Connect to yourself – the answer is within you

by Coby

I am writing in response to the unfair and grossly untrue media allegations made against Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine over the past week.
I came to Universal Medicine when all areas of my life and health were so dysfunctional that I knew I urgently needed to make drastic changes. Although I had tried many different modalities, even becoming qualified in some, I had disconnected from myself to such an extent that I had been addicted to a prescription medication (a Benzodiazepine) for many years. Eventually I became very ill because I had become intolerant to the drug. The modalities I extensively experienced at the Universal Medicine Clinic were Esoteric Chakra-puncture, Esoteric Massage, Esoteric Breast Massage, Esoteric Ovary Massage, Esoteric Physiotherapy and Psychology. I also attended Level 1 – 4 Sacred Esoteric Healing Courses. The insights that I gained into myself through these workshops, lectures and treatments helped me unravel what I had done to get myself into this state and I gradually began to turn my life around.
I did seek advice from Universal Medicine but the kind of advice that I received was not what I wanted – it was what I needed. I wanted to be told what to do, instead I received advice like: ‘Connect to yourself – the answer is within you,’ or ‘Just be love.’ This was quite difficult for me because at that time I had no idea what that actually meant at first.

Serge through his lectures at Universal Medicine helped me understand that I am responsible for my life. I learned that my health and life was a reflection of past decisions and that I could not blame anyone or anything for the predicaments that I found myself in. This was difficult for me to accept because it seemed so much easier to blame others. I have learned how to live my life gently and simply and to eat only nourishing foods that support my body. I have had to take responsibility for everything that I do – including how I think and speak … and I am still learning and developing this way of life. How could this advice be harmful?

Universal Medicine was not able to advise me on how to safely get off the benzodiazepines – this I had to find out for myself but the many treatments that I received over the years helped my struggling body come to a semblance of equilibrium as it detoxed from the low dose of drug that I had been taking. The treatments did this by supporting my shattered central nervous and endocrine systems. I am now 17 months off the benzodiazepines but my healing is not complete. My body is still recovering from the damage that the years of addiction caused. I am slowly regaining my health and my life. I have added to my teaching qualifications and now work in a large post-secondary teaching/training organisation, thanks to the loving support I have received from Universal Medicine.

Is Universal Medicine A Cult? I strongly disagree with the allegations that Universal Medicine is a cult. I do not give any part of my income to Universal Medicine nor have I ever been asked to do so. I pay to attend Universal Medicine workshops which I am free to attend at my own discretion – no workshop or lecture is compulsory, nor are participants told what they must do and how they must live. Information is presented and it is up to each participant to accept what is presented or not. I and every other Universal Medicine student come and go as we please and our decisions are our own responsibility. Put simply, if Universal Medicine is a cult these freedoms would not be there.

All Universal Medicine practitioners choose to abide by a strict code of ethics. The love and care shown to me over the years go beyond description. I truly owe my life to this wonderful organisation and all that is left for me to say is ‘thank you Serge for creating Universal Medicine for humanity.’


78 thoughts on “Connect to yourself – the answer is within you

  1. Yey! What a joy to read your straight down the line account of your own experiences with Universal Medicine. So candid and honest all the way and I applaud your staying with it. As you say, Universal Medicine doesn’t give you the help you want, it gives you what you need. I joke about this at home about sessions, “You can have anything you like as long as it is exactly what you need.” And the truth is it feels just great.

  2. Learning that our ‘health and life’ is a reflection of our past decisions and that we are indeed completely responsible for the predicaments we find ourselves in is a huge pill to swallow. But nonetheless, it is one of the most precious lessons we can ever learn.

  3. What an inspiring testimony Coby of how being met with truth, with love inspired you to explore and discover that these qualities are within you. The beautiful thing about truth is that it may not be what we want to hear but it is always what we need to hear, as it forever reflects the love we are within, as does love forever reflect the truth of who we are. It is a huge blessing for us when we are met by another that holds us in the truth or love that we are, and will not concede to meeting us in or presenting us a lesser truth than all that we are, just to be liked or accepted. In my experience Universal Medicine is an organisation that offers endless loving support for anyone and everyone to be and live the joy of who we are, to take responsibility for the choices we make in our lives, guided solely from our connection to our love and truth within, as best we can.

