Boring Stories (Not)

By Annette Baker, Australia

As I ponder the changes in my life, it kind of makes sense that the reporters have to make up dreadful lies and false accusations for there even to be a story about Universal Medicine and its “followers”…

“Tough Gay Girl Discovers the Woman She Is”

“Pizza Addict Gives up Gluten”

“Pasta Lover Says No to Gluten”

“Woman Starts to Wear Appropriate Clothing to Keep Warm”

“Woman Gives up Hard Exercise for Gentle Training”

“Woman at 42 Healthiest She’s Ever Been”

……… Absolutely Riveting Stuff ………

“Hospitality Worker Gives up Alcohol”
– now THAT’S a story!

“Cheese Lover Gives up Dairy and Still Has Strong Bones”
– there’s a story but that certainly won’t see the light of day.

“Woman Gives up Caffeine and Finds She’s Not So Tired”
– What??????

“Couple Find Truly Loving Relationship”

“Woman Heals Self of Depression”
– maybe a story there.

“Late Night Shift Worker Discovers Going to Bed Early Increases Vitality”

“Restaurant Worker Gives up Night Shifts for True Health”

“Alcohol, Dairy, Gluten, Caffeine, Sugar Free Diet Produces Perfect Blood Test Results for 42 Year Old Woman”
– this would shut down too many industries if we all did that, that Really wouldn’t get printed.

I could bore on, but as you can see it’s hardly Newsworthy.

85 thoughts on “Boring Stories (Not)

  1. Hahaha I love it Annette . . . today, 4 years on, we have our own newspaper online so we can read ‘all about it ‘ . . . all the very newsworthy above mentioned articles by tuning into featuring Annette sharing her stories in writings and video clips along with many, many others who have made similar loving changes in their lives!

  2. Lovely and simple exposure of what we choose to buy into in our newspapers and other media sources. How about ‘journalist writes the truth’?

  3. You know, the title of this blog gives me pause for thought. Are we so bored with our lives that we need to seek ever more sensation from ‘sources’ like newspapers and other media publications? If so, don’t we need to address the real issue here – the why we are bored rather than seeking the short term solution of becoming sensations junkies? Since I learned to reconnect to my true feelings I have found such sensations to be rather gross and loveless. To me, sensationalism does not foster a true sense of being alive but offers stimulation of one who is in fact numb to his feelings. I feel sure the day will come – if it has not already – where it is recognised that over stimulation of the senses using sensationalism is another dead end in life. Alternatively, reconnecting to our innate ability to feel and to the wisdom of our bodies, offers us a true path that in my experience is far from boring.

  4. Hmmm. True stories would bring truth and inspiration into the lives of many who are reading it. It is very interesting that these stories are seemingly ‘not worth’ to be reported. What kind of society have we created and accepted, what choice have we made to make that happen?
    To see, accept and appreciate my worth, my choices, that what I choose does count, is a step away from our disempowerment and back to responsibility and empowerment again. Not just my story is worth to tell, I am worth to be seen. I have to start here, see me, become aware of my feelings and who I am, live in an honoring and appreciative way and show the world that it is possible to honor our preciousness, to live and share it. I am worth. And I commit to that fact. My story will be told – by me.

  5. Gorgeous Annette. I could add a few of my own like –
    “Physiotherapist discovers she can’t truly nurture any of her patients until she nurtures herself first ” that kind of un-newsworthy stuff.
    Or “Woman re-discovers truly amazing healing techniques at UM that anyone can do”
    “Or Woman is shown how to sing in a way that is only healing rather than harming like was known in ancient Persia” again, boring.. where are those lies again? 🙂

  6. On the contrary Annette what you have shared is completely feasible and newsworthy. Imagine a magazine or newspaper being printed and circulated that actually supported you to let go of your unloving patterns and behaviours and did it with stories shared by those who actually had mastered what you haven’t. Imagine if they shared how they struggled or surpassed the challenges with ease with real life practical tips to make the path easy for you. None of us are fully mastered in everything or else we wouldn’t be here learning the lessons we do. If sharing what we have mastered with others would that not make the road easier for them, and in turn for all of us?

  7. Not newsworthy! This is totally what should be on the news, TV and radio… showing the fact of how far away humanity as a whole lives from this very normal way of living. There are bucketfuls of inspiration in those titles Annette.

  8. The media as we know it today is operating far from the power it truly is capable of, to offer the opportunity for humanity to evolve. What you have shared here Annette are examples of real stories of us all, that would serve to inspire us all to know how we can all grow, heal and live together harmoniously in a way that support us to truly live our greatness through the intelligence of love.

