Letter to Byron Kaye (Medical Observer)

by Anne McRitchie (Barnes), Australia

I was informed that this letter to the Medical Observer was submitted to the journalist Byron Kaye before they printed outright lies about Serge Benhayon’s position on medicine.                       

I am aware of the allegations against Universal Medicine and quite frankly I am in absolute disbelief as my personal experience has been quite the opposite of all that is being said.

I first came across UniMed and the work of Serge Benhayon eight years ago. At that time I had been through several life threatening illnesses and was suffering undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder after the Thredbo landslide, which occurred across the road from where I was then living. I knew that there had to be another way to live that was more loving and joy-full, and that I was so far away from that despite all my worldly successes and the thrills of my recreational sports.

My Medical Conditions

To expand a little on my conditions: I experienced relatively little illness until I reached 50 when I was diagnosed with cancer, and underwent a radical hysterectomy and had the lymph nodes in my right groin removed as they were matted with cancer. I was told that I had a 25% chance of living for more than 2 years even after undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Having served on a university council for many years I was used to reading research documents, so I studied all that I could find on cancer and came to understand it on the physiological level (refer Otto Warburg’s research, which was largely ignored despite Warburg being awarded a Nobel prize in 1931 for his research). I changed many aspects of my life-style and have been cancer free ever since.

 Four years later I collapsed with tachycardia while skiing in Italy and was diagnosed with sick sinus syndrome. Shortly after returning home to Thredbo, the village experienced a landslide and I was at the site soon after it happened. I lost 17 friends in one night. A few months later my heart deteriorated and I had a pace maker fitted.

The following year I collapsed again and this time was clinically dead for over 10 minutes. I was hospitalised, my pacemaker was removed and replaced with a pacemaker/defibrillator.

During this time I was also dealing with a number of family issues including the death of both parents, a family member becoming a paraplegic as the result of an accident, a family member with drug addiction, another with a gambling addiction, a husband who wrote-off two cars in the space of 2 years, and a major fire on our 240-acre property. Needless to say, this all left me a little traumatised!

Three years later I was hospitalised in Canada with strep C blood infection (streptococcus dysgalactiae equisimilis) and was in the intensive care ward for ten days and close to death for most of that time. I was also diagnosed with infective endocarditis and polyseptic arthritis. The doctors advised that I may not walk again as my left knee had been badly infected, and that I had vegetations on my mitral valve. After a 12-week hospitalisation I was allowed to travel home in a wheel chair (and a plane!).

In 2004 I had surgery to replace my mitral valve and the echocardiogram also showed a moderate to severe tricuspid regurgitation. In the following years I had several hospitalisations with atrial flutter which were corrected by cardioversion and for which I later had an ablation. In 2011 I was hospitalised for 4 days with mycoplasma pneumonia from which I made a rapid recovery.

When in 2005 I heard of a lecture that mentioned ‘heart’ in the title I was understandably drawn to attend. Everything that was said at the workshop made sense to me. Here at last was someone who was not afraid to say truth. I have been attending UniMed events ever since and my life has changed dramatically for the better, thanks both to the support I have received from Serge and UniMed team and my own commitment to living in a way that is more loving and heart-connected.

My experience of Universal Medicine:

1. The first consistent message I heard from Serge’s lectures was to always discern everything that he said and to feel for myself if it were true. We were shown a way of doing this by connecting to our heart. As I had been reading research from the HeartMath Institute in California just before I discovered Universal Medicine, and I had heard about the heart’s capacity to think, I was very open to hearing that the heart may also have a ‘brain’ which we can connect to (Note 1 below).

2. Secondly, in eight years of hearing Serge present, I have never heard Serge tell anyone what to do including what to eat or drink and there are many students worldwide who will stand up and say the same thing. His consistent message has always been to feel for ourselves.

After researching cancer, I became very aware of the effects that coffee and alcohol had in my body and I minimised them in my diet until even a little of either was felt as a reaction and I cut them out completely. After my valve replacement I monitored my body regularly and became aware that I was having a reaction to gluten and dairy. I cut these from my diet long before Serge made any mention of them. So when Serge suggested that we become more aware of what we ingest I had already experienced exactly what he was saying.

