The truth would never leave me alone

by Geraldine Burrell, Australia

When I heard Serge speak, his words touched my heart, they resonated a truth I had always known, but had long ago turned away from, choosing instead to indulge in my life being out of my control, so I didn’t have to take responsibility for any of my choices, or the impact my choices had on myself or others. I would just wait it out till someone invented a pill to make it all better for me.

The annoying thing was, no matter how hard I tried to leave the truth I knew within myself behind, it never left me alone, it was always there whispering to me…

When I was 15 years old suffering from chronic headaches and cutting myself for relief, it was the voice from my heart saying “this isn’t you” or when I was 18 on acid and lying in a hallway “this isn’t you” or when I was 21 and drunk “this isn’t you” or when I was 23 screaming in a rage smashing a glass against the wall “this isn’t you” or when I was 26 stoned just to make it through the day and not have to feel “this isn’t you” … and so on (and on and on).

I’m 37 years old, the more I let myself be and live the truth I have always known, the more I confirm “this is me” and I am The One – just like everyOne else.

Thank you Serge, thank you Universal Medicine, thank you esoteric students, you inspire, you challenge, you rock!

104 thoughts on “The truth would never leave me alone

  1. Oh, I love that – ‘This isn’t you’ – it is truth whispering you, you two are separate; ‘This is me’ – you have become the truth, you are one.

  2. From my own experience I felt the truth from Serge’s words which in turn made me change many of the choices I had previously made in my life, and I now enjoy my life far more.

  3. A starker contrast is hardly imaginable; the before and after of being reacquainted with the truth that had never left you.

  4. We all experience the tensions of life. Not everybody though can relate the tensions of life is related to the fact that life is not it. And not everybody is reminded that what you become in life to cope with the tensions of a life that you know is not it, that it is not you. Obviously all of this helps to feel the truth Serge presents. Yet, none of this is necessary to feel it anyway because of all us has the same capacity to surrender to truth when it is spoken to us.

  5. “This isn’t you”. This message comes in clearly, we actually know who we are and the power we hold. I am super grateful for these three words as they constantly support me to adjust many aspects of my life. Every adjustment, acknowledgement and acceptance takes me to greater understanding and awareness.

  6. Yes Geraldine, I too have waited for someone to come along and save me, to bring me the magic pill. As hard as it is to get real and know that no-one is coming to save me, the most empowering part is that I now realise I am the one who has to step up to the plate and actively make choices to support myself. I may take that as being alone, but actually, it is not dumping on everyone else to solve my problems but bringing myself to the table and then working with the support of others to heal my past choices and momentums.

  7. When we are not responsible for our choices and the ripple effect of how they affect both our own and others’ lives we will forever be distracted and lost in that irresponsibility and not wake up to the fact that on every level life is all about responsibility.

  8. For me few people could deny there always being something there when things are going really bad or when there is turmoil in your life. I remember it seemed whenever there was a moment that a key decision or choice was to be made I would look elsewhere and ask what to do. Whether that was to God or to the thin air in front of me I always knew I was able to communicate beyond merely talking physically to another person. I didn’t know who it was to or what the answer would look like but the communication out continued. It wasn’t until Universal Medicine that this communication that was always there made sense and it was a way we naturally communicate, through feeling. We have an ability to sense (feel) things well before we say they happen and while we may not have the whole thing there are most definitely parts we are aware of. In my case it is great to bring clearer something that was already there but just not understood.

  9. Serge Benhayon supports us in who we truly are and to let go of all that we are not – and this is the most successful and beneficial way of life I know. There is nothing out there, that I have come across to this day, that can match The Way of The Livingness in its power, glory and integrity.

  10. What you have shared here Geraldine is a testament of how our Soul never leaves us, is always guiding us to know and live the truth of who we are, it is only our choice that we walk away from the divine guidance we all are born with. And it is empowering to know that in every moment the choice is ours to make.

  11. Your blog really resonates with me too, because Serge Benhayon has only presented what he knows to be true, yet it is delivered leaving us a choice to discern for ourselves, and truth is always truth.

  12. Such a powerful and direct testament to the support that Serge Benhayon and all that Universal Medicine gives.

  13. It is so true and the title already says it all: the truth will not leave me alone. As we are originated from truth, we can not escape it ever, only deny or try and walk away from it.

  14. Even in our most challenging times truth is knocking on our door, in fact it can be in those most intense and stressful moments that we allow ourselves to surrender to the voice of God.

  15. God has given us the free will to try as much as we can and experiment what living untruthfully does to us. Yet, truth never leaves us alone because we belong to it. That is why when we are presented with it, we align immediately without hesitation and even without making a mind decision. When we align to it, our body surrenders. This is something that does not go unnoticed. This is the beginning of the end of life as we knew it.

  16. It is extraordinary how we can go through our lives almost in ignorance of the choices we have made to get there and the impact that they have had on us and those around us, but all the while knowing the life we are living isn’t true… until we are awakened to the power and responsibility we have to make choices with an awareness of the impact of each of them, on not only our lives but life as a whole.

  17. It is fascinating the games we play to keep ourselves away from knowing the truth of who we are. From my first meeting with Serge Benhayon all my ideals and beliefs were in the melting pot and I have been having fun, and sometimes confusion, in unraveling how I had been keeping myself protected against the truth that the love I had felt was missing was just waiting for me to listen to my inner-heart to reconnect to the true love that I naturally am.

  18. It’s true Geraldine the integrity of our innermost is always there whispering in the background prompting and supporting us when we lose ourselves.

