I Tried to Make him a Guru

by Judith Andras, Germany

I became aware that there is some talk about Universal Medicine being a cult and Serge Benhayon being a guru. I had been in a cult for many years before I met Serge Benhayon and that cult was based on a guru – disciple relationship. And I can say that when I first met Serge Benhayon I tried to make him into a guru, just out of habit and emptiness, it was the way I had learned to treat people that presented great wisdom and knowledge.

But truly there was not one single meeting that I had with Serge where he did not treat me as his equal, no matter how devote or “wanting to give my power away to him” I presented myself.
The truth is, I have never in my life been treated with so much love, respect and equality as Serge has treated me and this had an amazing effect on me. It has built my confidence, my self-respect and my self-love deeply.

In retrospect:
Ten years previous in a cult and in devotion to a guru had left me in utter emptiness, desperate for love and totally in disregard of my body. Not being able to have any loving relationship, not with a man nor with my family. Trying to find some kind of sense in life through drugs, promiscuity and escaping reality with spiritual practices.

Whereas the last 10 years, following the presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, have brought me to a place today joyfully married to a very loving husband, holding a responsible position in my job as a store manager and practitioner, being part of life and its reality and the relationship with my family is simply amazing.

124 thoughts on “I Tried to Make him a Guru

  1. Serge Benhayon encourages us to be is ourselves, to reconnect to the essence that we are, and live from love, and Serge is a great inspiration because he lives a life that reflects the love he lives.

  2. I want to thank Serge Benhayon for everything he offers and reflects, and although a thanks is lovely to receive and appreciate, the point is, Serge Benhayon’s purpose is to support us all to arise equally, no one is more or less important, and so with that as I grow in my own authority and power in how I live and respond to life, I know that that in truth no gratitude is needed, he is consistent in being equal with everyone, there is nothing in him that wants anyone to be less than him, I am learning to walk tall through this gentle and dignified role model. No guru here…you will be disappointed if you want to follow, he inspires leaders….

  3. It is the relationship with your family part of this piece that really strikes a chord with me. How, it is possible to introduce factors in to our lives that cause feelings of separation and despair, whilst all the while seeking what can only be described as unconditional love. And so we meet Serge Benhayon, a simple man who gives his love freely because he knows of the love that he is and thus that we all are, showing that it takes only one person to stand in the truth of their love for this to be ignited in everyone equally. Such an inspiration, such a huge gift.

  4. I have pondered this, how many of us seek to follow, be lead and give our power away, so that we do not need to be responsible. This is the thing, Serge Benhayon has never tried to provoke this in anyone. We tend to look around and ask to be lead and guided by others, we do it with parents, teachers, bosses, religious leaders. Serge Benhayon has always been very clear that he shares what he lives and who ever listens can choose what they learn from it and live from it. There is no telling, but sharing and inspiration.

  5. I have never felt less than him, when I have meet Serge Benhayon, he wants no followers, he inspires others to walk beside him as his equals.

  6. If there is a man to learn from how to not give your power away it is Serge Benhayon, he always sees you as an equal and does not give answers to questions you have to feel and claim the answer of yourself. This does not mean he does not support if you have a problem but ultimately it is for ourselves to get ourselves out of the problem.

  7. Gurus abound. Followers too. What is interesting is the social silence that there exists around how harming it is to engage in that kind of relationship and how this affects our capacity to discriminate gurus from non gurus.. This silence helps to reproduce a state of affairs that does not help the many that are looking for something true and end up in the hands of something and or someone that only harms them even if they may not realize this.

    Although to some eyes, some people may look similar this may not be true at all. Serge Benhayon for instance, is not a spiritual leader, he does not have ‘followers’ and presents teachings that empower each of us to be able to feel into whether something is true or not based on our body and the quality of our presence.

  8. Judith you are living evidence that gurus don’t work, and your life now shows how the work presented by Serge Benhayon can bring about an amazing outcome in all parts of life – relationships, physical health, general wellbeing, and work, etc. The proof is really in the end result.