Further to the above and in relation to the recent allegations in the press against UniMed, I have become increasingly surprised at the number of people at UniMed events who re-interpreted what is being said depending on where they are at and what they want to hear. This re-interpretation is then magnified even further away from the truth by family members or partners who often feel uncomfortable when a person in the family starts to adopt a more loving lifestyle. It is often easier for the person to justify the changes in their life by saying “Serge said…”, when in fact it was not at all what Serge said!

3. From hearing Serge present I now have a new respect for doctors! After having read all I could on cancer, I developed a healthy disrespect for conventional medicine. I was disgusted at the useful research that was disregarded in treatment if there were no money in it for the pharmaceutical companies. Hence I was quite surprised when I heard Serge say that he was pro-medicine, a message he has repeated many times and which I have personally experienced on several occasions.

For example, in April this year I had a mild stroke at a UniMed event and immediately went to ask Serge about it. As it happened Serge was standing next to a GP who was also attending the event. Serge’s first action was to ask the GP to give me a check-over. The GP advised that I go to hospital and Serge agreed. Also with other people, I have found Serge to be very pro-medicine and to encourage people to see their doctor or have an operation if it is needed. There are many people from all sides of the medical profession who attend UniMed events and who can attest to Serge’s support for what they do.

4. I have never heard Serge say that UniMed modalities are ‘superior’ to western medicine. UniMed modalities are presented as being complementary with conventional medicine. For example there are certain techniques that can support people going through chemotherapy.

For a number of years Serge has been treating severely sick patients free of charge to support them in whatever conventional treatment they are receiving, including providing free accommodation. I have experienced Serge’s support and generosity on at least 2 occasions, the latest being late last year. After I was hospitalised with pneumonia Serge made time to see me the morning after I left hospital and gave me a session to help clear my lungs, free of charge. I made a rapid recovery from then on, thanks to both my hospital doctors (thank you Sam!) and to Serge.

5. I have never heard Serge advise “no exercise’. This sounds like a re-interpretation of his message about being gentle with one’s body and feeling into what it is loving for the body to do. Walking every day is highly recommended, as is swimming.

To someone like me who was in such disregard that they took-up paragliding at 50 and injured their back, this was not only welcome but sound advice. For someone who crewed in a Sydney-Hobart yacht race in the late 60s, wore a safety harness so as not to be washed overboard, carried a knife for emergencies, spent part of the time managing sea-sickness and diarrhoea at the same time, and celebrated a safe arrival in Hobart with rum and coke – re-evaluating my relationship with my body and how I used it was most relevant and helpful. While I still exercise and earlier this year skied black runs in Canada, I am now more aware to listen to my body and only do what is needed rather than pushing to the stage were the body suffers.

As a result my body is recovering from past abuse. Next year I turn 70, but I feel fitter, healthier and happier now than I did when I was 50. I live more lovingly with myself and with others. There is now more harmony in my marriage (I was married for the first time at 61!) and I am surrounded by loving friends.

Note 1: “In recent years, neuroscientist Dr. J. A. Armour made the exciting discovery that the heart has its own intrinsic brain and nervous system. This has helped to explain what physiologists at the Fels Research Institute found in the 1970s — that the brain (in the head) was dutifully obeying messages being sent from ”the brain in the heart.” Doc Childre and colleagues at the Institute of HeartMath take these discoveries even further. HeartMath researchers have established the heart’s capacity to ”think for itself.” Their aim was to determine how the heart formulates logic and influences behavior (for references, see HeartMath Bibliography.)”.



113 thoughts on “Letter to Byron Kaye (Medical Observer)

  1. One day literally everyone will know the truth of what Universal Medicine present and they will also have no doubt about the depths of the lies that irresponsible journalists have and continue to spread without a care for what they do.