  19. “..the more I let myself be and live the truth I have always known, the more I confirm “this is me” and I am The One – just like everyOne else.” So true. The more we let ourselves be The One the more we are able to feel the Absolute Equality of us all.

  20. The truth resides within the inner heart of everyone, gently calling us to come back home, once we start to take responsibility for our lives and stop the blame game, or what other games we play in avoidance, truth opens the door for us to live our lives in joy harmony from our innate divine love that is within.

  21. As I begin to take responsibility for myself and my life I no longer live as the victim I once was. It was always poor me and feeling sorry for myself and wanting others to feel sorry for me too! Taking responsibility is realising that I have a choice in everything I do and that it is never about blaming another or situation; that what is in front of me has been created through the momentum of every choice I have made up to that point. It really does make me pause to reflect on how every choice I make has an impact on myself, my surroundings and beyond in one way or another.

  22. Thank you Geraldine. Your sharing makes me realise that all the hurts we experience in life is because of us betraying ourselves. How powerful is it to walk our each step with ‘This is me’. I love it.

  23. Wow Geraldine, lovely to read what ‘is you’ and how you have always been supported to know it. I read FB posts, comments on social media or newspaper articles where people are completely condemning or riding off a person because they did this, that or the other, so quick to judge or criticise, yet if we only scratched the surface, actually wanted to know or connected with the other person we would find who they truly are.

  24. Wow Geraldine. More proof of how just because someone loses themselves it doesn’t mean they can find themselves again. We should never write anyone off, for their essence always remains, and just sometimes needs a little more support than others to shine through.

  25. When we look back on our lives and start to be honest and realise that our less loving behaviors aren’t actually us in essence, it allows us to start to see and understand what is actually loving.

  26. Yes… the truth we know can be buried, smothered but it is never annihilated for it is actually who we are. And hence the deep-seated pain from walking away from our truth because in essence what we are doing is walking away from ourselves.

  27. This is so true Geraldine, no matter how we try to ignore or hide away from the truth, it constantly niggles in the background. When we hear it, we know it, even though its sometimes not always comfortable to accept.

  28. Thank you Geraldine, I’m sure most people can relate to that “this is not me” feeling, I know I can recall times I really sold out on myself too maybe in different ways but it was there. Yes, how wonderful to be listening again to my own knowing of who I am, not standing for any non-sense of putting down who I am, for now I know, as you say I am ‘the one’ as we are all ‘the one’ as the sparks of God, like the stars fill our sky and unique tiny snowflakes make up the snow.

  29. How true Geraldine! The truth cannot leave us alone for it is who we are. When we try to leave it we create tension between who we are and who we are trying to be. When we choose to open to it, we see its reflection everywhere. Thank God that the truth will never leave us alone.

  30. I’ve read so many spiritual books and did so many things to get to the truth of all things but nothing FELT true. Then I heard an interview with Serge and I knew what I heard was true.

  31. I know that little inner voice always there telling me when I was living a lie and not being the real me, even though I tried very hard to bury it. Now I choose to listen and not try to override or disregard what I know is true. It’s a choice to either complicate life like being on an emotional roller-coaster of ups and downs, or choosing to listen to that loving voice and making the self-loving simple choices that truly have enriched my life, including being aware of being fully responsible for the way I choose to live.

  32. Geraldine this is a beautiful example of how our truth is always there, always known, and how it patiently awaits for us to re-embrace it no matter how long it may take for us to realise that the truth is within us.

  33. Geraldine has shared, from her lived experience, a beautiful example of the power, and the unimposing quality of truth. To me truth it is a very gentle supportive, patient presence, always available for me to connect to, and express from. When I stray, it hold me in love, waiting for me to choose to return to the love we all come from.

  34. Geraldine a great sharing ‘The annoying thing was, no matter how hard I tried to leave the truth I knew within myself behind, it never left me alone, it was always there whispering to me…’ I agree we always know the truth, we just try hard to block it out, until such time the truth shouts louder than everything else and we know that it is time to take responsibility, and listen to our truth.

  35. I think we can all relate to that inner voice that keeps drawing us back to the fact that all the things we have tried over the years haven’t worked because they are all basically centred on us avoiding acknowledging that we aren’t all our problems/faults/dramas etc. The missing ingredient is self love and when we hear Serge Benhayon present this with truth and clarity, it resonates deep inside. For me, like many others, this has been a major turning point in my life and I am deeply grateful that our paths crossed.

    1. Absolutely Helen, self-love is definitely the key turning point in my life, not that false self-less-ness and self-loathing that I absorbed from religion that was designed to hide my light and my worth from myself and from the world. Still a work in progress but my self-love has been directly proportionate to my recovery to being truly me again.

  36. Until I met Serge Benhayon I was really into the blame game it was every bodies fault but mine I was the victim of life … poor me!
    Serge Benhayon and the practitioners of Universal Medicine, have lovingly supported me to see that giving my power away to others is not helping me or them. I have regained my self esteem and confidence and love life. There’s so much more to go and the journey is so much fun. There I have said it, it’s actually fun to sort my personal mess out and start to take responsibility again.

    1. Mary I agree, sorting ourselves out and reconnecting to the love that we are can be fun, when we remain lighthearted and don’t take ourselves too seriously or beat ourselves up for our past unloving choices.

  37. This encapsulates the power of truth so beautifully for it unimposingly and lovingly lets you resist and indulge if you choose to… but it never leaves you no matter how far you roam… it is always there as an inner knowing or gentle voice reminding you where the next step is should you ever want to return.

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