  9. Brilliant and honest sharing. Bringing us right back to the truth and showing us that the truth can not be changed, as it is so strong that any “trying” or “lie” falls apart and does not work.

  10. Judith awesome to hear your experience, Serge Benhayon asks us to be all of us and in that he is saying we are equally as great and awesome – which is pretty damn awesome.

  11. I personally have never had the urge to have a guru in my life, I have seen how this can work from friends and colleagues and the dis-empowerment that goes with it. So when I first attended a workshop with Serge Benhayon and see what it is that he offered it became very clear that this is not what he does. The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon have only every confirmed who we are on the inside, our innate being and supports you to connect to this.

  12. When everyone seems to be going after recognition, and being successful is deemed synonymous with being better/more than the rest, it is very refreshing almost unbelievable to meet someone who actually lives and presents wisdom beyond this planet yet holds everyone their absolute equal. And it is actually rather challenging if we stop to think that this very wise person who obviously holds access to universal intelligence and the kind of relationships they have is very different to what I have says I am their equal, and they are not special, there must be something they are doing (or not doing) that I am not doing (or doing). Holding someone as ‘special’ or above me is an irresponsibility card.

  13. I too invested in the spiritual new age and attended so many courses looking for answers but none of them got you to focus on yourself, but just practice whatever it was they were teaching and commit to that, so of course they were void of my own love and presence and were only a kind of solution that wasn’t even really a solution, just a momentary distraction that eventually lost its interest. When I attended Serge’s first Retreat, that was it for me, I knew I was where I needed to be, back with myself, back with truth, back with love, and absolutely where I belonged.

  14. One of the big tricks of the new age, spirituality and gurus is that they can promise much but actually lead to checking out more from life. This was the case for me with using the empty promises of spirituality and the mystery of mysticism to pretty much chase an illusion – and get nowhere. While I was in spirituality I wasn’t really looking at the quality of my life, in fact I was isolating myself more and committing to life less and less. The answers I was seeking were not answers, just methods of relief to avoid what I needed to deal with in life. Working with Universal Medicine has been completely different, as I have the support to truly deal with my emotional issues, I’ve healed longstanding unsupportive patterns, and I’m more committed to myself, relationships, work and life. The truth of anything is in the outcome – my quality of life is better than it’s ever been due to Universal Medicine, but it went down due to spirituality, and so did my bank account.

    1. I agree Melinda, all I had invested into spirituality did not get me anywhere, it just offered another solution a bandaid, but underneath everything stayed the same. Whereas with Universal Medicine I started to invest into myself, into my body and well-being, which is worth every penny and every second, minute or life-time it takes.

    2. Spirituality seems to communicate that the answer is to escape or remove oneself from life, whether is is the dangling carrot of nirvana or enlightenment, retreating into hours of meditation, sitting with a guru, monastic life, or religious practises of celibacy, for example, there seems to be this idea that the answer, and God (love), is very removed from ordinary human life. The truth is love is very practical, and it’s very physical, it starts with deeply caring for your body and taking care of every part of life, and not in trying to exit away from the body or the demands of human life. And God, or love, is not weird, it’s not mysterious, selective or hard to connect to, it’s simply within and there to be lived and expressed. Thank you Judith, I have really enjoyed exploring this topic with you.

  15. We still can get tagged by a headline or a word. ‘Guru’ and ‘cult’ are two words that bring to me a certain view, well before I’ve even had a chance to read what things are about. The words themselves seem to carry a view, a belief which can make it difficult for people to read past. Getting to the article itself it was great to read, great to see what support, care and love has done for a person. From being a drain on society to being a leader of society, that is a life changing turn around and this is just one of many saying a similar thing. If you are able to untangle yourself from the deliberate sensationalised words you get to see and read the whole picture.

