A Shy Boy Met with Love

by Kris Lyons, Brisbane, Australia

Have you ever walked into a room and felt so welcome and so much love, with no judgment of who you are, or where you’re from? You could be a complete stranger but yet treated like true family from the moment you meet Serge Benhayon or any one from Universal Medicine.

I met Serge when I was 13 years old (2002). I was a very shy, withheld young man. I spoke really fast and I felt ashamed to speak because no one could understand me or just wrote me off. My confidence was really low as I felt unaccepted but after meeting Serge I felt that there was someone that listened to me and actually wanted to know my story with no judgment on how big or little my issues were, but a man that had nothing but so much love in his heart.

If you meet me now I’m a man with the big blue eyes and a big smile on my face. I’m very playful, no longer shy at all and enjoy life to the fullest, all because Serge Benhayon took the time to listen to my story with no judgment but with an open heart.

As for Serge Benhayon’s teachings, and Universal Medicine’s workshops, if you went to one of his talks or workshops you would learn life lessons just by opening your eyes and listening to a true man speak his truth and present to you with true integrity. Universal Medicine has one of the highest codes of ethics in the world, a business that has absolute integrity.

Apart from seeing Serge as a man that lives what he presents everyday, I see Serge Benhayon as a true friend that is always there if I ever need him, with no reserve or judgment, just an open heart and dedicated to make it all about people.

Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon is far from being a ‘cult’ or being a’ cult leader.’ He is the most amazing man you will ever meet and he will never ever make you feel less and he is there for everyone equally.

294 thoughts on “A Shy Boy Met with Love

  1. Serge Benhayon ‘is the most amazing man you will ever meet and he will never ever make you feel less and he is there for everyone equally.’ A powerful statement and great blog about a very great man who is down to earth and very real, treating all equally.

  2. When we meet people with an open heart, we get to see how we are so equal to them.. How we can see ourselves in their eyes. A gorgeous reminder that we are all made of love — a love that’s beyond this earthly world..

  3. Thank you Kris, I always enjoy reading this! What you have shared speaks of something we all innately know – love, openness and warmth without judgement, and how healing this is. We are all capable of being love with one another, which is what is so awesome about the Universal Medicine student body, they too are inspired to be that love in the world – we all returning to the love we innately are.

  4. Being met simply for who we are is like being given permission to just be, and this is so empowering. Shame how this still seems to be rarity in our society in general. But if someone can do this, not only with their family and friends, but everyone equally, it is very much worth studying how they do it.

  5. The greatest gift we can share with each other is to meet each other with the love we are in essence. I too can relate to all that you have shared Kris, as it is through meeting Serge that I was met with a stupendously greater love than what I held for myself, and feeling this connection is what inspired me to explore, heal and step into developing a greater love and appreciation for who I am, and always had been within. And what’s more is that this is continuing to deepen every day.

  6. There is a line in this article, about being a young man, too ashamed to speak. And this is heart breaking to read, because of the clarity and the open hearted love with which you are clearly able to express. And so, For whatever reason it may be that you have found your way back out again, out of your shy shell, I am most grateful that you have and that it was Serge Benhayon who was the one who met you, because to feel his love is a long and enduring experience, so we now know that you will not likely retreat again, which for all of us, is great.

  7. What is possible when we are truly met and presented with love no matter what is shown here, it inspires, it draws people to live who they are and it ripples beyond that one person. That is what Serge Benhayon presents to all he meets, and through his steadiness and consistency many are now doing this with all they meet, it’s the expansion of love and who we all are.

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