‘Love’ – it’s the best choice I’ve made in my 56 years

by Alison Moir, UK

Since meeting Serge Benhayon nearly 10 years ago, my life has become more enjoyable, less complicated, and I no longer have this feeling that there is something missing in my life. There was always a part of me that I was holding back, that stopped me from being the real me. I could feel I was doing this, but never really understood why.

This made everything a struggle and a feeling of having to get through life.

Through Serge’s consistent love and relentless patience, I have been able to understand and clear all these things that have held me back.

I am now a more open and honest person (honest with myself) and I can now see that reflection, in how others are with me. The hurt and blame that I used to hold against others is no longer there. The complications I put in the way are no longer given energy.

I now wake up with a feeling of joy, instead of the feeling of the anxiousness of the day ahead.

So I say to any journalist who wants to jump on the bandwagon of sensationalism, did you research the facts and write from a true understanding of Serge’s work?

Is it a crime for someone to be willing to stand up and reflect that there is love in us all, and that we can all connect to that if we choose?

Not for me, it is the best thing that has happened to me in my 56 years.

81 thoughts on “‘Love’ – it’s the best choice I’ve made in my 56 years

  1. Well said Alison. If choosing to be love in life is a crime, then we have a completely perverse sense of justice and truth. The fact is, whatever the world may tell us, our own experiences reveal what the choice to be love brings both to ourselves and to our presence in the world. That is ‘the proof of the pudding’ – not what a journalist who is intent on creating a story to sell newspapers chooses to write.

  2. The real crime is that the media is attempting to misrepresent and tarnish the purity of the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in the bid to sensational and sell papers, thereby obstructing and denying others from benefiting from the same feelings of liberation and joy that comes from doing the work on yourself, as you have described here Alison, and as is presented in the talks and the courses on offer by Universal Medicine

  3. When we complicate matters we muddy the waters of simplicity and end up making something a steeple chase of obstacles, difficulties and blockages when it could be a simple enjoyable walk.

  4. Serge Benhayon and especially the light he brings through is the best for sure that did happen in my life too. Because what he brings is in me too, ready to get reawakened. In fact it was there and did want to come out before I met him, but I did hold back. To get supported in discovering the ‘true me’ and sense of life through Universal Medicine and everyone who is now an active student of life is very much precious to me.

  5. Life may be difficult and challenging but we can live life in a way where those challenges don’t affect who we are. What Serge Benhayon presents supports us to see through the fog of life by continually re-connecting to how we are. It’s not about being right or controlling for it’s accepting life as it is, but it’s about developing a loving way that we can live our life, that withstands the onslaught of life.

  6. It is just so simple and makes so much sense to live in a self loving way as presented and lived by Serge. My life was full of ideals and beliefs that created complication always measuring myself up to the good and right and never really getting it right. Now my road is simple and joyful when I connect to my own inner heart where the truth of all things lies.

  7. “Is it a crime for someone to be willing to stand up and reflect that there is love in us all, and that we can all connect to that if we choose?” No it is not. This question highlights how ridiculous and outrageous the media vilification and cyber-abuse of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has been and is.

  8. I love how you shared Alison that ‘the complications I put in the way are no longer given energy’ for in my experience when we feed complication it can spread like a virus.

  9. We all have a choice in the way we live life and the way we respond or react to events around us. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine presents that it is the energy that we have chosen that is the consequence of how we act but that in our essence we are all love – everyone of us, media spin doctors and cyber abusers included.

  10. It is not a crime for someone to stand up and speak and reflect love and truth to a race in desperate need of it… however it should be a crime that those that are not wanting to hear or see it, have the willing mediums through which they can attempt to discredit or silence them.

  11. Change is a whole process that has many many angles and layers to it. The problem with it is that there is a Spirit inside us that runs its own agenda and that is all knowing regarding you supported by a plane of life that has the ability to configure us energetically if we say yes at some level. The process of coming back to who we are requires an immense amount of work, dedication, openness and abilities to learn and to move in a way that can offset what causes us not to be us while we think we are. It can be done but we have to accept that is a process that unfolds.

