Universal Medicine: Discern for yourself

by Wendy K, Australia

I switched on my computer to check my mail and to my surprise, through a prominent newspaper, it was claimed that I was part of a cult. This has not been my experience with Serge Benhayon, any Esoteric Teaching or Universal Medicine. Serge has consistently asked us to DISCERN ALL TEACHINGS and at no time has anything been ‘expected’ of me as a student.

Justice, Fairness and Truth are all important to me, and none of what I read in the articles is just, fair or truthful.

I do not feel to defend false allegations or hearsay, yet I feel to share what my personal experience has been with Serge, Universal Medicine and the School of the Livingness.

I have known Serge since the early 1990’s and at all times have found him to be honest, caring and always of the highest integrity. I have observed Serge’s words, at times, being falsely reinterpreted even by students. This is not Serge’s doing, but us, as students, trying to ‘get it right’ rather than simply going to our heart and feeling what is the truth for us – to discern for ourselves, something Serge always urges us to do.

I have no hesitation in recommending Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, or the Study Workshops to all.


197 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: Discern for yourself

  1. The truth can never be twisted but our perception of it can be in order to mask the fact that what we are living is not the truth that lives deep within us all. This gives us a clue as to why we as a humanity have given favour to sensation and lies when we all know they are not true. Put simply, we do not want our love-less behaviours exposed for then we would need to see the extent to which we have ‘sold out’ in order to live what is not true at great expense of living what is.

  2. Simple and to the point Wendy, I love how you have not been drawn in to defending or justifying here, even though the energy behind these allegations, being so incredibly left of field, is trying to create. If we do not want to know truth, if we do not want to see how we are living, if we do not want to see how our relationships are… then we will do everything in our power to prevent anything or anyone presenting the truth to be heard.

  3. To read these allegations about Serge Benhayon and the students of The Way of the Livingness was also shocking for me. How could they print such crazy lies while I have experienced so differently over years? And media did go on like that. Made me contemplate about what is written and told in ‘NEWS’ and how much of it is misinterpretation and crude lies to ‘get a story’. Yes, I was clear about that not all what has been written is truth, but now I feel the call to stand up and talk truth and call the ones who are lying to accountability. Sadly for me to see that it needed a personal bad experience to get my back up and I see how much I did not choose to be aware of our all connection and so that, what is done to my brother is done to me as well.

  4. I remember that very clearly when I started attending Universal Medicine presentations was Serge saying – discern EVERYTHING and that means what I say as well. I had never been anywhere or listened to anyone that said that. It as very impressive and a timely reminder that that is our key role, is to discern what is true and what is not.

  5. It is actually healthy for us to be discerning full stop and not only in regard to what Universal Medicine and all the media articles we read and hear about present us but it is important we are equally discerning in all that we do, see and feel in our everyday lives – in all our relationships, our workplaces, homes, everywhere.

  6. It’s quite something to open up a newspaper, webpage etc… only to find that unbeknownst to any student of Universal Medicine that we are supposedly in a cult! What an absolute load of putrefying rubbish! Nothing, and I seriously mean nothing, could be further from the truth. For me this reflects the woeful state of our media where complete lies with not the tiniest fraction of truth can become a story deemed newsworthy.

  7. I agree Wendy, there is no need to try to defend Serge or Universal Medicine. Serge stands for absolute truth and anyone and everyone is capable of recognising this if they choose to allow themselves to feel it.

  8. I too can remember Serge suggesting we always discern. Once he even said ‘have you stopped to feel where I am coming from today?’ Not that he wasn’t bringing his usual clarity, but the point was never to take it for granted, ever, whoever. Wise words. Definitely something to do with the media!

  9. When you have experiences like this and what you read is the complete opposite to what you know is true you start to doubt and question if other subjects that you read and hear about from the media is equally inaccurate. This is a real shame as the media have great power to bring much support, integrity and understanding of the world around us to our communities.

  10. It is very true. The only way the teachings of Wisdom by Serge are misinterpreted may be because some students are taking the teachings in a way into their lives that is not the reflection of what Serge presents at all. He never teaches separation in any form. He just offers us a way of living that is truthful to ourselves and in and by that in service to humanity and the way we do that is for ourselves to figure out.

  11. I have never gone to a workshop or course where the presenter has said ‘discern everything including me’ until meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. To me this is true love where the presenter, Serge Benhayon, has no investment about what others think of him but genuinely and deeply cares for others and the clarity and awareness they have so they can never be fooled in life. That’s quite something.

