It’s a work in progress and what a beautiful work it is

by Elaine Butler

I have known Serge Benhayon, the Benhayon family and the Universal Medicine team for four years and a more loving, dedicated group of people you could not find. When I first met Serge I had a benign tumour which I had been recommended to have removed with surgery but had refused as I didn’t have much confidence in conventional medicine. I felt I could deal with it through alternative healing modalities or spiritual healing and so for some years I tried out various things and despite the claims that were made the tumour was still there. I was reluctantly starting to feel that maybe a conventional surgery was the way I had to go when I met Serge. Serge is very pro-medicine and it was hearing him talk in favour of conventional medicine and the discussion we had about having surgery that gave me confidence in the medical system, and led me to decide to have the operation. It is a complete nonsense for anyone to say that Serge is anti-medicine for the truth is that Serge always encourages people to get medical help when needed.

The last four years of experiencing presentations and courses, and having treatments with Universal Medicine practitioners have brought me an awareness of a much deeper level of responsibility than I was prepared to embrace before. The awareness that I am responsible for every choice I make and that ultimately how I am today is the sum total of all my choices – there is no blame.
 I am deepening my connection and relationship with myself and learning to trust my own feelings and discern for myself rather than looking outside myself for the answers.

Much is new to me … listening to my body, even feeling what is going on in my body is pretty new. I was so numb from all the alcohol and drugs – and I’m now learning to love and nurture myself in a different way, to not push myself beyond what my body really feels to do. I no longer need to survive on coffee and sugar, no longer abuse myself with substances, with emotionally abusive relationships or any other way.  I am learning to deal with my issues and am more honest when I’m being reactive.  I learn to accept and love myself how I truly am, don’t beat myself up continually for my shortfalls, but actually feel the beautiful tender woman I am.

Yes much is new, it’s all very simple, yet I am continually learning about myself and life, and with increased commitment and love for myself I am able to commit more deeply to life and love, and accept others more unconditionally … it’s a work in progress and what a beautiful work it is!!

Serge Benhayon is an inspiration for these changes. He presents what he lives and the consistency of his love and integrity is second to none. He is dedicated to helping humanity and it is truly a blessing to know him, his family and all at Universal Medicine.


141 thoughts on “It’s a work in progress and what a beautiful work it is

  1. When we use alcohol and drugs to numb ourselves we are numbing ourselves of self responsibility too, and it is when we take back true responsibility we realise that there is a cause and effect on all our choices, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine support us to reconnect to our essence and take responsibility for our choices.

  2. Serge Benhayon and his entire family are an inspiration and a blessing for the changes thousands of people across the globe have made, that they now have better health, more purpose and focus, committed to work, family and relationships. Essentially making life about putting people first, and bringing more love. And I am one of them!

  3. Thank you Elaine, I enjoyed reading about your developing self love and the way you are now embracing and honouring yourself, including accepting your shortfalls. When I came to Universal Medicine I had a distrust of western medicine and I did not allow thorough medical care for myself. I found what Serge presented on western medicine and self care very common sense, and since then I have made changes to allow myself the support of various doctors and medical specialists and now feel immense appreciation for conventional medicine – a huge turnaround.

  4. Learning to initially open up my awareness and listen to what my body was communicating brought the realisation of how sensitive our body actually is, and the true impact every choice we make has on us and on others, highlighting the responsibility we all have to make true and loving choices in consideration of all.

  5. To present something that offers totally new horizons on a matter (e.g., that there is a universal form of medicine) is not an easy task to do in a world where you have systems that adjudicate the monopoly of the truth and hold the last word in regard to any matter and where systems fight back through direct and indirect resources against those that offer the future now.

  6. I too began learning to trust my own feelings and to discern for myself the answers to situations around me from being inspired to connect and be present with my body and to deepen my relationship with myself. Being encouraged to take responsibility and to bring a quality and care to my way of living has been empowering and embracing conventional medicine alongside esoteric medicine is an important part of taking care of my health and well-being as a whole.

  7. Serge has been an incredible inspiration for me and in attending his courses about 7 years ago now I felt this renewed hope that there was a way to live in this world just being yourself. Because we live in a world that does not ask you to be your glorious, divine, powerful self.

  8. I agree Elaine, it is beautiful to get to know oneself more and more and learn how to take deep and loving care of oneself and in that everybody else.

  9. Encountering Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon has exposed the hypocrisy I had been accepting all along when it came to healing. I would be saying that I was looking for true healing and Universal Medicine presents it is not just about removing symptoms – which I had known to be true and agreed completely, but I had to face with the fact that I was not very willing to allow more to be revealed and keep expanding – which is the true nature of what is. I wanted there to be an end point, I wanted ‘everything’ to mean there is nothing left. So, continuous unfolding really challenges the basis of how I have been limiting my awareness and living as my reality, but the more I allow, the more I wonder what that resistance was all about. It pulls out and gets united with the deepest joy within.

  10. Reaction exposes our hurts and when we choose to learn from it and what it offers we make way to healing what causes the reactions in the first place. The cycle of reaction to our hurts keep on repeating until we make a choice to clear them.

  11. About 7 years ago I also had to have medical treatment, but refused for 6 weeks out of fear and the changes to my body. If it wasn’t for Serge, who is very pro-medicine, I might not have finally decided to have the medical treatment that actually I needed very much.

