Universal Medicine: Discern for yourself

by Wendy K, Australia

I switched on my computer to check my mail and to my surprise, through a prominent newspaper, it was claimed that I was part of a cult. This has not been my experience with Serge Benhayon, any Esoteric Teaching or Universal Medicine. Serge has consistently asked us to DISCERN ALL TEACHINGS and at no time has anything been ‘expected’ of me as a student.

Justice, Fairness and Truth are all important to me, and none of what I read in the articles is just, fair or truthful.

I do not feel to defend false allegations or hearsay, yet I feel to share what my personal experience has been with Serge, Universal Medicine and the School of the Livingness.

I have known Serge since the early 1990’s and at all times have found him to be honest, caring and always of the highest integrity. I have observed Serge’s words, at times, being falsely reinterpreted even by students. This is not Serge’s doing, but us, as students, trying to ‘get it right’ rather than simply going to our heart and feeling what is the truth for us – to discern for ourselves, something Serge always urges us to do.

I have no hesitation in recommending Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, or the Study Workshops to all.


204 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: Discern for yourself

  1. It is an insult to me to read that Serge Benhayon is leader of a cult.
    I am a very awake and clever person in many ways, very aware of all that I do and who I meet. It is the resistance of some to the love that is offered on earth to show us the way.
    Serge Benhayon is the biggest gift the world can wish for and for sure all will realize that some day.

  2. I had never been to any presentation that the speaker repeatedly asked to openly be questioned about anything that was presented, then I met Segre Benhayon. Why would you question the truth?

  3. Discern for yourself is great advice, listening or reading packs of lies designed to keep you from discerning the truth, will keep one from the glorious truth that Universal Medicine are presenting.

  4. There is so much ‘fake news’ out there or information that is there to bamboozle us. To build a body that supports you to easily discern information is the best thing you can do. As our body is the marker of all truth, it can share with you what feels true or not. But you do have to clear the path in order to hear those messages.

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