I wish Universal Medicine well

by Shelley Willis, WA, Australia

Hi – I would just like to say that I found the story on Today Tonight very interesting.  It bought light to the fact that these types of treatments do work and it is a shame the media always seem to put them in a bad light. I live in W.A. and did not know about Universal Medicine, but since the programme I am very interested in finding out more. I also do hands on healing and know it does work. So the negative comments made by the media did not distract me at all. I truly believe these therapies work and would much rather prefer this type of treatment than being medicated by a medical professional. I wish your business well and might be able to get to the east coast to enjoy learning some new skills in the future. All the best.

55 thoughts on “I wish Universal Medicine well

  1. There certainly is more to healing, health and well-being that we seem to be currently open to exploring and are that are complementary to the modalities that are officially streamlined to be made available to us. The complementary to medicine modalities of Universal Medicine are not about disregarding or excluding western medicine but rather to work together to bring a holistic approach to healing where we are aware of the active responsibility and power we innately hold in the healing process and sustaining great health and well-being.

  2. Thank you Shelley, it is always heart warming to know that there are people who are not swayed by what the media say, and are prepared to see beyond what is said or printed because they have their own experiences of certain aspects that were reported, you only have to go back to Egyptian times to know that hands on healing was considered a powerful healing.

  3. It is great to know that there are people out there who are far more open minded than the media, and understand that there is actually something very positive here.

  4. What I love about your comment Shelley is that it’s open and accepting and inquisitive to life, that’s a great way to approach life, always being opening to learning more and not being closed to new possibilities and new horizons.

  5. The beauty and power of hands on healing is truly something. When you add to it energetic integrity and the esoteric, hands on healing acquires a new dimension and also brings in another dimension: the Soul.

  6. When we allow ourselves to feel truth we cannot be swayed… it is about the willingness to let go of all those false beliefs and ideals that we can hold on to that get in the way of the one truth within our body and the universe.

  7. It is amazing to know that despite everything the media says, there are people like you, Shelley, who would not just buy the stories just because they say so but instead can feel the lies and are willing to find the truth beyond the lies.

  8. It shows how we are all waking up to the media in our own way. Some media outlets could hardly be classed as media anymore. People are seeing stories and far from turning away from what has been sensationised or airbrushed they are turning to. Unfortunately this isn’t the norm and while we all need to be collectively responsible for how we ‘report’ something the media are well on the way to a point that things are just blatant. With the world moving so fast few stop to find out the rest of the story and in this it allows the story teller more room to go further in the next report. The only way to stop this, to bring true media back is to take matters into our own hands. The next time you see something or are telling a version to another person, be aware of how you are sharing or reporting it. Have you bought a truly balanced view to the conversation or you telling a version for a self serving reason. You may think this to be a bit harsh, all that is being said is that we need to grow our understanding and not just live life from jumping to conclusions.

  9. Yes, Shelley, the least that can be offered is to leave it to people to decide for themselves whether they like to incorporate into their lives what Universal Medicine offers or not, but by painting a false picture, this is not possible.

  10. Great response Shelley, Universal Medicine offers us a great deal, and when the media deliberately set out to discredit Universal Medicine they should at least give them the same opportunity to reply.

  11. When we are open to feel the energy of anything that is said or reported we can feel whether it is the truth or a misrepresentation, deliberate or not.

  12. Thank you Shelley. The Esoteric Modalities are truly power-full in the support and love they offer. I cannot speak highly enough of them and recommend them as a part of your lifestyle. I have been receiving since my attendance to healing with Universal Medicine 11 years ago. My life is totally different now aspiring and inspiring to many who are in contact with me.

  13. Media produces all kind of reports on different things on offer to the public. They are generally backed by testing them first. Although is very unprofessional, it also generates news regarding something on offer without having had any experience whatsoever with it. The truth is that the media statements about Universal Medicine belong to the latter category. The comments do not match reality in any way, shape or form.

  14. I love that no matter how hard some reporting may try to present what they wish at the expense of many, there are some not so willing to be blindly fooled and can feel the truth through the lies. Sadly most do not and as a result are denied hearing of the benefits let alone the beauty that hundreds have received from the presentations and healings offered by Universal Medicine.

