Freedom to live in our fullness

by Jenny James, Director and Program Coordinator, Sounds Wonderful Pty Ltd, Australia

Having worked in the field of expression and communication for over 10 years I have learnt that it is essential to know ourselves first before we impart information to another.  In fact if we just regurgitate information rather than experience, it all comes over as blah, blah, blah, as my 11 year old son would say. Kids have an inbuilt barometer for these things. It is our experience that inspires another. I have found there is no point in telling anyone else what to do, it must be a choice that comes from them – otherwise it doesn’t work.

There are many modalities available that provide ’band aid’ solutions and the right ‘key’ words to say, but in all the hype that is out there I actually came across one that made sense, did not offer solutions – but encouraged self-reflection and honest self appraisal. I cannot ignore, but only celebrate, how the simple, practical information and support offered by Universal Medicine has made such an enormous difference in my personal life, family life and work.

I had never expressed how I really wanted my life to run.  I actually liked going to bed early and had always forced myself to stay up to get some ‘adult time’.

As a child dairy had always made me feel sick, but I learned to ‘override ‘that.

When I had a drink with alcohol in it I would get a pain-like shock in my upper chest as it entered my system.  Once again, I learned to override this in the name of being social.

I was always moving ahead of myself to get things done.  Was I conforming to the perceived expectations of others?  Was the life I was living really mine, or was I just following social rules to fit in?

In a healing session with Serge Benhayon I was invited to listen to my body – yes, find my own way. My body knew already how it wanted to live and it was painfully obvious that I had consistently ignored it. It occurred to me, “is this not the quickest way to illness and disease?” It became clear to me that I had a choice and what a wonderful one it was! I could start to live in a way that felt right to me.

Having a sensitive radar, I do not like being told what to do, so how refreshing it was to meet someone who did not do that, but just presented and purely supported me in making healthy, loving choices in my life.

I love the fact that I now make considered choices with what I want to eat.

I love the fact that I go to sleep when I want to.

I love the fact that I no longer feel the pressure to drink alcohol.

I love the way I am learning to be gentle with myself and know my own pace.

I love the way that my body feels, and the growing vitality and expression that I have as a woman, business partner, wife and a mother.

I love the fact that this new level of self responsibility, self reflection and honesty brings a new level of understanding within myself and allows me to question, “How am I living my life – is this really how I want my body to feel?”

Self-care is paramount to our health and wellbeing.

We have the right, in fact it is absolutely necessary to be able to truly express ourselves in full and to have the freedom to live in that fullness. That is how we create a truly loving, wonderful world with others.

So what is all the fuss about?

The untruths posted repeatedly by the obviously misinformed media do not change what I know to be true, or my experience. I wonder what is happening in the world when the character of someone with such absolute integrity can be challenged with such lies, by so few?

It certainly has made Universal Medicine more widely known. I trust that now more people will see through the media blow-out and have the chance to experience Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for themselves. It really is just common sense.

91 thoughts on “Freedom to live in our fullness

  1. Thank you Jenny I love the points you are making here. I also have felt the freedom to live my life in full thanks to the presentations of Universal Medicine. The freedom to allow myself to be myself is such a joy. It is the joy I felt as a small child when I was let be.

    1. Yes, so true it is that same joyfulness as I felt when I was a child, when I was singing, playing and being myself that I so love to come back to as much as possible. This is best for me when I am doing practical things.

  2. When we cut through the crap that has been written about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, this is where we get to. Our bodies have an innate knowing of what is actually good for them and what is not. We have a choice to listen to our bodies or to override them and invite disharmony in. We can treat our body’s ability to heal as something we can align with and walk alongside in life, or we can use it as a justification for indulging in those little pleasures in life knowing that our bodies have this amazing capacity to detox themselves from the poisons we give them. The thing is in my experience, that in the latter case, we give the body a lot of additional work to do and this interferes with the quality of our energy on a daily basis. Working with the former and aligning with the innateness brings another kind of delight to life. A harmonious relationship with our bodies that is very simple and self-loving.

