‘Love’ can make for a good story

by Sarah Davis, BBSc (Hons), Goonellabah Australia

Serge indicated in a recent email to students that “we need more love in our lives … we need to be more self-loving … we need to care deeply and that society is lacking of nurturing”.  Myself and thousands of individuals worldwide have felt these needs to be true of humanity as a whole and found them to be addressed by the ‘core purpose’ of the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom as presented through the college of Universal Medicine. That ‘core purpose’ being to support people to build love in their lives and to LIVE this love on a daily basis through simple and consistent choices – Yes this LIVINGNESS is possible!

Recent media activity clearly indicates that journalists and critics did not seek and failed to understand this ‘core purpose’, conveniently misinterpreting and deliberately mis-representing Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

When a particular end result is sought (in this case to engage in a smear campaign against Serge Benhayon), observation tends to be poor, things are missed and incorrect conclusions are drawn. I found the articles recently written about Universal Medicine to be sensationalized, ill-informed and biased. Good research, reporting and science is based on observation and a sincere intention to understand what one is researching, not to speculate. It seems that the intended outcome of the journalists and small group of critics was to condemn and exploit Universal Medicine rather than seek to truly explore and observe the associated practice and teachings.

Perhaps true attempts to raise our levels of health and well-being as individuals, society and the planet as a whole no longer makes the papers. Focusing on Serge’s comments on reincarnation were isolated for dramatic effect – with no effort to explore in what context they were presented in. Good journalism always seeks to understand the whole, whereas cheap journalism is opportunistic and deliberately misleads by using information out of context for ‘dramatic effect’.  From the ‘far out’ (universal laws) to the very specific (emotional causes of illnesses), everything that is offered in healing courses, presentations and session is in the context of serving and supporting humanity to be honest about the way we are living and to bring more love into our lives – from a spherical understanding. So it has always been about feeling the whole lot and discerning from that. Like Serge said in one article, “What I present is part of a whole and if you take one piece outside the whole it sounds absurd. I agree, it sounds ludicrous.”

In a mature society of course we expect professional practice, integrity and responsibility from others/organisations in positions of care. I have not come across another organisation/group/movement/religion that comes close to the professionalism, integrity, respect, care and love that I have experienced in attending the healing sessions and presentations delivered by Serge and practitioners represented by Universal Medicine.

Personally, in my experience with Universal Medicine as a student of 3 years, I have come to know in-truth that we are love, we are from love and here to be love – and everyone has the free will to choose to live from love, or not. Such is our gift from God.

Surely this makes for a good story or at least a true attempt at one?

81 thoughts on “‘Love’ can make for a good story

  1. Most of us love to read a good love story, or watch a romantic movie. We all crave love, we all miss true love in our lives. And once we stop looking outside of ourselves, it’s automatic that we look within and find love was there all along, we just didn’t know how to access it. The first key for myself was through self-care.

  2. We need to be more self loving, full stop. Self love is our ticket to freedom, as the more we adore and love ourselves, the more love we have to share with everyone. Love brings understanding, truth, integrity, harmony with always a view on the bigger picture and why we are here – we are here to embrace love.

  3. Absolutely ‘Love’ can make for a good story, the problem seems society has settled for a far lesser version of love, and therefore doesn’t truly recognise or want to take responsibility for what true love is.

  4. A gorgeous reminder of that what it is that we seek in our life is either a truth or a lie. And that we are not willing to let go or go somewhere new, we can resist and pull back and even if needed pull the tiger out.. And so all the loveless action that has taken on Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon and the whole student body has simply been about a few people resisting their light to go up higher.

  5. When fuelled by detractor energy and the chase for accolades and fame (or should that be notoriety?), discernment comes last and truth goes out the window.

  6. When reading the Media reports on Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I can see immediately that the media have had a preconceived idea of the way they see Serge, and how they wish to sensationalise what they see and close their eyes to the truth.

  7. It saddens me to think that anyone who dares put their head above the water to share the truth immediately gets it pushed under again! Surely we do need to hear the whole story first and then decide if we want to hear more. If we are not ready to hear the truth then allow others to decide for themselves, not ridicule the one who is lovingly sharing what they see humanity needs to hear and is calling out for.

  8. “That ‘core purpose’ being to support people to build love in their lives and to LIVE this love on a daily basis” – I am hearing this loud and clear, even more so this morning. Making life truly about love, is about resurrecting who we truly are in every corner of our life in details. Bringing self-loving choices into how we are with ourselves and each other is not about constructing a new routine or habit, but it is about deepening a quality that we reconnect with inside ourselves. And this love, we all have that, even though our behaviour might betray that.

