A Shy Boy Met with Love

by Kris Lyons, Brisbane, Australia

Have you ever walked into a room and felt so welcome and so much love, with no judgment of who you are, or where you’re from? You could be a complete stranger but yet treated like true family from the moment you meet Serge Benhayon or any one from Universal Medicine.

I met Serge when I was 13 years old (2002). I was a very shy, withheld young man. I spoke really fast and I felt ashamed to speak because no one could understand me or just wrote me off. My confidence was really low as I felt unaccepted but after meeting Serge I felt that there was someone that listened to me and actually wanted to know my story with no judgment on how big or little my issues were, but a man that had nothing but so much love in his heart.

If you meet me now I’m a man with the big blue eyes and a big smile on my face. I’m very playful, no longer shy at all and enjoy life to the fullest, all because Serge Benhayon took the time to listen to my story with no judgment but with an open heart.

As for Serge Benhayon’s teachings, and Universal Medicine’s workshops, if you went to one of his talks or workshops you would learn life lessons just by opening your eyes and listening to a true man speak his truth and present to you with true integrity. Universal Medicine has one of the highest codes of ethics in the world, a business that has absolute integrity.

Apart from seeing Serge as a man that lives what he presents everyday, I see Serge Benhayon as a true friend that is always there if I ever need him, with no reserve or judgment, just an open heart and dedicated to make it all about people.

Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon is far from being a ‘cult’ or being a’ cult leader.’ He is the most amazing man you will ever meet and he will never ever make you feel less and he is there for everyone equally.

280 thoughts on “A Shy Boy Met with Love

  1. Gorgeous Kris, and it shows how key it is to be met with love and no judgement and the huge impact this has. There can be no greater gift to receive or to give.

  2. Thank you Kris for beautiful heartfelt sharing of being met by Serge Benhayon for who you are in absolute love. and equality and the power of that to change your life.

  3. “Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon is far from being a ‘cult’ or being a’ cult leader.’ He is the most amazing man you will ever meet and he will never ever make you feel less and he is there for everyone equally.” So well said, and absolutely true.

  4. Beautifull sharing Kris. Its so amazing to be able to call someone who isn’t blood related family – in the true sense. Someone who loves you for who you are, the delicateness and the light and not for what we do or appear to be on the outside.

    1. Your words about true family expose a lot Harry as in many families there are all kinds of abuses (obvious and subtle) that try to crush another so they don’t live the essence of who they are. It might be blood family but with abuse it’s not true family. Your words about true family are very simple “Someone who loves you for who you are” and sees the true person within.

  5. How gorgeous Kris that you were able to lift the lid on your natural sweetness. And how amazing that it took just one conversation –albeit with the most accepting man any of us are ever likely to meet.

  6. Serge Benhayon is a true friend to humanity sharing his love and wisdom with all who chose to be open to it.

  7. Serge Benhayon is not just an amazingly dedicated person, with a true open heart but with a very very dear friend that is always there. He shows us how we can be with each other when we make love our way.

  8. Thank you for sharing Kris, having met you I would not have thought that you used to be a shy boy, as you come across today as very confident and self-assured young men. But I know the effect Serge Benhayon can have on people and how he has shown me to feel my self-worth and develop confidence by being more present with myself in my body.

  9. It is very interesting how it has to be said over and over again that Serge Benhayon is a living miracle or a man living simple truth. What is also very important to note is we are ALL equally the same. How far away are we if we cannot even recognize this man as the messenger he is?

  10. Knowing you as the confident and loving man you are today I struggle to imagine you as ever being shy… it is a true testament to the power of love and of reflection, and the extraordinary teachings of Universal Medicine, that you have transformed as you have. What’s gorgeous is that you are just one of many miracles.

  11. This brought me to tears this morning. I have felt the same love from Serge Benhayon – absolutely no judgment for where I was at many years ago, lost even to myself. Love in its true sense, that is a love that is beholding of you in the love that you also are, equal and no less is what heals any wound we may carry. This, Serge Benhayon has in endless supply. He is the representative of the endless love that is available to us all when we claim the Son of God we actually are.