  9. News that grows with every choice that is made to treat ourselves with tenderness and love. Could it be that these stories are not boring, but challenging? As they give clearly steps in how to achieve the seemingly impossible, yet even with the steps laid clearly in front of another, many choose to not accept the responsibility required to take similar steps for themselves. Could it be this that causes such lies to be written about a man who lives, without holding back his grace?

  10. Annette you have predicted the future of our media, one which truly support anyone who consumes it. This is where we will head, maybe not in our lifetime though.

  11. There will be a day when inspiration is accepted and called for by humanity – then the media will print them. What we have to face and accept now is that we have created the media we have today by demanding stories that make us feel better than others because we can judge and look at them saying ‘thank God that’s not me’ – “i’m alright compared to that’. In this we are not challenged or exposed in our comfort so we can justify to ourselves why we don’t need to be responsible for ourselves.

  12. All your headlines are practical, honest and totally newsworthy Annette and I know I would rather pick up and read the articles they entitle rather than a story that is unrelatable to my own life that is embellished with exaggerations and bias.

  13. The industry may find the truth boring but there are many who would benefit enormously and gain great healing from reading the truth of even one of those stories let alone all. I look forward to the day when journalism becomes about what will serve and support people rather than themselves.

  14. Not boring at all Annette – just the truth of choosing a self-loving way to live that expands into loving relationships with all around you.

  15. We don’t like hearing stories about another taking responsibility for their life… those stories are boring!! We want quick fixes that keep us in our comfort and therefore do not question our choices in the way we choose to live. We want dramas and sensationalised stories to distract us further away from the truth. It is only when we are willing to take a glimpse at our ill behaviours and the harm they are doing to us, everyone and everything that the incredibly inspiring choices Annette has shared may dare to make it in our papers.

  16. Loved your stories Annette, all of which are truly newsworthy, they would change how humanity go about their daily lives, and bring down companies that feed off an individual’s fear, and those that supply goods to only keep us feeling empty,

  17. HA!!! I love a boring story like this. Where can I find more? Is it not crazy that we might find these headlines not worthy of making the front page. My mind boggles at the notion that we have to outdo yesterday’s headline with something more shocking, more in your face, more crazy. I would hazard a guess and say that there are more people in this world ready and willing to read a simple story on the truth of a persons life without the sensationalist drama. I would even go so far as saying this would be an enormous relief for the majority who choose to read it. How many of us have felt how refreshing it is when you meet someone who is straight up themselves and ‘boring story’ free?

  18. There is so much to write about, newspapers are caught up in the illusion of life, that this is the reality we live in, yet what if it were to be different, what an amazing service journalists would/could bring to humanity if they actually printed the truth about things, with no twists, just plain old fashioned truth.

  19. These great news stories might be deemed not noteworthy in this day and age, but humanity are in fact calling out for true answers and not just fix it solutions; sooner or later, even the media will cotton on. But they need a radical rejig.

  20. It is a sad reality and a testimony of where we are at a as a society that hardly anybody would read these stories – or would they? It seems as illness and disease are spinning out of control, these kind of stories become more relevant by the day and it is good that they are being collected for those that want to hear them, as they are bringing great benefit to all of us.

  21. This is not a criticism of the author but more a general question. Why do we wait for someone else to print our story, if we truly feel it’s newsworthy? Some of these headlines in this article are actually newsworthy and I know many people would read those stories. We wait for what we consider the media to pick up these stories and somehow think they are not worthy if no one calls. More and more people are coming to the fact that our mainstream media has lost it’s way and with the internet like it is these days you can reach a wide audience in an instant. Maybe we should lead the way for media by writing for people ourselves.

  22. Very funny and very exposing. So, obviously the media thinks that we the public at large would buy the entertaining lies more than the boring truth. Is that where we are at?

  23. Perfect Annette, so many truths here, and your last one nails the corruption and vested interests of our media and those in power, after all what would you sell them then? And as for wearing appropriate clothes to keep warm, honestly my gran would be thrilled and so would many more, but that’s the point, it’s not news, it’s just common sense. And if that’s all that can be complained about it says it all really.

  24. Have you noticed the resistance of mass media to report on stories that reveal that you can definitely change your movements? This fact is only a reflection of the fact that people do not seriously consider this as an option or a priority. By and large, they want to hold on to what is familiar to them and not what is natural to them as well.

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