  12. I have never come across any kind of teaching that has at its core all the tools that help you to discern whether that teaching is true or not. A teacher, such as Serge Benhayon, who plays with open cards, so to speak and has nothing to hide for me is the ultimate teacher, as he is a student at the same time always open to learn more and develop himself further.

  13. As you point out, Serge Benhayon has always asked to discern what school or teaching anyone signs up for and he and Universal Medicine make no exception; the thing is, both pass with flying colours as far as I am concerned and no matter what labels are being pinned on them, I know that I have found what I’ve been looking for all my life and it ain’t outside of me.

  14. I have been attending courses and presentations by Serge Benhayon for the last 5 years and the most useful tool I have learnt is to discern, I no longer go by what I am told is truth but now have found the ability to discern through the connection of my body and feel what is truth or not in my heart.

  15. It certainly is a point that deserves to be made and I clearly heard Serge say a number of times to discern him every time he presents, and all presenters. It’s one of the first empowering tools I learnt being a student of Universal Medicine discerning the intention via the 6th sense clairsentience which we are all born with. This natural ability has reclaimed my life back!

  16. There is nothing here to believe in, it is only for us to discern what we feel in our bodies is our truth from what Serge presents. we have absolute freedom to do this. When I first heard Serge present my whole body knew this was the truth, my truth, and in that moment I knew I had come home, home to me.

  17. The point is very simple and is twofold, first, this is the antithesis of a cult and, second, the Unimed students would not be Unimed students; not the present ones, perhaps others looking for something different. Definitely, not us.

  18. It is the words of those who have first hand living experience such as yours that are far more important than those just looking to make a name for themselves through sensational stories not based on fact but drama. Sadly the undiscerning just blindly believe what is written but that does not make it truth.

  19. Try as some people in the media will, the truth presented by Serge Benhayon will always be, just that, unrefutable truth; there for us all to discern. Thank you Wendy for this wise and powerful message.

  20. It is an injustice to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine when students including myself take what has been presented back home and preach to others instead of lovingly applying the knowledge to living one’s life from our essence… love. I agree Wendy that it is not Serge’s or Universal Medicines doing but a choice made from self and not from the all. I find myself becoming more aware of when I go into this behaviour and also more aware of the choices I have made which I ignored that got me to that moment of realisation.

  21. Absolutely Wendy, with Serge Benhayon, there is nothing to believe or put faith in, rather it is a developing of a knowingness. Serge teaches that there is never any need to make a leap of faith, we either know or we can say that we don’t know, that’s fine but why choose to believe. Isn’t that simply giving our power away to something outside us?

  22. It is through our lack of discernment in our lives, as a humanity, that we are accepting existing in a tumultuous world of disparity, separation, supremacy, abuse, slavery and war. Yet we have on offer the way we can do this at our fingertips. At the heart of what Serge Benhayon presents is a call for discernment, of everything including what he presents. For if we all were willing to discern what is true and call out what is not true, surely we as a humanity would be living in a vastly different world today.

  23. Depends on your definition of cult. If you take the early 20th century definition before it was bastardised by the christian churches and used as a weapon against minority religions, it was actually a term that described just that – a group of people who had a religious viewpoint that was in the minority. That is it, and from that point of view Universal Medicine is a cult – no problems – but certainly not a cult to fear as has been construed by the media.

  24. As long as we stand up to the truth that’s all that matters, does not matter what others say or the media says. One day the lies will be exposed and the truth will stand strong. There are too many people enjoying the rides of lies.

  25. Wendy your words would be the same for many of the student body, we are here studying with Serge Benhayon because of the incredible human being he is and the way he lives – with truth, love, integrity, and the way he truly cares for humanity in every moment. What Serge is sharing and how this is changing lives is amazing, yet the newspapers and media reduced him to a villainous character based on lies to use sensationalism to sell papers. The public is missing out on the truth, and we need the truth Serge is offering.

  26. Well said Wendy, there is nothing to defend and only the truth to stand by. I too have known Serge Benhayon for many years, over 16, and have only known him to conduct himself with the utmost integrity.
    As for being a cult and Serge a cult leader, in the context it has been reported… well nothing could be more ridiculous.

  27. The first presentation I ever attended by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, required me to feel into the truth of what was being presented and to discern for myself.

  28. Revisiting your blog Wendy I am again struck by the fact you have not felt the need to defend Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine and it’s teachings and presentations, but merely to state the truth of your own experience. It is such a temptation to go in to bat for those we feel have been wronged in some way, justifying and trying to convince, rather than simply standing firm and stating the truth as we know it.

  29. You give a clear example how there is no need to engage with the lies and corruption that are going on in the world, but instead living the truth that we know, unwaveringly so.