  12. Thank you Alison, it is the best thing that has happened to me too. To know myself and to continue to discard what is not me. The greatest evil of this world is not knowing who we are.

  13. Well said Alison ‘Is it a crime for someone to be willing to stand up and reflect that there is love in us all, and that we can all connect to that if we choose?’ When we choose love first, there is no need for judgment, comparison or expectation.

  14. Through the presentations of Universal Medicine, I have discovered how liberating and empowering being honest with myself is. Through practicing self-honesty I have re-established my connection to truth, through which I am guided more and more every day to live in connection to a quality within me, that is who I naturally am and know it is who we all are in essence – love.

  15. It is interesting indeed that the one man I know does not hold back to show his love for humanity and talk about all that is not love in this world is being targeted by the media. It is like Jesus must have felt in his days, except that you get crucified by the media nowadays.

  16. We don’t like it when someone reflects back to us something we already know. If only at that point we’d choose to even consider the possibility of what we are seeing has some reflection or even simple stop and bring the feeling deeper within us we’d see things differently. If we fight what we have seen and then attack, dismiss or criticise the person or people then we confirm ourselves to turn around the same circle again. We may not want to know or hear that or even think that this is true but have you ever seen before you a similar thing happening only on a different day with a different person? We at times are on repeat and people making choices like this article is presenting are allowing us all to see this clearer if we care and choose to see.

  17. When we are more open and honest with ourselves we are naturally more open and honest with others, and in turn, more understanding of what is truly going on in the world around us.

  18. I can very much relate to what you share here, Alison. And the biggest thing for me was to realise how deceitful I had been with myself. I knew I was with the others, but with me, no. This is an ongoing unfolding, and it is unthinkable to live any other way now. It is a pure blessing to have found Universal Medicine in this life time.

  19. This is what is truly on offer to us all and what a service it has already become to many people. To live a life that was literally killing you to living a fullness that you could only have maybe not even dreamed and it just keeps going and going the more you make the choice to see it. We have many perceptions, views and beliefs on how things are or should be for us and we choose to focus on these at all points which makes them life. What if the way we are, the quality we live in each moment becomes the sum total of how we actually are? Wouldn’t it make sense to be super aware of the ingredients you put in? I mean it sounds so so simple, keep building the awareness of how things feel and in this building all you are will be there for you because of the quality you live.Then all you need do is appreciate all you see and keep choosing to live this way, pretty soon your view will keep changing and changing and you will see the ‘more to life’.

  20. It’s quite amazing how life starts to change when we become aware of what we’re holding on to, and the complications and problems that we create, so that we can feel some sense of achievement by solving them. Life really is so very simple, when we let go and allow it to be.

  21. The difference between the before and after of anyone (read attentively, anyone, not someone) that comes to Universal Medicine is consistently incredible. The world need to know this but it also has to know that this is done by means of dealing with our hurts so we can embrace the qualities reflected upon us by Serge as also being our own and work to embody them. The overall beauty of the process is simply too divine not to wish everybody would go through it.

  22. A beautiful and short synopsis of what life can be when we are met with true love and start to claim it back for ourself.

  23. Yep! Bang on. What are journalists actually trying to sensationalise here? It’s absolutely nuts how they have completely missed the point and turned something so simple and true into the most heinous of stories. They’ve definitely given me a wake up call in not believing everything I read and how important it is to discern for myself what is and is not true.

  24. ‘The complications I put in the way are no longer given energy.’ … and that’s the thing we can make our live about, drama, about complication but to do so we have to give it focus, energy, and that is our choice. We can choose another way, one that is based on love, on tenderness, on understanding and that is what is presented by Universal Medicine and for me I say thank God for it’s utterly changed my life to one that is now about living in a way that is in connection with me, with others and is based on being the love I am rather than anything else.

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