Is Serge Benhayon a ‘Cult Leader’?

by Lee Green, Australia

The word ‘cult’ was incorrectly used in the article by Heath Aston titled ‘Cult’ Cures on Medicare, published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 22nd July 2012.  With any event, presentation or healing associated with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I walk in of my own free-will, I pay my own money and I leave with the opportunity to choose for myself what I have heard or not. Simple.

For me the following questions must be asked to assess whether Universal Medicine is a cult.

  • Is Serge Benhayon a ‘cult leader’?
  • Is there a compound that Universal Medicine operates from?
  • Do I send a large amount of my income to support Serge’s lifestyle and compound upkeep?
  • Am I required to ‘get new followers to support the cause’?

The answer to all the above is No.

I have grown up in a time where the word ‘cult’ is about brainwashing, taking away another’s rights, kidnapping, influence over others, violence and deaths associated with groups. This prompts me to ask whose ‘cult’ are we living in when alcohol, drug abuse, violence against women and children, women being trafficked for sex, paedophilia within one of the world’s largest organisations and much, much more goes on in addition to the soaring health issues facing individuals.

Serge has simply asked whether there is the possibility that we are not living to our fullest. With illness and disease on the increase, not to mention the lack of connection people feel to others on a daily basis, is it such a silly question? Without imposition, Serge Benhayon simply presents the possibility that there is more, much more perhaps, to who we are and how we can live.



316 thoughts on “Is Serge Benhayon a ‘Cult Leader’?

  1. The very fact that Serge Benhayon asks us to consider that there is much more that we can live and a level of integrity that we are responsible to uphold is the reason many would like to silence his un-silenceable true love for all.

  2. Lately someone asked me if I was in a cult. Not sure what is a cult but reminds me guru’s, people to who you give your power away.
    Yes I gave my power away in my life a lot, to people at work to not lose a job, to partners to please them etc.
    Serge Benhayon was my wake up call to start loving me and claim my power back as a woman and heal those hurts that kept me in this cycle of abuse.
    Thank you Serge for showing me the way how to get in my own power again.
    And it is just a start, there will be more…much more. The true power from the love lived within.

  3. “Without imposition, Serge Benhayon simply presents the possibility that there is more, much more perhaps, to who we are and how we can live.” The World Health Organisation – WHO – is very clear about the fact that lifestyle is killing us, and prevention is needed rather than cure, but there isn’t the incentive for that to be delivered, nor is it typically delivered deeply enough to be effective, except by this man who really understands energy and all that is underneath our behaviour patterns. One day we will look back and see how crazy we were not to appreciate this man and make the most of him whilst he is alive, but his work will live on anyway in all those who have truly taken it on.

  4. Questioning what society has accepted as normal is very necessary for our evolution. Outing the normal’s insidious harm and saying it is not ok takes courage but offers others an amazing opportunity to consider whether that might be also true for them.

  5. Why is it that when our way of life gets questioned, we baulk, re-act and carry on like toddlers in a sandpit? Why don’t we simply look at our way of life honestly?

  6. Is Serge Benhayon a ‘cult leader’? Absolutely not, he is a man that offers us something different, a way to live knowing ourselves, the love that we truly are, the only problem is he exposes the comfort we have all been living in, and that makes many of us feel very uncomfortable.

  7. Awesome Blog Lee – Serge is clearly not here to control and manipulate, but rather to inspire and reflect that the way we live can have an incredible and amazing effect on our well-being, vitality and our connection to Soul, and that it is simply a choice that lies in our hands and hearts for every one of us.

  8. Great simple and clear statement Lee.
    It is amazing how people like to talk badly about someone deeply loving and take the time to be busy to talk badly every day. The whole world is filled with cruelty and corruption in millions of ways and that became a normal.
    How big is the distraction we choose as humanity and how big is the resistance towards true love?
    For sure there is a world around us that supports the distraction for the truth.
    As everybody who goes back into connection with his body feels the love Serge Benhayon brings by his unconditional livingness.

  9. What is a cult? I suppose that is one of the words that is, at least in Holland, used easily to describe any group that operates out of what society calls normal. The word cult in its true sense should be used in the way you mention it Lee. Universal Medicine is none of that. Universal Medicine indeed operates with principles that are not mainstream in society, but the big question is: is what mainstream society is really normal? Or is Universal Medicine perhaps the new normal?