  30. I remember the first presentation I went to where Serge Benhayon was presenting and he said – make sure you discern everything I say and then he described and taught us how to discern and know in ourselves what is true. What cult leader does that?!

  31. For nearly 5 years now we have seen all manner of things written and said about this topic and about Universal Medicine. One wonders what will come next and it’s not that that’s important but interesting to know what we believe and run with these days over what the actually facts are. At times I still get caught walking away with what someone has told me without taking the time to listen and bringing understanding to what is being shared. If we truly want to see understanding in the world then this is something we need to bring first. I have no need to share what Universal Medicine is to me, only to say that I don’t believe what I read or hear from one person or even a group of people no matter what is being said. I do my best to look at it all and hear everything I can and then if I’m still not understanding then I take my questions to the source. To jump at the first sign of a highlighted word or two has always run me up the wrong road but that’s for you to decide.

  32. A beautiful and very honest portrayal of Serge and indeed the Universal Medicine student body. There is no expectation of a student only those they may put on themselves and always there is an integrity and consistency in Serge how he lives and how he presents and always it is left to you to feel for yourself.

  33. Absolutely what is true is true, It is up to us to discern as students and what feels true for us. I as a student of The Way of The Livingness will stand up and share the truth of my experience and how the workshops and presentations, healing modalities have supported my life and my families.

  34. All what Serge brings is just heaven and the only reason why some talk in lies about him is because they all feel the truth he brings and see that they loose their identification and have to let go of comfort if opening up to that love. So if not ready the best weapon against that truth is attacking it.

  35. Anyone who truly knows Serge Benhayon will relate fully to what you share here Wendy K. And it is great advice for us all to discern what we hear about others, particularly what is written in our press.

  36. It’s hilarious but ridiculously shocking to be told by a journalist with an ulterior motive you are now in a cult, when you know you are not. Possibly worse is to have that label applied by cyber trolls who have never met you, but think they know you. No matter how much they say I am part of a cult, they are not speaking anywhere near the truth.

  37. How can anyone possibly tell you you’re in a cult? Unless they are following you, and they know you inside out and every choice and thought you make. Being told by a newspaper that you’re in a cult is simply ridiculous – it’s time we stopped buying these newspapers that make crazy stories up to sell their newspapers and demand the truth.

  38. The absolute beauty of what Serge Benhayon presents does not require anyone to be persuaded as it speaks loud and clear to our inner-most heart. The question then simply becomes how much do we want to live from our inner most heart.

  39. I find it extremely bizarre that someone could be accused of being a cult-leader when the very thing they are presenting basically says ‘listen to YOUR inner-most’, not theirs. They are not even asking us to believe in what they are saying.

  40. The only reason why I decided to open myself for the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine was and has been until today that DISCERNING ALL TEACHINGS, the quality and presence of every person etc is a key element of everything that is happening with UM and Serge Benhayon. Discernment is the first thing presented and never abandoned thereafter.

  41. I agree Serge Benhayon has the most incredible integrity and responsibility towards humanity and lays the foundation for others if they choose to also live with integrity and responsibility to humanity.

  42. If there is one person to meet in this life time my recommendation is Serge Benhayon who is an everyday man offering by current world attitudes extraordinary insights into what is truly going on with how humanity is choosing to live.

  43. ” Discern for yourself ” this is the best advice any parent or friend can give one. One cannot discern by reading propaganda , lies , and untruths. Sadly these days what is in the papers and the news and profit based media cannot be trusted. This can be seen by many stories as they have unfolded to be false , but at the time these false stories were head line news. The ” story ” about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is one such story a false head line about a lovely man and my friend.

  44. It is true what you have stated Wendy, Serge has always advised us to discern everything, even him. And having been around Serge Benhayon and his family now for at least eleven years, I can honestly say I have never met anyone with the same level of integrity and commitment to humanity.

  45. Discerning for ourself and then stand up for one’s own truth is what is very much needed in this world as with that we start to take responsibility and stop blaming things on something/someone else.

  46. Truth and cults do not mix. They represent two polar set of qualities. One that is deeply honouring, spacious, beautiful, and that resounds deeply to the point that there is nothing that fights it. Cults, on the other hand, are part of the underworld. They attract and are able to retain people who are deeply unsettled in the body. Each of us has the same fundamental right to associate ourselves with organizations that stand for truth or that represent the underworld. And, we exercise this right. How we exercise it may not be of the like of everybody but that is irrelevant. What is clear is that no one has the right to challenge you exercising your rights.

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