Universal Medicine: Practical applications in the workplace

Self-Care and the workplace

I have always been employed in professions working with and supporting people, one being a very large international chartered accountancy firm in the area of Human Resources. This position involved a lot of counselling and I had the true desire to support people, however I could feel I was getting exhausted and not taking care of myself. I was starting to feel I would burn out. In being honest, I could feel that the way I was in my work was not assisting others or myself – it was not sustainable.

Nothing within my training so far had talked about how I could support myself whilst supporting another. 

I started to look into organisations that provided training for therapies and found the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I was pleased to find practical and simple ways of understanding the importance of self-care in developing connection with myself and others – and I applied this to my workplace practices.

Observing and exploring totally simple things like eating, sleeping, how I felt in my body, how I expressed myself, what energy I was bringing to the workplace (my clients).  As I have felt inspired by the simple choices Serge makes in living a very healthy and loving life, the integrity, consistency and care that I now choose to live with daily has an effect on what I am delivering to clients. 

I now offer the support I always wanted to give others without feeling the drain I used to feel. 

I have always felt within myself that our thoughts, our actions, our choices on a daily basis all have an impact on our health and on others around us.   I have felt supported in this through the exceptionally high standard of ethics required by the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)*.

Universal Medicine is the only organisation I felt professionally ticked all the boxes and offered the same level of integrity I myself wanted to offer my clients.

by Katie Walls, Australia

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 


499 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: Practical applications in the workplace

  1. There is so much more to self-care than I’d ever considered. I used to equate self-care with self-indulgence, but it’s actually not that at all. Self-care to me is taking deep care and respect for everything that I do, every thought, every movement – to the best of my ability to remember to do so. It includes how I walk, how I express myself, how I relate to myself and others.

  2. There is no doubt Katie that self care is so important, in life and thus in the work place. By self caring we bring a quality of practice and presence to whatever job/task we undertake.

  3. Katie, I agree that throughout my university studies and most of my working life no one has mentioned about self care before I came across Universal Medicine. Instead I knew about long hours, overtime and ‘work hard, play hard’ but all the while it felt acceptable to work myself to exhaustion.

  4. Self care is amazing especially if you don’t take care of yourself, but the beautiful thing is that it is only the start. There are many deeper levels without limit to take it to beyond self care as you open the door to evolving yourself back to the truth of who you are.

  5. I recently completed a Diploma certificate for my work and had to write up and change a policy as part of the course. I found it very strange that the main point of focus for the workplace was, quality care, but there was no policy addressing self care anywhere, and so was curious as to if businesses actually do have this policy. I found it very difficult to source one from the internet and when I did find a couple, they were only focussed on posture and more OH & S issues, but nothing to do with simple self caring choices that you would actually incorporate into your whole life.

  6. Katie, I have also really enjoyed and benefitted from the simplicity and practicality of the Universal Medicine courses and workshops, ‘I was pleased to find practical and simple ways of understanding the importance of self-care in developing connection with myself and others’.

  7. “I have always felt within myself that our thoughts, our actions, our choices on a daily basis all have an impact on our health and on others around us’. This is such an important comment Katie. I have worked in the Human Services area and I realise now that I was quite ignorant to the level of energetic responsibility and integrity needed. Everything about the way we live impacts our clients and we do not just switch off what we are living the moment we enter a treatment room, office or even to do the shopping. Living this way is exhausting. The way we get up in the morning and go to bed at night and all the thoughts and movements in the day contribute to the life we live. Attending to our way of living with a deep degree of awareness and love makes the difference.

  8. It is easy is to deliver knowledge we have that serves others. It is much harder though to be in the livingness of that knowledge and deliver it (from there). Yet, when we compare the two scenarios, the latter is the one that truly serves you and others.

  9. Our work places as a whole would be a vastly different world if we all chose to take responsibility for the choices we make from when we wake to when we sleep, to be willing to be honest and observe if they are loving, respectful and honouring not only of ourselves but in consideration of all we are in a relationship with.

  10. The philosophy of the Ageless Wisdom is not something to be pondered upon in the confines of a dark study and left to the ruminations of those who engage in theocratic debate. It is, rather, to be lived in every way and in every practical application of human life. Only then can it truly be understood as to its true worth. As such, one discovers, that hope and faith have no part in a true relationship with divinity.

  11. The key word here is choices that make the difference between bringing what is needed in the workplace or choosing to be drained in the workplace. The teachings of Universal Medicine have been paramount in my profession as the unrealistic and driven product targets are unattainable when we make the choice to prove our worth, drive our work load and seek recognition. It is when we just get on with the job and make a commitment to bring more quality and be willing to offer more without waiting from the approval of others that true community building and productivity is lived.

  12. ” I now offer the support I always wanted to give others without feeling the drain I used to feel.” Can you imagine if all health care workers were able to say this, it would completely turn around patient care. Too many of our staff are walking around exhausted and drained which in truth can only harm the patients – true care starts with ourselves first and we need to be all we can be to serve others if not they get a broken, tired given up version.

  13. I had not come across self care until I came across Universal Medicine, I was brought up in working hard, helping others, putting others first, no rest, keep going. No wonder I was so exhausted when I came across Universal Medicine looking for another way.

  14. Honestly observing life, people and situations is amazing, it allows so much joy and freedom in the body. It’s taken a long time for the penny to drop with me so to speak to observe life and people, but boy it feels amazing. And something I will and am continually working on.

  15. It is so astonishing really that one of the fundamentals for living vital and healthy lives is to self care and nurture ourselves from the inside out and yet it is not something that is very often spoken about in today’s society. The beauty of self care is that through our simple daily living we can not only offer ourselves true support for life but we can also inspire others from these daily loving movements too. That is pretty cool.