    1. “From being a drain on society to being a leader of society, that is a life changing turn around and this is just one of many saying a similar thing.”
      Very true Ray, and even one person turning their life around makes a huge difference in society – we cannot appreciate this enough!

  16. When we give our power away to a Guru we allow ourselves to be controlled and manipulated by a force that is outside ourselves so much so that we completely lose our sense of self in the process.

  17. The only time I have heard the word Guru was when I was young and I read that the ‘Beatles’ which at the time was an immensely famous pop group had gone to India and had discovered spirituality and had a guru, which I understood to mean a teacher. At the time everyone thought it was a great thing to have a teacher or advisor someone to go to that could offer impartial advice. I have noticed that over time like most words the meaning of a word gets changed and the true meaning gets obscured or tainted because we do not take enough care of what we are saying and we become lazy with words. And to me Guru is one of those words that the media especially has taken and uses to now sully someone’s name to make them out to be a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill.
    There is nothing false about Serge Benhayon he may well press your buttons because he speaks the truth but surely in a world that has seemingly lost it’s way and is in a mess that’s what is needed. Someone to stand up and tell the world what’s’ really going on, my concern is that no one is listening we are all seemingly too involved in our own little world to worry about the bigger picture.

    1. Great point Mary, guru is an Indian word and my feeling is also that it actually means something else than what we made of it in the West. As for Serge Benhayon, he is indeed a great teacher and very inspiring man, whatever term you want to use for that, and I agree with you that there is nothing false about him.

  18. Serge Benhayon teaches us that when we connect and live from our inner hearts we understand we are all sons of God with the ability to connect to the ancient wisdom that lives equally within us all.

  19. Any time I try to ask Serge Benhayon or any Universal Medicine practitioner for instructions or to fix my problems I am met with equalness. You are held as equally powerful to them and as such are not given instruction but supported to be reminded that I have all I need within me to change my current situation. More and more I am approaching Serge now with a question knowing I know the answer but need support in breaking my one sided stuck view on whatever the situation may be.

  20. Judith I can relate to what you share before I met Universal Medicine I too was caught in a cult “in devotion to a guru had left me in utter emptiness, desperate for love and totally in disregard of my body”. Since I have met Serge Benhayon, I have become more confident, I am treated with equal love and respect, and I can have one and one conversation with Serge which I never had with any gurus.

  21. On re-reading this article tonight I am stopped and a very deep appreciation for Serge Benhayon is igniting within me, for before meeting him, never before have I felt anyone hold me as their absolute equal. Yet he did and continues to today. What has made me stop is I am beginning to have a sense of what one needs to accept to be able to live with such equalness. This is ones own grandness, as until it is lived and accepted, this equalness for all cannot be held.

  22. Loved your blog Judith, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have definitely presented a different way of living life, I have learnt the importance of living life from love not just for myself but for humanity too.

  23. I met someone who was absolutely devoted to their Guru many years ago, and wouldn’t do anything unless they had his approval, and their whole life revolved around him. But those that attend Serge’s presentations, workshops and courses, walk alongside him as an absolute equal and are all held that way to the enth degree by Serge. His love is absolute and for all equally, and its totally about brotherhood and oneness, and not about worshipping another that is higher or better than.

  24. Thank you for sharing – we can take the presentations of Universal Medicine and make of them what we wish, applying our own ideals and beliefs and trying to make it something it isn’t, like trying to make Serge into a Guru. But this is not what the truth of Universal Medicine presents, and not one part of it asks anyone to put Serge above them or to follow blindly. A core teaching is discernment, to feel for yourself what is true.

  25. What Serge Benhayon presents is what I have been searching for my whole life and the whole time is as simple, what Jesus said Love is inside us all equally so simple but true to that feeling. The Love of God and reconnecting to being the Son of God is our choice, this is so simple. From my first gentle breath meditation I felt a deeper connection that has brought me back to know what love feels like again in my body. This is a work in progress for I was so lost that where I was with the way I treated myself was anything but love. Now to the best of my ability I make loving choices in all I do and life has become so much simpler and the way life is allowed to unfold I only feel the pull of a deeper connection to love.

