Everything I do is my choice and my choice alone

by Fiona

I could tell you about how I came to Universal Medicine and also how I met Serge Benhayon but instead what I feel to express is this:

From everything that life has presented to me I can honestly say that I will never walk away from my commitment to myself again. Universal Medicine is a body that has shown me and presented to me a way to live – that I live by my own choices. There is absolutely no cult. No one tells me to do anything or checks up to see if I am living in a certain way. There is no reward if I do something and no retribution if I don’t. Instead everything I do is my choice and my choice alone. The only thing Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have ever given me, and indeed continues to do so, is inspiration and support. And for that I am grateful.

It always puzzled me when friends or family used to say to me “you are in a cult” because it didn’t make any sense. How could I be when everything I do is my choice and my choice alone and is based completely on how I feel. I’m not saying that everything I do is perfect for indeed it is not. I am learning how to live my life again. How certain choices affect me and how indeed those same choices I make can affect others and the way I am with others too.

It’s funny now because those same people who used to say “you’re in a cult” no longer feel that way. They have seen me grow into the woman I am now and my relationships with them has changed. I’ve noticed that they are more open with me, as I am with them. There is an honesty when we are together that didn’t used to be there, because I am more honest with myself. They tell me more how they feel, about their worries and what’s going on, because I can tell them how I feel.

I can say that, yes, Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have truly inspired me to make different choices. And I can also truly say that the choices I continue to make have given my life meaning, purpose and a sense that I am worth it, that there is a different way to live – and that way of living actually makes me feel alive.


96 thoughts on “Everything I do is my choice and my choice alone

  1. “I will never walk away from my commitment to myself again” – this really stood out for me. Choosing to live in a way inspired by what Universal Medicine presents frees me from the confinement of the beliefs and ideals that I have bought into, and this choice is not a commitment to Universal Medicine the organization or Serge Benhayon the teacher/presenter/philosopher, but it is to myself, my soul, God. How can I ever walk away from that?

  2. A beautiful testimony to the power of our lived choices, and while others can provide inspiration and support, ultimately we live it in our day to day lives and so our choices matter, and choosing those which support us makes the world of difference.

  3. “I am learning how to live my life again. How certain choices affect me and how indeed those same choices I make can affect others and the way I am with others too.” How can this be seen as a cult or the actions of a cult,….. learning to live your life again in a way that is true. Taking full responsibility for our choices should be something we all do but at present the word responsibility falls short of its true meaning because we like to live a life that suits our irresponsibility and waywardness rather than taking responsibility for every single movement we make.

  4. My understanding of a cult is a group often lead by one person, who makes the decisions for you and I’m pretty sure those decisions are not in the best interests of those involved. So, yeah, calling Universal Medicine a cult is a somewhat laughable.

  5. Committing to self and to truth is a pattern of movement we can adopt or not. If we do life changes forever. It brings a process of unfoldment similar to a beautiful rose that opens up to share its profound beauty with everyone and everything.

  6. I am not sure how many times I am going to need to say or how many articles are going to need to be written to correct a lot of the falsity around Universal Medicine. Here is another story of someone who has made significant real steps into life for the better and yet we still have a cloud over the how it was done. There is an open book here, there is no secret, life no matter what you see in front of you always has a reflection to you. The reading, pondering and action to that reflection is a responsibility we all hold. Some choose to activate it and other choose not to, either way it’s a choice. The criticism of one over the other to me feeds back into what was just said and shows one not wanting to look at a life reflection and in place or from that choice not to personally look will always speak or point the finger at another.

  7. Who are we to judge anothers choices for we do not know what steps they have walked to get where they are today.

  8. Is it possible that those who throw cult accusations around are also those who are scared of stepping up to that level responsibility where we know absolutely and without a skerrick of doubt that our life is ours and ours alone to lead by the many choices, small and big, that we make?

  9. Universal Medicine has taught me how important my choices are, there has never been any persuasion, only presentations which I am free to attend or not, and from there I work out what I know to be true, for me my choices have changed because rather than going with what others want me to believe or do, I make my choices from a foundation of love first, and as that makes others feel uncomfortable because they like to live in the comfort of how they have been living, when others begin to live from truth, they call it a cult in order for it not to upset their status quo.

  10. I am totally with you Fiona in that through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I have found true purpose in life that is far bigger than just my little world and with that has come so much appreciation of and for life. What a joy and a blessing.

  11. Awesome Fiona, cult or not come and check out the quality in the way I live compared to the utter abuse to how I used to live. It is very profound miracle upon miracle all under the principles of Universal Medicine.

  12. Beautiful. Serge Benhayon inspires me to make choices that give purpose to all the choices I make for the expansion of harmony within myself and all humanity.

  13. When something offers you a sense of purpose or worth and a way to live that gives your life meaning, it should be deeply embraced and appreciated, regardless of whatever erroneous labels people may apply… for in the face of such a rare result of transformation, mere words to the contrary are baseless and unimportant and easily discredited by the truth of what is actually lived.

  14. What makes sense to one person does not always make sense to another for we all have had different experiences that have got us to where we are today. But the fact is in every aspect of our everyday lives we all have a right to choose and even if we wouldn’t make those particular choices ourselves, it is important to respect and accept everyone else’s right to live the ripple effect of those choices.

