Journalism a Forgotten Art

There was a time in history …  and not so long ago when the printed newspaper stood for something unique and virtuous, something steeped in integrity, a medium that carried real merit through the hard work and talent of dedicated people genuinely seeking to accountably report the truth in the most objective way possible and wherever necessary expose the lies – a truly grand and noble service to the public.

So where have those ‘Times’ gone?

Perhaps the slander and lies like those found in various articles of late, making blatantly false allegations about Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine are rooted in the bitterness that the modern newspaper has long reached its zenith and is now on the steady decline leaving a desperation so charged that it has turned reporters into scurrilous fabricators of the pen.

What I do know is that we have somehow come to generally understand the rubbish in our media (TV, internet, magazines, blogs and so on) as normal and acceptable mainstays of life and something that we have no control over or say over because it’s just the out-of-control Internet. I heard someone even mention the other day that the article on Serge Benhayon wasn’t so bad because it was only on the Internet and had not yet gone to print!

Do words have less meaning if they are on the Internet? Does their meaning change, carry less weight, not affect people as much, attack at their fears and vulnerabilities less if it is written online?

The real story here is that we have lost integrity in word. And we have lost integrity in word because we have lost connection to who we are.

And how incredibly ironic, that the attacks squared at Serge Benhayon, an extraordinary man if you have the privilege to research him or get to know him, are against a one (and not ‘the one’) who has dedicated the latter part of his life to living that integrity in word and beyond. Without exception, all Universal Medicine modalities offered and taught including esoteric chakra-puncture, esoteric breast massage, esoteric body work and true movement are born of this same absolute integrity and commitment to truth.

Is not our health in question when we question the one man that seeks to highlight the fact that our health is in question? How extraordinary.

by Dean Pirera, Australia

573 thoughts on “Journalism a Forgotten Art

  1. Isn’t journalism and the media simply a reflection of what we have all accepted and chosen for ourselves because we have settled for living lesser than the truth and integrity of who we know we are within.

  2. Reading this just made me realise how I would taint words with my little agenda. I would select words to manipulate the way I would be received by others – I might want to impress them, make them laugh, like me, think that I am clever etc. and in that sometimes my story gets decorated to sound bigger and more important, and I am definitely very attached to ‘my’ story, rather than as an expression of simple truth. I can smell a similar whiff in this as the sensationalized stories that we would read on newspapers/internet.

  3. Journalists did once provide an amazing service, reporting facts back to the public often in dangerous situations, however now with newspapers and magazines competing with one another it feels like everyone is in a rush to get the latest scoop without actually getting all the facts, and because of this the media no longer bring the same quality or integrity they once did.

  4. Dean, thank you for this short, poignant blog on journalism that highlights the fact that our society is not seeking truth and instead chooses to use a profession and tool for integrity (journalism) as a means to slander and sling mud. We must be honest in saying that our standard for what is acceptable and what is not acceptable has dropped tremendously and there is much work to be done to recover our true standard.

  5. True journalism versus false journalism – the real question is what are we asking for and allowing as a society?

  6. There is a lot to be said about present day journalism. I see journalism nowadays as a threatened animal, about to become extinct. People who are about to lose their job, or companies that are about to go bankrupt, can do crazy things when in survival mode. They would do about anything. Like printing lies. Anything that makes money or will get recognition.

  7. I wonder is journalism a forgotten art or simply one that has been allowed to slide into oblivion by us, the ordinary people allowing the media to be owned and controlled by a few power hungry and greedy press barons who corrupt all who work in their organisations.

      1. Yes great point Steve, we have to look at our role in all this and ultimately we are the ones responsible because if we demand lies, we can hardly blame the media for delivering our wishes back to us on a plate.

  8. The grip of lies upon the world is vast and deep and is only equal to the extent of the unsettlement we live in the body and carry everywhere. So, adding to this state of things is easy. When expression comes from unsettlement what you say to back your stand is totally irrelevant since it does not come from a place of truth.

    1. Well said Eduardo – and in order to not feel the un-ease in our body, we seek any form of distraction and drama hence why the false journalism sells so well – there is little care for the wellbeing or effect on another, but only a need to have something to dramatise and at the expense of another. And yet we all know that this is inappropriate behaviour…so at what point do we then speak up?

  9. I am wondering if journalism ever stood for integrity? Early on there was the yellow press which was as bad as it is today, then a part of the papers found there was a market in higher quality journalism but the question is whether that just made the prejudices more subtle?