  3. It’s so interesting reading your blog Jenny to consider whose life am I living and am I allowing myself to live based on expectations of others or based on what I feel to be true. I am learning more to tune into my truth and live that, but it’s an unpicking as I find those places I didn’t know if where I have lived a life that is not mine, and yet I’ve chosen to live that. Before I came across Universal Medicine I was not even aware of how much I’d put myself in a cage, and how I chose to stay there, now it’s about unpicking and undoing those things I live which are not true and not me, it’s an ever evolving journey.

  4. I love your title Jenny “The freedom to live in our fullness” and I realized that in fact we have to make space to live who we are in full. Our lives are so full with ‘other stuff’ that there is no space to expand who we are in truth. The modalities shared and reached by Universal Medicine are such a great supporter here to get rid of some of this stuff, but at the end it is always and will always be, my will which counts. Do I make the space I’ve got in a session to my everyday livingness or do I choose to go back to how I lived before (put the stuff back into my life). To truly change and bring some changes into life to have more understanding, awareness, love and harmony, is a very strong transformation in this so different world. Who likes to do so is embracing UniMed and Serge as a great support – who does not like to do so now may see it as a uncomfortable challenge…

  5. “Self-care is paramount to our health and well-being.” I agree Jenny, and building our self-care builds our self-worth and the quality in which we hold ourselves. It makes absolute sense to me.

  6. “I have found there is no point in telling anyone else what to do, it must be a choice that comes from them – otherwise it doesn’t work.” Wow, how true is that Jenny. I can recall many times in my life when that has come into play, in various ways either receiving or otherwise. It is quite an art to support people to come to their own choices too, when there is a lot of procrastination. So often people push and have the opposite effect and create resistance or a force that another pushes back against. I admire those who understand and work with the outplay of this to good effect.

  7. What is all the fuss about? This is a question that baffles me also Jenny when the benefits of taking care of oneself are not only great for you but great for all around you and also reduces the burden on our health systems! What indeed is the problem?

  8. “Was the life I was living really mine, or was I just following social rules to fit in?”
    This question sums up how I had geared my life. If this is the same for many, than it is completely understandable that there is such bitterness and resentment in our world, all of which could be erased if we live the life we really want to live.

  9. Not only are the untruths published, they are also believed as truths by an undiscerning public or even if they think the untruths are in fact untrue some may still sit idle and not stand up for the truth that has not been told or the fact that they know that what they are reading is untrue.

  10. We have a society where the mind is championed as the smartest tool… image how the world will be when more of us realise the universal intelligence that the body can and is always connecting to.

  11. The fact that the media slur does not change how those of us who know these stories to be the lies they are feel, shows to me that the ‘truth will out’ simply by others being able to observe Students of the Way of the Livingness and feel the integrity in which we live our lives.

  12. Unfortunately, far too many of us today do not form our own opinions for ourselves and instead go off the opinions of others. This is wrong on so many levels as an uninformed opinion can all too easily give a biased view which in turn invites judgment and closes the door to an honest and open evaluation of all the influencing factors at hand.

  13. ‘Self-care is paramount to our health and wellbeing’ and if it was promoted in our school curriculums, our workplaces and homes it would surely address our escalating rates of disease and illness.

  14. Great points Jenny, there is nothing more freeing than choosing and allowing ourselves to be who we are and with understanding and appreciation expressing the truth of how we feel.

  15. It is gorgeous to be both inspired and supported to make more loving choices that result in a greater understanding and appreciation of ourselves… and transformational changes that then inspire others to know that there is another way to live that is deeply rewarding from the inside out.

  16. “It became clear to me that I had a choice and what a wonderful one it was! I could start to live in a way that felt right to me.” Beautifully said Jenny. The freedom to reclaim and live who we truly are unfettered by the ideals and beliefs or impositions of others.

  17. Intelligent read Jenny. It is important to communicate and express how it is and bring reality back to life in the understanding we all have the capability to read what is going on under the surface and comprehend a deeper perspective of life. I have gained so much more to life understanding it as energy. So in this sense, you have the power to co-create what is possible – the true meaning of life. “I had never expressed how I really wanted my life to run.”

  18. “How am I living my life – is this really how I want my body to feel?”
    Life has a certain flow to it – a bigger cycle under the influence of the moon 🌙 and the stars ✨. There is a personal duty to respond to by living under this rhythm by adjusting to support what the cycle is offering us. Taking deep care of ourselves will support us in working with the larger cycles. “Self-care is paramount to our health and wellbeing.”