  10. There is no such thing as a cult, it is simply a group that someone has decided that they don’t like and decided to apply that label to. It has become a highly emotional word because of such labelling of some oddball groups with mass suicide as part of their agenda. Universal Medicine are simply showing the world that we are living without love and that there is another way.

  11. First hand experience is what makes me clearly know if someone like Serge Benhayon is a ‘Cult leader’ or not, and I definitely can say that he is not that thing by what is accused for. In my experience, after attending his workshops since 2013 I feel much free, alive and ‘Me’ than ever before. It is my choice to attend to his workshops whenever I go, and everytime, I feel the joy of freely chosing it.

  12. Brought to the point. We can easily spin many thoughts and opinions about someone or something influenced by our own personal needs and agenda, and this is what we have made life about, allowing everyone to express what they think however absurd it may be, and sell it under our right of the freedom of speech. So life is not about truth anymore but about individualism and everybody’s personal needs.

  13. The fact that someone could even consider let alone write that Serge Benhayon is a ‘Cult Leader’ shows me they have absolutely no clue or awareness about him and just write/print what they want to which is very irresponsible. I have known Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for over 11 years now and have attended and continue to attend workshops, presentations, courses and retreats. Nothing is pushed, nothing is owned, no one is forced. I and all others attend what we choose to from our own free will. And yes Serge does very simply ask ‘whether there is the possibility that we are not living to our fullest.’ hence maybe why there is so much force and resistance from some people like Heath Aston who maybe do not want to look at or feel this in any way shape or form. To me what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present and teach is very sensible and very real in a world that is not so sensible and not so real and honest. Surely this should be welcomed not bastardised.

  14. This is short, sharp and brilliant. To add, I have never been kept up or sleep deprived, which is classic Cult tactics, making followers vulnerable and susceptible to influence. In fact, the opposite is promoted, with most talks based around taking more care of yourself and getting to bed early. Why would you constantly offer information that empowers people to know their worth and promotes incredible health if you were trying to control them? Why would you never follow up call or email anybody that attends a workshop unless they went out of their way to ask to be on further updates? Why would you educate attendees on making sure that they do not impose their choices onto others, if you were trying to recruit? So many holes, if it was a cult, it is failing on every front, it would be great to have a media outlet that was willing to expose all the other false articles that were written over the years.

  15. We have to be clear on this. There is a taylor-made model of accusation of being a cult whose main goal is to accused one on the spot. Those applying the model know that the devastation is the accusation itself because it forces you to go on the defensive and to justify yourself. So, it is all about cornering you. Truth, to them is utterly irrelevant.

  16. Instead of stigmatising an organisation with a word, that in itself has been changed in its original meaning, it is wise to openly and honestly look at what this organisation truly brings.

      1. Yes, we have lost integrity in words and it seems to me that we are fighting many more wars with words nowadays than we have ever done with weapons.

  17. I don’t even feel to give this airtime as these days people can literally make up what they want and with the lack of social structure on the internet you can be allowed to say the same thing over and over no matter the cost to anyone else. This is a ridiculous situation and here we have a deliberate attempt to divert people from actually gaining the true support they may need. Why all the focus on this? Surely there is more going on then the sensationalised tag of “cult”, so many people doing so so well and turning their lives around what an amazing story or like anything else a small few can critique from the sidelines and we can miss the real appreciation for the blessing that is here.

  18. Could it be that some people are afraid of being exposed in living their illusionary ways. Ways of living they try to protect and foster at any cost as they feel so comfortable in it. If someone comes along, like Serge Benhayon, who lives the complete opposite in transparency and love, could indeed be very exposing and a challenge for those who have chosen that comfortable way of living in the illusion that temporal life is as their way of being.

  19. “Without imposition, Serge Benhayon simply presents the possibility that there is more, much more perhaps, to who we are and how we can live.” Yes, so very true and how very simple and what an opportunity to be offered to look a bit deeper and closer as to what there is to life.