  16. It’s true – we cannot support or care for another or others if we do not do this for ourselves first. I have spent years running around filling every one else needs – before looking after myself, my body and what is true for me. This is not selfish as many people believe it to be.

  17. It’s pretty astonishing how self care is only just starting to make its way into the realm of society and work places, and even then it’s often purely to tick an HR box and not truly about supporting staff and wider community. I’m even hearing that the medical industry is starting to wake up to the fact that Doctors are so over worked, riddled with depression and anxiety and are in desperate need of support, as suicide rates continue to soar. What’s taking us so long to opening our eyes to the devastation around us, and is it possible that there is another way, simply starting with appreciating we are worth taking care of before we take care of others?

  18. Self-care is hugely important in the work place, as it is the quality we live that is reflected in the quality we produce in the work place, and vice versa.

  19. These practical applications of self-care are super important in our daily lives. We are so used to preforming and delivering and are living at a very fast pace with the constant pressure of the more there is to do and achieve that the care for ourselves has been pushed to almost non existence. But our bodies are aching and breaking under these strains because we do not give them the care and attention they need.

  20. When someone who is inclined to offer support to people is not in the livingness of that which offers, the value of the offer is always lesser compared to when the person is living what is being talked about. This is important.

  21. Amazing how we are not taught the basics in life as children ie how to truly take care of ourselves – in fact we are more often than not taught the opposite.

  22. Caring for ourselves can often seem like a bit of an after-thought. A lot of the workplace education I have been exposed to has focused on us taking responsibility and making sure others are safe, and then as an add on they also say, ‘of course make sure you are adequately looked after too’. Isn’t this symptomatic of our world view? What if, as you show Katie, it’s the care and nurturing we give ourselves that is what everything is actually built on? If so, isn’t it vital we don’t ever settle for ‘just enough’ self-care, but keep evolving?

  23. There’s something in us that still likes to see the ‘important’ things in life as projects, tasks, deliverables and goals. When I do ‘X’ everything will be set. What we miss is that between step A and B is energy. And in this we choose the quality of thoughts we have, the way we move and things we say – this is what makes up our life, and brings about true change. Each single moment is a precious project of Love – which we have been sent to live. Let’s join up the dots, the way we view the world and ourselves, so we see we are one and all bound by universal laws. Thank you Katie for this blog.

  24. Self care is an on going unfoldment, it is everything from one’s own personal care, to one’s movement and interaction with others. How we eat and sleep, to how we interact and work with another. It is through self care do we build true relationships with others.

  25. The fact that we need to care for ourselves as practitioners first before we can extend this service to another/others is overlooked and one of the reasons why self care strategies frequently don’t deliver.

  26. It’s our simplest choices – what we think, how we are with ourselves and with others, what we allow and take on or say no to, what we eat, how we move, for example – that make the biggest difference to the quality of our lives and our health. It’s the sum total of our choices that produces what we feel in our bodies and where we are in our lives right now, which is empowering, because it’s never too late to change how we’re living, and so the quality of our lives and what we reflect to others.

  27. Caring and supporting ourselves first so that we can then support others makes perfect sense. We’ve strayed away from this as a society and there can be so much guilt in caring for yourself. As a parent I gave everything to my child first and I wasn’t even second, but further down the list. Nowadays, as I care for myself what I do offer not only my child but everyone around me, is so much more of me than what they previously got.

    1. Society tells us that if we do not put our children first then we are not doing the best for our children and yet how far from true is this? If we are not deeply caring for ourselves with our thoughts, our movements and our actions how are we able to truly care for another?

  28. How can this be in a society that we all say is intelligent and places importance on being educated, “Nothing within my training so far had talked about how I could support myself whilst supporting another. ” It’s great for us to learn and I love learning but if the learning comes at a cost to the body or the person then what quality of practitioner are we sending out to be a ‘treater’ of sick people. I am looking at people around me who are studying and they are under some serious pressure and having regular breakdowns during peaks periods. They are getting support from people around them but the educating body stands back and offers them nothing, well actually offers them more pressure. It can’t be this way and in fact doesn’t make sense. It would be like buying a new car that’s not new but instead has been worn out but you are told it’s new. It’s not even reconditioned it’s just new to you and you are told it’s new. We need to support people who then support people otherwise it would seem it’s the blind leading the blind.

  29. ‘I now offer the support I always wanted to give others without feeling the drain I used to feel. ‘
    That sentence makes me smile as for so long I lived in a way that was just supporting people. I thought I supported them I had better say. All my choices were never including me which meant I was living in a ill energy.
    If we do not include ourselves too it is never about love but getting something back from the other to fill our empty feelings.
    I smile as nowadays I know very well how to be there for others including being there for myself equally so. That means that I just do thing with are honoring to me and my body too.

  30. I like how Katie brings this article to integrity. For I feel this is something that many don’t honour in life today. It is lived in such a survival momentum that we have forgotten to bring our quality and integrity to our interactions in life. As I continue on my own life and live with my integrity as a solid foundation, I feel a great freedom. Not a freedom to do what ever I may want, but a freedom from complying to the lack of integrity that is lived in our world today.

  31. Self care should be a basic tool that is taught in schools and re-inforced in companies. We are very good at training for this or that but rarely, if ever, do we teach the importance of self care first.

  32. Its interesting how hard I still find it to stop and rest when I’m tired, this concept simply has not been in my remit of work hard, struggle, stay focused and just get it done. I can sense that I still feel guilty on some level when I stop to rest but I find the benefits are huge and often completely change the quality of my movements thereafter.

  33. When we ourselves are running on empty, burning out and feeling exhausted how can we possibly think we are supporting another?

  34. I have worked in the community services sector and often seen workers struggling almost as much as the clients they are supporting. To truly support another we need to have a livingness within us that inspires another way, that shows another what is possible.

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