  12. People taking a deeper and deeper care of themselves, I don’t see the problem. That is unless you aren’t doing the same thing and then you would need to criticise or make out in your mind it’s not true all to not see the responsibility we all have. This isn’t something new nor is it a stretch for us, the world is crying out for more and more of true care and here we have people living exactly that to the best they can, why not support it?

  13. When we numb ourselves with alcohol and drugs we simultaneously numb ourselves to our innate sensitivities, wisdom and potential.

  14. Universal Medicine offers the key to unlock old patterns and beliefs that keep us in a continual cycle that may not be based on truth or love. A deeper level of care and understanding about ourselves and the way in which we live and make choices is shown, from there we begin to understand that our every move and choice is our very own responsibility.

  15. Serge Benhayon is very pro medicine, he has supported me and my sister through procedures and it was such a different experience. I never thought that a medical procedure could actually be so loving and supportive for my body.

  16. I too have come to fully embrace conventional medicine through hearing presentations from Serge Benhayon to be able to now make informed choices and to take responsibility for my health and well-being.

  17. Listening to our bodies sounds very simple, and is, as we naturally do this every day through sensing the cold or the heat for example, or that we are thirsty. But why do we stop at that and why do we not honor our bodies to the degree that it communicates with us? Understanding why we are making choices that lead us away from living harmoniously and in tune with our bodies, has brought immense and great healing of chronic symptoms with lasting changes to my life, health, well-being and vitality, with thanks to the presentations of Universal Medicine and the support through the esoteric healing modalities. And part of my self-honouring routine now includes regular check-ups with my local GP, which before Universal Medicine was something I rarely would consider.

  18. When we make a commitment to ourselves, to listen to our body and how it feels, we begin to make more loving choices that support it, and at the same time we are able to accept the choices of other people simply by allowing them space and observing where they are at.

  19. You story Elaine is not blockbuster material – Hollywood style, but it is certainly blockbuster material – Life Style! To read about the changes you made in your life and your ongoing commitment to yourself is pretty outstanding. It’s actually huge what you’ve been choosing for yourself. I wish there were more real life stories of true change like this out there in the world as opposed to makeover and weight loss stories.

  20. Being a student of Universal Medicine is also called ‘doing the work’. This can have many meanings. It is a joyful experience to be responsible. There are many times you squirm, are exposed, feel awkward, it’s confronting, feel a non-stop tension and so on however, the love you feel and joy in your body when you allow the expression of love to come through you, is the ultimate reward.

  21. Prior to meeting Serge Benhayon I was a complimentary health practitioner and would only go the doctors as a very last resort. However, now, after listening to presentations by Serge Benhayon I now see the medical profession not just a place of resort and in times of emergencies but a resource of great support. Serge’s unwavering support for orthodox medicine has certainly made me re-think my previous attitude.

  22. “The awareness that I am responsible for every choice I make and that ultimately how I am today is the sum total of all my choices – there is no blame.” Serge Benhayon presents that taking responsibility and energetic responsibility for all our choices opens up an awareness of the purpose of life on Earth.

  23. Imagine rejecting a whole service that is in our lives as a support? It is illogical to do this yet somehow, over many years, trust has been eroded. The fact you opened back up to medicine is a life gift but the fact you also opened up to you and who you are is in equal measure a life gift “I learn to accept and love myself how I truly am, don’t beat myself up continually for my shortfalls, but actually feel the beautiful tender woman I am.” Simple and inspiring.

  24. It is because of Serge Benhayon I now embrace conventional medicine. It has been such a turn around but I would not hesitate now to seek medical advice if the case ever arose; in fact I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday.

    1. That is so true Eduardo, the main beliefs I took on against conventional medicine came from a new age/ spiritual newspaper I picked up talking about the corruption of pharmaceutical companies, and also promoting ideals of natural medicine is best (ie herbs etc). There are attitudes out there that pretty much demonise conventional medicine, however after I dropped the beliefs I took on I have only found people who genuinely care about others in the medical system and have enjoyed their expertise and support with great benefit to my health and wellbeing. I’m so pleased I got to examine this more closely after listening to Serge because I could be in quite an unhealthy place now without accepting medical care.

  25. It is deeply empowering to be brought to a place where you can see and then choose to live the responsibility you were not previously prepared to choose. So many live their life blaming others for things due to not being prepared to see the part they played in them… and as a result retard their own evolution by being blinded to the lessons within. How gorgeous that Universal Medicine has supported you to have the awareness to see things as they are.

  26. I have come back to this blog, so clearly there is more to appreciate here! Perhaps it is the comment made by Suse, that our imperfections are not something bad but a guiding light that support our growth. They support the honesty that is needed to bring about true, consistent change.

  27. The more we learn to accept ourselves the more we can begin to actually observe and appreciate our imperfections as our guiding light that supports our growth.

  28. That continual learning is something that I had to get used to. I was used to believing that once I learnt something I graduated beyond it, yet in fact as I learn about myself, what I do, why I behave, eat, say, think the things I do is a result of a choice I have made, I go deeper rather than take some lineal line. It is through the workshops, the talks and listening to the lectures online that I have been able to develop this as a way of living for myself to forever evolve at my own pace. Deepening with no end in sight – what an adventure!

    1. I felt the same Lucy. We are generally so conditioned to believe that there is an end-point for everything we set out to do – even life, that when the understanding comes in that there is no end – ever, it can be hard to accept. But ultimately it is absolutely liberating to live life knowing every moment offers us an opportunity to evolve and committing to surrendering to this. The magnificence of our truth is beyond anything we can even begin to imagine at the moment, and it will continue to expand always.

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