  26. “The truth is, I have never in my life been treated with so much love, respect and equality as Serge has treated me and this had an amazing effect on me. It has built my confidence, my self-respect and my self-love deeply.” Hear, hear Rachel. And the love, respect and equality that is shared by Serge Benhayon I am now inspired to share with others, which is equally amazing.

  27. It is clear that submitting to a guru is a form of abuse some people choose for themselves. If this is what someone submitting to a guru desires, it may take some time to extract yourself out of it. It may never happen. Serge Benhayon offers anybody to submit to evolution, which can only take place if the process is abuse-free and loving. The difference is as clear as day and night.

    1. Great point! Serge Benhayon does not accept even the slightest bit of abuse and he does not stay silent if anyone takes advantage of their position. He lives, walks and talks love 24/7 – true love that is, the kind of love that Jesus taught – and many others before him.

  28. It is very easy to throw terms like guru around and conjure up a knowing of what exactly this means but without the experience to back up the knowing, it is only words and assumptions. It is clear from what you have lived that you know and can feel the difference of what a guru is and what being a devotee is and so your words hold great weight when you claim that Serge and yourself are neither of these things, for those positions are impossible to take when everything is about true love and equality.

  29. Serge Benhayon is a master at supporting people to empower themselves, I’ve never seen him allow someone to give their power away to him or idolise him or put him on any kind of pedestal, he keeps it so real and lives with such a humility that allows you to choose for yourself to hold yourself as an equal, and to empower yourself to know who you are, to keep learning and to choose your next steps in life.

  30. I actually wanted Serge Benhayon to tell me what to do – I tried to give away my power to him. But he has only ever treated me as an equal who is absolutely responsible for my own choices in life. I now know and live this to the best of my ability, which deepens all the time, and instead of seeing Serge as better than me, I do see him now as my equal, my friend and an absolute inspiration.

  31. When I met Serge I also came from a long time spent with gurus and I had the upperside. I was thousands of times radar scanning Serge Benhayon for being so as the others. Even as I tried to find something, I could not find one thing that tried to make me feel less. The other way around, like Judith, I felt so much love in me and everybody that it was a whole process to let all that love in. I was certainly not used to being held in such a love in my past. It made me process and heal a lot of deep hurts I carried within me. And now there is space for more love within myself.

  32. Yes, well you can try indeed to make him a guru, as your title says, but the love in Serge Benhayon and his works is incredibly strong that no single hair would be able to keep standing, as the truth reveals Serge Benhayon is a man of absolute honor, that respects all people equally. That is no way near a guru or self-proclaimed identity person.

  33. Thank you Judith for sharing your experience of the amazing love, respect and equality that is the very essence of the man Serge Benhayon, who lives and breaths and walks the talk, in coming into contact with such a reflection we can feel this same love within us too.

  34. The fact that we are all equal is a key principle of the Ageless Wisdom and one that is much needed to be lived in this world. For many of us, we put another ‘ahead of us’ simply because they know more about a topic or have more experience than us. And whilst that may be true – that they have more knowledge about something, it is simply that, it does not make them any better than us, as we are all equal. It is the ultimate leveller.

  35. It has been a behaviour of mine too to look up to Serge Benhayon treating him as above me and therefore making myself as less but that was a choice I was making. Serge has never made me feel less than an equal, in fact he has and continues to support me to truly love myself so that I can feel all my self worth, accept the love that I am and stand as an equal to him and to everyone in my life.

  36. I love this because it just shows that even if you try to put Serge Benhayon on a pedestal he will not have it, instead equalness to him is paramount including that we all have access within to the same ageless wisdom and innate love as he has and this is true. However, I do absolutely acknowledge and appreciate that from knowing Serge Benhayon and what he presents, teaches and lives I to ‘have never in my life been treated with so much love, respect and equality as Serge has treated me and this had an amazing effect on me. It has built my confidence, my self-respect and my self-love deeply.’