  4. It is so clear Coby that there is a need for a sensational story over a need to represent the truth by the way Universal Medicine has been represented in the mainstream media to date. It does media a great disservice because, from my experience, the individuals I have met through my association with the media have been really decent loving people. So why the enormous chasm between what we have experienced and what is reported??? I am forever appreciative of the fact that my dedication to listening to my body, my extremely honest marker of truth, holds more sway for me than a story that is looking to sell papers and would encourage others to build that same dedication in order to not be swayed by a representation of truth no matter what the subject.

  5. Thank you Cody for a very beautiful and inspiring article to read, I love these words “The love and care shown to me over the years go beyond description. I truly owe my life to this wonderful organisation and all that is left for me to say is ‘thank you Serge for creating Universal Medicine for humanity.’ It is indeed what humanity so desperately needs to know, understand, and live who they truly are, and this is what Serge presents for all mankind.

  6. The only way we can live and thrive in our lives without needing such addictive substances is to live a life of love, beginning with the way we are with ourselves. I have seen many people over the years who have gone straight back onto their substance of choice, when they don’t have that level of care as their foundation. It’s certainly not easy as the more care we bring into our own lives we also have to see what we have chosen that is not love. To see this and not react or self judge is the key here. Thank you Coby for your very inspiring sharing that has given me much to ponder on with the choices that I still make.

  7. Learning and accepting the fact that we are responsible for our own health and wellbeing removes any blame we can be tempted to try and put on either someone else or the actual system itself.

  8. So many people spend their lives blaming others or deflecting responsibility so that they themselves do not have to face the choices they have made…yet great healing and empowerment that can come from recognising and living the responsibility we possess. Life cannot but transform for the better when we knowingly move forward in the life we choose and not allow ourselves to be held back by our irresponsiblity and interpretation of the past.

  9. A clear and simple account of taking responsibility for your own choices with the love and support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  10. ‘Connect to yourself – the answer is within you,’ and ‘Just be love’ and certainly seem difficult and/or strange concepts to grasp and do when one is endeavouring to gain support to alleviate stress and difficulties in one’s life. However, to explore them with the perspective and understanding of the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon is the greatest medicine we can ever take.

  11. Thank you Coby, I am in deep awe and appreciation too of Universal Medicine and how it supported me out of a mental issue that the present health system could not. Universal Medicine entrusts us with taking responsibility in living that inner-stillness and harmony within.

  12. ‘I did seek advice from Universal Medicine but the kind of advice that I received was not what I wanted – it was what I needed. I wanted to be told what to do, instead I received advice like: ‘Connect to yourself – the answer is within you,’ or ‘Just be love.’ Beautifully said Corby, we all have the answers within ourselves, once we have connected back to the love that we are.

  13. Oh I love what you share here – so true, I can say the same for me, in that I owe so much for the way my life and health are now, to some of the workshops and talks I have attended with Universal Medicine. There are no ‘must-dos’, or ‘have-tos’, it is simply what we connect to and then implement as our own relationship with ourselves and what is within.

  14. When we only listen to what we want to hear we close our ears and heart to the truth of what we need to hear and listen to.

  15. A touching article from someone who was obviously really really struggling with life and yet now not so. Universal Medicine is well and truly walking the talk when it comes to support for people. It’s not a one size fits all either it’s a tailored care based on what is needed for you based on a feeling rather then a script or business plan. As you can see from this article alone many people who were suffering and a drain on themselves and the community are now able to stand on their own two feet, a great change I would say.

  16. Taking responsibility for our lives gives us opportunity after opportunity to get to feel and accept the ill choices we have made in our lives. This can be very exposing but it is an essential step we must face if we are to evolve.

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