  20. Gosh how we hate to hear it, but it’s not enough to just coast through life, to find a level of comfort and settle for that, to compromise on what you know is true and glorify the smallest breadcrumbs of attention we get. We are designed to constantly expand, to go further not with climbing mountains or jobs, but with Love. There is a part of us that fights this truth with every last cell, and so as you show Lee we have a history of attacking anyone who dares to lead the way. Serge Benhayon is no Cult leader but a shining example of what it’s like to live Love, every day.

  21. Many moons ago I have sat at the feet of gurus and spiritual leaders, and if anything that is where you will find the ‘cult’ energy, as they want followers and to be worshipped. I have been attending presentations and workshops now for 11 years which are run by Serge Benhayon and his team, and not once have I sensed there is a need in him or his team for followers, and in fact the opposite is true – he encourages us to take full responsibility for where we are at in any given moment.

  22. What is a cult? When I hear the word ‘cult’ I associate it with some eccentric belief system and behavior choices that are quite different from what I consider to be ‘normal’. So when the society’s normal is gravitating towards more abusiveness, I would gladly be a part of a cult.

  23. Serge Benhayon is the opposite of a cult leader. He has no interest in leading anyone as everything that he presents is about learning to take responsibility for one’s own life. There is nothing cultish about that.

  24. Applying a word like “cult” to a group of people who attend presentations and workshops in order to develop a more loving and purposeful life is ridiculous and without a skerrick of truth.

  25. Using the word ‘cult’ is a cheap way of attracting readers who seek sensationalism to stimulate themselves. I sense it won’t be long before people see through this and feel how sensationalism is a cheap thrill rather than something that delivers truth. The demands of the readership will change and then so will the approach of the journalist.

  26. ‘Do I send a large amount of my income to support Serge’s lifestyle and compound upkeep?’ The answer is NO. It is so wrong there have been criticisms that those attending Serge’s presentations or workshops ‘waste’ money. I do not feel I have ever wasted a penny on the wisdom I hear when I attend an event. Each one is completely different and full of gold. I also have to say that recently just 5 minutes with Serge Benhayon saved me an enormous amount of money as I felt empowered and clear in what was true and what was not. There was no doubt in my mind and therefore I did not need to be paying for expensive advice as it was clearly felt in my body.

  27. Using the word ‘cult leader’ to describe Serge Benhayon is a mere distraction from the truth. There is absolutely nothing resembling a cult or cult leader, there are teachings that ask us to take responsibility for our lives, our choices and the way we live. Perhaps it is this that others react to because comfort and indulgence seem on the outside a more attractive option?

  28. “Serge has simply asked whether there is the possibility that we are not living to our fullest. With illness and disease on the increase, not to mention the lack of connection people feel to others on a daily basis, is it such a silly question? ” It is deeply saddening to hear how people would rather call a man a cult leader who is sharing that through love and truth one can connect to their own path of healing, yet they are happy for sex abusers and drug abusers to roaming around doing what they are doing.

    1. I agree Amita, it makes no sense whatsoever that Serge Benhayon should be vilified when he is willing to stand up and speak the truth about why it’s simply not working. We can all quite clearly see that the world is a mess be it with wars, illness and disease, natural disasters, financially etc., how far do things have to go before we wake up to honest conversations about the truth of what is really going on?

  29. It is deeply saddening that the word cult has been used indiscriminately to describe Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. It is so far from the truth. To use such words freely is very damaging and all in the name of selling a story. What is the point of selling a story based on lies and who takes responsibility for that?

  30. It is so cruel how the word cult has been mis-intepretated. . In truth Serge presents truth, there is no rule or roles to follow, it is our own choice what we choose to hear or not, do or not do, no one controls our movements but ourselves.

  31. It is so cruel how the word cult has been mis-intepretated. . In truth Serge presents truth, there are no rule or roles to follow, it is our own choice what we choose to hear or not, do or not do, no one controls our movements but ourselves.

  32. I agree Lee Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are the very antithesis of what we call a cult. It can’t get simpler than that. But what is interesting to me, is that the questions Serge poses about the link between our choices and health are conveniently side stepped and dismissed out of hand. Isn’t that interesting? I am yet to hear someone actually address what Serge presents, this in itself is to me very revealing.

