Letter to Editor of the SMH: Responsibility makes for ‘obvious economics’

by Zofia Sharman, UK

I work in the Recruitment industry covering the banking and finance sector. Each day in London’s City A.M. newspaper is a stream of news reporting the euro zone crisis, bank rate fixing, countries defaulting on debt, corruption in businesses and big industry chiefs’ theft and greed. This heavily impacts the field of employment and hiring opportunities, so I am naturally interested in how our world economy can be in such disarray, and moreover the knock-on effect, impact and pressures this has upon a worker’s physical frame, their health, mental state, well-being and overall ability to perform in their job and develop relationships at work (and at home).

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Taking responsibility for our bodies and our health

by Ariana Ray, Dip. Applied Social Studies, CQSW, P.T.A. Safeguarding Professional, Wales, UK

The recent articles on Serge Benhayon in the press are entirely missing the point. The point being – the way we live gives us our illness and disease. I worked as a professional trainer for the NHS when they promoted the ‘Don’t bottle it up campaign’. There is a known correlation between ‘bottling it up’, heart disease and cancer. The NHS promote healthy eating and exercise, giving up smoking, being ‘drink-aware’, even basic safety in the home. Why? Because the way you live gives you the disease you get.  Continue reading “Taking responsibility for our bodies and our health”

Letter to the Media: I am one of hundreds, is our story not worth telling?

by Vanessa Hawthorne, Child Psychotherapist, UK

The real story is one of ordinary people making extraordinary changes to their physical and emotional lives. I for one no longer suffer from asthma (a lifelong condition with an attack seeing me taken to hospital only 8 years ago), or hay fever or exhaustion and am three stone lighter. My personal life is good, I remain married to the man I was with when I met Serge 9 years ago, I have a great job, a beautiful daughter, and I share my home with my sister. So just from that snippet, my story is the antithesis of the ‘wrong doing’ these anonymous men accuse Serge Benhayon of. I am one of hundreds, is our story not worth telling? Continue reading “Letter to the Media: I am one of hundreds, is our story not worth telling?”

Where are the men?

by RMM, Australia

I saw the latest media mention of Serge Benhayon on A Current Affair and I was wondering: Where are the men? The TV show mentioned Serge and his 1,000 female followers, but there are about 40 men for every 100 women that are there as well. Didn’t the journalists see the men? If this is a cult where the women abandon their men to be with their ‘one idealised male’, then what are the men doing there? Are they doormats who will do anything to hang on to their women, or are they hyena-like, feeding on the leftovers that Serge makes available?

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My Husband Accepts my Loving Choices

by Marian Lowe, British Columbia, Canada

I am an ex-pat Australian living overseas. By today’s standards I would be considered a conventionally well-educated, well-adjusted, ‘average’ middle class person. I have been an ‘observer’ of Universal Medicine for many years. I have engaged with Serge’s presentations via audio and via the Universal Medicine website. I do not consider myself ‘a follower’ of any one individual’s way of life and this includes Serge. What I enjoy most about listening to Serge’s presentations is that they aren’t in any way prescriptive or imposing, rather, I find them to be very practical and insightful observations and inquiries. Much of what Serge discusses makes sense to me. Continue reading “My Husband Accepts my Loving Choices”

Letter to the SMH: Sophisticated attempt at sensationalism

by Rebecca Poole, Clayfield, Australia

I am a woman who is also a wife and a mother.  I work, change nappies, buy groceries, laugh, have fun, get tired, feel hurt, love my husband and occasionally clean the toilet. I am also one of the many beneficiaries of the courses and workshops held by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.  Your article “The Da Vinci mode”, published August 25 in the Good Weekend, purports to be an unbiased expose on Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine however in my view it is merely a sophisticated attempt at sensationalism whose intention is to alienate readers from the everyday hardworking decent people that attend Universal Medicine courses.

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Another good weekend at UniMed

This just published on the Universal Medicine website:

Today Serge will present his popular long running course Sacred Esoteric Healing Level One. Of the 130 people attending, 85 of them will be first time participants, a fairly standard if slightly higher than average figure for new enrolments. Mostly, they will be there because of word of mouth. It is a well-known fact that Universal Medicine has never had to actively advertise or promote its services. Why? Because when people make big changes to their lives and their general wellbeing other people tend to take notice and then naturally start to ask, “what are you doing?” The people who regularly attend Serge Benhayon’s workshops are a living advertisement for his work without even trying. They are the reason that this weekend at UniMed, it will be business as usual even in the face of the gross and misleading media attention of late that has been driven by the disgruntled few.

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