  2. My feeling is that if I allow the brain in my heart to live how it knows to live, I will easily choose to love and care for myself and take responsibility for the level of integrity I innately know is the back bone of my essence and have no qualms about being the person such a living way will produce.

  3. What you share here defies everything we associate with ageing. It’s a real shame that not everyone is allowing themselves to be inspired by what can so obviously be seen and felt. They must know it is true.

  4. Since I have studied with Universal Medicine I became much more open to using medicines and working together with doctors.
    I love it now to work together with the esoteric depth of my body and with Esoteric Medicine and Western Medicine. Together they have brought me much healing.

  5. Anne thank you for sharing your experience, I too have had first hand experience of Serge Benhayon and his support for conventional medicine, and have had conversations with him about certain medical conditions all of which he has supported and reminded me to feel deeply for myself and then openly discuss how I feel with my GP or specialist.

  6. Amazing sharing Anne – totally turning upside down what the journalists have been saying as rubbish about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine! Thank you so much for putting the record straight – for there is so much beauty, healing, support and true role modeling coming from this amazing man, Serge, that for anyone to write these things in the press, shows me they have not really done their research and are printing complete falsities.

  7. Your story alone provides ample scope for an astute journalist to write extensively about – but what if it is not the current flavour, but what if it doesn’t suit the prevailing paradigm and what if there is no money or fame in it and what if it is our lifestyle choices that make us sick, predominantly? Too hard to stomach maybe? Or too much responsibility to carry?

  8. Normally journalists are requested to present both sides of a story. It is interesting that the journalist here not even pretended for even handedness – and that in a specialist medical newsletter…

  9. I wonder why this testimony wasn’t used by the journalist Byron Kaye as it brings a direct lived experience of Serge’s work… Was the truth really sought when something that clearly brings light to the subject is not considered?

  10. Wonderful clear points raised Anne. The nonsense that gets written by journalists who just want to fill space with a sensational story regardless of the validity of its content is astonishing.
    The fact is that Serge Benhayon’s care and support has benefited thousands of people directly and loads more indirectly. If any journalist wishes to write something true about Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine, they have rich pickings. For starters they could run with any one of the points raised in this article.

  11. There is so much known about the capacity, capability and intelligence of the heart and yet we hold onto the brain to being our only saviour of all things in life. How long will it still take us until we understand and abide to the power of our heart and the body as a whole?

  12. I can relate to living a lifestyle that was making me very unwell and trying all sorts of supporting health modalities to at best ‘manage’ what my body was clearly telling me was enough. Serge Benhayon’s presentations on listening and honouring our body’s messages made so much sense to me I chose to try them out. The turn around in my well-being was remarkable and now 9 years later I can say not only sustainable but also continuing to feel more vital than ever. For me all it required was a willingness to be open that there must be another way than the life style paths that are presented as normal and familiar and the majority of humanity follow.

      1. Super strange. Over the years some of the people who were uncomfortable with the choices I’ve been making are starting to realise their health is not so great and now choosing similar changes to support well-being.

  13. Anne, as someone with a medical history like you have had and the obvious support that you had from western medicine I am not surprised that you wanted to work with Universal Medicine, which is complementary to medicine. The two go hand in glove and truly support our wellbeing.

  14. Wow Anne, this is truly remarkable. What a life you have lived, on ‘death’s door’ numerous times and not only still with us at now 75 years, but with a vitality and lightness to your body and being that would put most 30 year olds to shame! I can see why a story such as yours would be ignored by a journalist who it would seem already had an agenda to print lies, as everything you have shared shows us how simple and life changing it is when we make the choice to live heart based over head based. That is, when we begin to move according to what we feel first and foremost over what we think. From personal experience, and with enormous gratitude to the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, by putting this movement into action, I have noticed that I no longer am plagued by negative and poisonous thoughts and should one ever creep in, it is always immediately detected as not being in keeping with the love that is now my established norm. This has been truly life changing.

  15. One of the worst things ‘respectable’ people can do is to use that respectability to manipulate others. People tend to believe in them so why should they do otherwise with the info that is deliberately trying to construct an image that is not true? Effectivity aside, deception runs high.