  33. When there is no cult, there is no cult leader. When there is no cult, there are not followers. When there is no cult and yet what is not a cult is labelled a cult, what we have is simply a false statement issued under the intent of harm.

    1. Well said Eduardo, no cult, no followers only an intent to harm by sowing a seed of doubt in the mind of the observer. This is truly evil and it is time it was stopped.

  34. Interesting how the media choose to label Serge Benhayon a ‘Cult leader’ totally untrue and far fetched, which goes to reflect the lack of understanding the media has in regard to Serge Benhayon and what he brings and offers to humanity as a whole.

  35. If asking myself to be more honest, more responsible, more caring, more loving in my life is a cult, what then is this world really asking for? A life of horror, complication, illness, disease, abuse and more? Have we really wandered so far as to agree that such a life is what we find normal, and so withdrawn to say that there is nothing we can do?

  36. Spot on Lee. The accusations, are of course all completely false. More recently I’ve been made aware of the cycle we are all stuck in when it comes to persecuting those that are willing to stand for truth. It’s basically a bi-product of choosing more love and not being afraid to tell it like it is. A sad state of affairs really. My experience of Universal Medicine has been nothing short of life changing, and certainly not in some over the top dramatic way where lights and glitter have fallen through fairy-floss clouds. The choices I make on a daily basis to support myself are remarkably different to what I used to choose when I had very little care or respect for myself.

  37. The use of the word cult applied to Universal Medicine in this way could not be further from the truth I agree Lee. In my long experience the organisation is exemplary in it’s conduct, offering a wide range of services to the community openly and transparently. Having spent 17 years learning, listening and receiving healing sessions of my own free will, I am living testimony to the fact that for just starters IT WORKS… I have never been healthier, more clear-headed, vital and hard working in my entire life, and I just keep getting better. Hardly the product of a dangerous cult methinks!

  38. Absolutely Lee I was thinking about this just the other day and how the stigma of that word is so effective in shutting down anything that is different to the cultural norms. I have several friends who have done level one healing and haven’t attended anything else, I have never asked them to go to anything else, it is absolutely about free will and that is honoured in every aspect of Universal Medicine.

  39. Really depends on your definition of cult. A cult in its true meaning as defined by sociologists in the first part of the last century simply referred to a group of people whose religious viewpoint could not be tied to any mainstream religion, and were in a minority. From that point of view, Universal Medicine is unashamedly a cult. If, however, you take the modern and socially accepted version of a cult, which is characterised by abuse, including sexual abuse, and manipulating and brainwashing followers, then nothing could be further from the truth.

  40. Serge Benhayon is a leader, without a doubt, of how we all can live in connection to our Soul and as such with the Divine, with God. The culture of God and our Godliness has never been so alive and through the religion The Way of The Livingness we have the opportunity to explore living this way for ourselves. This I claim to be part of with all that I am, for I now know that living less than this is existing in the cult of reductionism that has got us to the state of turmoil of where we are today as a humanity. And existing in this cult is far from living who we truly are.

  41. To label Serge Benhayon as the leader of a cult is not just false in itself, but also a deliberate attempt to reduce what Serge is here to do and to confine, limit, any exchange on him so no one can connect to the bigger picture. Very insidious.

  42. The big question for me is “what is a cult?” It seems these days that you can twist the meaning of any word to mean the polar opposite to its previous meaning and this is what has happened with the word cult. We are all so careless with our use of words and easily manipulated by the media and this has led to an absence of truth in life.

  43. Is Serge Benhayon a cult leader, I am absolutely positively certain not. A beautiful reminder Lee to not be distracted by the false and misleading energy that constantly comes our way. Thank you for the simple yet powerful expressing of who Serge Benhayon is and who he is not.

  44. Lee – A great call on the truth of the use of the word ‘cult’ in relationship to Serge Benhayon – Students of the Way of The Livingness are taking responsibility and care of themselves to not continuing the ‘cult’ relationship you describe with abusive and harming distractions as the majority of the world are.
    “This prompts me to ask whose ‘cult’ are we living in when alcohol, drug abuse, violence against women and children, women being trafficked for sex, paedophilia within one of the world’s largest organisations and much, much more goes on in addition to the soaring health issues facing individuals”.

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