I Tried to Make him a Guru

by Judith Andras, Germany

I became aware that there is some talk about Universal Medicine being a cult and Serge Benhayon being a guru. I had been in a cult for many years before I met Serge Benhayon and that cult was based on a guru – disciple relationship. And I can say that when I first met Serge Benhayon I tried to make him into a guru, just out of habit and emptiness, it was the way I had learned to treat people that presented great wisdom and knowledge.

But truly there was not one single meeting that I had with Serge where he did not treat me as his equal, no matter how devote or “wanting to give my power away to him” I presented myself.
The truth is, I have never in my life been treated with so much love, respect and equality as Serge has treated me and this had an amazing effect on me. It has built my confidence, my self-respect and my self-love deeply.

In retrospect:
Ten years previous in a cult and in devotion to a guru had left me in utter emptiness, desperate for love and totally in disregard of my body. Not being able to have any loving relationship, not with a man nor with my family. Trying to find some kind of sense in life through drugs, promiscuity and escaping reality with spiritual practices.

Whereas the last 10 years, following the presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, have brought me to a place today joyfully married to a very loving husband, holding a responsible position in my job as a store manager and practitioner, being part of life and its reality and the relationship with my family is simply amazing.

146 thoughts on “I Tried to Make him a Guru

  1. What is so magnificent about Serge is that he encourages us all to know we are equally as amazing and divine. Who needs a guru when you know you are already everything.

  2. Serge Benhayon inspires many to take responsibility for how they live and their relationship with themselves and everyone they meet. It is always a choice.

  3. Universal Medicine is so far from being a cult that it would actually be quite funny to consider this and how they are set up as a business (as it is the complete opposite of a cult). But people will believe what they want to believe, and this is not necessarily the truth of what is being presented. Which shows people do not take things to face value, and they will make decisions based upon a different perspective which perhaps is not even one that is naturally ‘theirs’…

  4. Judith I love what you have shared here and I cannot help but smile when I read that you ‘tried’ to make Serge Benhayon your guru – there is not an ounce of him that would allow that as he is aware of the power play that happens in such situations and he is all about equality. Thankfully we do have such a clear and truthful role model to learn from so that we too can live the same and be the role models of these same qualities too.

  5. We are so conditioned to be an individual, and being better, lesser, superior, inferior etc. seems to be a measurement we unconsciously apply to our positioning in any relationship dynamics, and when we meet someone who actually treats us as their absolute equal, we realise that we have nowhere to hide, that acting grander or lesser or anything other than who we are won’t work, and we often feel like we don’t know what to do.

  6. I have known Serge Benhayon for some years now and I agree with you Judith when you say
    “The truth is, I have never in my life been treated with so much love, respect and equality as Serge has treated me and this had an amazing effect on me. It has built my confidence, my self-respect and my self-love deeply.”
    I have reestablished my self-respect and from that my standards of what I will and will not accept has grown and I will not drop from them. This is something I have noticed as a society we are lowering every day to our detriment.

  7. Serge Benhayon treats everyone as equal to him and that is how his whole family operates. When I first met Serge Benhayon and his family I was used to giving my power away but with this family it was impossible. They actually supported me to take my power back by taking control of my own life. This support has been so constant that I am fully in charge of life again and enjoy every moment of it.

  8. Such a great clear no nonsense demonstration of how clearly you know Universal Medicine to be anything but a cult, in fact the antithesis of that. I completely agree.

  9. Thank you for sharing this very clear experience that knows the difference – you simply can’t give your power away to this man as he doesn’t take it. Any issues with that (and I have had my share) have all been my own challenges when being exposed to my own relationship issues with myself.

  10. Yes I agree Serge Benhayon, like the rest of the Benhayon family, doesn’t let you give your power away to him. No one can be a true role model if he or she does this.

  11. The way you describe being in a ‘cult’ Judith doesn’t match up with my experience of knowing Serge for 11 years. I do not feel empty, quite the opposite, I am not in so much disregard as I was, I do not do drugs and do not lead a promiscuous life and I do not practice any kind of spiritual ideology. I lead a normal life by that I work hard, I am very much part of my local community; I now have a loving relationship with most of my family and this improves every time time I meet them. The support that Serge Benhayon and his family have given me and thousands like me has been instrumental in the positive changes I have made to my life.

  12. I have only experienced being in a room once where the room was dedicated to there Guru and I could see it so clearly the absolute giving your power away and knew that wasn’t for me. I walked out not long after being there and never to return. When I experienced my first workshop with Serge Benhayon not an ounce of me felt that there was any “Guru’ vibe going on and to this day I have never felt it. As much as people had potentially tried to, there is no way it is possible as Serge treats absolutely everyone as equals.

  13. ‘…there was not one single meeting that I had with Serge where he did not treat me as his equal’. No matter how up or down we could put ourselves regarding to Serge. He would never respond to any expectation or projection we could put on him, but to the love we all already are and in there, there can’t be but equalness.

  14. Someone needs to research the commitment to life of students of Universal Medicine. They will certainly have their socks blown off. Not to mention the students that are over 65 years. No one searching, yearning or longing for retirement. This says a great deal.

    1. Yes Jennifer, totally agree and feel to share this website: https://www.joyofageing.com
      Not only do these elderlies live a joyful life, they actually went out of their way to learn internet skills to put up this website and share it with everyone. That is unusual! I see a lot of elderlies and so many just spend their days at home in front of the television, which is a shame as there is so much they could be sharing about their lives experience.

      1. The older end of the student body blows me away constantly. They are a huge inspiration for the younger generations such as myself and a role model for their peers of how to age gracefully.

  15. Thank you Judith for sharing so honestly what have changed in your life since you have met Serge Benhayon. For me living what I have learned through Serge is what can change the world as so many people around me started already to asked me what have I done as I am healthier, joyfuller and stronger than ever before.

  16. The proof is in the pudding. After 15 years of attending Serge Benhayon courses the woman I am today is a long, long way from the woman I was before. I live a life knowing who I am, who could ask for more than that.

  17. The evidence for how something is is in the outcome. Your life with the guru worship did not result in a healthy, loving or well adjusted life, but your life with the support of Serge and Universal Medicine has led to many truly loving changes. These two different chapters in your life each held a seed, and each grew something. It’s obvious and amazing to see where love flourishes, and equally obvious where and why it does not.

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