  10. “Is not our health in question when we question the one man that seeks to highlight the fact that our health is in question?” Great question Dean and very needed to be asked as we actually have to look at the bigger picture and that these writings are actually a reaction on them being asked to look deeper into their life and to acknowledge that they are actually very sick indeed.

  11. I agree we have ‘lost integrity in word.’ I dont read newspapers anymore because I know we never get the full story and seldom the actual truth.

    1. Yes Debra, there is so much manipulation behind the news… I yet do sometimes read newspapers to know how the lies go on in the world I live in. I’ve come to understand that what is praised used to be what is wanting to be subtly imposed into society, as well as what is misinterpreted used to be what really works but doesn’t except to the few ones that control the play at hand. Anyway, we readers always have the ability to discern and read what relies behind the words, either unmasking lies or confirming truths.

  12. I remember growing up and hearing the phrase that where there is smoke, there is fire and if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is. Fake news is the new phrase that fits with the above two examples! Journalism is becoming the ship with no compass lost at sea. From the time the blog was written to today the service to the public has drifted closer to self, rather than all!

  13. Humanity’s health is in a severe decline, the evidence is all around us. How supportive would it be for journalists to record and report the truth of what is going on rather than create a story so it sells?

  14. When nobility and understanding oneself as a servant of the public no longer is a value lived and taught how can we expect anyone to do their job with dignity and purpose? It is decency and respect from one human to another that is the foundation for performing one´s job truly well as that is what every job does – it is to serve our fellow brothers by way of contributing my skills, time, dedication etc. to society.

  15. This just blog is an apt question five years later. We now have a name for the lies that can be written for personal or political reasons and it’s called ‘fake news’. We have not evolved in the art of spreading lies, we have just named what we have given birth to!

  16. Well said Dean . I expect the first journalists were the people who were known as ” story tellers ” these people were chosen by the group as they were known to be of understanding of what was in the story and over time when the story was told the essence of the story was contained and not deviated from. They were people who also understood words and the source of words. These story tellers were chosen for they understood the importance of reflecting the truth of what was/is happening in their group in the past and present.
    Most of the present day journalist are false story tellers in that what they want to tell , express is what is untruths , they have become the ” dark side ” of story tellers.

  17. The days of quality journalism are long gone with the exception of a few individuals committed to intelligent, honest, ground breaking writing. The challenge for them is existing in a world where trash news sells. Its time for the public to be the ones to say – we don’t want trash, we want the truth.

  18. I feel that humanity will see through this current desire for sensationalism and the media will then be forced to change through a lack of demand for its fabrications and exaggerations. It is we who have the power here, not the journalists. We are the ones who choose to read what is written and without us they have nothing.

  19. When we lose our connection and integrity with ourselves, we lose our connection to the true quality and innate virtues we hold within our essence and so it makes sense why we lose our integrity to living from the truth of who we are and how we express ourselves.

  20. “The real story here is that we have lost integrity in word.” And we have given in to only consume without any discernment of what we take in, be it food, music, pictures or words. We have fallen for quantity in every form instead of staying true to the inner quality we know is true.

  21. I remember when journalists were respected, they held a position of trust, to report the truth, now there is so much fake news, and journalists will now write whatever sells, rather than holding the true integrity they once did.

  22. “The real story here is that we have lost integrity in word. And we have lost integrity in word because we have lost connection to who we are.” This is so true, if we are not connected to who we are, how can we up hold true integrity, we need to start connect to who we are to stand strong in the integrity in our word.

  23. I like your last line Dean “Is not our health in question when we question the one man that seeks to highlight the fact that our health is in question?” That’s how complicated we’ve made things and how much we hold others in suspicion when they can have our best interests at heart. It reminds me of the stories of paramedics getting attacked when they attend an emergency.

  24. It is almost unbelievable that the current view on the media is that you can trust what they say or report – which is true. But on the other hand how have we accepted this to be this way? As we are the ones responsible for the supply of what the media feeds us, due to our demand. Do we really want to hear the truth? Do we really want to feel our responsibility as to why the world is in the state of turmoil it is in? For many years I did not and indulged in the sensationalism and entertainment of what our media delivered, blaming others for the way the world is, but now can see my part in creating the supply/demand that we are all met with today. I am not claiming to be perfect but I do feel that we all need to begin to look at the truth of how we are living, the degree of truth we are choosing to live in our lives, if we are ever going to make the real and lasting changes that this world is desperately crying out for.