  9. How often do we pick up one part of a story in run with it in life? This is to no way take away from what is being said in this article about the media as I totally agree. I just see how we as people take on the headlines. It would seem the media have no place to go if we collectively said no to how they are and yet here we have the fact that papers are still getting sold. Most people will talk about the mis trust they have for mainstream media and yet few of us are truly stepping to the plate to say no and call them back. I see this can start the next time you here a story about someone or something, the next time someone tells you about their relationship with someone, did or do we jump to a conclusion about the person or situation then and there. Or do we stay open, hearing the person out but also allowing ourselves to see the whole thing and not just a one sided view. I see many times in my life we have been taken by a story and repeated it like we saw it ourselves only to realise at some point down the track we didn’t have the full story. Anything you are asking of the world or people is best brought to them on the back of you living it, that way you go from telling to leading the way by how you are.

  10. In all that we do there is always a reflection for us to learn from – and indeed if we feel we are lacking love and support in our lives we have to look at ourselves and ponder on just how loving and supportive we ourselves are being to both ourselves and others.

  11. I agree Sarah, love is the best story there is, but we have lost our way so much so that we are mistaking emotional drama for love and don’t even remember the warmth and feeling of true love in our bodies. So when someone comes along and offers us love in truth we ignore, dismiss and ridicule him.

  12. Journalists have a responsibility to present a balanced view, in order that the reader can discern for themselves what the truth is, when you get a slanted biased view there has to be another agenda at stake, which only dilutes journalism as a whole. The lack of responsibility to research and printing the truth is a reflection of how the press has lost the integrity it once held so highly, now it’s all about selling newspapers and nothing about the actual news.

  13. The fact is the world is in dire need for more love, one honest look around will tell anyone that. And in my experience I have never seen anyone suffer from having too much love in their lives, or living in a way that is too loving. Yet suffering, abuse and wars amongst us are all continuing to escalate today due to the lack of love through how we are choosing to live. Sarah you have summed up beautifully the true purpose of Universal Medicine and the presentations and living way of Serge Benhayon – ‘…serving and supporting humanity to be honest about the way we are living and to bring more love into our lives.’ And the key word is ‘honesty’, as it is the acceptance of this responsibility that can make us squirm as such it is very convenient to reject through insult that which call us to address our responsibility to live love.

  14. ‘Good journalism always seeks to understand the whole, whereas cheap journalism is opportunistic and deliberately misleads by using information out of context for ‘dramatic effect’.’ Sara this is so true, once journalists would work really hard to get to the truth, now they just fill the pages up with stories they think people will read.

  15. Agree Sarah. There is so much to write about. Journalism could do with a few truth seekers and put their need to fit in and need for recognition of a ‘shocking expose’ to the side and actually participate in the coming together of humanity rather than creating further separation.

  16. Inspiring blog. What is missing from society, and journalism, is integrity in products and services. This cannot be without, as Sarah is suggesting, a commitment to loving yourself. Universal Medicine teaches this and it is its foundational principle.

  17. It is through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I am learning what true love really means and how I can apply that in my life. When once I thought that sitting in front of the tv in the evening before bed eating chocolate was good for me I have found that it couldn’t be further from the truth. True love begins with self-love, living in a rhythm that supports me every day. It is this rhythm that prepares me for the coming day and the following days, supports my well-being and how I feel about myself. Without self-love I feel empty, lack presence and run on autopilot with little consideration for myself. How can I truly love another when I choose to live in this way?

  18. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is clearly missing from the sensation seeking storytellers. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present and reflect a true way of living and when you choose to give it a go it feels amazing. But it is always a choice.

  19. Thanks to the media, we can get an enormous amount of stories about life from all over the world. Yet, how many are about healing? Healing is a difficult topic since many people would argue that this or that modality helped them to heal and this may not be true at every level. Yet, it is up to everyone to feel into what does really help at all levels and what does not.

  20. If ‘good journalism seeks to understand the whole’ then we are sorely lacking in this should the articles about Serge and Universal Medicine be used as a clear marker of the media industry. We deserve more than the assumptions or bastardisations we are being offered void of true understanding… yet there is sadly an apathy for demanding more and as such we can in comfort and ignorance fall for the stories told believing them to be of truth and thus suffer from not knowing the full picture and what it can offer us.

  21. I agree that a story about love, self care, and honor of ones body is a story that needs to be written over and over again in many different ways in every language in our world. Because in every corner of society this information is not only needed, but will one day prove to be the missing piece in health, wellbeing and human relationships.

  22. When anything is misrepresented its fundamental truth can be distorted and left open to reinterpretation and bias.

  23. We do as a society expect professional integrity and responsibility in all areas of work. What we haven’t yet acknowledged is that to have a high level of integrity in our work roles it really needs to come from how we live our whole life, everything. If we lived our whole lives with integrity and in full acceptance of the responsibility of living life, how we are in everything, not just work would shift completely and we would then understand the purpose that we all bring to life. That would very much make for brilliant media.

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