  16. Says it all… how a letter such as Anne McRitchie’s that has the potential to offer so much is ignored and abandoned in favour of sensationalism… a reflection of what is going on within us and our need to keep us further away from truth!

  17. It takes a long time for people to accept anything new, and so at times they feel so threatened by it that they attack it as what they consider is the best line of defence. The way that Serge Benhayon and the students of Universal Medicine respond to the attacks upon them reveals that it is far from the best way. Serge never passes judgement on anyone, always speaks truth, presents the facts without being partisan, and never attacks back because he is connected to his essence, lives from his inner heart, knows himself intimately, and is completely transparent. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to lose, and that leaves space for Love to grow and fill it, and then no attack can harm, for Love is more powerful than anything else.

  18. I love that science is catching up to what ancient wisdom has always known of the intelligence of the heart… for at some point the wisdom of the past and those who present it will be deeply respected and appreciated rather than ridiculed or attacked.

  19. Traditional medicine has a lot to offer, but as this case clearly shows, it has not all the answers and sometimes it does not provide the best one either. It is not about promising undivided loyalty to medicine until death splits us apart and just sticking to it if does not have the answer. Every person has the right to try out other possibilities. What is the problem of trying one that does not stand against medicine? I see none. If anything, this would bring appreciation from the medical profession that thanks to these complementary ways, the person remains alive and well.

  20. So Byron Kaye got his 5 minutes of fame and recognition, meanwhile causing unnecessary havoc via the printing of lies and innuendo. 4 years on it is interesting to look back at those times, at the hysteria caused by the media, and see it for what it was. It certainly gave me an inside view into the world of media that I had previously never considered.

    1. It is interesting indeed how much our world has declined to seeking our 5 minutes of fame through what means ever, totally neglecting to see that this happens at great expense to others, which ultimately includes ourselves when the ripple effect of our deeds returns to us.

  21. I agree Anne, what Serge Benhayon has been accused of is the exact opposite of the man he actually is and has been consistently witnessed to be by many many people for over a decade, and the Benhayon family have grown up and blossomed in his reflection as have we all, which just could not happen if those lies were true. Its just nonsense by those who do not want to take that level of responsibility yet, which of course is their right, but not the right to slander.

  22. Great to read such first hand experiences from someone who knows (and had to use 😉 ) Western Medicine and Universal Medicine quite frequently. Sounds as though you know what you are talking about Anne. Can’t say this about Byron Kaye and what was in the Medical Observer. A shame that he did not interview you and more like you, who have personal experiences.

  23. Anne, what an amazing healing journey you have had, thank you for sharing. If Esoteric Medicine and Conventional Medicine are applied together then miracles can occur, and you are a stunning example of a living miracle and an amazing reflection to us all of what can occur if self-loving choices are made on a daily basis.

  24. Anne this blog is spot on, my experience of Serge Benhayon is that he is very pro medicine too, and despite his immense understanding of the causes of illness and diseases, numerous times I’ve seen him advise people to seek out medical answers first and foremost.

  25. One of the truisms about journalism is that all the writing sounds very impressive until you read an article about something you are an expert on.
    These dealings with the Medical Observer go several steps further, how a publication can wilfully write the untruth when being fully aware that what they write is not true. It is quite a shock to see this for the first time outside the tabloid space.

    1. And we are held in the belief that journalism is an art of integrity and truth and high morality so we take that what is written by word as truth or at least truthful.

  26. Anne it’s quite extraordinary all that you have been through and to now feel younger than you did prior to when all those events occurred. It’s an indictment on the quality of our media and the slants they can take to miss out on the opportunity of your very extraordinary experiences and where you are at now. It’s a great loss to the community that your story is not front page.

  27. An adventure packed life Anne, and I totally agree with the testament you have presented on Serge Benhayon

  28. Wow…all that you have been through. Thank you for sharing…this should be front page news, more people need to know their is another way and it starts with our choices…… what an inspiration you are.