  15. This highlights how in some circumstances we can be swayed by the media or the opinion of others. But how important it is that we discern everything we hear and read and if someone is being criticised in the media without being given an equal voice then the media in the situations is actually doing a disservice to the community. Seeing through what they are siding with is very important to understand so we can make our own call.

  16. It’s pretty amazing that that story didn’t cloud your judgment Shelly. The media are the masters of manipulation, and I love how it didn’t work on you one bit!

  17. Its good to know and hear that we can and do discern what is being fed to us by the media and journalism, we need to do this much more and not accept being given anything less than the truth. This form of expression was originally there to inform others and should be transparent not used to make up lies, cause disharmony and disruption as well as separation which is what it currently does. Thank you for taking the time to write.

  18. “So the negative comments made by the media did not distract me at all.” great to hear from someone who doesn’t have years of experience of Universal Medicine behind them, that in spite of all the lies there is curiosity and that people are not put off. I wonder sometimes when the lies are so clearly lies whether this has an opposite effect, and people recognise that there could be a lot of truth to this. Thank you for expressing yourself.

  19. Lovely to know that not everyone is taken in by media bias and sensationalism in this world. It does occur to me that there are many who are not and perhaps a majority who take such reporting with a pinch of salt. I trust that one day we will see through this need for stimulation and the undue impact these unfair representations have on those who are the subjects of such broadcasts and choose to switch the TV off instead. Perhaps then, the media will be forced to reconsider its policy on how it delivers its products and use its power to support truth rather than lies.

  20. Your story Shelly is a great example of how powerful discernment truly is. By feeling what was presented in the article and reading between the lines you were able to know what is truth and what is not truth.

  21. Shelley, thank you for taking the time to write this blog. It is so easy for people to get sucked up into the emotional sensationalism of a story without stopping to consider if there may be a bias in what is being reported. Since you have written this blog a few years have past and in that time the number of people attending Universal Medicine presentations has grown continuously. More and more people are reporting significant improvements in their lives as a result. No one is feeling like they are in a cult or under any sort of pressure to do or give anything to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine yet there is widespread gratitude to Serge and his family for what they have presented and the inspiration they offer us all.

  22. Shelley it’s hugely faith-restoring to read such an open and supportive email from someone who has not even experienced Universal Medicine. I absolutely agree, hands on healing works and I’m hugely thankful to Universal Medicine for introducing it to me. It’s also inspired me that when something is wrong in the world it’s ok to reach out to support strangers. I hope we meet in person one day!

  23. Thank you Shelly for sharing your open heartedness, to feel the truth of Univerdsal Medicine, that was being mis represented by the media .

  24. This was really lovely of you to write… and deeply inspiring to read… for it is rare to find people who are not ignorant to media tactics and can not only feel the truth through the lies but who feel strongly and deeply enough to then act upon it.

  25. Universal Medicine and meeting Serge Benhayon is the best thing in my life.
    As well as for many others the Way of Livingness for me is now the way.
    Thank you Shelley for your sharing and I wish you well too.

  26. For me a wholistic approach works very well, I do this by taking responsibility for myself by seeing a doctor, and by addressing the issues and stresses I live with in Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions. This gives me a deeper understanding of what is impacting my body (trauma and emotion for example) and how I can let these things go, and make changes in my lifestyle and daily choices to support my health and wellbeing.

  27. Thank you Shelly for your openness, and expressing the truth of what you feel, and for your support of Universal Medicine, seeing through the misrepresentations.

  28. Thanks Shelly for your letter. Many people would have ben swayed by the story portrayed by the media. To me your letter shows you have a solid foundation of what is true in your body. Even to the point of wanting to know more. It’s well worth a look in, as you could see from this website, it has changed many people’s lives for the better.

  29. This is great to read Shelley as what you express shows that truth speaks. Great to know that the media’s depiction of Universal Medicine has not coloured everyone’s view, but instead inspired many to find our more.

  30. Thank you Shelley, it would seem that not all people are as easily manipulated as Today Tonight thinks they can be. It is encouraging that you would take the time to write and support. It really is disgraceful the way programs like this deliberately angle a story to damage a business and create sensation. Nobody needs this.

  31. Thank you Shelley your support of Universal Medicine is deeply felt and in time the truth about this amazing organisation will be bought to the media and public’s attention.