  19. Some great points you bring up Jenny, particularly how easily we override what our body is telling us in order to fit in socially with others, I have noticed the remarkable change within myself from listening to my body and not overriding it, but allowing it to take the lead, I am now much more confident in myself and healthier too.

  20. Thanks Jenny, this is very true for me too regarding Universal Medicine, they “did not offer solutions – but encouraged self-reflection and honest self appraisal.” And how freeing it is to actually not hand responsibility to others, but take that for myself guided by my own body and ever developing sense of self love. Contrary to what the media has reported, Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon offer true self-empowerment – my life is another living example of that.

  21. When the truth is lived it is absolute, without question, through which all that is of truth and knows truth will understand and recognise it as such. Our bodies are a marker of truth whether we choose to listen or not, it never rests from communicating the truth. In living with a loving connection to our bodies our awareness of what is true and what is not is heightened, through which we can live in a way that is guided by an intelligence that is based on truth that is universally known and accessible to us all through the union of our body and being.

  22. It is amazing to discover that we have a part of us that could not care less about our physical body and is happy to trash it at the drop of a hat. Healing the past damage we have done to ourselves and learning how to not let this wayward part of us damage us in the future is at the heart of the Universal Medicine teachings which teach us that we are way more than we think, in fact we are multi-dimensional.

  23. What Serge Benhayon talks about does make a lot of sense, however I can understand that not everybody wants to hear it as it is very challenging, asking people to take responsibility for their own lives. But to rubbish what he says, is a deliberate attempt to prevent others benefitting from it and therefore harming humanity.

  24. It’s always interesting how we continually walk by things, only to have something truly stop us and then see it. I am seeing more and more that the way we walk literally is the key to everything. I’m not only talking about rushing or running around but the timing of how we are, the timing of how we walk. I have noticed that movement even when sitting can have or can bring forward a great amount of detailed work. There is so so much more going on behind the scenes then we care to see and when I say behind the scenes, the only reason it’s like that is again our choice of how we move and view.

  25. Listening to our body is the key to freeing ourselves to be able to return to our fullness and reconnect to our innate knowing and inner wisdom.

  26. Thank you, Jenny. Your sharing has made me understand ‘how I want to live’ from a completely different angle. How simple and lovely it feels when it is the body that takes the lead.

  27. When you live and speak from what you live it’s very obvious and very easy for others to get what you say, and what they do with it is theirs to decide. Serge Benhayon is the ultimate in living what he speaks and speaking what he lives with a level of integrity second to none. To consider that this integrity and this man can be attacked by a small group with little basis beyond their own disgruntlement and lies says a lot about where we are indeed as a society today. Serge brings the truth of where we are, and offers that we are more than where we are and we can choose to live and be all that at any time; it’s not always easy as we have many engrained, old belittling but comfortable ways, so it can be challenging but it’s very possible for the biggest thing I’ve learned from listening to Serge Benhayon is that I too know this, and that it’s that common sense I’ve always know, now it’s about living it.

  28. When we are unhappy about someone else’s movements and reduce the word movement to the physical movements and use force to have him/her/they to stop doing what they do, we are not really helping them because helping them is helping them to change the movements that cause what you dislike in the first place. That can only be done via inspiration. Inspiration is the only tool that helps to change movements in the complete sense of the word. Force only allows the dust under the carpet.

  29. It is empowering to take responsibility and be honest in how we are feeling and admit what does and does not work from the choices we have made. When we start being more gentle and caring with ourselves the more our body naturally responds when we allow it to lead the way.

  30. ‘I had never expressed how I really wanted my life to run.’
    Mm.. nor had I, yet I could feel how I wanted it to be, so for years there was this constant tension in my body between what I was living and feeling how I wanted to live. This played out as being very depressive and I wonder just how many in this world find themselves in this reality.

  31. Being inspired to find our own way of being from listening to our body and how it wants to live is the start to deepening our relationship with ourselves and honouring our body’s true rhythm and flow. When we commit to deepening our level of self-care, our body responds by building a solid foundation and steadiness of being that supports us to fully engage with life.

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