  29. Hi Anne, it’s truly amazing that you who wrote this blog are the same person who organised and directed the ‘Joy of Ageing Esoterically’ Photo Shoot ‘ a couple of weeks ago. If I hadn’t of read this blog would never have guessed that you were the same person.

  30. Anne you are a glowing testament to what taking responsibility for our part in all of our body’s conditions – with western medicine and complementary medicine added to the mix we have an inspiring account of a life being lived with a joy and vitality that probably could not have been imagined a few short years ago – thank you for this sharing – it’s a shame that it wasn’t shared with a wider audience.

  31. Byron Kaye on his facebook page put a photo of a couple as the latest photo of his. It was a clever joke as this was a couple that threatened to divorce if same-sex marriage became legal in Australia as marriage would then have become meaningless – you had to look up the photo on google images to understand this.
    However, I felt the joke was on him – these facebook actions could also be interpreted as those of a person who may not be entirely sure who they are and who would take on any identity.

  32. Anne it is clear from your experiences and need of the medical system over the years that you would never align to anyone who was not pro-medicine… and so it is awesome that your story exposes that what Byron Kaye told the world, was nothing but lies. The truth needs to be told and clearly this isn’t going to come from the journalists.

  33. This is absolutely inspiring Anne and is an absolute example of the power of change possible in our lives when we take responsibility for our choices and begin to take more care of our bodies. The awesome part is is that yours is not an isolated story or case, but one that is in fact now being experienced by many, and inspired by the teachings and presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  34. When there are stories such as this should this not be front page news in a medical journal!? I’ve never read anything like it before but it really does show what is possible when Esoteric and Conventional medicine and our own responsibility in our lifestyle choices work together.

    1. Definitely agree Leigh. Anne has provided such a great example of someone having multiple serious medical conditions during her lifetime and yet now is feeling fantastic. Conventional medicine has done their bit but without the additional support of esoteric medicine I doubt her current commitment to life would be as active and vibrant. Well done Anne – you offer a lot of inspiration to people everywhere, both within and outside the Universal Medicine spheres of life.

    1. Correct Adam, exploring the deliberate extent of harm that this article intends, and the complete failure of any form of journalistic ethics, code of conduct or plain integrity, could be a story in its own right.

  35. Anne your story is a powerful testament to the power of taking true responsibility in our lives. As stated by so many what Byron Kaye wrote is such a misrepresentation of the truth, it is clear that the tone and direction of his article was decided long before it was printed. Yet again the truth is the casualty here.

  36. It is obvious when you read the plethora of letters that were sent to Byron Kaye pointing out the obvious glaring flaws in his articles that there was obviously an biased agenda that he has not been willing to come clean about.

  37. Wow Anne what you have experienced with illness in your life is quite extraordinary. It is deeply inspiring to read how you have turned your life around with the support of Universal Medicine and now feel better in your 70’s then you did in your 50’s – you are a living miracle!

  38. It is difficult to ask for someone with such a close relationship with illness to talk with more authority on the amazing effects of following Universal Medicine’s teachings and advices. Thank you Anne!

  39. It’s absolutely staggering that despite having all the information you provided in your letter Anne that the Medical Observer would instead choose to print lies. Choosing instead to report the truth would have been a major step towards assisting humanity to recognise that our health and wellbeing is ultimately our responsibility.

  40. Wow Anne, knowing you today as the vibrant woman that you are I was surprised to read all that you have experienced health wise. You have clearly been open to working with what has presented and maximizing the healing opportunity. I too experience the same when attending my first presentation by Serge Benhayon that finally I had found someone whom to me I felt truth being expressed in every word and a man that was to say it as it is, no matter how unpopular this makes him. Throughout history there have always been people that have taken action to suppress truth. Fortunately there are always people that will continue to express truth no matter what and Serge Benhayon is such a person.

  41. Dear Anne thank you for sharing your story. No matter where we are at or how old we are we can always make different choices, choices that are more loving and true to ourself. Choices that turn our lives around. Thank you Serge Benhayon for showing us that there is another way.

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