Purpose in my daily living

by Ben Pash, Australia

I am a 38 year old man who has known Serge Benhayon and his family for about 6 or 7 years now. Up until that point I had my share of problems: in relationships, family issues, with work and with myself. As much as I would have liked to rectify myself I lacked the tools to do so. I tried many things from: yoga, chi-gung, Buddhism, to growing my hair long, not wearing deodorant and going to peace marches! I tried working really hard and at the other extreme being a surf bum on the dole.

You could say I was a bit lost in the world and searching for some identity.

When I met Serge for a healing session at his clinic it was a wonderful experience. He never judged me for all the things I have done but just met me for who I was and allowed me to feel, through some simple hands on healing techniques, that I was actually a very wonderful, gentle and loving man. This is who I am.

I had a terrible relationship with my mother but now we catch up and it’s quite lovely to spend time with her. I was very much into substance abuse and now don’t smoke or drink at all, and I can feel a sense of purpose in my daily living to be much more gentle and loving with myself. It’s not that he ever told me to do this or that, just that he shows a way of living so that you can actually be caring and loving towards yourself.

Being more loving towards one-self and then naturally towards others – on what basis can you slander that?

Thanks Serge for the simple and practical wisdom that you have taken the time to share with us and can’t wait to see you again soon.

P.S. He is also a really good surfer and a snappy dresser – totally cool and loving!

134 thoughts on “Purpose in my daily living

  1. Serge Benhayon offers the absolute most amazing livingness: that everything has a true purpose. So if there is any struggle or uncertainty in what to choose, by asking ‘what is the true purpose’ will support awareness of what is next.

  2. A beautiful example of how true inspiration is found wherever there is a truth that is lived. For it is this truth that is universal and speaks volumes without words, igniting the knowing of same equal truth that resides within each and every one of us. Knowing that this way of living is one that feels true is the inspiration that allows this truth to then be naturally lived.

  3. Reading how we didn’t have the tools before Serge Benhayon appeared in our lives was so true and reflecting on the list of things you tried, all those tools would simply have made our situation worse.

  4. That is the wonderful thing about Serge Benhayon, he does not criticise or judge anyone but sees this amazing grand being in every person and the enormous potential we hold through that. This is tremendously empowering and self-assuring.

  5. This is what it is all about for me, “Being more loving towards one-self and then naturally towards others ” How ever you are with yourself flows out into everything you do and everything you touch. So if there is a difference to be made in this world it could be the consistent grounding of this, take a true deep care of yourself ongoing and this is what the world will see ongoing. It may take some time to trust but the more you choose the care the more it will be on offer to others, it works no other way. We can save, protest, rally, shout and scream all we want but unless we pick it up and truly do it ourselves then everything we do adds to the same mess and doesn’t bring anything back. This truly has nothing to do with anyone in particular but more the fact that we see what is going on and haven’t taken steps to pull things back into line.

  6. Without a sense of purpose to base our living ways and days upon we are vulnerable to distractions that only serve to drag us even further away from that purpose.

  7. I have also been inspired to be more gentle and caring and to develop a deeper connection and relationship with myself becoming far more aware of my body and what it is communicating. This has enabled me to build a steadiness in my daily living and to open up to people so that my relationships with others are far more real.

  8. “Being more loving towards one-self and then naturally towards others – on what basis can you slander that?” – exactly! Well said, Ben. So exposing how some might find lovelessness more acceptable.

  9. The knock on affect of the love Serge Benhayon lives with is extraordinary. Yet it should not be, because the quality in which he lives is our natural way. Getting our heads to understand what our body knows is the process to living who we naturally are.

  10. Thanks for this simple sharing Ben. Thanks to Serge Benhayon I know what my true purpose in life is: to live the true man I am, the full of me, not holding back and by my way of living giving back to the world all the teachings Serge has presented to me. And yes I started feeling what really makes my blood boil in this world, and I will address that, but the loving relationship with myself comes first.

  11. The title of your blog Ben sums up what I have connected to too – more purpose in my daily life, simply by coming to an appreciation and deeper understanding of who I am and what I, and we all, bring to the world in our unique ways. My life is fuller, steadier and more fun as a result as the changes I’ve made to how I live.

  12. This blog points to something really interesting, it is not that easy to find a true way to move on from the ugliness and constraints of life. For that reason, people buy into images. “yoga, chi-gung, Buddhism, to growing my hair long, not wearing deodorant and going to peace marches” are great examples of this.

  13. Love the simplicity in what you are sharing Ben. If we discover who we really are, it is very much worthwhile living that in full and deepening that, and sharing that with humanity. A life worth living.

  14. Most of humanity is lost somehow, and everyone is seeking answers to what makes really sense in this life. So did I. After pursuing many illusions, I discovered that The Way of Livingness has these answers, and now I do have a sense, just like you Ben, of what my purpose in life is. That is really fulfilling and feels like just a start.

  15. Serge Benhayon has also shown me a way that feels as the way to move forward. At last. And it goes deeper and deeper, and in the end you realize that is this way is not only to create a better way for yourself, but that you have to bring this way to other people, to the world as well. To beautiful to keep for yourself.

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