  37. I have a colleague who works and lives in the Pacific rim, and I was helping him on the phone to understand some of the policies of the company we both work for and after our discussion he sent me an email which mentioned the word Guru, and I didn’t know how to take this word so I looked on line and one of the definitions was teacher or expert, and that was exactly what I was at that time, just someone who knew more about company policies and imparted that knowledge to my colleague. And the same can be said about Serge Benhayon he knows more than us because we have chosen to disconnect from what he in constant communication with, the Universe. And we can chose to be on the same wave length as him as it were anytime we choose. We are no different to him in fact as you say Judith he won’t let you put him on a pedestal he walks besides you – fact.

    1. Great point Mary Sanford, the word ‘guru’ has been bastardised by a few individuals that made use of this term but did not live up to it’s true meaning but instead exploited it and brought a falseness to this word.

  38. Could this be the greatest love that any of us can experience? To be held with the love we are until we accept it as our own and begin the process of living with it in our physical lives.

  39. Thank you Judith for your honest account of your experience with a guru. Serge Benhayon is definitely anything but a guru, as you say, and in my experience also, he treats everyone with absolute love, respect and equality. Serge is also very humble and all the students are continually encouraged to feel what is right for themselves. The proof though is in the outcome, life with your guru was empty and self abusive, uncommitted to life such as work and relationships, and now you live a life of self love, great relationships and involved in work etc.

  40. Simply following another does not lead us to know true freedom. True freedom is found the in knowing who you are, and the confidence to living this truth through our everyday lives with all equally. Universal Medicine presents a way that we can truly discover who we are, live in connection to and guided by our Soul, through which we can have the opportunity to freely live with love, honor and respect for ourselves and with others.

  41. I still metaphorically stumble sometimes when I am in the presence of Serge because it can be disarming to be met with so much love, equalness and respect. My walls of protection go into a bit of a spin. Yet other times when I am more open, I let in without batting an eyelid.

    1. Well shared Sarah, Serge Benhayon is so simple in the love he humbly lives that at times I have also felt my wall go up but as you have shared his consistency is unparalleled and his love is so open and never shuts down.

  42. Wow, those 2 last paragraphs could not be any further apart if they tried! There is no room for confusion between the 2 there. Thanks for pointing that out so clearly and welcome back to the world in the fullness of you!

  43. Isn’t that amazing to know that to truly help people to have a great life is not in telling them what to do but in holding them as equally knowing of truth.

    1. I love this Lieke as it is so true. Great inspiration comes not from one who tells another how to live truth, but rather from one who simply lives truth knowing that are equal and as such capable of living the same great truth.

  44. Serge Benhayon simply presents what he lives and allows us to live our own lives. So that we eventually come to understand the ramifications for our own choices.

  45. When we are treated as an equal our potential is able to blossom. You can’t do that when you put someone on pedestal be that a guru or anyone, for when you put someone ahead or above yourself you start to focus only on their strengths and your own lacks and thus eroding your self-confidence and losing the imperfect humanness of you both which is actually how we learn to master life.

  46. I am blown away by the love Serge shows me in equalness every time I am in the same room as him, and to be honest I still find that exposing of the lack of love I have shown myself. Each time I am there with him I get that little bit more open to that unwavering love both in him and therefore in myself.

  47. Serge is really asking us to step into our power again. He does it by living and inspiring. No one else before did call me in that way to live my responsibility for humanity before. This is challenging by times, a very big step for me and so I changed a lot since I know him. This changes, as yours Judith, brought me to more healthy, more connected and more joyful life. It also brought up more conflicts – which where there before but now are not longer denied or avoided. My life expands, my relationships deepen because I choose so. No one can live my life for me – I have to do it on my own. With the support of you all, in the one or other way.

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