  12. Where to start when I feel so much appreciation for everything that has connected me to what life has to offer from the tenderness I feel. The relationships I have, the way I walk, how and what I eat and drink, all this and more have become a part of the way I live and feel from the inside out that is so normal and naturally who I am. As a mentor, friend, brother, teacher, inspiring, and humble being Serge Benhayon has opened my life to be one where I can say that what is going on in my body and around me is understood from the simplest breath that brings a deeper connection to the way I walk from when I wake, to how I sleep which is so deep and energising. Complexity is so much a thing of the past and the way I view the world and the equality that we all can live in is so much a part of what I feel in every movement I make so that love is what is my first second and third response to the best of my ability to each situation that presents itself.

  13. It’s quite incredible what an open heart can do – the effects on people are actually limitless as the openness calls for and shows another that they too have this very same quality.

  14. A meeting with Serge Benhayon can change one’s life and you are a perfect example of this – truly being met for who we are is not something that normally happens in our world and most people never get to experience it.

  15. Gorgeous blog Kris, every word you have written to describe Serge is beautiful to hear because I, along with many, many others, have felt all of this too. It is an incredible and precious moment, to be truly met for who we are.

  16. Serge Benhayon is indeed the most amazing man you could ever meet and he wears it all so lightly and in doing so shows us all that we are that too. Gorgeous to hear your story of transformation Kris and how knowing someone absolutely has your back no matter what makes such a difference.

  17. It is amazing and continually inspiring to be met by someone who sees all that you are, not just your behaviours, even when we do not see it or feel it ourselves. Yet through the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as presented and lived by Serge Benhayon we are all equally met and called to be the amazingness we are within, as through our connection to our essence, our Soul, we are guided to be and live a far greater version of who we all in-truth are.

  18. That’s my experience also Kris. You will never ever be made to feel less regardless of your choices in life – literally no matter what choices you make, you will still be held in the same amount of love that has been held for everybody else!

  19. I have always found I got tongue tied and lost for words when I felt the world was holding great expectations over me, when I first met Serge Benhayon it was the first time I felt truly met, with no expectations required just a warmth of love allowing me to just be who I am.

  20. It is amazing how people can grow, truly evolve and be all that they are when we meet them, accept them and let them be who they are. And as you have shared Serge Benhayon lives this to the max consistently making it about people and supporting them to be all they are. Beautiful to hear how this was for you.

  21. As expressed in this blog it is so important to meet one another in love and to not let in any judgement or image we hold but instead to make it only about love and the person that is in front of us. Everyone is equally important and we all do matter and have a story to tell about how we experience life. Sharing this with one another will not only make friends and connections for life but also will make us more rich on the inside as we have become more aware of other aspects of life that the others brought to us.

  22. You bring to words most beautifully all that Serge Benhayon brings and lives, “a man that had nothing but so much love in his heart.”

  23. Very true indeed. Serge Benhayon really does allow you to simply be yourself and asks absolutely nothing of you except perhaps to be more of you in the world, which to me feels pretty good, because it’s often something we will avoid in order to protect ourselves from the world. He reminds us that protection serves no purpose and shuts us off from humanity.

  24. I wonder whether shyness is a true thing or simply a reaction to other people’s judgment. Your great shared example would seem to prove this. Once we are fully met by someone, shyness becomes completely unnecessary and simply a hinderance to evolving.

  25. Being met for who we truly are with no judgement or imposition on how we need to be but just love, is the greatest gift we can be offered from another and this is the experience that you receive every single time you meet Serge Benhayon, just a reflection of the love we all are.

    1. Beautifully shared Francisco “Being met for who we truly are with no judgement or imposition on how we need to be but just love” – surely the most healing experience on the planet, and something we can all offer one another.

  26. Serge Benhayon presents and offers the wisdom he does simply to ignite within our own. Our responsibility is to allow the initial spark to begin to guide, hold and support us as we live our life.

    1. Leigh so many presenters are simply there for what they get out of it – fame, recognition, money, etc, what you have shared sums up why Serge touches so many lives. Everything he shares is deeply based on equality.

