everyone he meets.

  24. To not feel judged is huge! The more I let out and accept me in every area of my life the less I am judged. Judgment can simply be a reflection of the lack of love we have for ourselves.

  25. Serge Benhayon ‘is the most amazing man you will ever meet and he will never ever make you feel less and he is there for everyone equally.’ A powerful statement and great blog about a very great man who is down to earth and very real, treating all equally.

  26. When we meet people with an open heart, we get to see how we are so equal to them.. How we can see ourselves in their eyes. A gorgeous reminder that we are all made of love — a love that’s beyond this earthly world..

  27. Thank you Kris, I always enjoy reading this! What you have shared speaks of something we all innately know – love, openness and warmth without judgement, and how healing this is. We are all capable of being love with one another, which is what is so awesome about the Universal Medicine student body, they too are inspired to be that love in the world – we all returning to the love we innately are.

  28. Being met simply for who we are is like being given permission to just be, and this is so empowering. Shame how this still seems to be rarity in our society in general. But if someone can do this, not only with their family and friends, but everyone equally, it is very much worth studying how they do it.

  29. The greatest gift we can share with each other is to meet each other with the love we are in essence. I too can relate to all that you have shared Kris, as it is through meeting Serge that I was met with a stupendously greater love than what I held for myself, and feeling this connection is what inspired me to explore, heal and step into developing a greater love and appreciation for who I am, and always had been within. And what’s more is that this is continuing to deepen every day.

    1. That is beautiful to read Carola, and a reminder of the blessing we can each be for each other when we make our lives about love.

  30. There is a line in this article, about being a young man, too ashamed to speak. And this is heart breaking to read, because of the clarity and the open hearted love with which you are clearly able to express. And so, For whatever reason it may be that you have found your way back out again, out of your shy shell, I am most grateful that you have and that it was Serge Benhayon who was the one who met you, because to feel his love is a long and enduring experience, so we now know that you will not likely retreat again, which for all of us, is great.

  31. What is possible when we are truly met and presented with love no matter what is shown here, it inspires, it draws people to live who they are and it ripples beyond that one person. That is what Serge Benhayon presents to all he meets, and through his steadiness and consistency many are now doing this with all they meet, it’s the expansion of love and who we all are.

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