  15. “They tell me more how they feel, about their worries and what’s going on, because I can tell them how I feel.” And it’s really that simple isn’t it. The more open and transparent we are, the more others will feel they too can open up and hide nothing.

  16. Every single one of us make our own choices through life. We can always change those choices. But accepting this means that we are accepting responsibility for all of our choices. Not always an easy task, but the support from Universal Medicine is without demand, judgment or needing our choices to be or look a certain way. We basically make our own beds and then have to lie in them too.

  17. Love what you have shared Fiona, there is no force, no pressure from Universal Medicine to do or be anything. What we are presented with is a choice, that this is our responsibility to choose or not. When we make the choice to bring self love and tenderness into our lives the changes are evident to those around us and what we reflect in our loving ways can inspire others to choose the same.

  18. I guess when someone makes changes that doesn’t seem to make sense at first it can be challenging for people around you. It’s important however to stay open and reflective since the world that we currently live in doesn’t make much sense at all.

  19. I love what you have shared here Fiona as you raise a great point that we as a society seem to constantly and conveniently overlook. That we are the ones who make choices in every moment of our lives, and these choices result is the quality in which our lives are lived. Our choices are our responsibility and as such shape the state of not only our lives directly but also our society. So would it not be wise to pay attention as to what choices we are making and why, feeling whether they are truly supporting us to live in a way that is loving and settled with vitality and well-being? This makes sense to me and since I have staring to live this way for myself my life has change in way that is far more honest, joyful, meaningful, abuse free and with more love and well-being that I thought was possible. Thank you to Universal Medicine for constantly inspiring me to look within and re-discover that living life from the truth I feel within is far more empowering than simply just following the ideals and beliefs from society or anybody else, before feeling for myself if it feels true to me or not.

  20. I completely agree with you, Fiona. How can anyone dictate you when all they are saying is ‘live by your heart’? Universal Medicine was the first and only organization who showed me that we had a choice to be truly free.

  21. I have never felt more responsible for my choices, nor have I ever been so conscious of what I am choosing and the effect that has on how I express who I am and the love I feel. To scold Universal Medicine as a cult is a great shame to those who believe it, as they are missing an opportunity to understand life like it was intended to be understood.

  22. Calling anyone names and putting them down by labeling and categorizing them under a particular word like cult gets nobody anywhere. It actually says more about the person saying it than the person who is being labelled.

  23. This is delicious to read Fiona, for it says so much that I feel very strongly inside me too. Someone close to me thought I might be in a cult years ago when I first started attending Universal Medicine Workshops and making some big changes in my life, but now they see how I have blossomed and take an interest in my choices for themselves in much the same way, and this is a common story. There are some awful cults out there, but this is the antithesis of one, the real deal. The more I am able to feel the truth of who I am the more I come out of the numbness and feel my life, and that leads me to make those changes from within, not by copying anyone.
    Thank you for expressing this so clearly for the world, I am right behind you words with a ‘here here’.

  24. I love this level of responsibility – everything I feel and everything I do is my choice, so how I feel today is a culmination of my choices and there’s literally nowhere I can go with that other than take responsibility for my next choice.

  25. I agree with your experience Fiona and through my association with Universal Medicine I too have learned to be more truly alive than before hand. This is a wonderful thing.

  26. I feel like Universal Medicine is freeing me from the cult of individuality that I together with most of the world had subscribed to but had found empty, damaging and loveless as I had come to see it as the cult that pushed indulgence and called it normal. Universal Medicine shows us the way back to true brotherhood.

  27. Fiona, I really resonated with what you shared when you say “From everything that life has presented to me I can honestly say that I will never walk away from my commitment to myself again”. From all that has been shared with us through Serge Benhayon and The Universal Medicine team I too know, I will never walk away from my commitment to truth again.

  28. I agree Fiona, my experiences with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and the changes this has brought to my life mirror what you have shared. I particularly like your comments around ‘choice’. What I have learned is that the true meaning of this word ties itself irrevocably with ‘responsibility’. I have discovered that I am responsible not only for the choices I make but also that the body I live in reflects these choices over a course of time – both negative and positive. This map for living was lost until I came across Serge Benhayon and I am grateful for all that he has shared with students over the years.

  29. ‘Everything I do is my choice and my choice alone’ – this is a big lesson I have learnt from Universal Medicine too, in the past I have blamed many others for my choices and predicaments, but this lesson has taught me self-responsibility and that deep down I have always known that everything I do is completely and absolutely my choice to make.

    1. Thank you Fiona and Meg, absolutely life has always been about what we choose and I also used to blame others it was never me, this was my choice to deal with life. Now my choice is to be fully responsible for all my actions, emotions and interactions, which means I also take responsibility for what happens in my life at every level!

      1. Yeah you’ve made it so simple, it’s a choice, blame someone else and hold onto it for as long as you possibly can or take responsibility for your actions and your part in it and move on.

    2. Great point Fiona and Meg, self-responsibility is key, not blaming others or looking outside for whom to blame. The more I take responsibility for my part in my choices and what happens in my life, the more honest everything gets and the more I truly learn about myself.

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