  27. One thing you can always feel when in the company of Serge is that we are all family. You are held, very simply held in your grandness, nothing less. If one feels and honours the grandness the feeling is immediately in our body of being equal to everyone else. This certainly makes family way bigger than what we have allowed it to be.

  28. There is something rather simple and yet so very special in this article, that when a person truly meets another, in that instant things change forever. I mean we spend all manner of time and energy making things better and making sure we do this and that right and yet at it’s simplest the call is to make every point a true connection. It’s not a perfect connection or doing something to get something but a warm embrace without touching of a person, genuinely and truly there just to see another. As this article leads to there is nothing else needed and in fact it’s very possibly this is what the world is seeking, true intimacy in relationship.

  29. Kris it always melts my heart to read your story. Serge holds people in such love and regardless of the words shared it’s that love and unconditional acceptance that brings about the true healing. This is how we could all be with each other. Serge is an awesome role model and inspiration.

  30. Serge Benhayon’s love is absolutely unwavering and holds everyone consistently equally…..an extraordinary, ordinary man, reflecting to us the absolute love we are, and our ability to be extraordinary in our ordinary everyday lives.

  31. It is so great to come to a place where you are completely accepted for who you are, something we are all looking for in our lives but mostly find the conditional acceptance in which you have to be and behave in a prescribed way. A way that does not belongs to us and can cause us to go into all kinds of patterns like becoming shy as in your case Kris. It is a blessing for us all you have found your way out as we all will now meet the man with the big blue eyes and a big smile on his face. Awesome.

  32. We have to appreciate that we do not go from A to B thanks to Serge Benhayon, but primarily because we work hard on ourselves. What Serge brings is unique and works as a catalyser but it is up to us to put those teachings to work if this is what we so wish.

  33. When we are met with love, no matter what identifications we have had, no matter our life story… in that space we are met for who we are, and this is an invitation to just BE. Something simple that can be life-changing at the same time.

  34. This is beautiful….”…he will never ever make you feel less and he is there for everyone equally.” and so true and exactly my experience of Serge Benhayon. I am so inspired to live this myself and I am learning by watching a man live so full of love and truth and know form within that I can also walk these steps by making choices that support the movement towards it.

  35. ” I see Serge Benhayon as a true friend that is always there if I ever need him, with no reserve or judgment, just an open heart and dedicated to make it all about people.” I had a tear come to my eye then as I felt how real and true your statement was. Serge Benhayon has/is the biggest light in an often dark world and the impact he is having on many many people will change the world forever.

  36. Your testimony regarding Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine as also how you changed from being shy, talking too fast and ashamed to speak to now feeling confident with your whole being is so awesome to hear. Agreed the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are very important life lessons that every single person would benefit from.

    1. Yes Vicky, everybody deserves to receive this life changing teachings that reconnect you back to your essence that always already was there.

  37. It’s such utter nonsense that Serge Benhayon is a cult leader, he is simply a lovely man speaking truth, sharing great wisdom, and holding all equally in love. He is also supporting many others to do the same. I feel the absolute irresponsibility of the media to present Serge falsely because it may put people off from accessing his services. People who may be like I was before I came to Universal Medicine, struggling to understand life and heal, and the lies may prevent them from finding something that is true and works. Serge is definitely the real deal and of absolute integrity.

  38. Serge allows us to be truly ourselves in the love that we are. Serge shows us a way of being with us we rarely see or experience in our nowadays societies where we most of the times need to be something but almost never are met for who we intrinsically are.

  39. Cult is a yucky word that lays an apparent life sentence of madness and mental weakness on those that are labelled with it….this is all perception though….we are all called many things in life, I am woman there are lots of disrespectful words used for that as well, madness and hysteria have often been connected to it….do I submit to the label directed at me or feel the truth of what it is to be a woman responsible, caring and discerning, a woman who knows that Serge Behayon is sane, wise and honourable…? I choose truth and will not be intimidated by rash opinions of some, most of whom have not meet Serge Benhayon, the bullying, nasty names and fear mongering. I discern for myself.

  40. Serge Benhayon is sincerely welcoming, inclusive, open, non-judgmental and genuine (and more), in my experience he is this way with everyone, consistently and with no strings attached, reflecting an authentic way of being that we all know from inside of us.

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