  32. Shelley it is lovely that you have made the effort to write in support of Universal Medicine, an organisation you say you have had no connection with, because you recognise that the media report was biased and unfair. Unfortunately many who saw the report would not have recognised the report was indeed biased and so will miss the opportunity to benefit from the healing modalities Universal Medicine offers.

  33. The personal stories behind the circumstances of how each one joined Universal Medicine are always fascinating for me to listen to. Some people went straight into it. Others took a more cautious road. What the press have done is to increase the cost of being a Universal Medicine student by labelling something it is not: a cult. The Universal Medicine spark is there shining in spite of it. What this contribution shows is that there are people out there that can feel it in spite of all the artificially created noise and darkness. Beautiful.

  34. Thank you Shelley. Not being swayed and sucked in by what the Media present is an art in itself as we get bombarded by news, stories, pictures, videos on a daily basis. We can easily be swept away by a story we read or hear even though it might not have any truth in it.

    1. Absolutely – I know I used to believe everything I read in the news or in papers. This recent experience has shown me that every story has to be discerned and much of what is written is simply not true.

  35. That’s amazing Shelley, that you could feel the truth in what was being offered by Universal Medicine, and not fall for the sensationalist nonsense. Thank you for speaking up!

    1. Absolutely, all the manure that has been poured over the work of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and anyone associated with the team cannot and will not diminish the excellent service that is offered to everyone who seeks Serge Benhayon out. And to be honest you do have to seek out Universal Medicine as it seems they do not advertise themselves but quietly go about their business of serving the community with absolute love and integrity.

  36. Shelly, even though Universal Medicine was misrepresented by the media, you were able to discern the truth of what this organization stands for, and what it presents. I feel it is important not to be influenced by the less than honest articles that appear in our press and on our television screens so frequently now a days.

  37. What the media didn’t say is that Universal Medicine advocates and encourages working with conventional medicine where it’s needed and can benefit the individual.

  38. I also agree with you Shelley Universal Medicine healing modalities are very effective for the purpose of true healing and true connection to self.

  39. Shelley Universal Medicine has presented that everything is energy and that energy can’t be changed, it is either from a source that supports us to be who we are in truth or it bamboozles us away. I feel that you were able to discern for yourself the truth of what was being presented and not be swayed by the spin that the media put on the story.

  40. Thanks Shelly, you have felt the essence of what Universal Medicine is, even the Media in their manipulated presentation couldn’t hide that. Great Comment.

  41. It is sad that so many people swallow the sensation seeking misrepresentations that are a common theme of so much in the media these days. It is important that we learn to feel the truth in what we hear and read and discern for ourselves what feels right. The presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine can be felt for the integrity of truth and love that they are.

  42. One of the first things I learnt from Serge when he was presenting is discern, discern and discern. And never assume what he says is right or correct, I was left to decide for myself if what he was saying made any sense to me at all. Well it did. Serge as I have said before is the first person that I have met in my 59 years that actually makes sense of the world we live in. I’m so glad that you were able to see through the lies that have been spread and then repeated about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The media is so negative about life in general they seem to want to suck all the joy out of life and leave us feeling depressed and miserable, just watch 5 minutes of any ‘soap’ drama and you will understand what I mean.

    1. Absolutely Mary, for me you’ve put it in a nutshell. From the very beginning the emphasis from Serge and Universal Medicine has always been to discern and feel everything that is being presented without the influence of our usual filters or old beliefs. And then for me, this allowing began a process of being able to discern and make sense of the world around me in a whole different way.
      Thankyou Shelley for your clear view of this obviously biased media story.

  43. We are all asked to discern everything for ourselves and not take anything for granted just because it is said, claimed, published etc.
    That is one of the first and foremost requests Serge Benhayon offers to everyone attending a course, session… – deeply respecting and supporting free will and responsibility. The media is doing quite the opposite.

  44. It is great that you are able to see through the sensationalised, manipulated stories the media put out. They take parts of facts, out of context, to stir up emotions, leaving out all the ‘boring’ details that make up the whole & the truth. All the boring stories about people now living joyful & vital lives since choosing to take self-responsibility, as inspired by Universal Medicine – who would want to hear about that?

  45. Thank you Shelley. It is great that you can see past all the negative and misleading press reports about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. The therapies that Universal Medicine offer are very powerful and certainly do work and would be an added bonus to the healing work that you already do.

  46. Thank you Shelley for your reply, it is great that you have been able to see past all the bad press about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

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