Universal Medicine: Practical applications in the workplace

Self-Care and the workplace

I have always been employed in professions working with and supporting people, one being a very large international chartered accountancy firm in the area of Human Resources. This position involved a lot of counselling and I had the true desire to support people, however I could feel I was getting exhausted and not taking care of myself. I was starting to feel I would burn out. In being honest, I could feel that the way I was in my work was not assisting others or myself – it was not sustainable.

Nothing within my training so far had talked about how I could support myself whilst supporting another. 

I started to look into organisations that provided training for therapies and found the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I was pleased to find practical and simple ways of understanding the importance of self-care in developing connection with myself and others – and I applied this to my workplace practices.

Observing and exploring totally simple things like eating, sleeping, how I felt in my body, how I expressed myself, what energy I was bringing to the workplace (my clients).  As I have felt inspired by the simple choices Serge makes in living a very healthy and loving life, the integrity, consistency and care that I now choose to live with daily has an effect on what I am delivering to clients. 

I now offer the support I always wanted to give others without feeling the drain I used to feel. 

I have always felt within myself that our thoughts, our actions, our choices on a daily basis all have an impact on our health and on others around us.   I have felt supported in this through the exceptionally high standard of ethics required by the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)*.

Universal Medicine is the only organisation I felt professionally ticked all the boxes and offered the same level of integrity I myself wanted to offer my clients.

by Katie Walls, Australia

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is the internal accreditation arm of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 


530 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: Practical applications in the workplace

  1. At work it is normal to drink endless cups of tea and coffee particularly during meetings, work days often finish late sometimes for genuine reasons and sometimes because we want to ‘look good’ for management to show we are committed to our jobs. But what if commitment looked very different and it was the quality of the work we did that mattered and not the quantity. What if our first commitment was to ourselves, to nourish and nurture ourselves to the best of our ability so that we were then able to deliver without the drive? What would the workplace look like then?

  2. Katie I too work in the teaching profession where I got burnt out and actually left thinking I would never return. I am now back and enjoying my job more than ever because I have made self-care one of my top priorities, and can now offer support to others who may be feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

  3. ” Nothing within my training so far had talked about how I could support myself whilst supporting another. ”
    This is nearly true of all work situations , once one complies with whats needed at work , then the condition of the worker is not taken into regard or supported. Burn out is nearly part of life now , but thankfully universal medicine has brought truth to this condition and therefore does not need to come to pass.

  4. The inspiration on offer from the wisdom shared by Universal Medicine, is that the way we live is our medicine. We can learn and understand so much more from our bodies when we take a moment to listen and appreciates it’s conversations. When we see that no matter what or where we are in or lives it is the quality in which we move in makes a huge difference to how we are with people, in our workplace and with our families we begin to see that everything in our lives affects everything else and that is a key to how we live everyday.

  5. It makes sense right! What we eat, what we drink, how we think about ourselves and others, how we take care of ourselves, how and when we go to sleep will all affect us. Yet when I was looking to improve my health none of this was so simply and easily explained as Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine explain it and nothing is left out .. meaning all bases are covered AND Serge and Universal Medicine live what they present there is no do this but behind closed doors they live differently. It is truly truly refreshing to have this teaching and reflection and so needed as all change within the world first has to come from within ourselves and how we are living.

  6. ” I now offer the support I always wanted to give others without feeling the drain I used to feel”. This is so wonderful, for now your clients and who ever you meet will learn, to support someone is not “the giving” of your self , but the expression of your living self.

  7. Identifying the resources that truly work for humans is more difficult than selecting human resources. Yet, human resources have to identify and support what truly supports the working people.

  8. ” I could feel that the way I was in my work was not assisting others or myself – it was not sustainable.”
    This is so important Katie as life is not about being drained and feeling tired, life itself is self sustaining if lived from the truth of who we are, as lived and explained by Universal Medicine.

  9. I couldn’t agree more with what has been offered in this blog. I would not be able to support my staff in the way I do, if I was not educated about self-care, due to the workshops, sessions and retreats that are offered by Universal Medicine. It truly is a model that can be applied in every work place.

  10. If it weren’t for the practical and deeply loving inspiration from Universal Medicine I doubt I’d be enjoying my two jobs as much as I do with very little draining to my body. It’s not without it’s imperfections but before Universal Medicine I couldn’t even cope with 3 days a week nevermind 50/60 hours a week.

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