    1. Thank you Carola, the truth you have exquisitely communicated here could easily be an article. I appreciated this line “Do we really want to hear the truth? Do we really want to feel our responsibility as to why the world is in the state of turmoil it is in?” This really was true for me, and taking that personal responsibility is essential to see true change in the world.

  25. Part of me wishes that journalism was not a forgotten art as I used to enjoy reading newspapers but for the past few years I have not bought them because I am not interested in receiving untruths someone wants me to take on. I now enjoy not reading newspapers even more than I used to enjoy reading them and it is great to know that I am not contributing to Rupert Murdoch’s wealth.

  26. Whether word is written online, printed, spoken or in ones’ thoughts if there is not one ounce of love then it has All come from the same source as energy can either be love or not. We do not realise the impact lies and abusive word has on our society and its environment because if we did we would not carry out such behaviour… as always it comes back to us and as Dean states in his blog we have lost the loving relationship to ourselves and the knowing of who we truly are.

  27. Journalism is indeed a forgotten art Dean and it seems in this day and age the quality, misrepresentations and fakeness is, sadly, only getting worse. Thank you Dean for exposing the dishonesty and self interest rampant in journalism.

  28. Integrity is indeed a quality that few people embody, it is no coincidence that those who do, like Serge, are targeted, for they expose people and industries alike who believe it not important. Yet it is the lack of integrity that has enabled us to get to where we have and thus suffer at the hands of the dishonesty and corruption that now surrounds us.

  29. There was a time of public lies being uncovered by journalism. What happens, though, in times where it is journalism is the one engaging in lying? When this happens, the public has no protection against it, except to stop consuming that source of news.

  30. It is interesting how the whole idea of having the News available to us is lost in our times as whilst we listen to them we know at the same time that they are tainted with falsity. However we are putting up with that and not applying accountability to the very medium that was originally used to make us aware and call for accountability.

  31. Journalism is a forgotten art when it considers and looks at all the facts. An art that expands on truth especially in word and displays how the truth is expressed through the intention of the growth of all and not the media medium through which it is broadcasted. Much to ponder here .. do we support these mediums by buying and clicking on them?

  32. It is extraordinary how we are willing to accept as normal the reporting of false stories in the media and that the majority believe that we are powerless to say anything. This belief only fuels the separation we have with ourselves and with others. However I have experienced from meeting Serge Benhayon, how committing to expressing ourselves in truth offers a true reflection for all and that we do need to stand up for truth and claim it otherwise we are accepting the falseness as the truth.

  33. “Is not our health in question when we question the one man that seeks to highlight the fact that our health is in question? How extraordinary.”

    This is a great point Dean, for to shoot the messenger in this case seems very convenient considering the message is that perhaps we need to wake up to ourselves as a society if we want to see the current rise in illness and disease come to an end, besides the government hospital system breaking down from over load.

  34. When I just read the first few lines from you Dean, I had to realize that what you say here – not long ago “the printed newspaper stood for something unique and virtuous, something steeped in integrity” – that this must be a time ‘before my time’. I remembering when I was a teenager my great-grandmother quoting something out of the newsletter or tv-news and I told her that this is not truth, she said: but they can’t lie! – and I judged her as being naive. At this young age I was aware and it was already ‘normal’ for me that journalists and newspapers/shows do tell what they want for a personal reason and not because of a higher truth they want to serve. I never did expect integrity from them. So where does this lead me to? I accepted a ‘non-integer’ surrounding as normal. This is not acceptable to me anymore. As I did come in touch with a person (Serge Benhayon), an organization (Universal Medicine) and then more people (Students of the Livingness) who are living in integrity, or at least do their very best in aim it. As I see it is possible to live like that on earth and make my own steps towards it, I can not longer accept anything less. To accept less is living less and this will lead us to more harm and suffering as we are made to evolve, to expand, to discover MORE. Not less. Accepting less as possible is living against the Universe, which is forever expanding.

  35. Why is it that lies and sensationalism are the new marker for media content. We as a society are choosing this rubbish otherwise it would not exist. What is it we are wanting to escape from, we can dull our senses from the lovelessness that is really going on in the world, but this just reflects the dishonesty and lovelessness we are living in our own personal lives, by not taking responsibility for our every thought word and deed.

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